Reviews for Black Tiger
XMimiSweetX chapter 3 . 2/19/2012
This story seriously deserves more love.
S.R.J.S. Fangirl from Pl chapter 3 . 2/9/2012


I'm the BIGGEST, MOST FAITHFULL & TRUEST Polish Fangirl of ONLY 4 video games serieses:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Ratchet & Clank

Jak & Daxter

Sly Cooper


I'm reading one of your stories ''Born this Way", and I must say...That's even VERY interestingXD!

Don't stop writing the next chapters, okie dokie;)?

I'll be waiting VERY patiently for more and MORE;P!

And one more thing: I have a GREAT news for you and for EVERY Fanboy/Fangirl of those 4 coolest video games serieses - In 2014 Sega, Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog & Sucker Punch(TOGETHER) will create...the anime TV series(2D) & anime feature movie(3D), which'll be a BIG crossovers with those 4 video games serieses!

Isn't it great?

I think it's TOTALLY AWESOME X3!

I'm NOT lying - I sent the letters to Sega(Jp., U.S.A. & U.K.), Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and EVEN Nihilistic Software, honest!

Have something to say about this?

Then remember - I'll be waiting very PATIENTLY FOR ANYTHING:D!

See ya pretty soon!
XMimiSweetX chapter 1 . 2/7/2012
Why hasn't this story gotten any reviews? It's amazing!