Reviews for Model Behavior
Sad fan chapter 124 . 5/10
I loved this story. I waited each patiently each time for an update and I left a review. But the update schedule has got so crazy now that I'm just going to have to give up. It has been four months since the last update and the story hasn't even moved 24 hours in the last year. I used to remember clearly what happened in previous chapters but when I have to read again one or two chapters to remember where we are I know it's it to leave. You had a spell of updating on a Sunday, so I'll give it one last chance before I sign off. I'm sorry to do this, I feel like I'm breaking off a relationship, but I just can't spend my life waiting for something that isn't going to happen.
nataliastorm chapter 122 . 5/1
Okay, I admit it, that was fun. But it was still tarnished.
nataliastorm chapter 121 . 5/1
Kurt may be fine with getting eliminated, but I'm not happy about it.
You've done a marvelous job with the rest of the story; really, you didn't even do a bad job with this, I just really don't like it. It's kind of a deal breaker, honestly.
I mean, I'm still going to finish the story, but that's mostly just because I have to know it ends.
And really, the fact that Kurt won the last three challenges should have mattered. If it was as close as the judges said, than they surely would have taken that into account.
Veronicamarcallouzada chapter 124 . 5/1
nataliastorm chapter 78 . 4/27
Does Blaine relise he just indirectly told Burt that Kurt is still on the show?
getdownfromthere chapter 124 . 4/25
I am absolutely obsessed with this story. Started reading it about two weeks ago and can’t focus on anything else. I’ve been late for work twice because I couldn’t stop. Decided I’d read in the restroom at work which turned out not to be the best use of my time…go figure. Apparently they want me to actually WORK.(!) I rarely read works in progress because I have been disappointed when the work was abandoned. With all the wonderful reviews I decided to take a chance on this one and I am so happy that I did. You, my dear, are a wonderful, fantastic writer. The pictures you paint with your words are incredible. In my mind I can see exactly what Kurt’s apartment looks like and I even have a picture in my mind of where Blaine’s desk is in relation to Heidi’s door. It’s all because of you and your excellent writing. Also want to say that I absolutely love how you recommend other stories in your author notes. I’ve been making a list and intend to check them out.
I know it has been awhile since you posted a new chapter and I sincerely hope everything is going well in your life. I’m sticking with you because you’ve said on several occasions that you would never abandon this story. Anxiously look forward to the next chapter. And most importantly, thank you for sharing your talent with us.
nataliastorm chapter 42 . 4/24
I think you should focus on Kurt a bit more; there's been too much Blaine lately. Now, most of the time this was understandable because Blaine had more to do, but you've missed a few chances to focus on Kurt. Namely, we didn't get to see his video or their reply and I wanted to read about them actually opening the presents, rather than a clip afterward.
kyappin chapter 124 . 4/15
I miss the updates on this story. Any idea when one might be?
Eclyse chapter 124 . 4/12
I just got through reading this for my third or fourth time, and I'm seriously considering starting over again. I love this story so much and I look forward to every single chapter. I love all the characters and the story you've weaved around them. I was wondering if you'd ever consider writing a fic or maybe even a oneshot about Brenden or Andrew? I've grown to really like them and I'd love to see where they go and what happens to them.
tea-of-love-e chapter 124 . 3/30
I've spent the last three days re-reading this story from start to finish... And I have to say, it still is one of my absolute favourites! I love the scene with their first proper kiss- it has the perfect balance of humour, and romance, and it makes it all the better that we had to wait so long for it! I can't wait to see the reactions of the other designers, and their birthday date. It's going to be fun until Kurt gets his application in and his outfit for Nana finished too... I'd bet Blaine is hoping to be able to spend some more time with him, but he's not necessarily going to be able to! It would be funny if Heidi conspired against him again, when they do have to opportunity to spend time together, so Blaine keeps nearly getting to see Kurt, but missing him. I can't wait to read whatever you write! This story is so well written and compelling, I've barely stopped except to eat and sleep. I will be checking out your profile to look at your other stories, and putting you on author alert, if I haven't already. I hope you keep writing for a long time. I'm eagerly awaiting the next update!
gingerfic chapter 70 . 3/22
I don't know how I discovered this fic, but I'm so addicted (and I am SO glad I'm not reading it as a WIP, I might lose my mind if I had to wait for updates!)
I don't even like reality tv in general, and have watched very little PR...but this whole story is just so delightful I don't want to put it down. It is going on my fic rec list for sure. THANK YOU for something so marvelously loooong, so that it's not over too fast!
Chinablues chapter 124 . 3/14
So glad you updated! I'm loving the wooing phase, as well as the quiet (or not!) cheering section your characters get to play as they watch young love unfold. I foresee many bribes of internet cupid cookies begging you to try really hard to carve out a little time for your loyal MB fans. *bats eyelashes and dangles a shamrock cookie enticingly*
Guest chapter 124 . 3/11
Please come back
frauleina chapter 124 . 2/2
I just spent 3 days and my entire night reading your story and it's awesome! I can't believe the level of detail you've put into this story or how much you covered. I hate reality TV and have never seen Project Runway. Heck, I barely know who Heidi Klum is but I absolutely loved this story. I took a chance on reading it due to the numerous follows and reviews. I really liked how you wrote the usual characters, Kurt, Blaine, Burt but the introduction of new characters - that I ended up actually caring about was what really stands out now that I think about it. I was quite upset when Mairsol lost but thought your introduction of her family was awesome. You really fleshed your new characters and really made them full believable people. I also enjoyed the many side characters and how they evolved, Amy, Mark, Brenden, Nana, Matt, and lastly BB. As horrible or as good as they and others were, their growing as characters was believable and enjoyable. As disappointed as I was that Kurt lost I thought you handled it believably. For some reason though I thought the participants earned points and that with so many wins he would be excused, and allowed to stay. Shows I dont know much about this TV show. But the ending was nice - to see the boys together. Looking forward to you finishing the story!
Brooke chapter 124 . 1/31
Glad you're okay & back to writing. I love this story!
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