Reviews for Lily Potter's Biggest Secret
Laverne Hayes chapter 14 . 8/24
So I just wanted to let you know that I am re-reading this story! I fell in love with it the first time I read it and I remembered it being amazing but forgot quite how amazing it is. I've definitely starting recommending this fic to others on reddit. I just wanted to let you know how much I love this fic! I've read and favorited some of your others as well but this remains one of my favorite stories! :D
Gidgit2u chapter 1 . 8/9
Wow! What an interesting plot idea! James being turned off by Lily post baby, Lily cheating with Severus, and then hiding the baby not only from James but two years in the past... As hermione granger! Love it! Can't wait to see where this goes from here :)
aviiesmummy chapter 47 . 7/31
I absolutely adored this story my favourite by far on here. I love the fact that Emily and Neville ended up together. I think your style of writing is brilliant. I hope to either read more of your stories that you have wrote if you have wrote any or look forward to any you write in the future especially if they are as good as this one again great story.
Saissa chapter 46 . 7/24
Excellent excellent story!
I loved it very much!

Loved the way you brought Dudley back in to the wizarding world as well!
Saissa chapter 39 . 7/23
Finally Hermione learns how to deal with the elves correctly. Give them fabric and materials and they can make their own clothes!

I wonder what this big fight was all about. I bet Young Emily gets involved somehow only because her "former" boyfriend is being beaten up.
Saissa chapter 34 . 7/23
I still dont get why Hermione is so upset at being bonded to an elf? It is NOT slavery on the elves part. They need the bond to survive. If anything it is a symbiotic relationship, both sides get something from it. It is not a parasitic relationship.

Hermiones insistence on paying them 1 galleon and a chocolate frog is only making HER feel better - it does nothing for the elves. In fact it disrespects them totally!

Makes Hermione a Hypocrite too. IMO. She still doesnt understand and if she could, I just bet that Hermione would still LEAVE clothes all over the Malfoy manor for the elves!
Saissa chapter 9 . 7/20
WOW - that language is way over the top for Harry...
Did someone forget to upgrade the castle wards to discover that nasty little beetle?
kaosofnox chapter 47 . 6/27
I must say that of all the HP fanfiction I have read this story has proven to be in my top three, and I place it third only because I have just finished it and am quite sad to see it over. That being said I find it to be brilliant. The fact you put so much detail into character development, emotions and the sheer realistic quality is amazing, well though out and emotional on a level that made the story hard to stop reading.
Its easy for most people to spew criticism because they personally wish the story had gone the way they pictured it would, but with your story in particular I find that it's progression and layout felt natural and in line with the characters and worked, as much as I enjoy reading and writing fan-fic, I can say I would never have had the patience to shape the story as you had. Your work is beautiful and I look toward reading more of it. -Nox
Guest chapter 1 . 6/19
This is the first comment I've ever made on here, I loved this story so much I had to tell you! I read the entire thing in a couple of days and am planning to re-read again soon :) I know it has been a couple of years but I just wanted you to know! I'm typically a snape/hermione fan and had skipped over this story before when I saw they weren't a pairing - but I'm so glad I came back and read it. The ensemble of characters and the relationships you created between them was so fun to read. I really wish there were some spin offs or short companion pieces into the lives of other couples, or the kids of the Hermione & Draco, Harry & Ginny, etc. But your epilogue served as a nice summary. I just grew to really enjoy these characters in the way you wrote them, and that has only happened for me with a few fanfics :) Thank you for writing such a brilliant story! I look forward to reading your other stories as well :)
LunaLovegood24 chapter 44 . 6/12
Oh goodness I absolutely adored this story! It was completely stunning and beautifully written. I binge read it all the way wishing for more. I would love to read more of you with Mary and Severus! Loved it!
Guest chapter 4 . 5/21
Love it
IGOTEAMEDWARD chapter 5 . 5/21
Annoyed Guest chapter 47 . 5/9
It is a great story, but it isn't for me. I don't know if that makes sense. The conversations between characters were too stiff, it didn't flow naturally. The thoughts of the characters were also unnatural. I'll give you points for been discriptive, though you were too descriptive. The readers aren't dumb for you to go into complete detail about everything! Leave some things for our imagination to fill in. Thanks for sharing it with us!
BellaRoza98 chapter 8 . 5/2
This is my 4th? time reading this story, and I just got the Celestial DollarsStarbucks thing
Guest chapter 15 . 4/26
At this point in time, Emily serves NO purpose in the story other than to exude the "cousin Oliver" trope where the main characters are "too old" to be the "cute and innocent" factor so a new character is forced into the dynamic to fill the void. I'm sorry, but she is a bit annoying. She has no other characteristic other than to be "a goody-goody" and because you've given her a tragic backstory, it only implements this further, as if the readers are forced to feel sorry for her and accept her readily.

You've obviously given a lot of time and thought into the story, which is very admirable. Even more so that you finished the story! But I think you need to sit down and reevaluate what real characters, and real people would react to certain events. For example, as much as Harry admires Snape and no matter how close they've become, I don't think he'd call him "dad". This doesn't mean he doesn't see him as a father figure or that he cares for him any less, it's just that there us do much history between them and that "dad" is an abstract thought he reserved for James. Even if he views Snape as his father now, through and through, I think subconsciously, he still would hold that title for James.
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