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Alpha Prime the Knight chapter 1 . 1/11/2014
Wanders around
Appearance plus clothes (Important):
Tall and lean, long blue and red hair that reaches ankles, slightly tan skin, blue and red T-shirt that is tight around chest, and blue jeans. Has bow and arrows made of water, and a sword of fire.
Give 3 traits to describe them:
1.) Shy
2.) Never talks (except to Drake)
3.) Always willing to help
Adventurer Prince or Princess?:
Female Adventurer
Half Fire Elemental, half Water Elemental

Used to be Earth Kingdom, but now wanders with Jay.
Appearance plus clothes (Important):
6'11", curly black shoulder length hair. Chest, arms from the elbow down, and legs from the knee down are made of rubble, everything else is pale, almost white, skin. Storm grey sleeveless shirt, camouflage cape, storm grey cargo pants, and black combat boots. Three metal bars in stone part of each arm, and four electrical cables coming from each shoulder. Gold sword usually in black sheath on back.
Give 3 traits to describe them:
1.) Kind
2.) Stoic, sometimes shows no emotion at all
3.) Large hearted, figuratively and literally
Adventurer Prince or Princess?:
Male Adventurer
Half Earth Golem, half Wind Spirit

Jay was constantly ridiculed and called names because she was two of the most opposite elements possible, so she ran away from both Fire and Water Kingdom.
Drake used to be part of the Earth Kingdom army, but was banished when they found out he was half Wind Spirit.
Drake found Jay in the woods, almost dead, and decided to heal her back to health. She has liked him ever since.
The cables from Drake create electricity, and the metal bars help him control it.
In battles, Drake will act as a shield for Jay, due to stone parts of skin being impenetrable.
Jay will blush slightly if anyone talks to her, and will respond quietly back or just have Drake say it for her.
To get places, Jay rides on Drake's back, because he can move the earth and have the winds push him forward.
Drake can create any natural disaster involving wind or the earth.
Their main battle strategy is for Jay to get them wet, and then Drake to shock them.
Despite being half Wind Spirit, Drake is horrified of heights unless Jay is next to him, and he hates being in enclosed spaces with lots of people.
Bakonaua chapter 1 . 12/6/2013
Name: Raven Night
Kingdom/Village: Nightosphere
Appearance: A loose black long sleeved t-shirt, black baggy pants, black combat boots. Her skin pale, she is tall and slim, A messy long black hair, and violet and red eyes.
Traits: Anti-social, can be scary. Usually Quiet
Princess and Adventurer at the same time
Species: Hybrid of a Demon and Vampires
99Roosters chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
Name: Erica Heart

Kingdom: Is a nomad, going from Kingdom to Village, back and forth

Appearance: When she's in the water, her tail is purple. She has long blonde hair, eyes that change color with the sea, and slightly pale skin. When she's out of the water, she has a purple bikini top, black swimming shorts (kinda booty shorts, but not that short). She wears a shell necklace, and always has a bag made from seaweed to collect things or just store them

Traits: 1. She has a good figure 2. She is motherly, but also innocent 3. She's kinda sensitive, emotionally and physically. Like, she bruises easily, she's clumsy, she's allergic to some things (you can make it up), when she gets tired, she can cry easily... You get it, right?

Prince/Princess? : She's a princess, but she doesnt know it. Her father was killed by angry mermaids, who were also her aunts. They were the reason she left the kingdom, cause she found out they killed her dad. Her mom disappeared. Her mom was the queen of a mermaid kingdom, and her dad the king of a human kingdom. So, yeah.

Species: If it wasnt obvious, shes half mermaid and half human!

Is this good? Do you have a DA account or something where I can see it?
Burningpelt chapter 1 . 9/10/2013
(She just wanders around Ooo)
(Her hat IZ super hard to explain) brown hair, light brown long coat, high tops, on to the hard to explain hat... Grey and fluffy and has ears that look like this O_O she's like thirteen
And loves -/-/" _ II ..II. Doctor who she's not human, just human like, and likes to say she's galifreyan
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11/2013
Name: Coco

Kingdom/Village: Chocolate Kingdom

Appearance: She has chocolate skin with black eyes. Her hair is dark brown, curly, and down to her shoulders. She wears a Light brown tee shirt with a candy bar on it, Dark brown shorts and brown sneakers. She carries a caramel bow with chocolate arrows.

. Shy- she will back down if she sees any chance of losing and she doesn't talk much when she first sees Finn and Jake.

.Caring- even though she barely knows them, she heals finn and jake by giving them white chocolate syrup.

.Mysterious- she never runs out of arrows and always has chocolate with her.

Adventurer, Prince, Princess: An adventurer princess

Species: Chocolatian (she is mad of chocolate. dont worry she wont melt ;)
SnowKitsune14 chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
Name: Keira Durand


Appearance plus clothes (Important): Long red hair tied into a ponytail, several colorful clips to keep her bangs back, Red tank top, black pants that stop at the knee, tan skin, fox ears, brown combat boots, white shoulder bag, several bracelets on both wrists

Give 3 traits to describe them: Fun-loving, Energetic, Childish

Adventurer Prince or Princess?: Adventurer

Species: Fox-like. She can change into a fox, but most of the time she looks like a normal human. The only thing that suggests anything fox like is her fox ears
RavenFiction chapter 1 . 1/7/2013
(Can't log in for some reason, but my account is normally RavenFiction)
Name: Jeremy
Appearance: Black hair, but for this pic curly, light blue. A Light blue dress, and a smile (lol) Also, she normally has a blue headband in. She's 14.
Kingdom/Village: None. Lives in a tree house in a forest.
Give three traits to describe them: Adventurous, Confident, and Courageous.
Adventurer, Prince or Princess?: Adventurer.
Species: Normally a human girl, but, as this pic is her past, a Water Element, like Fire Princess.
ShadowlightStarlight chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
Name: Katherine Dawn Verra

Kingdom/Village: lives no where; travels

Appearance: Cerulean eyes, small nose/mouth, rosy cheeks, light red lips, waist length wavy blonde hair, tall stature (5 foot 6')

Clothes: Blue buttonup blouse, black jeans

Give 3 traits to describe them: Relyable, smart, confident

Adventurer Prince or Princess: Adventurer

Species: Siren (mermaid)
xXBrokenMarionetteXx chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
Name: Alice( in the Crystal Dimension ), Zoey

Kingdom/Village: she lived in the Crystal Dimension but hit her head and got amnesia in front of Finn and Jake's house and now she just travels

Appearance plus clothes (Important): she has purple hair that reaches her ankles and she wears a blue and purple striped open hoodie over a black sweater( kinda like doctor princess' ), grey leggings and thigh-high black boots

Give 3 traits to describe them:
a bit shy

Adventurer Prince or Princess?: former princess, technically an adventurer now

Species: Crystal person but isn't a crystal
embulu chapter 1 . 12/27/2012

Kingdom/Village;Evil Kingdom

Appearance plus clothes (Important):
skin: pale
hair: chest length, black with shades of crimson, wavy
eyes: green
height: around an inch or two taller than fin
clothes: I'm not good at designing clothes but something like a rebellious princess type

Give 3 traits to describe them:
evil turning good
spoiled(she's the adopted princess of evil kingdom)

Adventurer Prince or Princess?: Adventurer before being adoubted by the king if evil and became a Princess
Nana chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
Name: Jacquelyn/Jacky
Village:Magical forest Kingdom
Appearance: An black girl with dark brown hair and multicolored streaks in it. Her hair falls just below her shoulders with a cute scene bang going across her face. she has a beauty mark on her right cheek and another one just below her left eye. Her eyes are purple and she has fox ears and a tail. she wears a tee shirt with the words "Totally Bombbastic!" written across the chest with a pair of black shorts complete with purple and black thigh high stockings and converses. she has an enchanted necklace that keeps her in a human-ish form. She has a fanny pack that she carries around her waist and it rests on her right side. she carries a magical crystal sword and She has a black fox companion named Pookie, with blue eyes.
Traits: Kind, Adventurous and secretly in love with Finn
Adventurer, Prince or Princess: Adventurer/Princess
Species: Half fox, Half human
Yourmyzing chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Kingdom:Vampat Village on the woods next door to the Night-O-Sphere
Apperence:Black,shiny,straight hair to her knees(long),neon green eyes,grey cat ears,red converse high tops to her knees,red/black striped leggings,black poofy 3-layer mini skirt w/neon pink stripe on the bottom of each layer,black/white striped Sleevless shirt
Guest chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
i got a character for ya.

Name: Hula

Village: not really, she live in whispy woods from KIRBY

Apperance: she has two forms.
human form: she has rainbow wings with little clouds on the bottom. she wears purple boots. she has a rainbow dress. and she has a yellow head band around her head. and she has GRAY cat ears

puff ball form: she is a GRAY kirby with gray cat ears. she still has a yellow head band around her head. but it has ANGEL wings on them. her feet are DARK gray, her body is LIGHT gray. she still has her rainbow wings.

does NOT like people who mess with her friends.
is a GREAT flyer
is half demon and half PUFF BALL.

she is a adventurer

Lulamoon chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
Name: Technology Princess

Kingdom/Village; Robot Kingdom

Appearance: Silver robotic body, dark grey casing around head resembling a bob cut. 'Eyes' glow light blue, pink voice box attached to neck. Dark grey casing which resembles a knight's armor covering the torso. Several bars of light blue glowing from her neck and joints.

Give 3 traits to describe them:
• Uncompassionate (Not to robots!)
• Prideful (But not stuck up!)
• Fair (As in justice, not beauty!)

Adventurer Prince or Princess?: Princess

Species: Battle Robot
Guest chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
name Alice Waters - hidden in Goblin Village- black pink and blonde hair greyish skin tone tall black skinny jeans red tang top blue eyes and short red boots adventurer vampire bubblegum mix funny curios and oviosly adventurous
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