Reviews for Until We Rise
Certh chapter 9 . 5/7
Porcupine... almost laughed out loud at that!
Rame was quite an interesting character, all flirty and wily. Gave me the impression she would make a bad enemy if one were to cross her. Her speech sounded a tad modern, what with "cozened" and "rate high", but it did set her apart from everyone else quite wonderfully. Speaking of her, I think this is the first time I've come across pre-Celebrian Elrond showing interest in a woman - quite refreshing, to see him as a young bachelor.

That glimpse of Gil-galad's wife was another thing I've never come across in fanfic - most stories seem to maintain that the High King of the Noldor was unmarried, so another refreshing bit there.
Gildor was quite fun, sounding like a drunk Brit, and after this I think I will never again read his passages in LotR without snorting. :p

Bronwe's distress at losing a patient was very vivid and relatable. It really is a God-awful thing to have someone you are treating die for no good reason, someone who was absolutely healthy going just like that. It's not something one ever gets used to, no matter how many years one is in practice.

Off to bookmark the next instalment!
Certh chapter 8 . 5/7
I very much like the interaction between Glorfindel and Gil-galad here. There's respect, if not quite understanding yet, definitely some good starting points for a good relationship to form. And Glorfindel's interaction with Elrond was simply beautiful. I do like how the two of them can work respecting and understanding each other's silences, and the beginnings of a lasting friendship are quite evident.

A few slip-ups that caught my eye: "loving it more than Arda", "he ruled the Elves of Arda", "The Vanyar had long ago left Aman" and "he commanded the loyalties of the Elves of Arda" - "Arda" and "Aman" instead of "Middle-earth".
Certh chapter 7 . 5/7
I rather liked the little scene with Glorfindel and Celeborn. The Balrog-slayer is definitely re-discovering his old personality, beautifully illustrated in just a few paragraphs.
And Thranduil putting in appearance! Very enticing, and Bronwe's reaction, too.

I must say I am more intrigued than ever to find out about Bronwe's past, what with the hints thrown in this chapter and previous ones. Very, very much intrigued.

And I rather love the alternation between "my lord" and "milord" throughout narrative - it makes for beautiful contrast, and I get the feeling the more rustic "milord" may also be used to show a bit of scorn on the speaker's part?
Certh chapter 6 . 5/6
The fiance was definitely unexpected. But boy, do I like the tension between him and Glorfindel! And it was really good to see the Balrog-slayer remember his haughty, commander-ly ways.
The scene at the end with Bronwe being all miffed and bossy was a real treat!
Certh chapter 5 . 5/6
"Go pee then." That was the most hilarious thing I've read in quite a while. I simply can't imagine Glorfindel saying that, which almost has me laughing out loud.

A couple of slip-ups: "Vanyar" where singular was intended; "The Valier wasn't cruel".
Certh chapter 4 . 5/6
I do like this quiet bonding between Glorfindel and Bronwe. The comforting words and touches, the easy friendship that begins to form. Very nice, and lovely pace. Glorfindel's halting speech, his re-learning to string sentences together was shown beautifully And I do like that there's a main original character who was born during the First Age in Beleriand.

Just one thing that seemed a little strange to me was Glorfindel using contractions. Given that the Elves' manner of speaking - those older in age, at least - is more archaic and refined than that of other races, this refinement in question would show better if contractions were limited. Bronwe, being a younger Elf, can be excused.

Speaking of Glorfindel, the pet-form of his name might be more Middle-earth-ish and meaningful if it were "Gloron" instead of "Glor" (I can't shake the notion that chopping letters off names lends a modern cast, Hobbit-names excluded, since they were the least 'medieval' peoples of Middle-earth, in manner of dress and speech), but it does sound a bit weird. :/ That's the personal preference of a nitpicker, though. :)
Certh chapter 3 . 5/6
Bronwe is like a breath of fresh air, youthful and teasing, and yet beneath all that lurks a proper professional. I do like how Glorfindel and she are gradually getting to know one another, and am certainly looking forward to more. Also, the views about healing and healer/patient relationship in this chapter were quite right.

A couple of slip-ups that caught my eye. "a proper Teleri" should be "a proper Teler".
"Lothron lîn taleg n galen a en hwest erin lîn ad" should be "No galen i râd gîn, a no adel gin i chwest" (lit. "May green be your path, and may behind you be the breeze"). 'Lothron' is the month May; possessives follow their nouns; 'taleg' is a Gnomish - and thus discarded in Tolkien's later Sindarin - word; 'ad' is the prefix 'back/re-', while there is no Sindarin noun for that part of anatomy.

One thing that seemed curious to me was Elrond shortening Bronwe's name. Given it has been quite some time since this story was written, I don't know your view on the matter now, so bear with me. :) Chopping name endings does create an effect of familiarity, but those pet-forms we do know of ("Nelyo", "Curvo", "Moryo", "Telvo", etc) were all created by adding an agental suffix to the initial element of a compound name and 'Bronwe' is already a short name, which makes the form 'Bron' - as a name - sound somewhat odd, to those who are linguistic nitpickers, at least.

Just some food for thought in case you ever consider doing some minor edits.
Certh chapter 2 . 5/5
I quite like your portrayals of Elrond and Gil-galad. Elrond comes off as young, possibly ambitious, eager to be of use, yet it no way immature; he has experienced too much, seen too much, lost people close to him. And all that shows in the narrative. Your Gil-galad is a King who wants things done but isn't unfeeling and cares deeply for his people, and I get the sense that only those closest to him can truly see the moods behind his public face. Something that is rather intriguing.

I very much liked the dream/flashback Glorfindel had - alternating between longer and shorter sentences truly made it feel urgent and vivid. The same goes for when Glorfindel walked out into the garden - that alternation made for a rather vivid sequence.

Those moments of bonding between Glorfindel and Elrond were quite beautifully paced, and I must say I am looking forward to reading more about how they come to be such friends.

A few slip-ups that caught my eye. "as he watch" (there's an "ed" missing here); "Gondolhrim" (should be "Gondolindrim"); "Moroth's" (I think "Morgoth's" was intended here?). "mellonamin" should be "mellonenin" (as per Tolkien's post-LotR emendations of the not-about-ownership possessives) - the "nîn/nín" (as in "mellon nîn") possessives deal with actual ownership, so they're not fitting here.
Certh chapter 1 . 5/5
I have finally managed to sit and begin reading this. I do like it - all those emotions Glorfindel experienced while battling the Balrog were illustrated wonderfully. And his feeling so startled after his rebirth, his refamiliarising himself with the workings of a body, his temporary loss of memory, all was quite vivid.
His dislike for the Noldor showed very nicely, even when he couldn't put his finger on a reason, and I am very much looking forward to finding out how he will further interact with Galadriel.

Two tiny typos that caught my eye: "blonde" (should be "blond", since it refers to a male); "Enndore" (should be "Endórë").
Arianka chapter 1 . 3/26/2015
Hi :) Like I promised, my project is over, I can review now.
This was certainly entertaining way of describing Glorfindel's comeback to Middle-Earth. I've read a few of your stories and I must say I really like the way you portray him, or the elves generally - it suits the way I see , joyous, but also tempered. I loved that sarcastic humour between Glorfindel and Elrond.
Hair. God, I was close to getting hair fetish after reading so many descriptions. And I am surprised that I loved them. And I loved the fact you described closeness between elves without putting some riddiculous slash pairings. Anyway, I've read some of your short stories before seeing this one so I knew I could "trust" you.
It was interesting, Glorfindel learning his body again,talking, experiencing feelings and sensations. Well done :)
What I didn't like, what shortening Glorfindel to Glor. Ugh, I've seen far too many horrific fanfics and infortunately such names remind me of the stories I wish I haven't seen.

Is Browne your own character? She was lovely.

Than you, it was a good story to read on my way to work and uni :)
elsa3beth chapter 9 . 2/9/2013
Fantastic story - well paced, great characterizations of all the characters, and very well written. Love also how you allow Glorfindel to still retain some air of mystery. Bravo!
SilverInches chapter 1 . 2/20/2010
I read the first chapter of this story when you first uploaded it years ago, and then lost it! And just today, I stumbled across it by sheer accident! All the times I looked for it and couldn't find it, I thought it maybe hadn't existed, but here it is. I'm so excited.

I love your writing style, and the premise of this story... I'm off to read the rest of it!
SkyChild chapter 9 . 1/5/2008
Awesome... up to now, the best Glorfindel-rebirth fic I've ever read! "Your" Glorfindel isn't a trembling weakling, he keeps his dignity even in this most unusual situation, isn't fazed the least but all that's going on, full of silent knowledge instead - really, really great work, I absolutely love it!

By the way, where can I find "Fragile peace" you're talking about at the end of this chapter? I'd love to know the rest of Glory's story!

Take care and thank you for this great work!

Manny Maarie chapter 9 . 3/6/2007
That was bloody brilliant. I loved it so much. Just one question, were Gildor and Glorfindel, you know? :p
John M Walker chapter 1 . 2/3/2007
I am delighted to say I have enjoyed all nine chapters of this story. I have read the " the Lord of The Rings', trilology and think this is an excelent piece. Is their more?
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