Reviews for The Best Father's Day Gift Ever
TBMom chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Nicely done.
KatZen chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Did you do it justice?

Peanut, you went above and beyond my wildest expectations for this. I'd say that's more than doing it justice

Did I like it?

I loved it. I couldn't love it any more if I tried.

It was so sweet, with the imagery of Uncle Virgil with his ever escalating horde of nephews and nieces. The fact that he could sit with them, making Father's Day cards, teaching his favourite (and only, ergo making her the favourite) niece to play the piano, tossing them into the pool, shows his strength of character. It makes me admire him that much more.

I think the line that really got to me was this one:

"I watch him as all the family gathers together, watch him shun away slightly from his siblings, but never from the children. That's what has made this whole experience all the more harder, because I just know what a wonderful father he would be."

Nope, I'm not tearing up; I just have something in my eye.

(I'm not fooling anyone, am I?)

And at the same time, it's sad in the beginning, because she and Virg know just how much they've missed out on. Virg just moping and hurting by the pool.

And then you make it better. Virgil's reaction was simply perfect. I could feel him hardly daring to believe it was true. And then Virg picked her up and span her around. What I would have done to have been the girl in Virg's arms. :P

A lovely piece that shows Virgil becoming a Daddy. :D
JoTracy123 chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Yeah now that is a great story loved how you wrote Virgil in this well done you x
Teobi chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Peanut! Great job! And yes, KatZen's story is lovely, but so bittersweet, with Virgil's situation on Father's Day, it really made me quite sad :'{ (Which is a testimony to KZ as a writer.)

Sometimes I think Fluffy Plot Bunnies are even more ebil than Angst and Doom Bunnies, the way they creep up on us.

. "I couldn't stand the pitying looks they all try so hard to hide; or the way they hide the children away, as though at the sight of them I would be likely to burst into tears, when in actual fact their presence is more healing."- One of the dilemmas of suffering a miscarriage or the death of a child is when people do things like that. Years ago, our neighbour lost her baby just as my mother was having one and my mother felt so guilty when he would cry because the neighbour might hear him. But what are the answers? People have children. None of us would be here otherwise.

. 'But I've passed the danger stages, passed the stage we suffered the last two times, and the specialists say everything is looking good, so its time.'- OMG, my fingers are so crossed it's hard ti tuype. (lol. Yype. I mean, TYPE!)

. Virgil, shuffling down the beach downcast and hurting. **meep** Poor Virgil. Surrounded by so many siblings and nieces and nephews, and yet feeling so empty inside.

. And then helping the children make all their Father's Day cards, swimming with them, and teaching his niece to play the piano. **sniff** He would make such a good father!

. 'I waited until all the dishes were washed, dried and put away, a Tracy tradition meaning that the older men bore that chore, whilst the women and children relaxed on the patio, enjoying the warmth of a Pacific Ocean night.'- Tell it like it is, sister!

. "Virgil, I have something for you." She spoke, her voice as shaky as her legs had been. Handing him the envelope she waited.

He opened it slowly, took out the contents and froze, his jaw dropping open. It seemed like hours, but was merely seconds before his eyes turned to hers, his honey brown orbs wet and shining.

I don't know whether to read on right away, or just sit here a minute and let it sink in myself. I think I'll just do that for a few moments. **sighs happily**

. Gus was right to keep the news under wraps for the first 20 weeks. But Lord, imagine her agony, wanting to tell him but not being able to until she was past the danger point.

. "I'm not mad." He whispered. "I'm sad that you felt you needed to go through this alone, I'm angry at myself for not seeing the signs, but I'm not mad at you. I love you." - then he picks her up, twirls her round, and commences Mother Henning right away! I love it! She won't be allowed to leave that ottoman for the next five months!

. "Father, congratulations you're going to be a Grandfather again. I'm going to be a Dad."

Peanut! You're amazing. What a lovely little branch-off story to KZ's main fic. Like a 'What If?' fic, although I so want it to be true! Thanks so much for sharing!

Teebs x
lamsey2010 chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
Enjoyed this story. You should do a couple of follow up ficlets maybe from other characters pov on their feelings etc.

But really good job!
grnfield chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
An absolutely fantastic addition to KatZan's excellent story! I love Virgil's reaction to the news...and the fact that Gus is going to be 'mother-henned' for the next 20 weeks or so!