Reviews for Change is Good Right?
Guest chapter 26 . 7/31
That in my personal opinion was a douche cliffhanger which just makes it all the more affective
vivaelanime chapter 26 . 7/26
I love this,
please continue
Ettore chapter 24 . 7/25
One problem I noticed in this chapter, minor though it is, is the fact that Lee sticks to the side of the wall when he drops his weights. Perhaps you should change the wording to "top of the wall" instead of "side of the wall" if Lee in this story is incapable of chakra use.
Ettore chapter 21 . 7/25
I was waiting for her to enter the scene.
Ettore chapter 18 . 7/25
I have not read a single piece of this story I haven't enjoyed. You are a great author. I would have paid for this.
Animedork45 chapter 26 . 7/24
Poor naruto but then their is always a tsunade for these situations #pleaseupdate
Ettore chapter 1 . 7/24
I am really enjoying it so far. I got so into it that when I got to the bottom of the page I was pleasantly surprised to find I was still on chapter one. I can tell this will be a good one.
Serious Sam chapter 26 . 7/20
Ooh, nice chapter. Sorry about the wait for the review but better late than never, right?

The invasion wrapped up nicely, and I thought the reveal with Itachi and Zabuza was good. It certainly helped surprise Orochimaru and put him in his place. Also, nice work on figuring a way around the Shinigami seal. Never thought of that one.

The ending was pretty sad, but I'm thinking that Tsunade will be able to help Hinata heal completely. That's his incentive that Jiraiya was talking about. Either that, or the Kyubi steps in and helps things out.

I like option 1 better.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Midnight shadow chapter 1 . 7/20
Awesome at first i decided not to read because it was so long but after the first chapter I chose to continue reading thxs
naruhinakiralacus chapter 26 . 7/19
Awesome chapter! Awww did not like that cliffhanger! Poor Naruto and Hinata! I can't wait for more! Update soon please!
ganthet2814 chapter 26 . 7/19
So you are making Hinata Naruto's reason for going to find Tsunade? I looking forward to see how this plays out. Got to say not a fan of Hinata getting beaten to a bloody pulp like that, but if that is how your plot unfolds cool.
marquis.shax chapter 23 . 7/19
IF you have 'Uke run off to be one of Orochimaru's Lovers then you should definitely have Itachi sent out to retrieve him rather than Naruto as while Naruto is powerful an quite the good fighter I think Itachi would successfully drag his ass back and with his MKS he could probably even help him overcome his issues. Btw what's the role of Danzo in this? I still have no idea why Itachi didn't tell Hiruzen in canon about Danzo's attempted Murder of Shisui Uchiha and stealing his eye just to make sure the genocide happened since he knew Shisui was going to use his eye to prevent the needless bloodshed
marquis.shax chapter 21 . 7/19
did you slightly base this K.G off of the one that Ranmaru has?
marquis.shax chapter 20 . 7/18
not that it's truly important to the story but if Naruto's heritage is supposed to be a secret from everyone but those who already knew (while I don't remember if it was explained in canon I'd believe the senile trio and all the clan heads would know along with Kakashi and Jiraiya) and his teammates who he told then how exactly does Neji know who his father is?
FleurSuoh chapter 26 . 7/18
Poor Naruto. Looking forward to next chapter. Please update soon!
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