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Guest chapter 6 . 7/24
I really really really like this story! (I love seeing Irie squirm)
Please update if you have the time. It would be a shame to let such a gem go unfinished.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/3
Why must you stop here? Please continue! I've probably ready this story three times now and I really want to see an end. I think 10 chapters might be a good length for this story so please don't give up here.
But free chapter 6 . 4/26
please continue
polgara1 chapter 6 . 4/7
please update
mayra.713.g chapter 6 . 1/19
NOOOO THIS CANT BE OVER! I must know what will happen next! What is Naiko's mother planning for Naiko and Kotoko to be together or maybe stalk Naiko to see how does he treat Kotoko in her own eyes during school?! Please i hope someday you will continuing writing this magnificent story of yours, it would mean sooo much to me but not only me but also your other fans who love your story (ME! I AM TOTALLY YOUR BIGGEST FAN AND YOUR MY TOP FAVORITE AUTHOR!...) Gawd i would seriously wait months, years for the next chapter and i dont care how long it would it take because an amazing author like you needs time to come up with brilliant ideas for their story :) I would never leave this story! And i would promise you that c: Hope my reviews courage you to continue writing and shows your story will always entertains me and would always put a smile across my face every time i read your wonderful stories :) And i WILL be waiting for the next chapter, i promise no matter how i will have to wait c: -Byeeee
mayra.713.g chapter 5 . 1/19
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Jealous! Your jelly that Sudou is getting most of the attention from Kotoko and that she enjoys spending time with him (only as friends but you might not know in the next chapter if they have feelings for each other :3...) instead of being with you, Naiko. I cant wait to see his reaction when Kotoko comes home with her new hairstyle and clothing or as in 'The New Kotoko' :D I had a feeling or thought that Sudou and Kotoko were going to bump to Naiko and Yuuki by surprise and them more chaos is going to happen, but i am glad it went better like this in your story :) I also love the idea about Kotoko and Sudou getting a makeover to start a new life for themselves and the haircut that Kotoko got looks absolutely adorable on her, seriously i could picture her having that haircut! Ahaha cant wait to see what will happen next, especially to Naiko! -Byeeee :D
mayra.713.g chapter 4 . 1/18
Ive always wonder? Mmmmm...Were you always professional with writing and coming up with stunning ideas that nobody could had ever come up with, since you were born? Because I had never thought or seen such as an amazing ideas, plots, writing in my whole life, seriously! One of the best Itazura na Kiss fanfiction stories i read this year...Wonderful, uplifting, and beautifully writing and one of the best drama fanfiction stories i had ever read :3 God i am glad that Ive found the perfect Itazura na Kiss fanfiction and the perfect author too! I am totally looking forward to read chapter 5 and find out how will this adventure Saturday for Kotoko will be and most of all how much negative marks will Naiko get? (Not sure that Naiko will get a positive would surprise me if he does \(*O*)/ 'praise the lord!'...) -Byeeee
mayra.713.g chapter 3 . 1/18
Ahha Ohhh My God! I love this story even more! I love how the story is advance and how the characters are feeling especially Naiko since hes having trouble why he is feeling that way when he sees Kotoko and Sudou together and hanging out more often! Oh and the best part is that Kotoko is being mean and cold to Naiko also how Sudou and Kotoko are helping each other by trading letters which Naiko THINKS its love letter and gets angry because he thought Kotoko will only love him, which what a selfish brick he is -.- Gawd he doesnt realize he likes getting the attention from Kotoko and enjoys teasing Kotoko (which i heard that when a boy who has a crush/likes/loves a girl they tease them to have a way to content to them, thats what i heard so i dont know if i am right or wrong) it also entertain him. I can't wait to read chapter 4 and see how much drama will happen for the next chapters (which i totally love dramas especially from you, the way you create the situation (*3*)/ -Byeeee
mayra.713.g chapter 2 . 1/18
Ohhh lord...I am dying to see what will happen later \(*O*)/ Ive always admire yours stories not only your stories but also your talent of writing, you always know what the readers and i want from the story and you just give it to us as if it was a piece of cake, seriously how did YOU come up with an amazing plot and ideas for this magnificent story? I wish i could write just like you but when i try to write amazing like you, it doesnt turn out good as i wanted to be. I wish i had your talent of writing and write amazing stories. I know someday you'll be an amazing author (OHH WAIT! Your already an amazing author!) and have all your books publish in no time! I cant wait to read chapter 3 :3 I like how this story is going especially since the story is from you and you always adds just right emotions for us readers to feel :D Totally off to read chapter 3. -Byeeee
mayra.713.g chapter 1 . 1/18
Ohhhh snap! I hope Kotoko keeps her promise to forget Naiko, i like the part where this story is going :3 I wonder if she ACTUALLY forgets Naiko? Good because Kotoko deserve someone else, who treats her better or at least move on and find something better to do in her life. I cant wait to read chapter 2 and see what will happen :D Your Itazura na Kiss fanfiction stories are absolutely hundred times better than the original anime/reality Itazura na Kiss :3 Im going to promise to review all of your chapters to show you how much i appreciate reading your marvelous story and how much i enjoy reading every single word even if it makes me want to punch Naiko in the face for breaking Kotoko's heart also Yuuki the way she acts, selfish cow! Well i am off to read chapter 2, which i wm totally looking forward to :D -Byeeee
anime07 chapter 6 . 1/4
Hi! I really love every chapter of your story! I do love Kotoko and Naoki together but I've only come to like them when I've read the later chapters of the manga, the parts when they Naoki has become expressive about his feelings and is able to say that he loves Kotoko straightforwardly. To be honest, I skipped most of the earlier chapters of the manga and only skimmed through the chapters that are really significant in the story because I can't stand how Naoki acts like a total douchebag towards Kotoko and kept on toying with her feelings and I feel frustrated with Kotoko for acting like the world's biggest doormat by letting him hurt her, often times moping and crying her eyes out but still end up choosing to run back to him. That's why reading a fanfic such as yours really feels refreshing :).

I know that there's a big chance that you already decided to drop this fanfic given that the last update was published more than a year ago but I still hope that you'll continue since this is such an amazing story . And oh, you mentioned that you're having a writer's block, right? If that's the case, I would like to share my suggestions to you :). How about continuing the story with something like this? When Irie's mom started spying on Kotoko, she'll notice that Naoki always ”happens“ to be where Kotoko is and come to realize that he's stalking her lol. Feeling happy that she was able to confirm that he is indeed in love with her, she decided to help him get Kotoko but not without giving him a hard time. She'll first drop hints about Kotoko deciding to move on and eventually tell him what she read and leaving him to man up by himself and have a firm resolve to pursue Kotoko. Hope that helps :). Waiting for the update :DD!
Kiki1770 chapter 6 . 1/2
I really really like where this story is heading. I hope you do continue to update. Also, at first I didn't like the idea of Suduo and Kotoko, but after reading your story I don't think I would mind it. I know their relationship is not heading towards romantic, but while they are trying to establish themselves, it would also be nice if they got to experience a comforting and adoring romantic relationship with someone before going back to their respective crushes.
Loki chapter 6 . 1/2
I love it ! Please write faster !
pinaygurl28 chapter 6 . 8/26/2014
too lazy to login but i loved your story :) update soon haha
bluecupcakes chapter 6 . 8/15/2014
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