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KiraK.chan chapter 26 . 4/20
Woah ok scratch my last comment Haha that's ok though everything and everyone was so happy! I WOULDNT MIND SEEING A SEQUEL THOUGH ;DDDDDD or like sakura and itachi's wedding? Naruto and sasuke's wedding?! ;) haha thanks for a great story I've loved it! Can't wait to read more from you
KiraK.chan chapter 25 . 4/20
YOU HAD ME GOING THERE I WAS JUST WAITING AND WAITINGGGGGGG UNTIL YOU SAID HIS NAME THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUU and I apologise for writing/starting my comments always in caps but it seems appropriate xD I couldn't tell what was happening at the beginning I was like "are they really in Hawaii?!" But it makes total sense they all wanted to move away from there. I was going to actually cry of itachi was dead D: I'm glad they protected kakashi, which it's true it wouldn't be difficult considering he needed to do it! I'm defs excited to read the last chapter but sad I'm already reaching it since I've been wanting more from the beginninggggggg
KiraK.chan chapter 24 . 4/20
KiraK.chan chapter 23 . 4/20
Aw jeez I practically was holding my breath! Praise sasuke decided to ask itachi! And kakashi you amazing man you are on the right side with a conscience! I can tell crap is about just to go DOWNNNN :OOOO sasuke's dat was absolutely perfect haha poor naruto xD
KiraK.chan chapter 22 . 4/20
TOO. FLUFFYYYYYY I CANT LIKE MHMY KOKORO DAMN ITTTTT :DDDDDDD naruto really planned out the perfect date like seriously and dat end is ADORBS and so is itachi like protective dad syndrome with his curfew I love it ️️️ If i was him I'd be paranoid about naruto too being too irresistible for sasuke hahaha
KiraK.chan chapter 21 . 4/20
Ahhaha OMG I can't stop smiling that's just toooooioo cuteeeee of naruto I love when people tell the world to eat its heart out cause they're seriously happy and determined and passionate yay! Still worried about fugaku that jerk! And sakuras wedding is gonna be beautiful!
KiraK.chan chapter 20 . 4/20
SASUKE IM SORRY BUT CAN YOU NOT OFFER TO BE ALONE WITH YOUR DAD?! These domestic cuteness was also just mad adorbale! Sasuke will make a great housewife haha and hooray for Sakura and itachi sounds like it was rushed a lil but meh I didn't like the sound of fugaku learning about naruto and Sakura, sounds like he's planning something evil D: and where the hell did kakashi go with his support?!
KiraK.chan chapter 19 . 4/20
Sasuke you moron don't fall for his trickssssss and itachi's right fugaku is poison and sasuke needs to slowly learn that D: breakfast doesn't sound like it'll be fun, and kakashi was alllllll too quiet it seems...?
KiraK.chan chapter 18 . 4/20
NOPE NOPE NO NOPE I DONT LIKE THAT LAST LINE IT MAKES ME SAAADDDDDD even though I'm sure that won't happen but arms flailing NOPEEEEEE D: I agree with kakashi they should've ambushed him! I guess kakashi is still all for himself otherwise he would've shared that little insight with all of them :/ it's so weird looking back on it all that everything happened in an RV! A mansion RV but still it's so crazyyyy I love it!
KiraK.chan chapter 17 . 4/20
I feel even worse for Kiba now since he's turning into a third wheel, or eventually to be a 5th wheel D: naruto is evil let's be real haha
KiraK.chan chapter 16 . 4/20
Naruto definitely doesn't think things through thoroughly, and not even close to kakashi duh so I keep wondering how fugaku is going to be "persuaded" or killed without ruining the uchiha business cause that'll sort of make it difficult without money, of course naruto could handle it though INTERESTINGGGG and so much progress with sasuke yay! And I couldn't imagine you hadn't updated this in a year! I'm glad I'm reading the completed one now or else the suspense would have knocked me out xD
KiraK.chan chapter 15 . 4/19
NARUTO YOU PRINCE ;DDDDDD I do feel sorry for Kiba now thoughhhhhh :( but if Kiba hadn't done anything naruto would've taken his sweet ass time sooooo win...? And knowing kakashi's back story was really good! Since we found out he has a sort of link with sasuke that can help him sorta make up his mind
KiraK.chan chapter 14 . 4/19
OMG new ship now?! WHO DO I ROOT FOR NOW HUHHHHH LIKE KIBA IS SWEET AND GREAT AND A GENTLEMEN HERE BUTTTTTT I THINKKKKK I'm still team naruto...?! You confusing ma mind now! Nice going kakashi! I guess it was with money but whatever! And glad sasuke knew he wanted to not return to his dad! :)
KiraK.chan chapter 13 . 4/19
YASSSSS KAKASHI GET THE HELL OUTTTTTTT I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a bidding war though! Awwww sasuke wanting to speak to itachi is adorable and that sasuke heard naruto's mild confession? Perfect timing ;) naruto being so bold is awesome! Knight in shining armour indeed
KiraK.chan chapter 12 . 4/19
Oh shoooootttttttt crap is hitting the fan fast! I hope kakashi finds his humanity and his heart warms up to them D: naruto is veryyyyy good but is he breaking his role too soon?! 0.o damnnnnnnn I actually have no idea where this is going and I love it!
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