Reviews for The North Remembers
Guest chapter 113 . 10/30
Rip Drogon and Viserion. Rhaegal is probably immortal since he is bound to Jon. How the Hell did Tyrion talk Dany into marrying him, lol
Dany could've circumvented this fiasco if she talked Jon or Aegon into siring an heir for her, thus saving bothe dragons and saving her kingdom a lot of necessary death that would follow once they're gone.
Seems to have been a dumb idea to expect the princess of a deposed regime to make for a good vassal lady, never mind Cersei's daughter.

For Jon it seems his ending is very bittersweet too, having to guard the world for eternity
Guest chapter 112 . 10/30
So at the end Theon walked off the cliff and drowned? Very very sad. He could have lived with Jeyne
Guest chapter 111 . 10/30
You really nailed the bittersweetness aspect of the end with Sam and Arya. Sam lost his only true friends and home, lost everything, but he saved his best friend and the realm and became a brave man. Arya lost everything, her wolf, he memories, even her humanity, as evidenced by Rickon and Robbie being terrified of her, but she still feels love. Funny how three of the six Stark kids became monsters and demigods, four if you include Robb.
Guest chapter 110 . 10/30
So we're soon at the end. My real only complaint would be that it's too short, it could have well been thirty chapters longer, the Martells and Dorne in general are underutilized (they barely matter), the ironborn and Euron aren't promininent enough (did Sam really kill Euron AND the Great Other? Sam the Slayer for real) I would've prefered Volantis to Asshai, especially with teleportation being a thing anyway, the slavery, Essos and Meereen plot is dropped completely, the Others could've been around longer and done more damage to the rest of the kingdoms. But what truly matters is that you captured the spirit of a song of ice and fire, and if the books don't continue, this is a good finish to the series for me.
Guest chapter 109 . 10/29
Sam was the hidden mvp this whole time, this ending was very LoTR inspired
Guest chapter 108 . 10/29
(Sounds of uncontrollable crying)
Guest chapter 106 . 10/29
All in all, this fic as good a continuation of the books as anyone can wish for, with some slightly confusing aspects sure (like Myrcella beating Trystane at cyvasse when he was much better in canon or Dany never freeing the slaves of Volantis or King's Landing and Oldtown not suffering from a tsunami while Meereen did, somehow, or there being such crazy tsunamis in the first place) but it's still an amazing fic, and Jaime's send off was great
Guest chapter 105 . 10/29
Stannis only smiling when he chooses suicide is so sad. He really is too tired. Poor Davos has to pick up his sword.
Guest chapter 104 . 10/29
9 chapters to the end? What the hell! It feels like it needs 25 more!
Guest chapter 103 . 10/29
Locking dragons into the pit in the first proved a terrible idea, locking them into the pit underneath which are caches of wildfire seems suicidal. Man fAegon did what Dany has yet to do in a week.
I gotta say, sparing Jaime of all people is crazy, even if you don't care about Aerys or don't wanna kill him to reinforce the lie, Jaime has earned death just by siring the incest kids and crippling Bran alone, which led to the war in the first place.
Guest chapter 101 . 10/28
A great chapter!
Guest chapter 99 . 10/27
Imagine if Robb was somehow stuck inside the zombie Mountain, a bizarely grim afterlife
Guest chapter 97 . 10/27
You truly channeld your inner GRRM in Varys' monologue alone, but the tragedy of JonCon's realisation and acceptance of the truth was stunning. fAegon calling JonCon "papa" was too much pain. Though I have to say, where would Varys be looking at if not at JonCon burning to death?
Stone dragons, I'm excited to see what will happen. In the end though, Varys mayhaps won.
The ending was really beautiful, probably more than GRRM would give someone dying in canon
Guest chapter 96 . 10/27
I feel like Dany puzzling out Jon is Rhaegars kid in addition to fAegon being fake is bit of a stretch, especially so unprompted but no matter
Guest chapter 96 . 10/27
Marwyn must have seen the future if he felt confident to tattle in Valyria
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