Reviews for The North Remembers
falak chapter 28 . 8/31
Just what I needed to read after GOT season 7 ;)
tyry95 chapter 15 . 8/17
Only 15 chapters in and I can tell this one is going to be great. High quality, completed, and written before the last two seasons of GoT? It's gonna be great to read an original story like this.
hirilili chapter 1 . 8/10
"Tell them the north remembers "
Herraidous chapter 109 . 7/28
Great story. Really great. But, I did think you went wrong at the end. I think I would have been impacted more if Jon had died; we'd been expecting it, we'd been waiting for it, and it would have made things far more ... bittersweet if he'd not survived.
AACM25 chapter 28 . 7/13
I don't get it why would they have any right to hang him, what right did Littlefinger had of having Sansa when the crown is looking for her and he is openly admitting of consciously having her in his custody and not informing the crown, that is treason, Furthermore, if Jamie did that it would be in the name of the crown, so yeah, I don't get it at all.
Guest chapter 113 . 6/30
Hi there:) I absolutely loved reading this work of art:) very well written and thought out!
I am sad that Arya didn't have a more fundamental role in the story as she is my favourite character but I guess I tied her story well together:)
I like Jon's ending as it fits to him
Tyrion and deanarys is quite a wierd match xD
Ahh am a bit sad that brienne and Jaime didn't get their happy ending, but I can totally see that Margery would not have been happy not being queen :D
Anyway great work again and I am really corious to check out your books
Guest chapter 94 . 6/29
I am really hungup on got atm and can't wait for Georg RR Martin to finish his books,
And this is about the best supstitute ever! The thought you put
Herraidous chapter 95 . 5/19
This deserves to be your 1900th review. This because it comes now, because this chapter was so satisfying, packed with emotion, anticipation, terror, and sweet, sweet vengeance for Theon. And Ramsay'splan to "live forever" I was not, was not, expecting. And Theon, perhaps, finally made peace with himself in striking down the bastard not once, but twice. Thank god it wasn't thrice. Bastard, Bastard, Bastard. I enjoyed the chapter all around. Thank you. Theon deserves some happiness.
Herraidous chapter 86 . 5/16
Well ... fuck. Not only is Vraavos gone, but, from that brief warg Arya managed into Mymiria, White Harbor is also under siege from the dead. Well, shit. Shit. Shit. They're coming hard and fast now.
Herraidous chapter 39 . 5/16
Did I review this chapter? I can't remember. Great battle scene, really. It was written in just the write detail, and you had a good lot of events in the battle happen onscreen, something that not every author does. Yes, I consider you an author. Oh, and by the way, I'm actually on chapter 89 - Samwell. So, yeah. I like giving reviews; I think this should have a hell of a lot more, for what this is worth - it should have 3000 or more. Great job.
Herraidous chapter 83 . 5/13
Um ... wow. The army. Holy ... crap. The shit-hitting-the-fan chapters are coming hard and faster now. Faster, faster, like descending bolders. Or as if I was being flung from point to point, skewered on each before being ripped away and flung again.
Herraidous chapter 76 . 5/5
Wow. An awesome battle scene, to be sure. And in a masterfully done stroke, you had the first battle, as good as I thought it would be, set up the trial with Robert Strong, and set up more battles for this war to follow. This is just for King's Landing...I'm not even talking about the North or beyond the ... Wall ... or Meereen, or Oldtown, or anything else. Shit. This can't possibly wrap up in the chapters it has left ... but it will? Shit.
Herraidous chapter 77 . 5/5
He'd seen Jon again; he remembered speaking to him just before, just before the Horn sounded and everything ended, telling him to wake up. Then he'd felt giants rising from the earth and Others burning and too much madness to stand, pelting him like falling, flaming stars. Meera was dead.

Great. Just one thing that needs changing there, unless I'm wrong here. Bran told Jon that after the Horn blew, after he contacted Sam through the Weirwood. Unless you meant to put things that way in Bran's confusion.

Great job. I just don't know how all this can resolve in the next ... 37 chapters or so? You had your work cut out for you.
Herraidous chapter 70 . 4/28
Well ... things are moving along. And now, for a quote. "In a zombie apocalypse, you don't need to be faster than the zombies, you just have to be faster than your friends." Saying that to Davos right then would have been another knife of grief and guilt straight through the gut. And now, he's run straight into Ramsay's waiting arms. Crap. But Stannis is attacking the Dreatfort, so there might be something in that yet. But still, just ad another few hundred northmen to the army of the dead; and this is just the wights that made it through on their own from the first assault ... the remnants. This isn't even the same plot as the full fury as the dead anymore, just a tiny army of wights past the Wall. To the dead army, that is. The north have their hands quite ... full ... right now. Ramsay, wights, whatever remains of the Boltons racing to the Dreatfort - if they aren't already all wights - and the full fury of the Others about to hit who-knows-when. As much as it's probably inflametory - literally - to say so, I'd rather be in the south. And that is pretty fucking bad that I'd rather be in a place that's probably about to go up in wildfire, or in the middle of a bloodbath. To anyone in Westeros or Meerene, pray. Just pray, and pray, and pray, to gods who piss on your hopes and dreams and prayers. That's all you have left.

Great job, as always. I'd always love to have a chat over PM.
Herraidous chapter 54 . 4/15
Those chapters were great, chapter 53 and 54. The Wall's collapse, and then Ramsay's point of view,, and Grenn, I think it was Grenn, died. And the descriptions of the wall, and the niter explosion and the ruin afterward were fantastic. Well, I can't decide whether this was a disaster or triumph for Ramsay, but I'd say more triumphant; he killed a lot of people he wanted dead; Roose, Fat Walda, Rayder - no! - Nimiria was wounded, and Winterfell a gutted ruin. But Stannis lives, his army is gone, unless he can gather reinforcements from the Dreadfort and other houses - if anyone will even follow him - and, as if dozens, hundreds, of whites weren't enough, all those corpses in the ruin of Winterfell are about to rise ... in the thousands. So, while Ramsay is a resourceful jenius, he's also a literally damned idiot. I loved the way you showed him, and Roose's end - fair's fair, after all. And with the Wall literally fallen, and Winterfell - a place which could have been used as a base - in ruins, not to mention the corpses that will become wights from this, and Aegon's coming and all the houses rising against King's Landing, and ... well ... everywhere else, shit's either screwed or about to go spang. Well, I expected this eventually; you just got there faster than JR.R Martin would have, thank god. Loving this, and the best thing? It's complete! COMPLETE! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! Too bad Grenn, Edd and Pyp are all dead, at least I think all of them are. But I also like the fact that you're not afraid to kill off your characters; that makes the story far less predictable, and gives it a far more realistic feel.
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