Reviews for The North Remembers
TheLadyClegane chapter 28 . 3/15
I love your fic!

Althought this bothered me a little
"Jaime put both hands on her face"
Fils chapter 53 . 2/19
what was the purpose in Jon sounding the horn if he knew that it would bring the wall down?
komninosmichaelides chapter 85 . 2/17
So, they are bringing a terribly wounded Harrold Hardyng inside.

So, it was Harlan Hunter the one who was responsible.

So, Brienne, Hyle and Podrick have arrived, as well.

So, Brienne cries when she reaches Sansa. At last, she may make herself useful instead of following traitorous mad dogs.

So, Sansa wishes for the Inquisitor to be released and have him tell what he knows in front of the Lords Declarant.

So, Brienne tells Sansa about the survival of Rickon and of the outstanding loyalty of House Manderly.

So, Littlefinger has disposed of the Inquisitor and stripped the dead man off of his regalia.

Oh, man, Littlefinger, Pod and Sansa fighting like some urchins- comic relief at its fullest.

And, Lady Stoneheart makes her way inside.

And, this is the confrontation we were expecting for so many chapters.
komninosmichaelides chapter 84 . 2/17
So, Cersei entertains the thought of fleeing with Tommen. What she does not know is that there is no practical need for this, since due to Sandor Clegane's heroics, the pretender has been repelled.

So, Qyburn is still Cersei's man all along.

Well, Cersei is right that Jaime is not sitting peacefully within his cell.

Man, the way she rationalizes the incest she has been committing for years, is just sick.

No, Cersei, the Faith hates you for committing incest, adultery and regicide and for trying to place your bastards on the Iron Throne.

So, she might think better of Tommen, if he becomes cruel and abusive like Joffrey.

What she does not know is that the Rock has been taken, but King's Landing is delivered.

So, she had a nightmare that Jaime was killing Qyburn.

So, the voices Tommen heard belong to Margaery and Loas Tyrell, meaning that the Knight of Flowers has managed to find his sister among the chaos.

So, Loras informs Cersei about Aegon's defeat and how the Tyrells will manage things in the aftermath of the battle.

So, Loras also tells her that the Rock is taken and that Myrcella is dead.

So, they do not kill her, out of sympathy for Tommen.

So, she abandons her child, in order to pursue her vengeance. Oh, how good a mother she is!
komninosmichaelides chapter 83 . 2/17
So, the old powers are tempting Jon.

So, the children might be the ones who are tempting him, meaning that the magic of the three-eyed crow is reversed and now wants to vanquish humanity.

So, Jon has visions of the execution of the two Starks by the Mad King, of the madman who broke the Seven Kingdoms apart (suck it, HBO!), of poor Elia Martell, of his mother and Lord Eddard.

So, he almost gave in, but the simple human nature, as embodied by Val, fended off the mystique powers of supernatural and unholy entities.

So, the weirwoods come alive and attack Jon and Val. All the more proof that all elemental magic stems from unnatural and evil forces, even those forms of it close to the Starks.

Oh, man, I don't think Val is going to make it.

So, they managed to get through the Old Ways and found Rhaegal.

Quite right, simple people like Val have endured so many things, without knowing the hows and whys of the world.

So, Others and ice spiders are coming.

So, while Rhaegal struggles against the Others and their horde, Jon blows the Horn.
komninosmichaelides chapter 82 . 2/17
So, the One True King of Westeros has been advancing to the Dreadfort, facing the dangers of winter like the heroes of the Dawn Age.

So, Theon is slowly finding purpose in his life.

So, the wights are coming in small groups, probably fighting a war of attrition, but this is not enough to stop King Stannis.

Alas, Ramsay Bolton is still alive and, even more sadly, has captured Ser Davos Seaworth.

So, the King suspects that something is happening with Melisandre.

So, Asha has come to admire the One True King. You know, the traitorous dog, Renly, did not extract devotion from anyone who was not his sex toy or a foolish romantic teenage girl. Suck it, HBO!

So, King Stannis suspects that the Bastard may have traps and snares in the woods.

So, Wyman Manderly confirmed Theon's tale and, so, the northmen's bloodlust for him has ceased, even though they still don't like him.

Oh, man, I fell in love with the King's smile.

Well, everything shows that soon Theon will have to face his tormentor.

Well, the King always places duty above everything, so he must be Azor Ahai, he must claim the Iron Throne because Robert left no legitimate issue, must suffer scorn and thanklessness, because it is his duty, as defined by the deep and old laws of nature and ancient humankind.

Man, Theon was caught by a trap.

So, Theon thinks of his earlier escape attempt, back when he was held at the Dreadfort.

So, the One True King once more saves Theon. When he took him at the crofters' village, he saved Theon's soul from the Bastard. When he saved him from the wights at the ruins of Winterfell, he saved Theon's physical body. Now, he attempts to save both the flesh and the soul.

So, King Stannis is going to march against the wretch with all the fury of the north and the wild, like an epic hero coming to life from the dusty pages of an ancient tale.

So, the Bastard of Bolton appears at the parapets of his hellish fortress.

So, the Bastard is going to blackmail the One True King with the life of the only friend he has.

Man, Ramsay certainly feels invincible now.

So, poor Davos tells the King not to be dismayed and go on with the assault.

Man, Theon intervenes, telling Davos that he does not know what sort of torment the Bastard delivers to his victims.

So, the One True King holds firm to the oath he made with Asha and refuses to hand Theon over.

So, Theon insists he has to retrieve Lightbringer from the Bastard and Asha offers to go with him.

And, Ser Davos is released.

So, only one man-at-arms has been spotted so far, meaning that the attack has very strong possibilities to succeed.

Well, the King at least tried to save Asha.

Quite right, that's how the end of the world is supposed to be.
komninosmichaelides chapter 81 . 2/17
So, Tyrion and Penny have ended up in the desert and they ae struggling to survive. And, yes, Tyrion is already a better father than Tywin.

So, Victarion Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet are still there.

So, Euron is the one who controls Viserion now.

So, Drogon is also above Meereen.

So, once more Tyrion and Penny ride Viserion.

So, Jorah is dying from the wound given to him by Naharis' blade.

So, Jorah is detemined to blow the horn and restore control o dragons to the mad bitch. Brave noble doomed IDIOT, quite right, but I can't hate him, because he has suffered too much.

So, they spot the horn, beside Moqorro's corpse.

So, Jorah remembers the lord father he disgraced and says the words of the Night's Watch, before committing suicide-by-hornblowing.
komninosmichaelides chapter 80 . 2/5
So, Connington preferred to accompany Aurane and the fleet in the attempt to seize the Rock and he has conjured up an excuse for the loss of his fingers.

So, Loras accompanied the pretender to King's Landing, however we did not see him in Sandor's POV. I wonder if he did not retreat with the rest of the army, but instead chose to remain within the capital, with the intention to free Margaery.

Well, Aegon has not been victorious in King's Landing and Daenerys is not coming, at least for the moment.

So, Aurane Waters does not miss a chance to show his insolence.

So, Connington thinks that the best way to redeem himself is to butcher innocent fisherfolk. Not surprising, given the fact that he serves those madmen of Targaryen.

So, he had second thoughts and decided not to murder innocent people.

So, the Rock is seized (moderate achievement, since it was sparsely defended) and he riverlanders and mercenaries struggled to outdo each other in cruelty. Congratulations, Rygers! You have made yourselves similar to the mad dog Tywin unleashed upon your countrymen.

So, Connington again thinks of what motives Varys and Illyrio truly have, of the Golden Company's status as Blackfyre loyalists and of the conversation he had at Storm's End with Loras Tyrell.

So, Connington learns of the defeat Aegon suffered at King's Landing.

And now, Connington learns about the fall of Oldtown.

So, Tarly is coming and the Targaryen forces are battered.

So, Aegon opts for Dragonstone.
komninosmichaelides chapter 79 . 2/3
So, Jeyne, Edmure and young Robbie have left Greywater Watch and Edmure is trying to get them at White Harbor.

So, Edmure is being elusive about the Lannister fleet.

Well, while her child might survive the War of the Five Kings, he will one day be called by Bran, to take his place as the three-eyed crow.

So, Edmure tells Jeyne about Rickon's survival, something he had not mentioned to Howland.

Man, Addam Marbrand chooses the worst moment to insert himself.

So, Edmure attempted to deliver Jeyne to White Harbor alone, so that the damnable Lannister captains would not be released, which was a sound reasoning, but the combined presence of Lannister and Manderly forces sort of means Ser Wylis has renewed his deal with Ser Addam.

So, Marbrand is not interested in preventing the North from allying with the One True King and has placed himself under Ser Wylis' command.

Well, it is expected that the Manderlys would be disappointed.

So, Jeyne might be in love with Ser Addam. Well, if he is sincere in not wanting to serve Cersei, why not?

So, Jeyne tells Ser Wylis about her son's inability to inherit the North.

So, Wylis Manderly knows about the ambush by the Others (luckily he does not know that Davos Seaworth briefly panicked) and the collapse of the Wall.

So, Ser Wylis knows who Edmure is, what he attempted to do after Greywater Watch and tasks him with finding Ser Davos.

So, Marbrand is tasked with sailing to the Vale.

Man, where is Rickon?
komninosmichaelides chapter 78 . 2/3
So, Euron and the Others are actually inside the Citadel and one of their victims was poor old Walgrave.

Man, it appears that Euron's cronies are engaging in maester slaying.

So, Sam provokes the ironmen into a fight.

Oh, man, it appears Sam is going to face Euron himself.

Well, we already knew that the Crow's Eye is seeking to master the dragons and not destroy them.

So, Sarella saved Sam or, at least, tried to, but he has been wounded by Euron.

So, due to Euron, Sam understands who the Dornish youth truly is.

Man, Euron revealed his insane plans to the terrified apprentices and dared Sarella to try and kill him.

Man, Sam stabbed Euron in the eye with dragonglass, but the unholy abomination continues to chase them.

Well, I bet that Sarella distracted the Crow's Eye, but was ultimately killed by him.

And, Sam eaches the weirwood and falls, under the hill, meaning the three-eyed-crow's halls, probably.
komninosmichaelides chapter 77 . 2/3
So, Bran is the new three-eyed crow, after Bloodraven's death.

So, the death of Meera has traumatized him.

Man, if even he cannot reach Arya,...

So, Jeyne Westerling's son is going to be Bran's successor.

So, the childen had to cannibalize him in order to build the wards anew.

Man, Bran stumbling up to his feet...I guess that his transformation is now complete.

Well, it's a very serious possibility that Hodor is dead.

So, Jon and Val have reached the cave.

So, Leaf says that Jon cannot enter, for he is the Great Other, as well as Azor Ahai.

Oh, man, Val let them draw the wards in her own blood.

Well, I don't think Bran will be conscious of who he is in a while.

So, Bran is going to stay in the cave, while Jon will continue his quest.
komninosmichaelides chapter 76 . 2/3
So, Sandor has been staying in the Great Sept, but not quite enjoying his stay.

So, Sandor hates the Targaryens more than he hates the Lannisters, due to their pyromaniac tendencies.

Oh, man, the pretender has brought the elephants with him and is probably flushed with victory.

So, Sandor may be knows as the anonymous brown brother who saved King's Landing.

So, Sandor sees fAegon, who reminds him or the shit Rhaegar and attacks.

So, he managed to injure, but not to kill, the pretender. Still, well done, Sandor Clegane!

So, the pretender's army retreated and Cersei Lannister is going to be tried very soon.

And now, Sandor Clegane is alone with the gods he had hated and rejected.

So, he lights a candle to the Maiden and comes undone.
komninosmichaelides chapter 75 . 2/2
So, the lords of the Vale have started questioning Sansa very sharply.

So, Littlefinger has been insisting that she is innocent, while he has done everything he could to frame her.

So, none of them has thought that Littlefinger has been behind all this.

Oh, man, Bronze Yohn appears to be adamant in his beliefs, so Sansa has no hope to expect help from him.

So, Littlefinger has been handling this with all the mastery he has.

So, Littlefinger maybe intends for Sansa to win the trial.

So, Lady Waynwood objects to the possible execution of Sansa.

So, Sansa tells the Lords Declarant who the real culprit of Jon Arryn's murder was.

Oh, man, Baelish again wriggles free of the accusations, insults Bronze Yohn and frames his own henchman, Ser Lyn Corbray and all this under the very nose of his opponents.

So, Littlefinger has also jailed the inquisitors the Faith sent in the Vale after the Elder Brother gave his report.

Man, he intends to have Sansa's hand in marriage.

And now, the gates burst open. Who is coming? The Brotherhood? Brienne and Ser Hyle? I guess we have to wait until we learn.
komninosmichaelides chapter 74 . 2/1
So, regardless of the effectiveness of the moon tea, Brienne lost the child.

So, Podrick and Ser Hyle have found and helped her.

So, Ser Hyle repeats the offer, but he appears not to desire rulership of Tarth.

So, Ser Hyle informs Brienne that Sansa and the Brotherhood were aiming for the Vale.

So, they decided to masquerade as a family and go though the gates.

So, despite Brienne's exhaustion, they made it to the Bloody Gate.

Well, at least they were admitted.

So, the wlidlings and the Brotherhood have been detected by the Valemen.

Man, Harrold Hardyng is wounded and Maester Colemon is away. Littlefinger is doing everything to ensure Sansa is found guilty.
komninosmichaelides chapter 73 . 2/1
So, Jaime is imprisoned in his old quarters at the White Sword Tower after killing the Sand Snake.

So, he believes he is done with Cersei and considers himself to be the only sane man in Tommen's court.

So, he managed to shatter the window using his golden hand, but still he has to go down.

So, Jaime knows that a fleet was sent to White Harbor, but he doesn't know that the Manderlys spat their fiery defiance against that fleet and that Marbrand was given a task by Ser Wylis Manderly.

So, Qyburn is escorting Lady Nym.

So, Qyburn knows about Myrcella's death in Dorne, but Lady Nym denies her involvement in all the pet plots.

So, Jaime suspects the truth behind "Robert Strong".

So, Qyburn ordered "Robert Strong" to fetch Jaime, but he managed to escape the building.

So, Jaime stumbles upon Varys and angrily confronts him over Kevan's murder and Tyrion's escape.

So, Varys knew that Oberyn Martell had already poisoned Tywin, but let Tyrion to pursue his vengeance, in order to frame him and make everybody not suspect what Oberyn was doing.

So, Varys intends to open the gates for Aegon's army and finish the whole affair.

So, Varys informs Jaime of Cersei's wildifre plot and of Sandor Clegane's return to King's Landing.

So, Varys tells Jaime that he and Tommen will be left in peace, provided they do yield to fAegon.

Oh, man, it appears the battle is about to begin.
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