Reviews for The North Remembers
Onasicorp chapter 113 . 11/29
It's not bad. But it's not very good either. It's was not a very satisfying experience for me to finish this story. It felt like a bunch of winding paths suddenly straitened and converged onto one inoffensive point that served the top ten of the most popular ASOIAF fan theories. Based on the reviews I have red, it's clear that others got a lot more out of this fic. Unfortunately my experience was very lackluster.
Guest chapter 2 . 11/25
Theasiancow chapter 44 . 11/3
Wow. That was a tragic ending really
Panjason chapter 113 . 9/22
Wow… like the guy a couple comments down below. As far as I’m concerned, this is canon to me. Felt like a real continuation instead of the usual weightless fanfiction. A couple others come to mind but I think you’re likely the only one to faithfully finish ASOIAF. Honestly, the D and D brother’s crap probably tainted the majority of fanfics. The Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s complexity got flattened after meeting Daenerys. The only fanfic I found where Jon and Dang get shipped but neither get turned into pieces of cardboard was “Her Life and Her death” and that fics likely dead forever.
It was plain to me in the books, that Val and the prospects with her represented temptation from duty, beautiful enough to be dubbed the wildling princess. Combined with getting Winterfell? If getting Val didn’t tempt Jon then Daenerys showing up shouldn’t have either. And that’s only one way your fic’s a Master piece!
The only thing I would have wished for was to make the fight to kill crazy Jon much more of a spectacle. He was a Demi-god at least if not a god onto himself. The divine die *hard.*
I feel like I can leave the ASOIAF fandom now. Likely finished all the best parts now. I lost almost all interest in watching the show the second I heard they had Drogo rape Daenerys. That was a *mistake!* And with the *subversive* ending I’ll likely never watch.
Thank you for the awesome ride. I might go back and reread your fic from time to time. I’ll leave some comments on the earlier chapters then.
Panjason chapter 81 . 9/22
Ok… I’ve been blazing through the chapters and not stopped to comment, but… what a way to go! Jorah’s sacrifice better work though.
ZenJack chapter 64 . 9/5
Sandor is great.
ZenJack chapter 62 . 9/5
ZenJack chapter 60 . 9/4
Briene must be the most heart breaking person in this story.
ZenJack chapter 55 . 9/3
Poor Dany. Everything is so complicated for her.
ZenJack chapter 53 . 9/3
Wow. What a chapter.
ZenJack chapter 50 . 9/3
Wow. What the hell?
ZenJack chapter 49 . 9/3
Sweet chapter.
ZenJack chapter 42 . 9/2
Well there's a cockup royal.
ZenJack chapter 35 . 9/2
"To date, I've either committed or been accused of matricide, patricide, regicide, and fratricide, and for some time I was considering suicide, just to make it neat."

Fantastic line.
Reversed chapter 113 . 3/3
wow. just wow. unless winds of winter and ADOS ever come out, this is my canon. absolutely fucking heartbreaking though...

I really didn't think that level of emotion would ever be achieved in a fanfiction of all places, but i stand corrected. the last 4 chapters were something else.
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