Reviews for The North Remembers
patty.clark.792 chapter 40 . 14h ago
The battle with Jorah, Dany, the monster lion, Dothraki and the Dragon was a killer.. great.. It's 7:15 in the morning and I've read your story all night.. can't put it down... You're the best..
patty.clark.792 chapter 35 . 16h ago
I love this story so much that reading it is all I'm doing... completely... no grocery shopping.. no laundry.. no soap opera watching.. you've written an outstanding story...
patty.clark.792 chapter 4 . 3/28
You're a wonderful marvelous writer... I'm so glad I found your story..
patty.clark.792 chapter 1 . 3/28
Wow wow wow LOVING this
Guest chapter 113 . 3/26
Why did it have to end D:
Newtofanfiction chapter 1 . 3/26
Love this story. Followed it from the beginning. However poster named Sunny took the words right out of my mouth.
The French Dark Lord chapter 113 . 3/25
Wow... WOW! Amazing work, really amazing. I was afraid, happy, hopeful, tearful, angry,betrayed and vindicated along with the caracters. Your writting style in incredibly close to Martin's and I really appreciate the effort.
This fanfiction, Sir, deserves to be widely know and read, if you're not GRRMartin secretly posing as an humble fanfiction author you ought to be be known, really!

Thank you so so much rest assured I thoroughly enjoyed myselfand were this a physical book I would've trned the pages faster than my shadow.

Whatever comes next keep up the good work, and receive my most heartfelt congratulations.
VivaLaMaximo chapter 10 . 3/23
Howard chapter 109 . 3/17
Truly a magnificent Tolkien moment when Jon, at the brink of his own pit of lava, refuses to relinquish his burden.
Isn't it just so fitting that Sam's name is what it is? Sam(wise Gamgee).
I never thought I'd love the character of Stannis Baratheon, not did I expect some of the couplings you've written into the story.

I love your Tolkien references. I love this fanfic that you've written, and I think you from the bottom of my heart for writing it. :)
carlita290591 chapter 113 . 3/13
I'm sorry but the end it's crap...and big part of the story
Guest chapter 113 . 3/9
First what an amazing story,truly awesome.I have to keep reminding myself that this a fic and not The Winds of reading ASOIAF books,watching HBO's Game of Thrones show and reading this fic I can't remeber which character lives and what he/she does,but until GRRM finishes his series and HBO's is finishes their show I am glad that I read this fic.
Ziria NightRose chapter 113 . 2/8
I don't usually reviews fics, but this deserves it.
This has been an incredible journey, and this fic deserves the highest of praises. Your style and the way the characters were characterized was so reminiscent of GRRM himself that at times I couldn't remember if certain things had actually happened in canon or not. I began to forget where DwD ended and this fic began. Nearly every detail seemed to be a very logical continuation of where GRRM has left off, and the mythology you created fit so perfectly with canon mythology that it was stunning. This was truly a masterpiece.
There were a few places (though few) where I felt that you had deviated from GRRM's vision (in terms of character or plot), but those instances were slim and to be expected. Even the 'romance' between Sansa and Sandor, though at first made me uncomfortable, by the end made me squee quite a bit.
My biggest (and really only) complaint is the ending/last 10ish chapters. After the gradual, intense buildup of most of the fic, the conclusion seemed rushed, which led to some events that to me, at least, seemed a little unbelievable. I was left slightly unsatisfied, but I still loved this story enough to not really care.

I can't wait for Winds of Winter so that I can see how much of what you envision happening will actually happen, because there is so much of what you write that seems guaranteed to happen. Your story made things so logical that I feel like they are the only way TOO happen.
Dance Elle Dance chapter 113 . 2/2
Your writing is just stunning. I honestly have no idea what else to say except I am so glad you had the courage to undertake something like this. It's a daunting task, and you wrote so spectacularly. The ending few lines gave me chills - similar to the show, when they dubbed Robb "King in the North." Amazing work. I really hope you continue to write for ASOIAF because you have a great talent for capturing these characters. :)
Grace Hutchinson chapter 113 . 1/23
Lady Morrigan-that's your name in the Old Irish Language-you are a woman of rare and precious knowledge and it has been a pleasure to read your work. Please do not stop! keep it up, I beg, because your talent is a rare one and must be exercised. I will next search for your other work, but please, if you can, try and get this published sometime. My regards and heartfelt thanks, meantime, and the blessings of the Goddess attend you. Ravens look after their own, you know.
Guest chapter 100 . 1/22
Seven Hells Ravenwoman! why did you have to do that to Robb?...Although it is logical I suppose. Nobody ever knew where Robb's head ended up, did they.

Ravenwoman, you have done a fine piece of work. Better than the original, I submit with respect...from one Raven to another, please receive my most earnest appreciation. Every page I read makes me happy to have stumbled across your unlike most humans I have resisted the urge to scroll through to the end, so surprises are still in store for me-thanks to you. keep doing it, Ravenwoman. Life and honours to you
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