Reviews for Joy Departed
AnnaKatarin chapter 3 . 12/29/2016
So really nice. I almost cried. Author, you have a talent. Thank you for a beautiful story!
isayironicthings chapter 3 . 10/16/2016
This story is beautiful. It is one of my favorites, and I've read it so many times. I'd love to know what happens next, but I don't want to pressure you into a sequel or anything. I love how you wrote their relationship, and how it wasn't quite how they both thought marriage should be. You made both the characters to be very deep and believable and wow. You are an amazing author!
No really, you're one of my favorites. You have the right way of making things kind of... Creepy? Hmmmmm, interesting. I love your stories, and your way of not going overboard.
Okay, byeeee _
Riene chapter 3 . 6/11/2016
Lovely ending. The analogy of the fairy tale was perfect. I love the way you're having them both try so hard to make it work out. Patience and caring, the two magical pieces. Beautifully written, adding to my favs list. Bravo.
Riene chapter 2 . 6/11/2016
How unhappy and dysfunctional their relationship is. Very well written here, his denial and her anger. I was worried for her during the lake and bath scene, then feeling sorry for him as he cried! Good manipulation of the reader's emotions, there. I like the way this chapter ended with her thoughts... On to chp 3.
Riene chapter 1 . 6/11/2016
Oh wow. Very vivid descriptions of that cold permeating her body, her thoughts, her actions, his actions!
asprankle1 chapter 3 . 6/11/2016
This is just wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. :)
Lucyole chapter 3 . 5/19/2016
that was very beautiful, sad but sweet story too
at least she is attempting to be happy with him yay.
the end was great.
Bonpetitepoodles chapter 3 . 2/25/2015
Wonderfully written and oh so scary. Christine will forever keep the almost drowning in her psyche. What about children will he try to drown them too?
jme77 chapter 3 . 11/1/2014
Such a unique perspective. You really make your readers shiver with the backdrop chilliness and initial hopelessness of both characters. The frigid cold feels never ending and you've captured the feeling of despair that one can feel during a seemingly endless winter. Neither one knows what to do with the other for months on end until their breaking point but of course it has to be Christine who was raised with warmth and love to help change and break their pattern.

It would be interesting if you could do a follow up after their thaw going into spring and summertime. Your Erik seems more than capable of sweetness and geniality with the right push.
justrumbelledearie chapter 1 . 8/29/2014
This was absolutely lovely! Perfect ending to a Friday! Thank you.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/11/2014
This chapter never fails to bring me to tears. So very tender and loving.
Rosie chapter 3 . 8/11/2013
A beautifully written tale! Absolutely loved it:)
lovewillstillremain chapter 3 . 8/4/2013
Oh my God, this is SO BEAUTIFUL *sob*
Thank you!
her illusion chapter 3 . 6/30/2013
this sounds,well,very work :)
Rupert Bear chapter 3 . 5/3/2013
Beautiful & well written, thank you for sharing the story.
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