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summerful21 chapter 54 . 10/15
Just read this story and I wanted to say that I really love it. Excellent sense of humour and timing, great characterizations. God I can't even keep straight the different people who know different versions of Hermione's cover story at this point. Ahhh why couldn't Ron get a teacher once they found the Chamber?
Can't wait for an update!
JokersLastLaugh chapter 54 . 10/11
i really like this story and find it really really interesting. i hope that it gets updated at some point because that would be awesome.
Taminar chapter 54 . 8/23
Fascinating concept, written stunningly.
FFfan26 chapter 54 . 8/9
Wonderfully written story so far.

I love what you did with Percy, it's so easy to have him be a stuffy pompus know it all because that's what we are used to. However you managed to keep the parts we know but add to it and make a hero.

I was a bit wary of the "Hermione blags her way into Durmstrang" story, but it's starting to win me over.

The thought of that poor Harry wandering about crying mama broke my heart though.
TheLiability chapter 17 . 8/2
I want more of the hermoine Nott narrative! !
MidnightRain143 chapter 54 . 8/1
I just got caught up with the rest of your story and my love for it has only grown! Your writing is seriously top notch.

I mentioned in my halfway-through review that I was sad Ron never wrote Hermione to apologize... and then you went and had him do it! I love their correspondence. Hopefully Hermione can see that Ron and the other Gryffindors have adopted more studious habits to honor her, and that they really are sorry. I'm so glad she helped him research! That's very Hermione, even if she still was at least a little mad.

I'm a bit worried for Hermione and her friends and parents. I mean, I don't expect anyone to die... but I'm thinking Uncle Nott will Obliviate the Grangers and Hermione will never see her parents again. :-/ That's pretty sad but it will keep them safe (probably) and Hermione won't have to lie as much. Speaking of lying, I'm really curious to see how her Durmstrang friends handle her parentage! Natalia at least seemed to find it amusing. Judging from Viktor's canon attraction to Hermione, I would think he wouldn't much mind either. But she did lie to them. So I guess we shall see! I really enjoyed the scenes between Natalia and Viktor at Malfoy Manner, and with the rest of the Durmstrang crew in preparing for battle. They're a fun crew, and I love the personalities you've given each of them! I'm excited to see if Theo will meet all of them as well. Theo's upcoming interactions with his father and Hermione are something to look forward to as well!

As to this last chapter in particular, Percy was once again fierce and awesome! I've loved watching the way you make his character grow. One question though- why didn't he send Ron to go get McGonagall or someone else with powerful Reducto curses to break down the wall faster? Crazy Gryffindor kids have to do it all themselves? ;-) I'm pretty worried for Ron though... he could probably get the sorting hat and sword the same way Harry did in canon to defeat the snake but how is he going to get through the second chamber thing without Parseltongue? I can't wait to find out!

Seriously amazing story overall. The voices you've given your characters are a pleasure to read. Don't stop writing!
Pokybyte chapter 54 . 8/1
Woohoo great story! Dying to read more
MidnightRain143 chapter 26 . 7/28
This story is downright excellent! I've been binge-reading it since yesterday and had to pause at this chapter to tell you how much I love the spin you've put on the world of Harry Potter. First off, I am so impressed by what you've done with Percy! During the troll incident I thought for sure, wow, Percy's time to shine! But nope, not yet. And then at the first quidditch game, I thought for sure something would click for him and he'd love it/win. But nope, not yet. The build-up you've given his character with the way he relates to Oliver and Ron (Ron, who unlike in canon looks up to his responsible big brother!) has been so good. I absolutely love how Ron turned to Percy for help and Percy wielded his prefect powers to save the day. That was actually more satisfying than his game 2 quidditch win, in my opinion. Excellent job on his character; I'm really enjoying watching him grow into so much more than his one-dimensional canon personality. Though I got a little pang of sadness at the fact that little Harry wasn't there to take up the seeker position, it's pretty great (and such great imagination on your part) watching Percy fill that role.

Equally awesome is little Hermione! Seeing her at Durmstrang is something absolutely innovative and I love that you came up with that for her. I'm interested to see how her character progresses now that she has friends with questionable morals. I'm a little sad that Ron (or maybe Percy) never tried to owl her to apologize about what happened but maybe it's better that way. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I'm thinking we may see a reunion in Year 4 for the Triwizard Tournament.

Overall, excellent story! I love all the Gryffindors uniting to be better students and all the other things you've mixed into this story. I can't wait to see where you take us next!
Luna Nora chapter 54 . 7/24
I'm totally in love with the way you write (and with what you write, of course). It's just… so good, so freaking good I didn't sleep until four am because I wanted to know so badly what happened next at the of every chapter that I just finish it all in one go and ended up sleeping just like two hours. I love the way you write Percy and Hermione (especially Hermione because I totally belive that she could and would do exactly that just to keep studying). I wonder what will happen with the chamber part of the story and I'm super curious to know if we will see more of the 15-moths-old shade of Harry Potter currently inhabiting Godric's Hollow. You're a wonderful writer, keep up the good work. Hope you update soon.
~Nora Off~
jessicamathews65 chapter 52 . 7/24
Your story is awesome i wonder if harry's spirit is going to play a later role and what of the triwizard tournament
dysphere chapter 53 . 7/23
I like how this story doesn't follow stations of canon, deviating where it makes sense to do so. I also liked the glimpses of Durmstrang that we got from Hermione. It makes perfect sense why she would still want to learn magic after the troll incident, yet her parents wouldn't let her. I don't completely see her parents being that lax in her education, though, but it's still reasonably plausible. I thought it was a little slow at first because of the lack of Harry, but then it got more interesting.
mdman1 chapter 54 . 7/11
Just discovered this gem. Its a stellar story and the writing is engaging.

I curious to see how the two halves of the plot will come together. Though I admit to favoring Hermione's plotline more.
Nebresh chapter 54 . 7/5
I was really afraid to start reading this strange idea about HP without HP. But it is really lovely!
TroyWeb chapter 54 . 7/3
This is a very creative subplot with Victor Krum. You're still following along with the typical fan fiction gender tropes of the idealized female character Hermione and the marginalized male character Ron. But you really succeed in making the Durmstang characters a joy to read. Even when clearly outmatched by their elders, they still respond in a practical manner.

Keep up the good work!
Klimmatt chapter 54 . 7/2
Things are getting intense
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