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mischeviousmuffin chapter 55 . 11/5
I love your story! Please Update Soon!
Guest chapter 55 . 10/23
Will you please keep writing this story? It's very good, and I really like the way you've characterized everybody.
Twilight Dusk chapter 55 . 10/19
This is amazing. A) I think this is my favorite version of Hermione and Ron ever. B) Also Percy. As I am unfortunately to the end of the currently written story, my next action is definitely going to be to look for Badass!Percy stories. I am equally amused by the moral ambiguity runner of the Durmstrangen and Percy's heroics-by-logic.
Guest chapter 55 . 10/2
I like yr story especially the parts with Percy. I hope u continue updating!
ashez2ashes chapter 1 . 9/25
Great story.
ashez2ashes chapter 55 . 9/25
Heck of a place to leave off. It seems to have been updated this year at least so maybe all hope isn't lost? I really hope you can at least finish up this year. I need to know what happens to Ron with the power of a thousand dying suns. lol He doesn't even know he's not supposed to look it in the eye!
ashez2ashes chapter 50 . 9/25
I'm really going to miss this. I absolutely love your Ron. Second only to Forging of the Sword's Ron.
Guest chapter 55 . 9/8
I love this story. The Weasleys have taken over the heroing. Hope there is more awesome Percy moments like the duel and fighting off possession. Go Percy!
Guest chapter 55 . 8/30
Don't get me wrong, I really, really like this story, but I just feel like everyone speaks in the form of a question too much?
Samwise O'Keefe chapter 10 . 8/29
Most interesting chapter so far.
Thank you for taking the time to write such an interesting series of conversations.
Iron Dragon Maiden chapter 46 . 8/23
Thank you, Percy.

I mean, short of possession, there is no way a twelve year old who hasn't skipped grades COULD DO THAT.

This is Durmstrang, people.

I felt for the Slytherins, I really did. Here you are, trying to be a proper cunning Slytherin with plots and plans and you have this moronic kid acting like a dumb cartoon villain and displaying the negative Gryffindor tendencies of recklessness and flashiness and glory hounding and that's what the other Houses think when they see you.

It's a wonder Theodore or Blaise or Daphne or Tracy haven't tried to poison him
Iron Dragon Maiden chapter 45 . 8/23
I like that Jared Nott sussed her out.

I mean, while I do believe Hermione is smart and, at a young age, desperate and brave enough to do something so life-threateningly stupid rather than inform her parents that it might be a good idea to move to Australia until everyone forgets her existence.

But her being able to fool THAT many people, even if many of them do it out of greed or simply neglecting to look up records because there was THAT much of a death toll in Voldemort's Blood War One, was falling into "you're making me suspend my disbelief too much."

I was expecting Theodore to find a way to signal to his father that Hermione was not who she said she was once he introduced her and was in the safety of his father's presence. I mean, these are purebloods who have a lot of money. There's bound to be families that are (rightfully) paranoid about assassins and so have their silent code in case there's an intruder and has someone bringing them to the patriarch under threat of death.

But I like Jared Nott just sussing her out by name alone (even if he hadn't been on the board, Draco can't have been the only one to owl his parents about Hermione's grades breaking the grading curve) made me actually invest in Hermione's storyline. I also like that he just outright protected his son in that moment, showing a family solidarity and some love amidst the craziness of the Nott family.

I also enjoy seeing actual Slytherin cunning, having Jared see an opportunity and deciding to make use of Hermione's brains.

I get Hermione's storyline being very attached to the Gryffindor title, but it almost feels like she would have accept her Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff sides that she deems not half as important as her brave and flashy (and stupid) Gryffindor wish to be like her idols.
Iron Dragon Maiden chapter 43 . 8/23
GO PERCY for figuring out that if it's a student it's at least someone in seventh year. I mean, considering the information everyone currently has on hand, it IS the most logical deduction to make. If it is a student, it has to be a NEWT level one at least.

Not to mention that I also like how he points out (though not so well expressed) that the polite dueling technique will just get people killed in the face of someone who is all for a massacre or targeting people.

Likewise, the amount of spells students can learn in a few months are not enough to deal with a legit threat and just give them a false sense of confidence that'll get them killed.

I also really love Parvati's voice and how she shows a lot about how wizards think and what their culture is like. I find it really funny and telling about the culture how she thinks taking off her impractical sandals and dueling barefooted is more sensible than going to a gym class in trainers.

I love how you show both Padma and Parvati interacting as sisters how the magic doesn't work on the first try. I just love how real they feel and how they're great characters in their own right.
Iron Dragon Maiden chapter 23 . 8/21
Actually, in a gentry-based inheritance, the one with the money inheriting is actually VERY progressive and fair compared to the one with the right rank/bloodline.

For the latter, it implies that whoever inherits is based 100 percent on luck (born to the "right" seed, to the "right" womb, in the "right" marriage bed). The only bit you did to kind of "earn" your position is by surviving to adulthood. It doesn't take into account if the person actually knows how to manage assets or is even something resembling a good leader, all it cares about it bloodline (and if a House has the bad luck to wind up with a complete halfwit for heir, ooooh boy).

Meanwhile, on the one who inherits by having money, you actually need to earn the title. Sure, some of it is based on luck (i.e. born into the family or having parents who are good with money so you inherit that), but it still implies that you need to actually pull your own weight in the family by BRINGING PROFIT TO IT. Even in a case of someone having the good luck to be born to parents who are good at raking in the dough, the fact that the fortunes remain the same or better means that this person is at least good at managing money. This is no mean feat by itself and it means the heir/head is someone who is going to keep the House in good financial straights (something actual impoverished nobles nowadays wish they had).

This means that the 8th in line can skip the possible incompetents in front of them and become the Head through an actual skill set they/their spouse has.

That's a lot more meritocratic than the traditional "the one with the right bloodline rank inherits" shtick.

Although, I am curious as to why the female heirs (if there are no male heirs) have to change their names. Usually, if a noble house has only female heirs left, the one who becomes the Head of the House not only keeps her name, but it's also demanded that her husband take HER name since her family usually outranks his.

Usually, if there's female only heirs, the eldest one marries someone lower in the hierarchy (though rich would help) so that the family can keep the name.

Um, where did this "Zacharias boasts about being Helga's descendant" fannon thing come from?

He's unwilling to believe Harry without proof or hearing EXACTLY what happened to Cedric (which, considering that the latter was the House hero and Zach's Quidditch Captain, is not too much to ask, it's HARRY'S failure as a leader to provide reasons for people who only know his face and name but not much else to trust him over many "professional" opinions and resources. I mean, it's like if someone went with Ron or Hermione to the Forbidden Forest, came back with their corpse, and without explaining what happened demand that Harry believe them, then the latter would be very skeptical and probably get violent). He's also the type who would rather hear from the horse's mouth what the heck happened than rely on all of

But if he had been all "Helga Hufflepuff is my ancestor!" all the time, then we wouldn't known about it LOOOOONG ago in OotP. We only made the "Zacharias is a descendant of Helga Hufflepuff" thing in HBP because of HEPZIBAH Smith boasting about her ancestry. She had the cup and boasted about it and her connection to her ancestor. Fans made the logical connection between Zacharias and Hepzibah (old fashioned and very memorable Hebrew naming theme) and the Smith combination and realized there's a good chance Zacharias and Hepzibah are related and so ZachDescendant of Hufflepuff.

But, seriously, WHY do people attribute Hepzibah's boasting to Zacharias when the latter has never once said a word about his ancestry?

That's like saying "Hey, James was a bully, Harry is one too!"

Sorry, this Zach thing (and the Zach bashing for having the gall to disbelieve Harry without being told the whole story just like the latter didn't believe Sirius without the whole story prior to Deus Ex Machina) in fanon has been bothering me for a long while.

I do like how you're fleshing out Parvati, Lavender, Dean, and Seamus slowly so that they become their own characters. Are the other Houses also going to get that fleshing out?
Guest chapter 32 . 8/17
I love your characterization of Percy. He's actually very brave and a BAMF.
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