Reviews for The Daddy Thing
Shiro Inutoko chapter 12 . 10/11
I didn't want to just favorite this without leaving a review, because then I'd be a hypocrite for getting annoyed when people do that to my story. (Not that anyone new has favorited it in forever. T_T) I don't have much to say. You've probably had plenty of people praising the hooey out of this thing and begging you not to abandon the sequel. Just chalk me up with them! (Really, I loved it!)
Guest chapter 10 . 10/10
Oh shit just got real! Minato has a body! Not sure I will be reading the sequel if it's really dark since when it comes to Minato I really prefer the fluff. I will definitely be checking it out though. You're such a great writer and I'm really glad you posted this. Thanks for sharing.
Guest chapter 6 . 10/10
The feels oh my god the feels I'm tearing up right now. You weren't kidding about the cavities.
Sodium Bicarb chapter 12 . 9/25
This is the literal best. BEST!
TheBeauty chapter 12 . 8/11
Awesome story. Naruto is so cute while still being independent :D
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 12 . 8/7
Sequel announcements don't merit a separate review. Oh...wait...
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 10 . 8/7
Why is always the arm? Why? Why!
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 8 . 8/7
Kind of a C-rank isn't this? Chances of encountering resistance is kind of high. Also, start of a different story, basically.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 7 . 8/7
This is where I think I'd have ended this story. Perhaps with one more chapter heading into the start of teams and the rivalry with Sasuke you touched on being part of it.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 6 . 8/7
It's interesting that you had Minato come out of the seal, more or less. There's precedent for having a ghost (not "edo tensei") tied to the living in one of the filler arcs in the anime. Dan (Tsunade's fiance) knew a technique that would send a person's ghost to attack, as well. References to either or both techniques might have been a good thing to add to give more in-universe credibility to your choice here, although seals might as well be treated as magic, so it would just be for added-value, not a necessity.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 5 . 8/7
RE: Your "poll" on replying to reviews-I suggest you do that in PMs. Then just reply to those who have particular points you wish to respond to or ones that are asking a question. A simple "good chapter" doesn't require a "thank you".

Now for a little criticism:

About the whole "children speak different" thing you did, I'll have to say you did a better than average job, but it wasn't entirely believable and IMO detracted from your effort. For one, the fandom tends to use the Japanese. Using all English would have been fine, but then you switched from "grandpa" to "Jiji" and instead of using "Big Bro" for Kakashi, you used "nii-chan". The lack of consistency wasn't horrible, but it certainly didn't help. The use of Japanese terms from the start would have worked better.

Secondly, while you were consistent with which sounds you changed, some of your choices go against linguistic patterns. For example, changing 'd' to a 'th' (build-builth) is odd. 'th' sounds are more difficult to produce and become 't' or 'f' sounds rather than the other way around. A 'd' would more likely to be reduced to glottal stop or elided entirely.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 4 . 8/7
I like what you did with Kakashi and Kabuto. I *hope* you are making Kabuto loyal to Naruto above Orochimaru for the sequel. He seemed to genuinely care for Naruto in canon-right up until the point he tried to kill him alongside Orohimaru. He even helped heal Hinata just before the invasion started, even though that did him no benefit.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 3 . 8/7
Good chapter
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 2 . 8/7
The year by year format was almost just right in terms of portraying Naruto growing up.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 1 . 8/7
I like your introduction of Kimiko, although you could have told the story without her. You could have had her child be part of a side plot in the sequel.
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