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xThomas2 chapter 11 . 6h
It s a nice Naruto fanfic. I must end up disagreeing with the direction of the final chapters you have taken by granting him a body at the end. It was different when it was just ghost... While he could offer his views, which were very important to the reader and not just Naruto.. and teach Naruto, he couldn't affect anyone else. That was the distinction of this story, ghost Minato.. Now, he has a body, he has strength, it's a huge change. He's ALIVE. It's a big different
Rizuki Dhan chapter 11 . 5/20
Lovely story you have here. Good job:)
JustAAvidReader chapter 10 . 5/12
hahaha, just realised i've looked at the posting date and mixed it with the last updated. glad to know it's not been that long.
JustAAvidReader chapter 11 . 5/12

I know its been almost three years since youve finished this, and maybe you don't even care about it anymore... but I loved this fic. I came to your profile after reading a GoT story, and I was pleasently surprised to stumble upon such an incredible naruto story.

your writing style is beautiful. And this story is such a nice would be story. So thank you for it.

would it bother you telling me if you have any plans on actually doing that sequel you mentioned? If you don't plan on continuing it, would you mind telling me your plot or some things you would have liked to do with it? I can picture it in my mind that way. :)

well, great job. now im off to read more of your stuff.
Blackcurse11 chapter 11 . 5/11
*stands up and claps, tears run down my face* That was amazing!
FallenLove82212 chapter 11 . 5/7
-breaks down in tears~ IVE SPENT THREE WHOLE DAY FINISHING THIS FANFIC QQ ITS SO FRIGGIN AMAZING I LOVE IT! Omg that was beautiful qq this is now one of my top Favorite stories qq
Magnive chapter 11 . 5/7
I utterly adore this story. The interactions between Naruto and Minato are heartwarming, and seeing Naruto actually grow up, as opposed to rushing through his childhood, was so very refreshing. Far too many fics tends to abandon character development in favor of jumping into the action.

I'm very much hoping that this gets continued, but even if it doesn't, thank you very much for this piece of art.
Ferdiad chapter 5 . 5/6
Fucking rabbits man.
123paco chapter 7 . 5/2
I LOL'd so hard at 'I will listen to this wonderful orange creature'. This fic is great.
Sky65 chapter 11 . 4/24
This story. ..mmy goodness this story is spectacular. I can't point out anything to dislike, because truly, it's so well done. Original, adorable, well-written, good plot twists, fight scenes...I love it. Thank you for taking the time to write such an enjoyable story, l'll keep an eye out for more updates! Good luck!
Raj8 chapter 11 . 4/20
This has been an amazing story, I've read it several times and I've always enjoyed it.

I really do hope that you make a sequel to this one day although I understand that you also have your own life and other stories to consider.
Zaraethian Empress chapter 11 . 4/19
I liked this story, the interaction between Naruto and Minato was cute but not teeth rottingly fluffy.
Only thing that I felt could have been better is Narutos reaction regarding his mother. I feel he would have curious, seeing how in love his father is with his mother. So I thought he would ask his father about Kushina.
But otherwise loved the story, and how Naruto changed Kabuto, however subtle that change seems.
Stunning Sunset chapter 11 . 4/14
It was very cute! Minato was sooo sweet!
NeverEndingStoryTeller chapter 11 . 4/9
Type your review was seriously the cutest thing ever!

And I absolutely LOVE your characterisation of Minato and how believable Naruto's advanced development was.

Can't wait for the sequel!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/3
I really, really love this fic but portraying Naruto as brilliant or a prodigy kind of takes away most of his charm, no offense intended. Being the outcast who became a hero through hard work is Naruto's thing and influences like 99% of the canon plot. It's what makes him so appealing and his severe lack of any natural talents is one of the reasons why he can sympathize with people so easily. Being a genius is Sasuke's and Neji's is unique to their respective characters and actually suits their personalities in a way.

It's also why I don't read fics where Naruto is a prodigy, or where he is banished/neglected and ends up with a huge harem and an empire. It just screams Gary Stu, adding genius to his already long list of heroic qualities.

Not that canon Naruto is a Gary Stu. At the beginning of the series he was brash, childish, somewhat self-centered concerning his dream to be Hokage and not exactly protagonist material.
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