Reviews for Calling All the Titans! OCs Needed
Crimson Creed chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
Given Name:Desmond Creed

Superhero/Villain Name:Red

Physical Description:Red eyes,Shoulder length black hair,5.9,120 pounds

Civilian Description:Wears red and black,doesnt go to school and I am charming and funny

Superhero/Villain Description:Looks like Night Wing except red and black and the symbol on the chest is a swirl of red-I am very deadly on a mission

Powers/Weapons:Shadow Matter-I give off Shadows that can pick up,throw,or crush eneimes.

Double Life Rules:I dont care about my secret idenity. I stay the same Hero or not



Where Are They From:Houston Texas

Background:My dad was a street one fight a guy came up behind my dad,took out a knife and slit his throat.I vowed from that day that no one will ever fell that pain that I felt that day.


What Kind of Relationship Looking For:Nice,flirty,and humorous
Aonns02 chapter 7 . 6/14/2012
So the ring changes his appearance? Even though it seems obvious now, I can honestly say I didn't see that coming.

Till next time!
BeBe says hi chapter 7 . 6/14/2012
Teehee, that was cute _

I almost screamed when I saw you updated. I mean, I can handle a few hours of baseball, but that's all my grandma's been watching since 7:00 this morning. So yeah... a bit tired of it.

Anyway, like I said, really cute! Get crackin and update soon!
Ying chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
So, I forgot to add a few things.

Where are they from: Rochester, New York

Background: In his own dimension, his father abused him. The fact his father was the only family he had, he thought he couldn't run away. He started thinking about other dimension, and after 3 months a portal opened up to a different dimension. Taking it as a chance to get away from this living hell, he went in. He was changed in the process and gained his abilities. He is a pretty likable guy once you get to know him, but he can be annoying at times. Because of the past with his father, he changed his last name.

Race: Human (Italian)
Yang chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
Ok, so i read the reviews and made this guy...

Name: Matt Kaleinad

Superhero/Villian Name: Riot

Age: 16 and three fourths

Height: 6;2

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Short Brownish-Black

Accent: American (But likes to speak in a British accent sometimes)

Superhero/Villian Uniform: Blue hoodie w/ short sleeve striped shirt, he wears jeans all the time

Quote: (Don't think this is corny) Like a Bossy-Tossy

Powers/Weapons/Abilities:Has dual hookswords, dual frying pans, and dual revolvers. He can through explesions (no, not bombs, real yellow-orange bolts of light that he forms at his will). He can travel inter-dimensionally when he feels that that dimension is in dire need of help(or he just wants to go there really badly).

History: Was morphed when he first traveled dimensions. His heart was lost but he has an electricle pulse runnig threw him so he stays alive.

Personality: Humorous, but serious when he needs to be.

Personality Flaw: He can be very angry when someone close to him is killed.

Flaw: He can not travel dimensions unless been in one dimension for more than a year.

Love Intrests: Never had a girlfriend before, but is looking for a girl that is funny, and likes him for who he is.

This guy is a hero.
punk.rockgirl11 chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Given Name: Ileana 'Lia' Nguyen

Superhero/Villain Name: Villain

Physical Description: She has waist-length blue hair and black eyes with specks of crystal blue. She is 5'9 and she is 80 lbs.

Civilian Description: She usually wears black hoodies and torn blue faded jeans, black Converse, and rectangular glasses.

Superhero/Villain Description: She wears a blue mid-riff top with black skinny jeans and black Converse. She wears a blue mask that only covers her eyes and mouth. She carries a bow and arrows on her back and she carries a black pouch filled with irst aid and she has a black utility belt that wraps loosely around her waist that are filled with weapons, like daggers, Sai's, katanas, etc. She wears blue fingerless gloves and her blue hair is tied in a high and messy ponytail. She is mostly silent, which confuses some people that she is a mute.

Powers/Weapons: Archery; a bow and arrows, she carries a belt that are filled with weapons and her powers, she can control wind, get glimpses and visions of the future, and she has telekinesis.

Double Life Rules: She keeps her secret identity a secret from her teammates. When she is not in her villain garb, she is a shy, quiet girl who is insecure and afriad of being the center of attention.

Age: 16

Superhero/Villain: She is more in the middle, she is a viligante. She does some good and some little stealing or just creating havoc but, nothing too big.

Where Are They From?: Vietnam

Background: Both her parents are assassins. She was abused by her father. Her mother died of childbirth. Her father used to drive her to strangers' houses so, they could rape her there and her father would pay those men who did. He said it was for punishment and she deserved it. She ran away when she was 14 and she travelled to Asia to train. After 2 years, she travelled to California, Jump City and became a viligante.

Race: Human

What Kind of Relationship Looking For?: Long-term and being honest with each other.

Anything Else: She is a master of martial arts, archery, and weapons. She is Vietnamese, and she tends to cuss whenever she is angry, which is never. She uses her fists more than her powers. She only uses her powers whenever there is a emergency.
WinnerTakesAll chapter 6 . 2/14/2012
Thanks for telling us about the story gonna check it out!
WinnerTakesAll chapter 5 . 2/8/2012
ha, ha, okay you picked Hammer too! That's cool. Sorry about writing different names but i couldn't remember what i originally put down. Just so you know i created, Rose (actually Angel) as hi, Hammer as Um, and Copy Cat as Name. I'm Sorry if your angry with me for sending in more than one but i was excited and i had a lot of ideas. and well i sent them so um. thanks for picking my characters and you can take one off the story if you want i don't mind. You can still pm me and stuff thanks.


WinnerTakesAll chapter 4 . 2/8/2012
Wow, Thanks for choosing Copy Cat! I Joined Fanfiction so you can pm me if you need to. I like the idea that she is mute I think it adds a more mysterious side to her. If You need anything you can pm me. Thanks,

TheGirlWithTheGreenLightSaber chapter 5 . 2/6/2012
Great! Ummm...if you want, I've got some good city names here:

Flight City


Iron City (get it? Like Steel City? No? That's okay.)

Fringe City

Locked City

Key City

Corrupted City

Corruption City

City City

Haha, just kidding on that last one.
Aonns02 chapter 5 . 2/5/2012
Well, this may be a little late but here it goes.

Given Name: Maximilian (Max) Aldrick

Superhero/Villain Name: Rift

Physical Description: Grey eyes, brown hair, 5'11", 125 pounds

Civilian Description: Wanders around from place to place without any particular goal in mind. He doesn't make any decisions about someone until he can get to know them and remains distant until that happens. Doesn't really like starting conversation, but won't argue against talking if someone wants to. Tries to remain indifferent but once he decides on something, he won't give up until he succeeds.

Loyal almost to a fault to those he trusts.

Superhero/Villain Description: He wears a long, grey cape in battle along with a blue shirt and black pants. He does his best to stay out of the direct fighting but if he sees one of his friends get hurt, he think twice about rushing to their side and defending them.

Powers/Weapons: He can open rifts in space that can go to any place he's been to before (one of the reasons he likes to wander so much). As a child, his parents had him tutored in self-defense and hand-to-hand combat, which he honed during his wanderings. When he or someone else are in need of escape, he opens a rift on the inside of his cape and wraps himself and whoever is going with him in the it. This way, his opponents can't see where the rift leads to.

Double Life Rules: Couldn't care less about who knows who he is so long as they don't treat him differently because of it.

Age: 17

Superhero/Villain: Villain

Where Are They From: America

Background: He is the son of billionaire father and mother. While as a child he liked all the toys the money got him, as he grew he came to resent it as it kept him and his parents apart. After turning 14, his parents started having him groomed to become the heir to their fortune. They started controlling his life and charted everything out for him, from what to wear to when he would do something. At 15 he grew tired of such a scheduled life and tried to run away. His parents caught him and had him confined for his "rebellious" behavior. While he sat in an empty room, he wanted nothing more than to escape into the city and roam free. Without knowing how it happened a rift opened before him. When he walked through, he found himself in the city park he once visited as a child. Filled with curiosity, he thought about a train station his grandfather once took him to and was astounded to see a rift open that lead to the very same station. He took this chance to leave the rich life behind him and wander the continent at his own pace. Doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Race: Human

Relationship: When he finds a girl he likes, he isn't ashamed to tell them so. However when they see past the handsome face and discover that he doesn't have a penny to his name, they usually leave him. He wants to find someone who doesn't only look for money and wouldn't have a problem with a carefree life without too many worries. When it comes to women, his philosophy is: "Strange is good, strange is interesting."

Anything else: His first step into the life of villainy would be during a fight between the Titans Mid-West and a villain (or group). He was sitting around in an alley when he sees one of them being attacked (you can choose which villain or villainess). Thinking they might be hurt, he jumps in and wraps them and himself in his cape and opens a rift to someplace else. He develops a close friendship with that villain (if a girl, maybe a romance, if a guy, close buddies) and joins them after that.

I hope Rift is to your liking. (Bows formally) Please let me know whether you'll use him or not.
Silent chapter 5 . 2/5/2012
Haha well I hope u pick mine ( the reaper/taryn) but it was fun for me to just be writing that information! Haha that sounds pretty Kane for me but ohh well update soon!
Rockafella chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
Double Life Rules (Do they keep their secret identity a secret even from team mates? How is their alerted ego different from them.): They keep their secret identity a secret, because if they knew who they were they are "sent" to ark man city. Michelle has trusting issues, shed be your friend but not the type to tell you who she is or any of her secrets. Michelle works as a dancer, making money to pay for a 5 year old also named Daniel) cancer child in the hospital she met a year ago. Bruce does not work, he says it’s a waste when he can just steal and not get caught, but Michelle is different she likes to be active

Age (15-20):17 (both look a little older though)

Superhero/Villain (or are they just an anti-hero, where's the fine line?): There were villains at first but later on turned into anti-heroes. But the people from jump city think of them as villains because of their history.

Where Are They From: Brooklyn, New York

Background (detailed please): They both new they were different from the other kids, they didn’t mind but deep down they wished for acceptance. They understood some of their looks were different, like their eyes different from the human eyes,leanred quickly from kids or teachers like them,they gave them a hard time and since they were young they knew bruce and Michelle couldnt do father was never known and their mother,loved them as much as she could but couldnt help but resentfor Michelle a knew her mother loved Bruce a lot more,but he never knew,Michelle was the spitting image of her dad,in a sense both were intact with nature,and she looked just like was born and both twins cared for tragic day happend when her mother went to store and never came home,until thier grandma came and picked them mother was killed by a group that hated..ttheir became more rebelious,her brother became night a bunch of people entered their home,2 police officer and 2 civilians. They grabbed Michelle and Bruce they made Bruce watch a police officer brutally hit Michelle, they marked her on her face when she spit on one of them and somehow her spit melted one of the officers skin. Bruce stared at one of them and the person started screaming in pain, a civilian held his head and gave him a matching one like his sister, in a way mocking for more pleasure the gave him a cut his came in crying and startled one of the officers, which shot him by mistake. Michelle didnt know what came over and there was an earthquake and fire, a lot of fire. People from the neighborhood thought the children died there. From there on, Hate grew towards civilians or any officer, To Michelle officers considered as heroes was when they became who they are, they killed and have stolen. They became known in the news as the youngest criminals in the world. They were known to harm officers or heroes but never children, never a child. The justice league knew about their past and tried to reason with them, but when they didn’t, they didn’t even accept the invitation to the JLA,.Michelle just told them this is their way for their justice. A disappointed Batman said great power going to waste, from there on he has been investigating even more into their past.

Race: Hispanic, Guatemalan/Puerto Rican/ Legna gods (Powerful gods and goddesses that are known as dark angels and angels mixed together)

What Kind of Relationship Looking For: For Michelle, Someone who goes through great lengths to get to her, she need someone to make her melt.

For Bruce id like if he fell in love with a titan.

Anything else:

Hope you like them, it think I might sent you the father he is actually evil

This is the other part i wanted to include other Dc characters like the Jla hope you like them
Rockafella chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
It preety long since,i put my mind to wanted bad guys ill give you two.

Given Name (first and last): Michelle Lee Ci Fuentes and Bruce Jesus Ci Fuentes

Superhero/Villain Name: Blaze and Punisher

Physical Description (eyes, hair, height, weight):

Michelle: Violet eyes with green irisis,she has caramel skin and is atractive,she has body any woman envies, big breast and a big asset, but has a scar beginning from her eye ending on her cheek bone(like the scar from the lion king,) she'5'5,she has black layered hair and has side bangs. Has piercing on her lip

Bruce: Has green eyes and violet fohawk hair, like his twin sister has caramel skin but little more tanner, is 6'5 and, has a scar on his neck and a matching one like his sister but has it on the right side, and has small scar on his upper lip. His well-built, like his sister they both are attractive.(considering their legna heritage, makes them look innocent and attractive in order for humans to be allured to them)

Both: Have symbolic tattoos that they were born with, so they are like birth marks. Michelle has a symbol of a red dragon (symbolizing her powers) on her right arm and has Latin engraving that is in her right side, it glows when she and Bruce merge their powers. She has a tattoo on her wrist that says Danni her deceased younger brother

Bruce: Has symbol of a sun (symbolizing light and pureness) he also has an engraving on his left side and it glows when merging their powers. Has a small tattoo of his brothers face on his wrist, and on his wrist going down has words like, Justice,punish,La familia

Civilian Description (How they dress and act when they’re not facing foes? Do they have a job? Do they go to school?): Michelle is materialistic, she a girl so she likes to look good. She wear a Obey snap back, a denim vest, a white sleeve shirt that shows her whole stomacth,ripped skinny jeans and black combat boots, and small hoop is less materiallistic,he wears leather jacket, a muscle white short sleeve shirt, dark ripped jeans and jean converse. Both don’t work, they steal something they learned at a young age. They both go to school as same as the titans but they don’t know it both are honor kids just the type of smart kids that are always at the principle office

Michelle: Secretive and Even more rebellious than her brother. She has acquaintances not friends. She laughs, and she smiles but deep down she’s cool to hang with. She tries to be nice, you’ll always find Michelle in detention more often than her twin, because of fights, vandalism or back talking to the really not flirty, she only flirts on the field to throw off her only has one true friend and that’s Mariah, a cancer fighter. Mariah is the only person Michelle would be nice too, Mariah knows her the first person from not getting scared from her powers, and Michelle can only let herself be free with her. She also is friends with Daniel Omar a little kid that reminded her of her brother who was also called Daniele’s, he is also a cancer fighter (but she knows deep down both Daniel Omar and Mariah won’t make it).Michelle’s the type to always put up a tough act, and never I repeat never cry in front of a person it shows weakness to her, she also does not let anyone else get close to her.

Bruce: Is the most cocky and the most sweet one out of the twins, he does not get in trouble in school as much as his sister, He’s actually the cool popular athlete in the school. Unlike his sister, his sister he actually SOMETIMES cares about people’s feelings. When I say he’s the sweetest out of the two, I mean he’s a hopeless romantic. In school he is known as the heart breaker, known to have played with girls, but that’s a rumor he has never given a girl from school a time of day, he’s just been nice to them. Bruce is also very protective of Michelle, although she can defend herself, when he knows a guy tries to harass her or is interested in her let’s just say, he knows what to do. Bruce like Michelle has emotions bottled up and like talking to someone about it something his sister never does. Apart of him wishes he could go back and change everything, wishes that he took the offer from the justice league. Another part of him hates everything, and is blood lust. Deep down in his heart, he feels that he is good just lost.

Superhero/Villain Description (How they dress and act on the field):She wears a black leather pants, a leather jacket, that looks like it’s a whole body suit has it a little open to flaunt to her foes, black combat boots and to hide her identity she has a mask like robin except its it shows her eyes.

Michelle: when it comes to the field she is ruthless, this is her stage to take all her anger, hurt frustrations here, Loves the feeling of danger, the feeling of hurting others, because she wants them to feel what she feels pain. When in the field she cocky and flirty, she taunts you to no end and her words cut deeply to her foes. When outraged she says things to get their foes mad (although her alter ego is cocky too)

Bruce: Has a suit like red x but has it all black with green on the sides and also wear combat boots and as he wears the same as his sister.

Bruce: On the field, if you catch his eye hed flirt with you if not, let just say he won’t be a gentleman,hes not like his sister who flirts with you just to see you squirm. But like his twin he definitely likes to get under your skin and taunt you. The two together taunting let just say you get a squirm massacre out of their foes (Lmao).Also he is called the punisher, for torturing his foes and leaving them in massive pain.

Powers/Weapons: Michele: Projects fire, where she can turn her whole body into fire and can control earth, she has weapons such has 2 knifes, she possess her mother’s power to hypnotize people with her eyes(just making them not look away from her).

Bruce: Project ice or (something) and has super strength, has little control over his strength sometimes. The reason they call him the punisher is because, he doesn’t leave his foes just there, he tortures them with mean punches and freezing them almost giving them possess power of mind reading, he can only get into your head by torturing you and giving you supposed vision that’s he’s hurting you or the people you is his pleasure

Both when they merge their power, is dangerous Michelle almost died when her Fire merged with Bruce’s ice power, this is only used when its needed or when they are both in danger. They have not mastered it yet.

Both are good hand to hand combat.

Double Life Rules (Do they keep their secret identity a secret even from team mates? How is their alerted ego different from them.): They keep their secret identity a secret, because if they knew who they were they are "sent" to ark man city. Michelle has trusting issues, shed be your friend but not the type to tell you who she is or any of her secrets. Michelle works as a dancer, making money to pay for a 5 year old also named Daniel) cancer child in the hospital she met a year ago. Bruce does not work, he says it’s a waste when he can just steal and not get caught, but Michelle is different she likes to be active

Age (15-20):17 (both look a little older though)
XxRin-sanxX chapter 1 . 2/5/2012
Sorry, I really suck at boy charcters and to be honest, I just got really lazy...

Given Name (first and last): Leonardo Cameron

Superhero/Villain Name: ...

Physical Description (eyes, hair, height, weight): He has light skin with extremely light blue eyes. His eyes could be described as crystal with a tint of blue. Leo as dark brown hair that hits his shoulders. He is 6'1 in height and... Uh... I'm not sure about his weight. He's a healthy weight as he loves to eat, but not fat as he works out a lot.

Civilian Description (How they dress and act when their not facing foes? Do they have a job? Do they go to school?): (I really suck at boy characters!) He wears what normal, everyday teenage boys' wear. He DOES NOT sag his pants, though, that's just disgusting. He has a job taking care of kids' and he goes to a mostly-boy-but-some-girls' school. It teaches Christiananity, but he really isn't into religion like that. It is the brother school to Rhia's all-girl school.

Superhero/Villain Description (How they dress and act on the field): (Again, I totally suck at boy characters! So sorry!) I'm not sure what he wears... He tries not to hurt people too bad when he fights and always tries to NOT destroy buildings and houses when he fights, unlike certain heroes. *cough* Batman! *cough*

Powers/Weapons: He technically doesn't a power. His "power" is threads. The threads are strong and are not easily broken. They are kept iin bells that are attached to his hear. Most of his victims only hear the beautiful sound of bells ringing before they are caught up in the air and entangled by the treads. They are sharp & strong enough to cut a persons' limbs off if they struggle too much while in it. He can also use his threads to listen to peoples conversations. Oh, and the thread never seems to run out.

Double Life Rules (Do they keep their secret identity a secret even from team mates? How is their alerter ego different from them.): He keeps it from everyone except his family who taught him from birth how to master this.

Age (15-20): 16

Superhero/Villain (or are they just an anti-hero, where's the fine line?): Superhero

Where Are They From: U.S.A

Background (detailed please): He grew up in America and had a normal life. You know, except for his family teaching him how to use his threads without killing someone. Sorry, not much to say...

Race: Spanish/Japanese (spanish mom & jap. dad)

What Kind of Relationship Looking For: Has a girlfriend, Rhia Angela, who he loves.

Anything else: ...

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