Reviews for Shattered Earth
Chankeybee chapter 7 . 2/15/2012
This just made me very happy I had been looking for something to make me feel better after the taster of the demo and this hit the spot. WHY can't the game be out now? :( alas though your fic makes the pain go away
Aya001 chapter 7 . 2/13/2012
And the end, interesting way to put the recruitment of the Rachni, (let's see how it goes in-game, well for those of us that saved the Rachni queen :-P)

An open end but a lovely and sweet chapter, Thanks for writing this awesome story loved it from begining to end, I only hope that you write more things, because I like the way you write, and I just don't fell that I have enough with this story, as lovely as it is and as I like it this much.

Anyway again thanks for sharing and waiting for more stories from you. Meanwhile waiting for ME3 and see how this lovely pair end (I hope they end together too, let's see... XDDDD)
Aya001 chapter 6 . 2/13/2012
My laptop died and I'm without PC until I can buy one T_T. I'm at a friends house and using his PC and what a surprise!

Found that you finished the story, still I have to read the last chapter, but just to say that I loved this one too!

You wrote Jack so... Jack, awesome work, and liked that "tension" conversation between her and Shepard.

About the memory, it was so lovely and vivid, I was like "wow, I wish something like that happened in game _" a really good work

I don't want to seem like I'm looking for mistakes or something, is just for you to know if you didn't see it or something, but when you talk about the memories of the old Normandy you say Grunt and I think you mean Wrex.

Anyway thanks for this interesting and lovely chapter, I'm sad to see that I only have one left, going to it now _
MarkMeUp chapter 5 . 2/7/2012
Great story. Love it so far.
Aya001 chapter 5 . 2/5/2012
Thanks for another brilliant chapter, liked all this friendly atmosfere, and the things is that Alenko wasn't there... XD no comments. Touching moment between Joker and Shepard, and when Garrus came and she said that they meant a lot to her, and that silence XDDD what I liked most of this chapter.

Just a thing, only for the confusion, at the end of the chapter you say "the four of them were chatting..." is five, no? Or I missed something?

Anyway marvelous chapter, waiting for the next update _
Dragonqueen76 chapter 4 . 1/30/2012
Okay just read the four chapters, and I must say, they are amazing. AS much as we all love Shenko, Kaidan was a uber dick on Horizon, and his sorry letter, made me want to fling that picture of his fine ass across the room :)

The man needs to suffer a little more... love Garrus, he has always been Shepards "archangel", fiercley protective of her. And I like Joker with his heart on his sleeve for a change, too much at stake with the end of everything hanging in the balance. PLEASE KEEP GOING I LOVE IT !
Aya001 chapter 4 . 1/29/2012
I can't help it! Here again, and also after writing all that I wrote in the previous review I forgot to say that I was really surprised (in a really good way) with Joker reaction, even if it's normal I'm so accustomed to see him only talking like he doesn't give a sh*t about anyone or anything other than his ship and flying that I just was so surprised and happy to see his reaction, and well in this chapter more Jeff in action, really like it.

A lot of drama, this chapters was... wow, and Garrus reaction XDDD I know is not a laughting matter, but I can help it, I love Kaidan but, somepart of my Shepard, thinks that He deserves this, and Shepards... "rejection", I still remember my first time playing ME2, and waiting for the moment my Shepard could meet Kaidan, and after all that... reunion I was like... really after everything this is all! O_O, and well the super message of Kaidan, XDDDDDD I remember that I though "you gotta be kiddin me? Really, this Kaidan, to bad there was no reaction for Shepard, it was like reading some irrelevant new in extranet, I hope that some of these things (the letter most of all) is something that they can talk/work in ME3, because really, that message was... XD. To other things!

I read every FF story I see of Kaidan&Shepard, and even if I really like them, it's been long time since I felt this excited with a story of them, I'm like a kid with a new toy, is like I drug, can't get enough with the chapters, and now... I have no more chapters to read T_T.

I hope you have free time, and inspiration to continue writing because I want, no I NEED more chapters!

Love it, and I hope you see how good is your story (at least from my POV) can't wait, so please more updates? *puppy-face*

See you then!
Aya001 chapter 3 . 1/29/2012
Ok, I said that maybe I would not write but I just have to say this:

First of all I'm a Romantic, and love romance and fluffy things, so I'm not saying anything bad about the many stories I read about Shepard&Kaidan re-encounter and getting all love-dovey and like if nothing happened, but I feel that is so... I don't know surreal, out of place? (also can't find a word in english XD) Why? Because there are so many things, facts, thoughs, and also how they are and they acted when they meet in Horizon, things that where said, and not said... etc a lot of things, that's why I found that this chapter in that aspect is so well done, there are feelings, things, words (said and not) and some issues to resolve before they really can go back, or well, better, because after those two years they are not the same, a new and even stronger love.

Sorry I talk to much and say just nothing, but just wanted to say that I like this chapters, is more... real, again I don't mean that the stories/one-shots I read of they reuniting again and just *puf* like nothing happened or just going to bed like nothing are bad, just that I prefer how you... are explaining/writing about them and theyr feelings-relationship (sorry I need to learn and study more english, sometimes I can't find a word or expression, and write how I can what I thing and just sounds-read weird when I see it, I hope that I explained what I felt)

Reading the next chapter! _ (Again I'll not write a review, well I think, only if there I find something I want to comment or ask, just to say that doesn't mean that I don't like, at this point I'm in love with your story! XDD)

See you next update then? _
Aya001 chapter 2 . 1/29/2012
Ok, first of all I have to read and be sure before talking, now I see you published this yesterday so is normal you still don't have any review, anyway I hope people find this soon, I already addicted to this story!

To another thing. I see that you play with Kaidan&Shepard point of view in this chapter. I wanted to ask if this will be centered in Shepard and her view of everything with few Kaidan POV, if it will be balanced between the two and how they act/see/react/etc in the story. And also there will be other characters POV?

I'm really excited with your story, and can't stop asking myself this and that and wanting to now what will happens next!

To the next chapter...(I writed this review because I was curious about the way you'll write and the POV you'll use, so if there is no review next chapter doesn't mean I don't like it or anything like that, just... that to write "I like the chapter or something like that... after two reviews at once, I think is a little... silly? (can't find and english word to explain :S)

Anyway, to reading more!
Aya001 chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
I just don't have words, I... O_O really just can say that I love it! People don't want or like to write about Shepard&Kaidan and what will happen and happens with them on ME3, but your guess is just... awesome, so I can't understand that you don't have a f*cking review (sorry for the word :S). I hope this doesn't affect your... will/muses/interest/etc... in continue writing this.

And now that I said all that (I hope I wrote well enough for you to understand what I wanted to express in this review) to read the other chapters! _ And waiting for the next update, and the game of course! (only 5 more weeks!)