Reviews for With A Blind Date Comes Love
ariannagirl chapter 3 . 4/18/2014
Oh my god soooo freaking cute! So many feels!
Grizzo chapter 3 . 2/8/2012
Definitely a great
Corey YoungBlood chapter 3 . 2/4/2012
OH THANK GOD! everythings hunky-dorey now :P brill and sweet ending and sooooooo glad all that horridness was a dream :)
Corey YoungBlood chapter 2 . 2/4/2012
OMG! Don't let it be true pweeeeeease. It must be arthur having some horrible guilt-ridden dream as a punishment to myself for being mean to merlin. Please :'( that was totally unexpected! i love deathfics in their own sad special way, but like i said: they're sad! please dont let this be one :( beautifully written i must add though.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/3/2012
AH! So it was a dream...that was mean :(

Once I had a dream that my dad died in a car accident and the next day he left for a day trip. I was so scared!

Please update soon 3
allthingsmagical chapter 3 . 2/3/2012
Hey. Well done on your story and you are welcome and I will be looking forward to more of your Merlin stories to come.

I loved this chapter but loved it all overall. It is one I could definately read again and again :)
MidnightsDeath chapter 2 . 2/1/2012
oh no so sad
Merthur Dreamer chapter 2 . 2/1/2012





*wipes eyes* Why must you... make me cry before I go to bed?...

I... um...

I loved the structure of this chapter - the climax was well brought into it and the humour in their thoughts was amazing. It made me giggle how Arthur looked to Morgana and thought her too happy - thinking that he was indeed planning something of sorts - which she was _ It broke my heart a bit to find Merlin was still snapping, his heart still wounded. The way in which Morgana told Arthur in her too sweet voice that Arthur would go on this blind date and if he didn't then he would be manhoodless... the atmosphere was just brilliant - especially with the mattress in pool thought. Arthur's concedeing seemed to be of a tired nature - how his heart was aching after a life long without Merlin. It was cute how Freya wanted to protect Merlin... but the sight that Morgana saw was one of total devastation - here was one of the kindest, purest people softly weeping inside over the humiliation of losing his love's affections in the most piercing way possible. He was a broken man - and it was so heartwarming to see that Merlin hadn't gone to Cenred's company... even though his heartstrings still tunged in heavy strength when he thought of Arthur... But that anticipation was so greatly uplifting in Morgana how she knew that she could make Merlin happy only if he said yes for tonight. I believe she was jumping out her skin in needing to just smash their heads together in hopes they stuck for Arthur to be this blind for this long was somewhat *VERY* annoying. She was what the reader wanted to be in a way I guess.

I loved this scene. I actually yelled 'YES! FINALLY!' when Arthur looked up to see Merlin standing before him... Oh it was magical - a night of loving whispers and romantic smiles of affection. It opened with brilliance - how Arthur was mentally slapping himself for preferring to leave and be alone than get a possible date. But... as his mind wondered to a night were he had met someone so perfect, all he ever wanted... how his face dropped thinking of how amazing he was... how they understood him and their talk flowed... how breathtaking he must have looked and how he realised in that night he had given his heart to this man - needing to find him soon before someone else did... the way his thought rapidly came to the striking conclusion and Arthur was met with his forever in front of him... the whole atmosphere froze... as Arthur finally fell so head over heels with Merlin in that moment. Merlin stole his heart and his breath and the effects were heartbreakingly moving. The way they were both shocked made me giggle with their love - both scared the other would vanish and they would wear the scars for everyone to see. But... what made this moment so breathtaking was the way in which Arthur apologised so profusely... feeling his heart shake and quiver with the idea he had almost lost this amazing man in front of him. Then when Arthur moved to Merlin's side... it was so tender how he told Merlin's chin and caressed his cheek - promising that he wouldn't leave his side... and he then started to pour his heart out to Merlin - then as he told Merlin that he was his forever and that he was sorry for laughing... the overwhelming feelings and emotions just got too much and my heart was taken the moment their lips joined finally. The world stood still as they exchanged their love... and it was so beautiful. Then the intensity in which Merlin told Arthur that he wasn't leaving... all this was building in Arthur - the feeling of how he almost lost Merlin and the way in which he then spoke with woeful tears of heartbreak as he spilled his love - shaking with the overhwhelming waves of affection as he so intimately told Merlin why he was such a prat - Merlin only to silence his love with his lips once more. And their dinner was so perfect - how they just melted in the other's touch - 'home' sighing through. It made my heart go all warm and fuzzy when Arthur kissed him outside, saying that they would have that drink - even more so, as Arthur looked so smitten watching Merlin leave.

But what he didn't understand was that was the last time he would see his Merlin. When he opened the door to a sobbing Morgana and a close to that degree Leon... Arthur's hopeful heart full of promise suddenly sank and you protrayed this so well. The way he asked with a shaking breath conveyed his anxious heart - but what hurt the most I believe, was how in such a short time - Merlin and Arthur's hearts, which had been so tightly interwoven, could unravel with such speed... and the way in which the information laid dead on Arthur's eyes was frightening. I believe he felt the rush... of a thousand heartbreaks - feeling as if the knife of grief had physically split his heart in two and now he was bleeding from the inside. The way Leon continued the story... Arthur felt his heart then feeling ripped from his very chest and the way he had a panic attack and collasped into Morgana's arms... the way in which he cried for the lost time was the most heartwrenching.

To still hear a strong, proud man like Arthur sob so forlornly into the night with whispers of love made my heart burst... I don't think Arthur truly understood why he hadn't just held Merlin tightly that night... feeling as if he hadn't had enough time...

Thanks For Sharing x

P.S. YOU BETTA HIDE! *sobs* Make the ending good while you're back there _
Merthur Dreamer chapter 1 . 2/1/2012
Hmmmm... It seems to me that Arthur's heart beats for Merlin... and it's only being ignored due to his head's pride and prejudice. At first, we see Arthur as the head-strong total prat that he is - completely blind to the raven man who loves him so unconditionally... and so I think thats what hurt the most when Merlin asked Arthur out and he was... not just rejected but laughed at. You set the scene well with Morgana and even Uther realising the relationship had such star bright potential if Arthur just got his act together. But yes... I believe Merlin feels that he is under a curse - it must have taken such courage, many talks to himself to do this for Arthur... Personally, I thought that it was so adorable how Merlin was blushing with his big ears and semi-dreaming of that date with Arthur but... it seems Arthur had other plans. Not liking him because his father held him with good respect?... It seems to me that Arthur does - and with such a passionate flame - feel so enchanted by Merlin that his mind is scared of the strength in his emotions - therefore pushed it from his thoughts... But to see Merlin look so broken - for Arthur to slit his heart when he was most vulnerable... Merlin does love him - with fertile tears, with groans of wounded thunder... his heart was physically ripped from his chest as Arthur started to laugh. That was badly done Arthur... badly done indeed. But what I thought so heartclenchingly moving even more so was how Morgana had yelled at Arthur and the moment Arthur realised that people did in fact see him and Merlin as a couple... the walls in his mind came crashing down, fading away... and his heart seemed to yearn in the silence of his apartment and in the devastation he had created... He was slowly opening up but... Merlin had slipped into a depression somewhat - shutting out the world around him, stuck in a confliction of desires he didn't want and his heart couldn't handle. He has the choice to take the job with Cenred and lead a healthy life... or stay here and be cursed to forever feel the pain of unrequited love with Arthur. Merlin knew what one he'd choose - but to feel like his heart was being crushed didn't help at all. If not made the bleeding worse. Which in effect - I believe, made Arthur's reaction all the more touching as he felt a confliction of his own. His father - a nice Uther which was good to see - saw the light in Merlin's eyes and I have to say it was beautiful to see that approval from Uther that his son could be loved so. And yet - here he was - rejecting Merlin - so once having a piece of Uther's mind... you can understand the way in which my heart skipped a beat in hope as Arthur's heart ranaway with him. The intensity in his thoughts and the meaning they held as he thought of how he couldn't bare to loose Merlin... knew he'd unravel if he left, wanting to hold him tight and never let go... His heart was screaming for him to just take a chance before it was too late - because Arthur did love Merlin, he just didn't know it yet.

Thanks For Sharing x
superbored85 chapter 2 . 1/31/2012
Interesting story but some separation between scenes would be good. Also instead of 'a s s' why not go with 'a-s-s' instead? Given the initial spacing I'm assuming you want to stress that word.
allthingsmagical chapter 2 . 1/31/2012
You are more than welcome. And get out from behind that chair. lol :D

Loved this chapter and can't wait for the next one. Seriously so upsate as soon as :)
YAOIboy19 chapter 1 . 1/30/2012
ohhh love it 3

hope you update soon. XD
no me rendire chapter 1 . 1/30/2012
good, i want to read more, updateeee )
AmandaFray chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
can't wait for more!
allthingsmagical chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
I loved it and can not wait for more. Well done on your first chapter and you are more than welcome for the help :)