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Vergil1989 the Crossover King chapter 18 . 3/1
It's about damn time lol. I was starting to wonder if you'd ever update. I'm glad to see that you've not only done that, but you've continued your epic story and given it the justice it deserves. I can't honestly say how much I've missed this one. Anyway, Tatiana was rather interesting, even if I wanted to rip her to pieces for what happened all those years ago. As for Laura saying she was bred, it might have been true, but the choice is still hers as Shanoa said. Personally I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner, but it's still good. Keep up the excellent work my friend, and don't keep us waiting for so long next time lol.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/23
y u no finish story
Warden of Lore chapter 17 . 1/6
I really love this story please continue it or at least put it up for adoption please.
Tsubasa chapter 1 . 12/10/2014
I am sad to see that this has been left unfinished, best fanfic I have read in a long time, if you see this I hope that you continue and finish it someday.
I have nothing but good things to say about this, it was a great pleasure reading this, sorry I'm not good at expressing myself but I am glad to have found this amazing story.
GtoCrafting95 chapter 17 . 10/22/2014
Ive written books... well,a book, but regardless i have a bit of experience writing. That said, this is one of the best stories I've ever read. I'll admit i only started reading this in hopes of some cheap smut that is so easy to find. Instead i found a true gem.i have read countless books in my time but rare is a story that draws me in so completely. I've played Order of Ecclesia but until now i was never truly invested in the characters. The residents of Wygol were always just some tedious side quest to complete. But now i see them in a different light. Shanoa is more that the first lead female in one of the best series of games ever (I don't count Charlotte because she shares the spotlight, but i digress,) now Shanoa is a person with her own true feelings. As is Laura, and the rest of the village. Congratulations on adding depth, to a truly underrated game.
On to the topic of the story itself. The whole thing is so believable. I'm sure a massive amount of people have gone through something similar to the scene at the church, or at least know someone who has. I too know some individuals who have been persecuted in a similar way to Laura. A that situation isn't something anyone should have to go through. Just the way you've dealt with the sexuality of Shanoa and Laura speak volumes on how humanity still has hope. I did enjoy the way you handed the near rape scene, and it couldn't have been better. Laura's nightmare sounds like a nightmare anyone could have. The people's reaction to Shanoa's glyphs seems totally accurate, same with the sexuality reveal. The fight scenes were incredible, save for how short they were, but i does that cannot be helped when the threat is as fragile as humans are. All in all i think this is so good.i absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter.
Sorry this was so long but i was kind of late getting stated.
Akuma-Heika chapter 5 . 6/18/2014
I must bring up the fact that I will likely be making a lot of grammar suggestions in my reviews alongside questions or observations. I am giving you advanced warning so you are not offended but after hearing so many writers complaining about reviews that just said “good job” and things of that nature I decided to assist as much as possible and grammar was pounded into me by my teachers, so it is an area I can help with. I mean no disrespect, and the fact that I am reviewing is all the evidence you need to know I like your fic. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have wasted my time. A lot of writers on this site (and others like it) have great ideas but their poor grammar either makes it harder for them to continue writing it or the insults and flames do. If I can help them get on their feet I will, so far though, you do not seem to be in that category though. Only mistakes I have seen are simple ones.
I do have to bring up that Laura did make mention of a man and it sounded like she loved him. The reporter also showed interest in Laura (although I am pretty sure he was not the guy she was talking about). Monica, to me, seemed like she had the greatest “crush” on Shanoa considering what she says to Shanoa throughout their meetings. Regardless I am looking forward to this fic! I am currently planning out a number of challenges for several Castlevania crossovers and self-crosses (one game of the series with another). Need to figure out how to summarize them though because most are running at a few thousand words each lol. If I see anything interesting in this fic I may use it as part of my challenge with credit given to you as its source or the source that gave me the idea. The Dominance of Darkness has/had inspired me in a few ways although the crossover ideas used neither Code Geass or RosarioVampire. Cannot remember what the inspiration I got from it was though. I know I gave it credit in my writing though. Back to fic (sorry for the tangent).

Could Shanoa feel fear and sorrow at the time she was traversing Castle Dracula? Could she even feel the emotional pain you were suggesting she did?

Inside of her, and she let out

Based on various comments made by several characters in game Shanoa is likely a Christian and thus it would be “whisper of thanks to God that at least this sacrifice would be almost painless.” Unless she is Gnostic, but even for them the Aeons are not gods just fractions of God (personality pieces and psychological traits; much like Zoroastrianism treated the gods of light [whose title escapes me], as they were all pieces of Ahura Mazda: Zoroastrian/Persian God of Absolute/Ultimate Good). It’s not a huge deal but I thought I would mention it to at least give you something to think about. Progress is made via conflict; without it no progress is made. I provide a small piece that hopefully proves beneficial for you.

In THE blackest reaches OF HER MIND, she was thankful (without the second half the phrase is left ambiguous. The second half needs the “her” to be switched with “the” and regardless you need a comma before “she was thankful” because it was an introductory phrase [the proper terminology might be different though]. As I said at the beginning when giving you a heads up, small things nothing major. Comma usage trips everyone up, and I have lost count how many times I wrote a paper and realized when I proofed it that I left a large amount of information out because it seemed self-evident when I wrote it and only upon rereading it do I realize that it can be confusing what I am referring to.)

, and it was this vice

Her destination, at this point, she was grateful

I am guessing her inability to use glyphs is caused from her internal conflict. The Glyphs were made independent of Dracula after all and they work off the “arcane energies of life” I believe was the phrase used. Considering everyone is alive the glyphs would still exist since she has them tattooed on her body and can absorb said arcane forces with them. You opened up a new possibility in the later chapters with Blackmore’s attack.

If she regains the use of her Glyphs will she be able to use the Dominus Glyphs (not the Union) with less negative feedback? Her body used and survived the Union couldn’t that have made it more resistant/compatible with the Dominus? Like immunity to poisons. Once your body develops it, and if you keep it up than even massive dosages will not kill you (or even effect you).

Lol on the drunk Marcel comment.

Pretty sure it was explained that Shanoa had a great compatibility when using Glyphs (I believe it was mentioned in game that her ability to absorb Glyphs was also unique-or at least to being able to absorb them so easily).

Technically, Albus was already dead. If my interpretation is correct he sacrificed his soul, his eternal existence itself. What could be considering an ultimate/final death.

Laura was afraid to touch HER; as if this

Interesting view on faith. Differs from mine, but mine could be considered an abnormal look at faith…then again this does not mean it is your view although with the thought put into it I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Which brand? Blackmore’s? Or the Glyph? I believe you mean Blackmore’s final attack and scarring, but I am not sure.

Had you ever what?

Not inaccurate since Shanoa has at least a part of the Belmont Vitality and/or their sacrosanct and hallowed power. She could have been stated as fighting alongside the Belmont (I think it would be more accurate to say the Belmonts were fighting alongside her though).

This has nothing to do with your fic (at least directly), but I wanted another’s opinion and you have made this great fic on OoE. What are the chances Shanoa is descended from Maria Renard and Alucard? It would explain her capability in using the Glyphs so well as well as her capacity to utilize all the Dominus Glyphs without repercussion. Albus was possessed when only carrying one of the glyphs and he had the blessing of the Belmonts. Shanoa is able to carry all three and the only repercussions are the taxations on her body when they are actively used. If she had Dracula’s blood flowing through her (and the Belmont’s) it would make sense though that she could handle them better than nearly anyone else.

Someday soon, we’ll have to

By the end of her quests though, Monica became a lot more optimistic though.

Does your Monica have a crush on Shanoa? She spoke fine with Laura and then had a mild panic attack upon seeing Shanoa, but it wasn’t out of fear.

You should tell her Monica!

After all, you did say

Wild country, and you’d have to be

At first, I was too frightened

For myself, I’ll be hired

The shadow of its former self would mean that when he repairs it, it will be nowhere near as good as it is now. Based on the next line I do not believe you meant it that way though.

Not sure if Beowulf is a poem. I do know it is an epic and is referred to as such: Epic of Gilgamesh. Not very important, but I just wanted to make mention of it.

At last, her body

, and so she had resumed

When I first saw Wygol, I knew God

And at last, I can help her

Getting the tea, she had fallen

At last, she ran out

It is likely that Ecclesia’s mission was the truth at one point of time. From what we have seen in other Castlevania games; working so closely with Dracula’s remains was enough to leave even a Belmont possessed so the fact Barlowe, who was working with them and drawing power from them, was influenced is hardly a surprise.

Thanks for the amazing fic! Castlevania fics are relatively rare and OoE fics are even rarer. for me, who has OoE ranked in his top 3 list for Castlevania games this is depressing.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 17 . 6/9/2014
Once more a wonderful chapter, and I cannot wait to see the story continue. Best wishes with the story and any troubles and tribulations that you may encounter in the day to day. Good day ma'am.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 12 . 6/5/2014
Once more a wonderful chapter. My apologies for not reviewing the ones prior, life has been hectic as always. The memory with Albus felt very real, and I found myself grinning as it is most certainly how such a conversation would occur. Won't Shanoa be surprised when she finds out that her cravings for another woman are not as strange as she thinks?
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 5 . 5/27/2014
Once more I am stunned at how marvelously you can spin these characters with only the barest of canonical source. I feel Shanoa is coming into her own as a person, as was the intent of this story, and you are doing a marvelous job of detailing her journey. My apologies, usually I am able to write much more relevant reviews, but I find myself reluctant to stop midway through these chapters to jot down my thoughts as I normally would. At any rate, a wonderful chapter and I cannot wait until I have the time to read another. Good day madam.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 4 . 5/24/2014
Simply marvelous, I stumbled upon this story out of idle curiosity after wondering if any Castlevania worth reading were written. After sifting through some self inserts and odd forms of incest, I found this gem. While not my usual cup of tea, this chapter has cemented my opinion of it being well worth the time to read it. The part where we are offered a small glimpse into Shanoa's past with Albus showed great ingenuity on your part (considering nothing of the sort was indicated in canon) and bodes well for the chapters to come. The piece with Eugene was also excellent, and sticks to and even expands on his character. You are doing a wonderful job of exploring this 'what now' scenario in a world that, while it had story, was most only functional instead of an engaging and branching experience. I look forward to reading the coming chapters, and hope dearly this story is still 'live'. Good day to you.
darksymphony777 chapter 17 . 3/21/2014
I love this story I tend to avoid romantic stories due too the romance being a little rushed and just going to the sex however you have all the bells and whistles one of few good stories on the castlevania section shame there is not more chapters I will kiss you if you do
Taali chapter 17 . 1/29/2014
This was a beautiful chapter. You captured the full range of emotions perfectly. I'm really glad you're still writing this story, and always look forward to what happens next.
Delphi chapter 17 . 12/3/2013
I'd like to say I've quite enjoyed reading this story for its full length. Trust me, writing long chapters or stories isn't an issue as, if they are good enough, then dedicated readers will plough through them anyway. Your story is very well-written, highlighting the proper amount of detail for every situation and delving into the emotional turmoil of a character without making it seem bloated or unrealistic. I'm also happy to report that I didn't see many spelling or grammar errors, if any at all. I hope to see more of this story in the future, but if you don't have plans to continue, my suggestion would be to cut it here. I see no better a place to do so. Good luck to you and cheers.
Archer of Ecclesia chapter 2 . 10/26/2013
I love Serge. He and Anna are so innocent, which you didn't forget, unlike most authors. Everyone, in fact, is so in character throughout the story.
Archer of Ecclesia chapter 1 . 10/23/2013
This story is simply amazing. You are clearly no stranger to eloquence!
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