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OMEGA ZX 420 chapter 30 . 3/4/2017
Well, at least to start this off, you basically said, "This is not an actual chapter." I had another story I was following do a fake chapter, where the end of said chapter devolved a decent story into a jumble of words thrown together 'cause they was perty.

Also, I don't even mourn deaths in my own family, and yet your description of what happened to you recently brought a gear to my eye. I'm not steely sure if that's some repressed emotions or your amazing writing, but good job either way! And, of course, I'm sorry to gear that happened.

I've never expected speed from someone who said they were going to slow down, and you don't even have to entertain us monkeys, so thank you for never stopping forever. OH! And don't steel as though you have to respond to me either. If you're busy and you're doing things, those are way more important than us monkeys, so ramble ramble ramble, sorry this is long. Have a good day, a good night, and so on for the rust of your days.
Delphi913 chapter 30 . 3/3/2017
It's good to see you active again, especially after what must have been trying times. You've my sympathies for your loss and my respect for picking yourself back up and continuing to pursue your dreams, pushing even further ahead than before. You're an inspiration to us all and, despite how cliche it might sound, that's no joke.

Don't worry about us. Take as long as you need to put your life together and to edit this story once more. You're still the best in my opinion, and I'm sure whatever you put out will be worth the wait.
The RPGenius chapter 30 . 3/2/2017
I'm patient, and your work is worth the wait. Take what time you need to make Deluge what it needs to be, and we'll we pleased to have it when it's truly ready.
The RPGenius chapter 29 . 2/25/2017
One year after the last update, I still hope for the next chapter, and visit this story at least once a week to check for one.
Guest chapter 29 . 11/16/2016
I really hope there's an epilogue to all this
my need for closure is desperate
Delphi913 chapter 29 . 8/25/2016
It's amazing to think that it's been almost 3 years since I read this fic for the first time when you were stuck on chapter 17, and it feels almost wrong to review it now prior to what looks to be the conclusion at a solid 30 chapters. I've no idea if you're actually going to end it on the next one, but it looks that way based on how this final chapter ended. Here I go, though.

I thought it at the time and, though my memory is faulty regarding the first draft, I still think this is probably the best fic I've read, and I say that with 100% sincerity. I don't think I've found another fic which has expanded on the lore and characters of the source material in such a way while also feeling completely true to it at the same time, with nothing feeling particularly jarring or out of place. Additionally, with the exception of a few modern conventions I spotted in the descriptions and dialogue, it also feels true to the time period as well.

The progression of Shanoa's character through the game transitioning into this fic feels entirely appropriate in that she was raised for a single purpose and now that it's fulfilled, and she no longer has a home or family to return to, she has no idea what to do with herself and is broken by the trauma of the events of her journey which has only increased with the return of her emotions. The way you portrayed this via her trying to block out the painful memories and push everything away, only to become distraught and desperate for human contact was very well-realized, especially considering your excellent expansion on her backstory and her isolation.

This being a romantic fic, her interaction with Laura is the highlight. The emotional depths that Shanoa treads as Laura tries to rebuild her soul are especially gripping and the care that she shows for her is downright heartwarming. I do indeed love the immense backstory you've given Laura as well and how it completely fits with her dialogue and the backstory in her bio. Taking the events of her questline into consideration, it does seem entirely plausible that Laura was in love with Shanoa, and the context you've given it with her being a homosexual and being persecuted for it as well as including the Belmont element with her family trying to beat the life of a warrior into her gave a surprisingly large amount of depth to a side character who originally had very little.

The romance between the two, I also thought was very well-handled with both women hiding their feelings for each other, but Shanoa being too naive and inexperienced to be able to hide her emotions and yearning. I appreciate that considering that so many works I've seen, regardless of time period, portray homosexual relationships as entirely open and without a hint of prejudice against them. Not that I'm entirely opposed to that, but considering the time period we're working with and the fact that you're trying to be taken seriously, I'm grateful for the fact that neither woman can admit to the other until Shanoa stumbles into a confession. On a similar note, I'm also appreciative that you don't shy away from the sexual aspect of their relationship and that it actually serves a purpose. Rather than just being another requirement of the relationship as dictated by Fanfiction rules, you actually delve into the complex emotional side of the action and use it to develop the characters. Shanoa attempting to pleasure herself to rid herself of her lust for Laura, her finally relaxing enough around her to release, and the two finally expressing their feelings together physically; it all feels natural and true to their development thus far and all three times it serves to develop their relationship more than just being sex for the sake of sex. There's also the element of awkwardness and inexperience regarding their liaisons that you just don't see often enough on this site. They aren't instantly love gods or anything of the sort, as lesser writers would portray them, and instead they're just two people, one of which happens to be experienced and the other having a lot of trouble making herself vulnerable due to her past and experience as a warrior. It's really compelling for that reason rather than simply being arousing.

Another thing I liked is what you did with the other side characters and how well it fit. All of the villagers having their own hidden darkness was especially interesting and fit surprisingly well. Eugen's dialogues about himself and his past were pretty well done and in-character, Irina raising her bastard children in Serge and Anna, Monica being an abuse victim, Abram being a former street urchin with an unfortunate bout with insanity, etc. all fit and worked with not only the dialogue you lent them but also their in-game characterization and though they're barely in the fic itself, it does highlight just how much Shanoa has done for these people and makes Laura's attempts to show Shanoa that she is loved by the community (and secretly by her as well) all the more justified and heartwarming.

The one element of the story that I'm neutral about rather than actively liking is your villain, Aurelia, Ecclesia's Shadow. I really do think you did a good job at making her an atypical villain, someone who's a dark reflection of our main character by being just as broken as she is, at least in the beginning of the fic, and having nowhere else to go. I think the beasts of Castlevania and the surrounding countryside being the former members of Ecclesia was also an interesting and clever angle with Shanoa repressing the memories of her past in order to ignore the fact that she killed them all. And I do like how she never does anything inherently evil: she never lies, never harms Laura, greets Shanoa in cordial conversation rather than surprising and overwhelming her, and was going to let everyone else live until she learned of their Belmont heritage. I guess, my problem is that her reasoning for hating humanity and Shanoa just isn't that concrete. I suppose that's the point, what with her being in denial and having to convince herself of her own beliefs which is probably what leads to her losing and eliminating herself in the end. I guess her channeling her pain and loss into Shanoa rather than just offing herself isn't entirely unreasonable, but it feels a little too one-sided, like Shanoa's main reason to fight would be because Aurelia most likely wouldn't leave her or the village alone. For a mirror image battle, I guess it should feel more personal, and that's why I'm neutral about it. I think you definitely got the characterization right, but the situation that leads to their battle didn't feel entirely natural like most of the rest of the story does, so it's a little off-putting. I guess it's a good sign when there so much you got right, that I can't point out exactly why I'm bothered by the villain you wrote.

All-in-all this story was excellently written and one of the best on the site if not the absolute best as I claimed earlier. I'm proud to have it in my favorites list, and I hope you do end up giving us at least one more chapter to wrap everything up and give us a satisfying conclusion. It was a great read back in the day, even before your revisions, and it's a great read now. Good luck and thank you for this wonderful story. Ciao.
Guest chapter 29 . 3/29/2016
A masterpeice. I haven't any other words.
OMEGA ZX 420 chapter 29 . 2/29/2016
I think that for the last few chapters that came out, I tried to favorite you and this story, only to find out I've already done both...
Zarosguth chapter 29 . 2/25/2016
That was hella intense! And that ending... shuddering breaths were taken by me.

The glyph unions were as awesome as I'd hoped they would be and Laura saving the day was badass.

The nature of Aurelia's abilities also proved interesting and the way they were flawed in that they did not gain her any knowledge unlike Shanoa's mastery of glyphs was a nice set limit to it.

Looking forward to where things will go from here on.

Have a nice day and fare thee well,
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 29 . 2/24/2016
BRILLIANT as always!
WELL worth the wait!
Asdfgh123456 chapter 1 . 2/2/2016
Oh, I loved this first chapter. Your characterization of Shanoa works very well for me. _
GtoCrafting95 chapter 28 . 1/16/2016
Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see how you finish this story; if this is going to be the end of it. I never could have dreamed of coming up with the idea of making the monsters become monsters. Incredible. No more words, only anticipation.
GtoCrafting95 chapter 15 . 1/15/2016
So I originally planned to just review this whole story after reading the last chapter, but this can't wait. I read the previous draft of your story a year or so back and it wasn't finished, the last chapter was after Laura and her mom removed the brand from Shanoa. The previous draft had two chapters that really spoke to me, this one, and the almost-rape scene. So far every chapter has improved, but this one is in a different league. It took me almost an hour to finish this chapter, because my hands were shaking so much I couldn't read. I have never felt so much for characters that never could exist as I do for the Shanoa and Laura that you have created. I was scared for Laura and actually hope you changed the scene to lessen the whole exorcism scene (so glad you didn't,it is without a doubt the most powerful scene so far) but even knowing what was gonna happen and knowing that that's what would happen in that time period (or maybe worse) didn't lessen the emotional tool it still takes me to read this chapter. I actually reread it out Loud, and still could barely get through it without having to stop. Never have I experienced something like this with any other book or fan fiction, I have ever read. Five stars, 10/10, like, share, favorite, subscribe, upvote, everything else! Absolutely wonderful.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/2/2016
Damned fine writing, as always.
Warden of Lore chapter 28 . 12/29/2015
I agree with everything zarogush said
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