Reviews for Gaddes: A Glimpse Into the Life of a Rouge
kriszeth chapter 1 . 7/18/2013
maybe it's just wishful thinking, but i'd really like to read the larger fic this is a part of since your Gaddess is my kind of Gaddess
Cyn V chapter 1 . 4/14/2012
*gasp* A Gaddes fic! How rare!

I thought it funny that it starts by saying Gaddes's childhood was unremarkable and then immediately follows up with him being brought up in a travelling circus. Like teaching kids how to throw knives is unremarkable... haha! I suppose living through that would make it the norm, but it also sets the tone for Gaddes's generally unconcerned personality very well. I was confused, though, that his "high morals" were apparently not shared by anyone else in the camp. If he did not have close dealings with others outside the gypsies, then where did he learn to follow these values?

I wish there had been more details on Margerie (how they met and her reaction to him joining the army for her). I would also have liked to read about how Gaddes made the decision to leave his family and take on a completely different lifestyle, but you said in the summary that this fic is only an excerpt of a larger story, so I guess I'll have to wait to read about that, huh? ;) I liked the thing about the handshake, though, and how the gypsies were more honourable than Margerie's father in this occasion. It was a nice touch.

So, Gaddes ran from battle, with plenty of fellow Asturian soldiers to witness it, and he got a promotion and was called a hero? I think I know where you were going with this, but it didn't really come across, probably because this was only the super-abridged version...

But it was immensely funny that you turned the inhabitants of Castelo into actual criminals who routed out the soldiers. Very nice, haha!

AAH! You ended it in a cliffhanger! How dare you? (j/k XD) "Their friendship would become his most treasured relationship, save one... and that budding love now seemed to be on the brink of disaster..." Must... know... more...!

Well, I really liked this short fic. Thank you for a very pleasant read and good luck with that larger fanfic! It's always great to see Gaddes get some love. ;D