Reviews for The Storm
turntoPaige394 chapter 17 . 10/8
I have never found a Hunger Games fanfic about Peeta and Katniss trying to heal and recover after everything that happened to them that I have liked. This was phenomenal. You captured both of their pain and suffering in such heart-wrenching detail but also brilliantly illustrated their road to recovery with each other. This is a masterpiece and you are an artisan.
insidejokepartyof1 chapter 17 . 4/27/2016
I recall reading this story more than a year ago. The first few months I was reading fan fiction I never left comments. So due to that there are quite a few stories i have ended up reading a seond time due to the fact that i had not left a comment. It was the last chapter that I knew for sure that i had already read this story. Your epilogue is so different from most. I also recalled reading this because of the fish named fin. That was a really sweet moment.
Mirrored Fury chapter 18 . 1/2/2015
This was an amazing fanfiction. Thank you for writing it. Your writing skills are incredible and depth and character analysis is amazing. I hope to write like this someday.
kelmikmag chapter 1 . 10/29/2014
wow-just wow
Serenity Blossom chapter 17 . 8/16/2014
The epilogue was perfect. Great read.
Guest chapter 18 . 8/11/2014
This is wonderful!
harleys chapter 17 . 5/30/2014
Awe, thanks!
harleys chapter 16 . 5/30/2014
Loved it
harleys chapter 14 . 5/30/2014
very sweet
harleys chapter 13 . 5/30/2014
harleys chapter 12 . 5/30/2014
harleys chapter 10 . 5/28/2014
harleys chapter 9 . 5/28/2014
Wonder where she is
harleys chapter 8 . 5/28/2014
harleys chapter 7 . 5/28/2014
Poor Peeta
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