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AnimatedStitchpunk chapter 10 . 9/22/2013
This is an awesome story! You certainly have a uniqe mind. I love the movie 9, and I happen to be writing a FanFiction right now myself!
AngelPik chapter 10 . 2/14/2013
I LOVE this fic! All of the characters are really well in character throughout all 9 chapters (and the epilogue) and there's a fairly even assortment of emotions/genres scattered through it (sadness, angst, romance, comedy). I'd like to go back and write a well thought out review for each chapter, but for now this will have to do. Well done on a fantastic story!
Demon Llama Nerd chapter 10 . 7/3/2012
*sniff* (still crying from chapter 8)

Mindblowing. The must-read fanfic of the year.
TheBlackSwanPrincess chapter 10 . 3/18/2012

I don't know, they're just something in me that LOVES to read stories in journal format, especially the way you do it with 7! X3

! INFINITY! SUCH A CUTE LITTLE DARLING! Hands down, you have topped this story for me with a nice little cherry on top. I love everything about little Infinity. How she acts, what she’s made of, you’ve like, rekindled my love of pink. X3

Sorry, I’m just so spazzy right now! How sweet was this, they’re all now a nice, happy family! LOVE the ending! Love the story! Love the author! ;)

Even though I would LOVE to know more about little Infinity, I agree with Frida Right, you shouldn’t abandon your sweet little 10! I would very much like it if you returned to her. But of course, this is your choice, and I’m sure whatever you will write next shall be just as great!

Now, I’m going to go re-read this and spazz out some more. 8DDDDD
I-KFINTASCY chapter 10 . 3/17/2012
Please excuse me while i pass out due to extreme cuteness capacity *passes out*

LITTLE INFINITY! OMG / I can picture her now *visualizing* SO CUTE!

I was so happy when i found out that they had a child because it's just *sniffle* so cute! You should write about Infinity,i'd be adourable XD
Jirachi Girl chapter 10 . 3/16/2012
Oh man, this was good. This update was really quick, too.

No words can describe this story, Barny. And for some reason, even though I know this epilogue is just your way of saying, "Oh, let's put in a boring old happy ending!", it doesn't bother at all.

I've always...*cough cough* loved happy ending anyway...heh...

Anyway, I think you should continue with their child. She sounds so adorable, but what's that about her name and how did you get that symbol?

Good job. Goood job.
PoppyECM.6-13 chapter 10 . 3/16/2012
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww such a nice way to end your story! the way that 7 and 9 make a kid at the end reminds me soooooooooo much of Freidas' story 'Prodigal' ! i love how they all just seem so enlightened now, how they just seem to have put everything behind them and walked on with their life paths! very sweet story and i'm very glad you wrote it!

from Poppy

P.S Scarlet, 13 and D have been reading this with me and they love it too! (3 out of 5 [i think it is now] of my stitchpunks that have parts of my soul ;D )
Freida Right chapter 10 . 3/15/2012

"You're cryin'." I thought I would explode from so much, AW IMA DIE FROM ALL DIS CUTE!

A spiffy conclusion to a spiffy story. I'd love to hear more about Infinity. BUT, if you still intend to continue with 10's story, you might want to consider which is the bigger priority. Whatever you choose, I will read it and spaz out from sheer enjoyment the whole time. ;)

I also notice that MoonPhantom9, Jirachi Girl, and Poppy are like a traveling group of... um, groupies. They're all following my 9 fics, as well! :D We have a fanclub! Where they probably sit in their secret hideout and do nothing but talk about how awesome we are! They have good taste. ;)
MoonPhantom9 chapter 10 . 3/15/2012
Your welcome! I gotta say this was a very nice wrap-up for such a good story, you've done a great job with this story!

All that's happened over the course of time was cute, and what's this? They created a child? *gasp* You have my vote for continuing with her. I love 9x7 offspring and them as parents, tis just so cute! :3 I can't wait to see if you do anything else revolving around lil miss Infiniti.
MoonPhantom9 chapter 9 . 3/13/2012
Dude, okay, I actually cried with this the part where 9 started going insane and blaming himself and was saying how wonderful 7 was...why I cried her in this chapter and not in the last, I have no idea. But then I smiled like a fool when 7 was brought back.

Which reminds me, thank you for not killing 7! Gosh, what a happy ending, I wonder what's to happen in the epilogue.

Kudos for a job well done!
TheBlackSwanPrincess chapter 9 . 3/13/2012

*Explodes with happiness*

YES! YES! This chapter was WELL worth the wait! Sorry if I've been so quiet for a while, I wasn't feeling very well, if you might recall, but I'm feeling a lot better now, ESPECIALLY after having read this!

I kinda felt really bad for how 9 was feeling, but I still couldn't help but feel amused at his insanity.

But then it all got serious for a while, and I was just so glued to it. I could feel all the tension and the feeling of loss.

And let's not forget...7 IS ALIVE! YES!

YES! *performs happy dance* I'm SO glad she's back! Now this just MADE MY DAY.

Great job as always, now I could sit here and keep typing about your gift at writing, and how talented you are, but I'm sure you're already aware of that. :3

I look very forward to how you finish off the story, and what other masterpieces you come up with.
Freida Right chapter 9 . 3/13/2012
a;jabw;s/dceoufhes;bsefwfWE:fkhwnv vevlnweiuv bvj'rM

That is what a spazflail looks like in letters. SPAZ! FLAIL! Why am I such a spaz...?

There are one or two places, I think, where 9 is babbling in a heartbroken rage and it is wonderfully portrayed-I see the action clearly in my head as I am reading. However, all his babbling is lumped up in one or two really BIG chunks, broken up only by the twins feebly trying and failing to soothe him.

Like the rule of thumb about starting a new paragraph when a different character speaks, try starting a new paragraph whenever 9 makes a gesture. Such as when he makes that sweeping, snatching motion-new paragraph. Whenever there is dialogue and there is a specific action to accompany it, you should only stop once between phrases. If more action is needed, hit enter and pick it back up where you left off.

Cuz chunks of dialogue are fine; they have to exist. It's chunks of dialogue that stop several times in the middle to explain action that aren't so great. Readers can only process so much at a time, even if they are dedicated fans. Don't make them process a ton of dialogue AND a ton of action in the same paragraph. Pick one or the other.

Even without dialogue, there is an awful lot of action covered in this chapter. The transition from "Oh dear God, I'm such a fail, I can't live without her, WHY DO I EVEN EXIST?" to "Ooh, hey... This could be a solution..." to "OMFG SHE'S ALIVE! 8D" was done very smoothly-

A little TOO smoothly, perhaps. For going on and on that he's still practically a baby and doesn't know things, 9 sure comes to concrete conclusions about the orb-thingy pretty fast. Part of me says that maybe there should be some kind of break, so that 9 doesn't look QUITE as bi-polar as he does in this chapter... But the other part points out that the transition was still smooth and well-done. In movie format, the rise and fall of action would be much better executed than it is on paper-it's a pretty tough call in this case, either way: one long chapter with everything, or two pathetically short chapters with better timing... Hm...

You still get the story across beautifully. AAAAAAnd you had me fully terrified for about a week that 7 was just going to DIE, and 9 was going to give up, and the twins would do... um, something... 0.o I can't believe that the story is almost over! Only an epilogue left? Wow... what a journey this has been!

Man, what a journey this review has been... I've just been on English-mode, I guess. :P

One more fun fact: Breathing puts oxygen in your bloodstream, which them carries the oxygen to your brain, and allows it to function properly. Lack of oxygen to the brain for too long results in brain , if 7 had a human body and her soul was put back into it, she would have woken up with brain damage. Good thing Stitchpunks don't need oxygen to survive! :B
Jirachi Girl chapter 9 . 3/13/2012
Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, OMIGOSH!

I swear I'm so fortunate to be living in Northern Ireland, 'cause then the Irish can't sue me for stealing their jig as my dance of happiness for the day!

She's aliiive! SHE'S ALIIIVE!
I-KFINTASCY chapter 8 . 3/6/2012
I just read the whole book in one day,and i was supposed to be doing my homework! And i can't stop crying! Please excuse me while i have an emotional breakdown *runs off and crys myself to sleep*
Jirachi Girl chapter 8 . 3/6/2012 God...

This was just so good. And I wasn't even a quarter of the way through the last chapter before I started crying and didn't stop.

Now my keyboard is covered in mucus and salt water...and I don't even care...

Again, this was amazing. Poor 9. Poor twins. Poor 7.

Well done.
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