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Mahler Avatar chapter 35 . 5/8
Another great update as Kim successfully defends herself against Felix' verbal assaults, while poor Drakken has considerably less luck vs. Shego and Betty. And we even get a little insert promising of a possible update to a long neglected fic, that Shego, Drakken and Betty are familiar with. (Of course I'll have to reread that one now...) And our gallant Storm Chaser braves engine failure while coming up with ideas for improving those sondes. Wow, but Ron's focus has improved since high school. And a bit of levity as Rufus has a friendly convo with Neral the Norwegian Rat. Yaa, shuure... Looking forward to the next exciting update.

pbow chapter 35 . 5/4
I think mental retaliation can be just as effective as physical, especially in Drew's case. Hasn't he complained about 'hurting with your words'? But then again, I'm sure a good old plasma blast to the butt can be more painful.
Poor Rufus is counting down the days until he can be reunited with Ron and pines for the days when Kim was a part of his 'family'. Since he's getting on in years, maybe it's tie for him to do something about it like... maybe letting Wade catch a glimpse of his Everlot profile on line? That might be interesting if it happened.
And Ron might have some more fun if he ever gets to see a tsunami or maybe a blizzard up close and in person. (Of course not where he's stationed, but maybe on his way back to Japan they could take a detour to check out the weather somewhere else. Just a thought.
Good job. Keep it up.
Ken106348 chapter 35 . 5/3
Dud this story keeps getting better and better.
I can't wait until the next chapter
Jimmy1201 chapter 35 . 5/3
Did we ever hear if there was a good reason that Drakken scanned his daughter - unless it was one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" things. Nice to check in on Rufus and see that he is doing pretty well. I swear that Rufus has a better head on his shoulders than many of the other characters. (do mole rats have shoulders?)

I believe that Felix is so angry because he feels that he personally failed in being a friend to Ron. Sort of he should have had had Ron's back, but figured that Kim was taking care of Ron, so when Kim failed Ron, Felix wasn't paying close enough attention and Ron slipped away from everybody.

Kind of an odd reference to another fan fiction story. Perhaps it might be a foreshadowing of things to come in this story with respect to Kim and Shego - perhaps as an epilogue? It was a fun story, one that I haven't looked at in a while.

Thanks, Jimmy
Sentinel103 chapter 35 . 5/3
Heck I forgot what was in this chapter CB of BS...LOL And it reminds me that we have only two or three chapters in the queue and I need to finish 38...or is that 39. I forget.

ajw1970 chapter 35 . 5/3
good to see kim is not going to set there take it or as spock once said to mccoy would do the crew better to see me weeping up and down the halls or something like that and ron is looking to make a new business for himself getting the tubs they drop
Robot Wolf 26Z chapter 35 . 5/3
Oh boy...Ron's in for a long haul. Shego and Drakken aren't going to have a pleasant reunion with Kim are they?
DarthManwe chapter 35 . 5/3
Is it bad for me to have been stuck a good while on that little Rufus bit? Man I laughed my ass off :)

Felix was a bit too stand-offish to someone who had been mentally shattered previously, but I guess he couldn't see past the severity of Ron's suffering. Totally understandable.

I'm starting to kinda root for Ron to summarily kick all of GJ's asses just to make a point, as soon as they find him.
merceralex117 chapter 35 . 5/3
Still an amazing story. And I hope the confrontation between Kim and Ron comes soon. The suspense is killing me! lol
Please update soon! :D
DarthManwe chapter 34 . 4/28
Finally, caught upto last chapter on this one. Had so little time to actually read other fanfic's these days... Alas.

Anyway, simply amazing story. I especially love the character development shown by Ron over time, it's so organic and well paced.

Now, I'm really looking forward to that wedding happening. Something tells me it's going to be an... explosive evening *ba-dum-tss*.

Yea, sry about the bad joke.
Mahler Avatar chapter 34 . 3/11
This continues to be an entertaining story to say the least, and although I can relate to one reviewer's paranoia over long term grinding horror and despair, approaching old age has made me a little wiser and a lot more patient. Yes, this story may take a few more years to complete, but I'll be enjoying every posting till then. (Just make sure that you each have the other's outline and notes for the whole story should one of you decide to retire...) And may God BLESS your endeavors, please and thank you.

I also get the sense that our ninjas may have missed something somewhere along the line. Either that, or when Ron's background check finally happens, perhaps there will nothing at all there, all records having been deleted. (BTW, are the Sake sisters as hot as Yori, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?) Perhaps they'll need to go back at some and place an innocuous cover story for our MMM? We shall see...

Guest chapter 34 . 3/8
Okay, getting a little lost here. Well, not really. Its clear what's motivating the principals and supporting cast. Its even clear how their various paths are bending towards and away from one another.

I just really need to go back to the beginning and figure out how Ron got onto his current career track. Sentinel's "Separate Lives" was fairly straightforward in that respect; this one has been...bendy...when it comes to events. Nowhere near as bad as "The Hunter", which is the kind a psycho-sociological case study of human interactions whose only equal might be "War and Peace".

That said, why (oh why!) do I get the sense the ninjas missed something somewhere along the line? You the see the level of paranoia you've instilled in this poor reader?! I mean, how many more years of this *grinding* horror and despair must we endure afore the natural order is restored?

Not that it matters, mind. I for one plan to be here through to the end.

As always, eager and awaiting the next installment.
Robot Wolf 26Z chapter 34 . 3/10
Uh-oh... I smell trouble in the water. BTW this chapter got labeled 34, rather than 33.
Mahler Avatar chapter 33 . 3/9
More tantalizing clues for Kim and she's made privy to more of Yamanouchi's secrets. And a covert mission to keep Ron's identity and whereabouts by Wanda and Suzie is a success, naturally. And now on to the latest chapter in our delightful soap opera: pleasant reading for me on the way home from work today. And your chapters seem to be coming out quicker, thanks! Now if I can just get my own tuckus in gear...

Mahler Avatar chapter 32 . 3/9
Time to get caught up on my reviews... The smackdown in Japantown was totally awesome, as the Major and his his cohorts get thoroughly whipped. YES! And Kim's training takes an interesting turn as she meets the young founder of Yamanouchi under Sensei's expert tutelage. But it still looks like a very long road ahead. At least Wade's heartstrings are being currently plucked by his new crush!

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