Reviews for Shonen Alliance Book of the Shadows
DragonKnight15 chapter 137 . 2/4
Never bet against Goku. He proves to do the impossible and Luffy makes it possible.

I got nothing much to say since the whole chapter was great with Moka kicking ass upon this Despair, then Natsu coming in out of nowhere like a rampage dragon... yea, exactly. Then the others assist and our heroes were reunited, ready to save Ace. I am surprised though no one else was surprised that there's another Dark Saiyan out there to deal with.

If there's anything I know, if Goku loses against someone once, he'll know exactly how to beat Magellan without getting touched by his venom.

OH this is interesting. The Spirit Bomb can destroy Megellan Total Kill move. It makes sense since the Spirit Bomb basically vaporizes anything that's evil.

More Dark Saiyans?! Seeds of their destruction? FALLEN KING?! WHAT'S GOING ON?! Well better find out next time!
jalen johnson chapter 137 . 2/3
Finally got out of the prison and its all to marine headquaters to rescue ace this going to be fun and good chapter man.
Wolfman1997 chapter 137 . 2/3
Finally, out of prison
Oh and once again I read your Project you sent me
So far it's good and a little
PM me if you'd like to talk more
In the mean time keep up the good work
chidoriprime chapter 137 . 2/3
Who's the Fallen King? Sounds like a three way brawl between Corruption, the Knights and this Fallen King is about to erupt!
Wolfman1997 chapter 136 . 1/19
Holy crap that was good
Oh and what you PM me
has your answer, like I said before I'm in.
DragonKnight15 chapter 136 . 1/19
Okay now we got major progress.

Okay GamingGuy was right and one of my theories were right... however, we both were not expecting a new Dark Saiyan and possibly a weak one against a strengthen stronger Moka. That's what you get to use Clare's face and almost turn the vampire to the darkness.

And Alita saved the others as they all assist Natsu, going berserk, as he burns down the prison into flames, brick by brick.

And Goku... being Goku, recovered and waits for Luffy to get up... and even though he's an idiot, he wouldn't take away Luffy's fight in saving his brother... but would he save Ace before getting killed? I wonder... Oh yea... Ivankov is here!

Things only get better from here on in.
jalen johnson chapter 136 . 1/19
Wow a lot of action this chapter and luffy is running out of time so he needs to hurry but anyway good chapter man.
Jacob9594 chapter 136 . 1/19
Wow. Things has just gotten dicey and full of excitement.
jalen johnson chapter 135 . 1/11
Wow that was a shock wasn't expecting clare to show this soon and this chapter good chapter man.
DragonKnight15 chapter 135 . 1/11
See, a shark got nothing with a lightning dragon and it was Laxus, there was no doubt that Arlong could have beaten him. Now I was surprised that he was given the Artificial Valkyria's powers which would have made Arlong nearly unbeatable but no matter how blue flame he had, it wasn't the real thing and Laxus wasn't even at full power and just took him seconds to beat him.

Now here's something I was curious up to this point... When's Zeref just happens to show up for no good reason?

I'm not surprised Chopper remember everything with just Luffy. Oh I wonder if the others will head back to Goku and Luffy, I wonder hmm?

TWIST! OH man. Next chapter should be good!
GamingGuy84 chapter 135 . 1/11
Looks the story is back on track with this chapter.

As expected, Laxus had little trouble dealing with Arlong, despite the artificial Valkyrian power given to him. That fish got super fried!

Looks like Ed will be fine, but he'll get an earful when Winry learns what happened to his automail arm! Glad that hearing Luffy's name triggered Chopper's real memories.

Meanwhile at Impel Down, Moka gets a visitor... who appears to be Clare. Yeah right! No way in hell that's Clare! She's still corrupted in a corrupted version of her world. Whoever this imposter is, he or she must be working for the Fallen One and has intel on the prisoners and is trying to get info from the vampire. I don't think Moka will buy it.

Can't wait till next time!

Wolfman1997 chapter 135 . 1/11
How did she get her?
and I heard Water 7 that means Franky's coming soon
Jacob9594 chapter 134 . 1/11
Laxus is the boss
Jacob9594 chapter 135 . 1/11
Well that's oen Aya to end on a cliff hanger
jalen johnson chapter 134 . 1/6
Good chapter man it seems that all of the strawhats are back together now if we can go back to luffy and the others next chapter that would be great.
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