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zack25king chapter 133 . 11/19
I have literally read every chapter up to date, and reading them was blast last couple of days getting a reminder on what has happen I'm this book. I have three questions if you don't mind answering. 1. Is Shonen Alliance Untold Stories still ongoing or has it been cancel? Naruto being over, did it changed anything you had planned originally? 3. How many books are you doing again? Chapter was awesome, seeing Alicia kicking ass was amazing. Now, from what I'm guessing, Drum Island is being targeted by not just Wapol, but Arlong as well. Hopefully the group that's heading towards Drum Island are ready.
DragonKnight15 chapter 133 . 11/16
Do not underestimate Alicia or you're going to get burned.

Haha, Alicia was a real pinch against Don Kreig and his indestructible armor and weapons but similar to how Luffy handle his own against him, Alicia may have had it better since her Valkyria Shield would guard against almost any attack and her spear pierces through anything in combination of her Valkyria Blue Flames.

And Alicia had Riela and even Selveria, handling the remains of Kreig's pirates.

It was clever that Alicia try to take the Battle Spear but it pretty much failed like Luffy's attempt. Still, Alicia manage to out-endure Kreig and beaten him with more energy than he could.

Now Kreig is a threat... Arlong is worse. Wonder how Vine and his group will handle the fishman.
Wolfman1997 chapter 133 . 11/16
That was another good Chapter,
I'm now wonder if there will be anymore surprises
jalen johnson chapter 133 . 11/15
Wow nice chapter man and it looks like chopper is next on the list i wonder if they are going to meet franky soon.
GamingGuy84 chapter 133 . 11/15
What a fight! Alicia and her Valkyrian allies made good work out of Krieg and his goons, with a little assistance from Vine.

Now that that fight is over, they can meet up with the other team that's looking for Chopper. But it looks like they aren't the only ones looking for him!

One of those two bad guys is Arlong, but I don't know who the other one is. Still, Ed and his group will have a hard time with if they plan to find Chopper and restore his memories.

Can't wait for next time!

jacob.kogan.33 chapter 133 . 11/15
Sanji ahs joined. Next up so chopper.
DragonKnight15 chapter 132 . 11/4
PFF HAHAHAHA! It just takes Nami to wake Sanji up! AW GOOD TIMES!

Oh boy good old Don Kreig... so Vine and the others have to deal with EVERYONE Luffy dealt with. Does anyone say Arlong is up next? I do and I'll be f**k... Vine might not be up to it.

Anywho... a great return to Book of Shadows as Vine's group has more to deal with and Vine is technically out of commission, leaving the rest to actually Alicia. Okay, don't piss this girl off because if she refuse to wear sexy it's because Alicia DOESN'T and will shut you up... especially those who harm her friends. Next time should be good.
jalen johnson chapter 132 . 11/4
Well its been so long but we finally got an update and they found sanji too but sadly they are already in a battle with don kreig but hopefully the heros can pull it off good chapter man.
Wolfman1997 chapter 132 . 11/4
Hell yeah, take him down Alicia
And if you don't mind I like to ask you some questions
pleases, when you get the chance.
GamingGuy84 chapter 132 . 11/4
This the first chapter in months, and hopefully the first of many regularly updated ones.

So it seems the gang has split up to look for Luffy's crew members faster. Sanji is back on the team with his memories quickly restored, but they are already in a fight!

I'm sure they'll win this one and continue the mission... But damn it, Goku's team needs to get healed and save Ace!

We've waited far too long for that already! So please, update again soon with Goku's team succeeding!

jacob.kogan.33 chapter 132 . 11/4
And battle with Don Krieg. Cool
GenocideKhaos chapter 131 . 10/7
Yo, Been awhile, Vineman. Story's building up perfectly. Question though? When will you do the next chapters? Been almost two months, and I'm worried. But, "Brilliance Cannot Be Rushed", so take your time. Until nexttime, Keep It Cool. -GK
DragonKnight15 chapter 131 . 8/13
Moka got this.

Okay never mind. DAMN YOU MAGELLAN!

Okay... could have turn out worse honestly.
jalen johnson chapter 131 . 8/12
Things arent looking good for luffy and goku i hope they can get rid of the poison soon. Good chapter man
Wolfman1997 chapter 131 . 8/12
Another good Chapter
And the warden has to be a complete
Asshole, I know this might sounds annoying
but, will CP9 be involved with any of this?
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