Reviews for Shonen Alliance Book of the Shadows
Laci the Hunter chapter 186 . 8/18
So now we are finally jumping into the Pain soup here. I kinda find it interesting that Pain (one of the bosses of the Akatsuki) is working for Corruption while Obito (the other and main boss of the Akatsuki) works for the Fallen One. I'm still wondering if this fallen guy is another dark sayan, or some powerful demon lord from Hell.

Oh, and before I forget, are you going to have Naruto use his reverse harem jutsu on a female supervillain in this story? I hope so, 'cause both Sakura's and Kaguya's reaction to that jutsu was priceless as hell man. LOL.
GamingGuy84 chapter 186 . 8/17
Not much this chapter, basically Minato telling Naruto and Luffy the truth about the Nine-Tails attack that night.

The only thing that was interesting was that Kushina was nowhere to be found, afterlife wise. Meaning she must be alive again somewhere! But where, is she even in Naruto's world?! I wonder how long we have to wait to find out...

Looks like Luto is ready to finish his fight with Pain. I hope this does end next chapter! Later!

jalen johnson chapter 186 . 8/17
Good chapter man it looks like we are getting close to the end of the Naruto saga and after this we have two knights left to rescue.I have to ask who is going to get saved first is it Yugi or Clare if you have the group save Yugi first you should have a chapter called the return of the king or the kings return when Yugi gets his memories back
Wolfman1997 chapter 186 . 8/17
Now you are going to get it Pain.
Jacob9594 chapter 186 . 8/17
Luto has returned
Wolfman1997 chapter 185 . 8/2
I hope Goku can make it out of Hell.
jalen johnson chapter 185 . 8/2
Well that was a good chapter man looks like minato and luffy was able to save naruto and it looks like Kisuke and the captains and the lieutenants are going to save the goku and the of them are you going to have a certain quincy group appear in book of the light?.
GamingGuy84 chapter 185 . 8/2
Oh man, just as things heat up, Naruto (and Luffy along side him) finally meets his father! I bet the someone Minato was talking about was Goku.

And it looks like King Kai has Urahara, Yamamoto and practically whole Gotei 13 to help get Goku and the others out of Hell! The sooner they are out, the better!

Hey Vineman, how many more chapters do you think the Naruto arc will be? Just asking.

Anyway, can't wait for next chapter!

Jacob9594 chapter 185 . 8/2
Thank god for Luffy and Mianto snapping Naruo out of his fury
Jacob9594 chapter 184 . 7/26
Great chapter with Hinata against Pain
GamingGuy84 chapter 184 . 7/19
Another good chapter!

Good news: Luffy saved Hinata from being stabbed! Hell yeah, you the man Luffy!

But the bad news: It was already too late, seeing as Naruto had completely lost it and is now in the six tailed form! Hopefully Luffy can snap him out of it in time. If not him, then maybe a certain other blonde man...

Bring it next time!

jalen johnson chapter 184 . 7/19
Didn't expect a chapter so soon haha not much to say here othersise luffy was just a second too late from stopping naruto from Luffy csn knock some sense into naruto in the next chspter good chapter man.
Guest chapter 184 . 7/19
And the ass kickings continue.
Guest chapter 183 . 7/14
And dude there is a video called super saiyan color theory by masakox. Which explains everything about the super saiyan forms as well as the seven chakras and why kaioken is never used with regular super saiyan when alive.
Guest chapter 183 . 7/14
Um dude this has nothing to do with. This awesome story but have you seen dragon ball super episodes 97 and 98 and what are your thoughts goku's new form (it appears on a poster on toei's official website?) and there is a video where someone discusses it called dragon ball super episode 97 new leaks revealed and goku damaged.
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