Reviews for Shonen Alliance Book of the Shadows
Jacob9594 chapter 172 . 2/24
You rock princess
Wolfman1997 chapter 172 . 2/23
Oh she's one of those people?
GamingGuy84 chapter 172 . 2/23
Sweet, two chapters in one week!

Man, this chapter was bloody like I expected. Pandora wasn't cutting Alita any slack. But just when that general had her, The Murder Princess pulled a fast one and freed herself. And with Kenshin finally coming to help, Pandora was forced to flee. And she is not happy, judging how she treated her servants!

Can't wait for the next fight on this saga!

jalen johnson chapter 172 . 2/23
Wow two chapters back to back in the same week thats Alita was in serious troblue aganist Pandora and Kenshin couldn't help her until he defeated Pandora's that was good quick thinking on Alita part with the it looks like Pandora will be out for blood the next time they if I have to choose I say we are heading to Zoro battle with Deidara can't wait for I'm still wondering where itachi is and saskue as hopefully naruto ichigo and luffy make it in time as good chapter man I can't wait for the next one.
GamingGuy84 chapter 171 . 2/22
Oh wow, that's a twist. I didnt expect Kisame to be in cahoots with the Fallen One. But then again, Tobi is working for the Fallen One despite wearing the Akatsuki uniform. And I know those two were tight in the manga. Dammit, I wish we knew what the hell Itachi is up to!

Anyway, Pandora shows up and Kisame tags out for her to fight Alita while some dark soldiers keep Kenshin occupied. Man, this battle is going to get very bloody! Can't wait!

jalen johnson chapter 171 . 2/22
Wow I didn't expect on the fallen ones generals to show up here thats not good at all hopefully Alita can pull this chapter man I can't wait for the next one.
Jacob9594 chapter 171 . 2/22
And so Pandora has made her move
Wolfman1997 chapter 171 . 2/22
The suspense is killing.
Good work.
Stormreaper1 chapter 170 . 2/5
so, reading from start to finish including the first shounen alliance took me about a week. great story so far that kept me interested despite being a massive x-over. hard to do so well done! captured the characters brilliantly and not only that, but you balanced their power levels. I was a little apprehensive about characters learning techniques outside of their own canon but you made it work. again, KUDOS! a little advice though, try varying how you describe your characters speech patterns a little more. it got a little tricky to keep up with everyone 'declaring' everything. try 'gasped' 'growled' 'seethed' 'muttered' 'grumbled' 'sighed' 'snarled' etc. doing this gives the characters more emotion that your many readers can relate to better. also, you're neglecting some of the other characters from earlier in the story. Kenpachi in particular. seeing him square off against Madara or ragnarok from your murder princess ark would've been a dream come true. on a side note, I've noticed your poll and saw a lot of my favourites in there like one punch man, sekirei, infinite stratos and D gray man.
GamingGuy84 chapter 170 . 2/2
Another good fight! Sasori didn't fair much better than last time. That's another Akatsuki member down! Next up is Kenshin and Alita vs Kisame. Can't wait to see how the pair will make sushi out of him! Bring it!

jalen johnson chapter 170 . 2/2
Well looks like Sakura Erza and the gang finally took down Sasori meanwhile it looks like Altia and Kenshin are having troblue aganist good chapter man my only question is where in the world is Itachi and not just him but Saskue as well you haven't mentioned the brothers since the alliance gotten to the naruto world and I don't think naruto sakura and Kakashi mentioned Saskue ethier.
Wolfman1997 chapter 170 . 2/2
More battle of the swords.
Jacob9594 chapter 170 . 2/2
Another great fight , this time with the Puppet. Good job Vineman
Jacob9594 chapter 169 . 1/29
Now thats one hell of a battle, impressive
jalen johnson chapter 169 . 1/23
And hidan went down the same way as in the show no surprise Ed figured out his ability due to being one of the smartest members in the sakura is with Kahlua and Kokoa hopefully they can pull this battle out and win good chapter man.
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