Reviews for Shonen Alliance Book of the Shadows
Wolfman1997 chapter 123 . 5/6
Hey few more things I need and like to ask
Is Shadow worlds taking place after Book of Shadows or during Book of Shadows?
Also, since you seen and or read Fullmetal Alchemist have you ever heard of or seen Hero Tales before?
zack25king chapter 127 . 5/6
Looks like Kuro defeated, hopefully we'll get to see what the impel down town is doing! But I'm are u going to have a power house like Goku, Ichigo, Natsu, and Luffy get past impel down? Are they going through a sneak approach or are they going to just barge through?
DragonKnight15 chapter 127 . 5/2
OH HELL YEA! Vineman redeem himself with this chapter!

Our heroes have to deal with Kuro's pirate forces and that damn Laxus, always that quick to see that Kaito show up to behead the Straw Hats. I really can say that I don't like that psycho knight at all, he's getting to be even more annoying like Laxus stated.

Of course a clash happen between Laxus against Kuro... all except they were battling in a wet area and like Nami explained to the overheaded mage... lightning mix with water is BAD. And while this went on, Law had to deal with Kaito and even he had trouble. I mean Room is overwhelming and Kaito is easily avoiding the chance of being caught into it and while this went on, Imca appeared and pissed to to hear Vine and Mustang were defeated. Who wouldn't? I WAS!

But then that damn Big Hero Moment appeared and Vine emerges, still kicking it. Thank you Aliasse and Wendy for not listening and showing up to help both Colonels. I have to ask, how the heck does Kaito always vanished especially within the Room's effect.

Ussop has done it again with a new plan crazy enough to stop Kuro and the water. And thanks to that, Kuro slip and was at the mercy of Laxus and Mustang's combination attack. YES!

Oh Vineman, you amazed me there. And today's chapter was not that short. Thanks Vineman! I can't wait for the next chapter.
chidoriprime chapter 127 . 5/2
Nice one! This looks like it's a little bit longer too; I missed the long ones. And it turns out Usopp isn't as dumb as he looks. Good chapter!

P.S. Have you ever thought about doing a crossover with Trigun?
Wolfman1997 chapter 127 . 5/2
Another good Chapter
Good job dude
Kaito can be a bumbass
And how's college?
GamingGuy84 chapter 127 . 5/2
Vibe and Mustang deliver some serious payback! Nice!

Both Kaito and Kuro got their butts kicked this time! Can't wait for more!

Just two things: When will Usopp's real memories come back? And when will we return to Goku's team at Impel Down?

jacob.kogan.33 chapter 127 . 5/2
Now that as a good battle. Next chapter should be good.
jalen johnson chapter 127 . 5/2
Now that was a pretty good action pack chapter keep it up vineman.
jalen johnson chapter 126 . 4/18
Seems like vine and mustang are down for the count and it looks like the alliance is in troblue hope they can pull it off, got to get the chapters up faster man.
Wolfman1997 chapter 126 . 4/14
I hope Roy and Vine are OK
Out of curiosity and not to annoy you about this but,
Will we get a chance to See Franky and Brook?
And not to sound rood I guess but, why do you wait so long for Chapters?
GamingGuy84 chapter 126 . 4/14
Wow, this was a depressing chapter. This Kuro guy was just too much for Vine and Mustang to handle. If only Goku had been with them!

Now Ed and the others prepare for battle, which I'm sure won't be pretty.


jacob.kogan.33 chapter 92 . 4/14
Classic Ed and Ikkaku. Look like Alita has gone berserk and only Kenshin can stop her.
jacob.kogan.33 chapter 1 . 4/14
Best prologue evenrinna crossover fanfiction story
jacob.kogan.33 chapter 89 . 4/14
The Murder Princess arc was on of my favorite arcs. This one was hilarious.
jacob.kogan.33 chapter 126 . 4/14
Looks like Kaito has become stronger than ever. Next chapter should be interesting
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