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Jacob9594 chapter 165 . 12/2
Wow crazy battles
GamingGuy84 chapter 166 . 12/2
Another solid chapter.

So it's not just Minato; it's all the previous Hokage that escaped Death Reaper Seal to lend their assistance. I'm slightly disappointed they aren't actually going to fight Morio with the others, but it's fine. SS4 Goku can handle him, I'm sure.

Back in the real world, Vine'S group finally meets Gaara, who somehow has regain his true memories cause he remembers how Naruto ssved his life. Hr then not only agreed to personally take the gang to the Leaf village, but he also plans to fight with when the time comes. I have that battle will come soon.

Speaking of Naruto, we catch up with him. He's all upset after hearing about Jiraiya. Fortunately, Luffy is there to comfort him. Boy, won't they be surprised to learn that both Jiraiya and Ace are alive and well!

No the flip side, they discovered they can no longer fuse together due Luffy growing so much stronger recently. Good thing Fukasaku offered to train him to use Sage Mode! I hope he also learns to tame Kurama and use his power down the road too!

Can't wait till next time!

Wolfman1997 chapter 166 . 12/1
Oh yeah
Good chapter!
jalen johnson chapter 166 . 12/1
Well its looks like goku is taking on Morio with Goku declaring things will be different then last Vine group gained a new ally in garra and they are on their way to the leaf meanwhile naruto found out about jiraya suspposed death and luffy reminded him that they need to take down pain but they can't do it without Luto but they can't fuse due to luffy being stronger than naruto after he trained with naruto is going to train with ichigo and luffy to achieve sage mode which makes sense besides goku naruto ichigo and luffy are the most powerful of the knights and the entire alliance overall so they need all the training they can chapter man I can't wait for the next one.
zack25king chapter 166 . 12/1
Ok 1 thing that I was waiting for to be answer was can Naruto and Luffy even fuse since Luffy train with Goku for year, thus making him stronger. So glad that got cleared up. So Naruto along side Luffy and Ichigo are getting training? Interesting. Gaara joining the fight, awesome. And the 4 kage are joining the fight against Morio.
zack25king chapter 165 . 11/25
Minato? Did not see that coming back. So chances of bringing Minato back to life? No? Maybe? Like how you have Time having trouble against Akainu. Power wise Tien got it...well all DBZ have the power to win. But login types will give them a challenge. I sense note fights between Ace and Blackbeard. I think Ace deserve his revenge.
jalen johnson chapter 165 . 11/25
Wow I never expected Minato to show up and it looks like Ace's group rescued Fu looks like things are getting good man with these powerful forces coming together good chapter man and I can't wait to see how the rest of the arc turns out the naruto arc could be the best arc in book of the shadows.
Wolfman1997 chapter 165 . 11/25
Oh snap!
Minato to the rescue
That is awesome!
GamingGuy84 chapter 165 . 11/25

First off, Ace and Tien vs Akainu and Blackbeard continued from last chapter. At first the two big bads had the upper hand, but the heroic pair quickly turned the tides against them!

But just as they were winning, a new player entered the field: Madara! Or rather, someone who claims he is (for anyone who doesn't know who's behind the mask, I won't spoil it for them). Anyway, he takes his evil companions and forced them to retreat.

However, Ace's group still won and discovered what was in that carriage. It was the Seven Tails Jinchurriki, Fu! I knew it had to be her! Looks like she'll be joining them. Can't wait for her to deliver some payback for her kidnapping!

Back at the villains' hideout, most of the Fallen One's followers are planning to attack the Hidden Leaf village soon. But I'm surprised "Madara" is with them. I thought he would be leading the Akatsuki, who were confirmed to be working for Corruption? Maybe he's playing on both sides?

But man, the best part is when we finally catch up with Goku's group on Hell. Looks like they had no trouble dealing with movie villains, only to realize a much bigger problem. Morio has trapped them there! And in order to escape they have to beat him again!

Of course, they'd have to get to him first. First line is lots of shadow fighters, and most of the ever annoying Ginyu Force. Flora mad quick work of those chumps, only to have Cell launch a sneak attack behind her.

But just as she was about to be hit, a most unexpected ally arrived to save her:

Naruto's famous father and Fourth Hokage, Minato! And Goku is further shocked that he senses the Nine Tails within him!

I like how "Madara" and Minato appeared in a similar fashion to help their respective allies.

Anyway, King Kai sent him to lend a hand. And it looks like they're going to need him alright!

But Vineman, I don't understand something. Before Naruto's world was corrupted, Minato used the Death Demon Seal to seal half of the Nine Tails chakra into himself, then seal the remaining half into his infant son before Minato himself was sealed in the Death God's stomach.

Minato's soul should still be trapped there, so he can't possibly be in the afterlife. Afterall, Orochimaru couldn't use his Reanimation Jutsu on him the first time for that very reason. Unless things played out differently in this corrupted world. Can you please explain that?

Regardless, best chapter of the arc yet! Really can't wait for the next one! Bring it!

Jacob9594 chapter 164 . 11/24
Now that a great way to start a fight
GamingGuy84 chapter 164 . 11/17
Another action packed chapter!

This time Ace's group is seeing some action. Unfortunately, that action involves none other than Blackbeard and Akainu! I'm sure they'll want nothing more than to see Ace dead again by their hands! How will Ace survive this time?!

Also, I have an idea of what is in that cart that is so important. But I'll wait for confirmation before I say anything. If I'm right, then the arc is sure to get more interesting!

Can't wait for next time!

jalen johnson chapter 164 . 11/17
Wow looks like ace group is in a bit of troblue hopefully they can get out of this alive good chapter man.
Wolfman1997 chapter 164 . 11/17
I just hope, they didn't here Tien, about the Dragon Balls.
Above all good chapter, Hope to see Sasuke, Gaara, and many others I may be forgetting.
Jacob9594 chapter 163 . 11/8
Another good chapter
jalen johnson chapter 163 . 11/3
Awesome chapter nice to see vine gang do some good deeds now I can't wait til they meet garra
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