Reviews for Plum Justified 2: Hollers to Doughnuts
Amy chapter 16 . 4/10/2013
love this story so far but in CH 16 there is mention that givens wants steph to puy the safety on the Glock...Glocks do not have a safety that you have to turn on and off, they have an extended trigger pull or as i like to call is "dont put your finger on the trigger unless you want to shoot something". just thought you should know, since raylen would know this bc he carries a glock in the show :)
QueQuowle chapter 25 . 4/2/2013
This monologue was straight-up Raylon magic. I can't believe how well you capture him. Seriously!

"Please," Givens said. "The magic word is please. My mama raised me to have manners, even when dealing with lowlife shitbags like yourself. Now, please think about your position. Please think about what Theo's gonna do when he finds out Benny burned your stock of pills to the ground. Please think about what Nicky's gonna do when he finds out you been dealin' with Detroit. And when you're done thinkin', please speak real loud into the hidden microphones and we'll get you into WitSec because we're not above usin' someone like you to get some even lower life form."
QueQuowle chapter 12 . 4/1/2013
I was going to wait and review at the end of the story, as I usually do with completed stories, but I totally needed to jump in and say that right now, after that fight scene at the end of this chapter, I am laughing so hard I am literally crying. There are tears rolling down my cheeks, and I can barely catch my breath. Thank you for that amazing, amazing moment.
carrotmusic chapter 30 . 2/11/2013
One heck of a story - I loved it. Givens is a riot and fits right in the Plumverse. Looking forward to further adventures. Thanks for sharing and take care.
ProLifter chapter 30 . 2/11/2013
This chapter packed a wallop!

Stephanie wrestling with Nix had me laughing and remembering Stephanie from the earlier books where she was both tenacious and lucky. So true to form here.

Glad Stephanie’s out-of-control fighting techniques continue to allow her to recover and protect herself. Being safe and happy is what Morelli wants for her and I think if she sticks around long enough to seriously speak with him she’d be surprised to learn how important she really is to him.

Yeah we know Karen impersonating a Federal Agent is criminal. I thought Karen’s character was awesome and added pungent ending to each chapter she was in and at the end of this storyline….just wonder what her character reference would say.

Maybe something to the effect of:

Stephanie Plum gifted to apprehend the most belligerent of criminals and avoid a major fiasco, odds in her favor. What she lacks in technique she makes up in attitude….. Love that no matter what our girl comes out on top! Just keep stock in cars, cuffs and bullets

Morelli was so sweet to stay by Stephanie’s side at the hospital and hold her hand.

Loved the impromptu of the “ring”—clever! Is her fear due to worry that it’s another half-ass proposal and doesn’t want to be hurt again? Guess it’s time for Stephanie to step in out of her “constant fleeing” and talk to Morelli….Maybe finally agree to marry him and follow her heart! We know she loves him and wants a life with him.

Excited to see where you take us on your next journey….I’ll be there to travel it with you.

Julie M
sophie1670 chapter 30 . 2/10/2013
Silly Raylan, offering his ring like that!
Loved Karen's reaction to Steph joining the Service, would've wanted to Morelli's reaction too.
AndItsOuttaHere chapter 30 . 2/10/2013
I love it! Steph and Joe belong together (of course!) just like Raylan and Winona. Differences are what make life interesting. I'm confident it will work out in the end, for all of them. Thanks for this, I was happy to play a small part!
TaleWeaver chapter 30 . 2/10/2013
Wait, what? You're leaving it THERE?
Oh, phew. You said 'for now'.
Are you holding out number 3 until Baby Givens arrives? Stephanie would make an outstanding Godmother! And let's face it, having at least one semi-familial adult outside Harlan would be a very good & healthy thing for Baby Givens.
As for the marriage proposal, I can't help but think that the whole literal panic alarm is a bad sign. If your first reaction to a marriage proposal is a fight-or-flight response, you're either a) getting it from the wrong man, b) nowhere near ready to get married to ANYONE or c) both. Personally, I'm betting on c).
If Ranger actually came out & said he'd be fine with a friends with lots of frequent benefits thing, I think Morelli would find himself alone at night on a more or less constant basis. At least until Stephanie's mother started nagging her about being 'respectably married'. Seriously, ninety percent of Steph's issues can be traced back to her growing up in a place that 'talks about' & condemns a woman who doesn't accept that her place is to get married, raise kids, & maintain a perfect home, whether she works outside it or not.
(Interesting thing, though; except for her mother & Joe, everyone in Steph's life that she really loves - Grandma, her father, Valerie & entourage, Mary Lou (who IS living the Burg's status quo, & seems perfectly happy about it) Lula & Connie, Eddie Gazzara, Carl Constanza, Ranger & the Merry men; Hell, even Vinnie, odd as it sounds... none of them EVER nag her about husbands, children, or 'settling down'. ONLY her mother & Joe do that to her but are still a part of her life.)
And even though Raylan & Joe are getting along now, Joe doesn't seem to have taken Raylan's wisdom to heart... he still doesn't really respect Stephanie or her abilities. Which is a very bad way to start off a marriage, especially someone who craves it like Stephanie does - she might not admit it, or even realise it herself, but the way she blooms under Raylan's mentor-ship... yeah, she wants some damn respect. And she damn well deserves some. All exploding cars aside, Stephanie always gets the job done in the end, by hook or by crook.
This is the main reason I favour Ranger as Stephanie's man, really (the whole 'michelangelo's david dipped in caramel' actually has nothing to do with it); when she needs some extra cash she goes to RangeMan for temp work, & she knows that if she ever wants to actually have a boss again (Vinnie doesn't count as one, by anyone's definition) she can walk over to RangeMan & start haggling over benefits. He may write off the regular destroyed cars as 'entertainment' & seriously want in her pants, but Ranger's too practical to offer employment to someone unless he's sure they can get the job done.
SassyJ chapter 30 . 2/10/2013
Awwwww... Is this the end of the story? Because we really, really need more Stephanie and Raylan. They go together so well! Fantastic stuff, you really captured the essence of both characters.
ProLifter chapter 29 . 2/9/2013
This chapter was not only educational but kicked it up a notch on the intrigue scale!

I really love the way Givens brain churns...he really is a fund and sometimes strange Marshall. I really enjoy his character the way you write him. Givens ability to conclude the Casino would be closed and the buses would be in the parking lot-awesome!

He might be right about Morelli wanting to knock him out especially for pulling a Ranger and putting Stephanie in danger.

Will Givens go in guns a blazin' and hook-up with Morelli? I know with both them gun-toten target blastin law enforcers there's no one they can't takedown working on the same team.

Way too go and anxious to see your next chapter.

Julie M
carrotmusic chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
Just loved the bit about the present. Wonder no one else thought of that before as a way to get Steph to at least accept her gun, even if she didn't like it. Thanks for sharing and take care.
sophie1670 chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
Southern boy Raylan knows just what to say about Stephanie's mama, hilarious.
Great to see another chapter!
AndItsOuttaHere chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
Too bad about the explosion. Raylan would've fit right in at the Wild West casino.

You have these characters down.

Uh-oh is right. Yikes! Who's in the dumpsters with Steph?
SassyJ chapter 29 . 2/3/2013
Oops... Stephanie's in trouble. This is really, really good!
ProLifter chapter 28 . 1/30/2013
I re-read all the chapters and WOW you're creative flow has definitely taken on a size amount of twists and turns and I'm really enjoying the insight Raylan is offering Morelli regarding his relationship with Stephanie. The only issue I have is that Stephanie isn't a Marshall but hell she's not really a licensed Bounty Hunter either, so that seems a wash any way you look at it.
The other side of the coin is I understand Joe is reluctant to take Raylan's advise because he's already made a mess of his own marriage and continues to befuddle his own relationships and has disaster following him as much as Stephanie or he just creates it and leaves it behind for others to clean up, lol.
I'm thrilled that Morelli wasn't kidnapped but his shrewed detective skills figured out what the bus represented and sparked his own plan to engage Nix. Yahoo for not writting Morelli needing to be rescued but requiring 'backup' and Givens is just the guy to see it through.
The whole purse and encounters with the troopers was a hoot.
I think you're writing has taken on brillaince and awesome rhythm which causes layers of emotions from me. Any good writer worth their wait in gold is able to force us to feel the characters and you have done just that. Kudos!
Looking forward to continued chapters as you wrap up Blowtorch and Nix in an epic high noon showdown :)
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