Reviews for Calamity Jane Meets Dr Isles, Medicine Woman
Gage chapter 50 . 8/3
I have never left a review on a story before but you just broke me. That was an amazing wild ride and I loved every minute of it. THANK YOU for all your passion and hard work, I'm gonna go find more of your works and binge this weekend
MuffinRamsey chapter 50 . 8/5
This is probably like my 30th re-read at this point. Just have to say once again how much I absolutely adore this story and all of your writing. Thank you for sharing.
Guest chapter 50 . 7/22
I was watching the show randomly the other night and thought of this story and immediately wanted to reread it. I still remember the notifications I’d get of a new chapter coming out. Or was that the sequel? I don’t remember...I wasn’t going to leave a review, but your author note on the last chapter reminded me how important they really are.
I want to show my appreciate of your work. I LOVE this story. It has the ability to take me out of my hectic life for a while and put me in someone else’s for a bit. I just finished it at work. I had a little down time and if my students knew what I was reading when they ask... they wouldnt believe it if I told them it was a story that took place in the 1800s, let alone fanfic. I find the history part so facinating and I love that you manage to get that part down so effortlessly and weave a story so intriguing.
I don’t really know what else to say, you’re one of my favorite authors and I’ve followed your stories for years. Thanks for putting your work out there for free.
Wow. This story was released 6 years ago. I never thought I would still enjoy reading stories about the same people falling in love over and over again. But with authors such as your self, and your story telling abilities, y’all sure make it enjoyable and hard to stop.
carta chapter 50 . 7/19
Loved it. Loved butchy Jane, loved the town, loved the fun pop culture references and show quotes, just loved this whole thing.
dawndutra68 chapter 45 . 7/6
God, I LOVE Adelaide!
dawndutra68 chapter 32 . 7/5
Holy crap, batman! Chills!
IHsocket chapter 50 . 6/25
The most honest story I have read so far. Loved the time zone and wild west theme. Lovely.
WinterSky25 chapter 50 . 5/25
It certainly was a slow one. And I have spent the best part of two days glued to my screen.
I love it. I will recommend it to people I can recommend it to.
sarisalinger chapter 1 . 4/8
Hands down the best fic I’ve come across. Well done. I just want to keep re-reading it. Part 2 is wonderful as well.
Sunny P chapter 1 . 3/21
This is something you should seriously consider getting published
Kathy chapter 50 . 2/18
This was a great twist to the show, loved the old west. A truly amazing read! Thank you
Guest chapter 50 . 1/17
It’s been awhile since I’ve read this but still it is oh sooo good I wish you would maybe write another third one maybe where Maura is kidnapped or maybe Jane That would make a great story. Thanks for all your hard word. I’ll dtart rereading the second one soon. Your fan friend. Arkielad
lashawn chapter 32 . 1/17
Shit just got real. I’m way too into this story. I swear all that’s missing is popcorn. Can’t wait to see how Jane reacts to Maura’s new acquaintance.
Guest chapter 50 . 1/12
What a truly wonderful, utterly perfect story! I loved every word!
sally rally chapter 50 . 1/7
Wow, just wow.
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