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Darkest Fire chapter 24 . 11/29
I want more! Please!
Guest chapter 24 . 11/18
Bad Dumbledor! bad!
apple chapter 24 . 10/26
i love this story so sooo much! which is strange considering i hardly like OCs but for some reason, Rose is just so wonderful that you can't help but fall in love with her! She's genuine, warm and sincere but at the same time, she's so...vain and self-obsessed that it's really adorable and refreshing. :D definitely one of my favorite female characters of all time :D

Just an idea. Would it be possible to ask if you'd be willing to write a one-shot showing Draco's POV from 1st to 6th year? Just a thought. I think I (as well as the rest of your avid readers) would love to see what was going on inside that Slytherin head of his during those first six years. :D

Keep writing! I am eagerly waiting for an update! 3
Theodora Snowbird chapter 24 . 10/24
I love this story! I feel like Rose and Draco's relationship is very realistic, especially how Ginny handles it. She's worried about her best friend, although I'm sure a lot of people aren't too happy with her. I hope you'll update soon! Until then, I'm content with reading my favorite parts! :)
maipigen chapter 24 . 10/22
this story turned into something different than i had expected. it quickly defected from being about a vapid girl into something really great, i love the way the emotions between the people tug at my hartstrings with each and every chapter. i hoe that you will return soon with more as i am so so ooo eager for more and to see just how draco gets to prove himself and...oddly eough, i want to see dobby saved too hehe, thanks for this amazing tale!
Guest chapter 24 . 10/19
NOOOO IT ENDED PLEASE I am engrossed in this story please update I love Rose, Draco is UGH
PoppedTheP chapter 20 . 9/26
I am literally rereading this whole story because I love it so much and cannot wait for more! Somehow this story keeps going round in my mind and has become my most fav at the moment! I think cuz you're such a great writer of compelling forbidden romance. Your James/Sirius one is stunning too. The 2 trophy room rendezvouses this and 1st year are maybe two of my fav scenes in the story so far. I love them! Do you have any idea on a timeline/approximate date for your next update so I can start counting down/getting excited about it? :)
afsgrfdfhgj chapter 18 . 9/20
ginny is a bitch
asdfghui chapter 16 . 9/20
Bloody hell, rose is fing stupid,, love of his life, he admitted he doesn't like tonks,wouldn't she think that he might like remus? and bloody hell, sirius doesnt even know Tonks! why would he like her?
PoppedTheP chapter 24 . 9/17
Ahhhh I can't wait to read more! I love the romance against all odds. It is so sweet and swoony! Please update soon I am so eager to read more. This is my new fav ship. Draco has never been sexier than through Rose's eyes.
PoppedTheP chapter 8 . 9/17
It's really interesting to think about - if Harry was a girl I bet the media would take the slut shaming route. Great exploration of the female perspective.
PoppedTheP chapter 6 . 9/17
It's so fun having a female main character and exploring teen romances and parties and boys! I love it! And love Ginny best friend. And Sirius protective godfather continues to be adorable and hilarious. And Malfoy continues to be so swoony! Sighhh.
PoppedTheP chapter 4 . 9/16
Can I just say how much I LOVE this story! Rose/Draco is so lovely and swoony and natural and at such a fun real pace. Sirius the godfather is so sweet and my heart melts when he calls her Rosie. I love the Petunia dynamic. And it's so fun to read a well written female Harry. Yeah basically just everything about this is awesome and perfect.
euclidimogen chapter 20 . 9/14
I'd this point I'm just rambling. You already know I am head over heels in love and sucked in so deep into your story and characterization that I have lost my sense of self. You already know that what you write, how you plot and order things, the balance of toughness and courage with fear and vulnerability and hope and lust/affection all meet with my approval and admiration. You already know that even when I despise what things are done, I adore how they are written about. So. Now for random questions which may or may not be answered later in the story chapters already posted: What is the war effort going on in the background? Is there a war effort? Like I said I really appreciate the focus on Rose and her firsthand and secondhand knowledge and no more, but Amelia is dead, Voldemort is not just back but his debut was gruesome and involved the battery, torture, possession, and murder of the Girl Who Lived to be Lindsay Lohan, and what especially made me curious is this exhaustive detail of Rose's. Sirius, Remus, and Tonks all mention them being paid for this aside from it being an assignment by the Ministry. Is that it? Is it just private security detail being facilitated through the Ministry? Wait. Know what? I think I've answered my own questions now that I've actually paused and taken a breather to rehash everything in my head. I'm so used to thinking of Harry Potter's story like an adventure story, but this isn't Harry Potter's story. This is Rose's Turn (I could have resisted but I figured why not?).
euclidimogen chapter 14 . 9/14
Listen. I'm still absolutely repulsed by your Draco and want to cause him grievous bodily injury. How-ever. This is bloody brilliant! This story is beautiful! Just steals my breath over and over and over! You find the most unexpected and heart-stopping, jaw-dropping ways to get us to the natural conclusions and climaxes of things! I really pray this story is published to its end. I can't even imagine how you would resolve the entire series. This is sooooo good! It hurts, it sings, it soars, it plummets. I /feel/ for Rose. For Sirius. For Ginny and Hermione and Neville. Oh, Nevile! You've done so beautifully by Neville. And "Lav and Pav." And Blaise and Michael and Greg and MYRTLE! and Emmy. And Kreacher! And Remus.

((I was thinking since my last review that I had to tell you how much more I enjoy your version of 5th Year without all of the focus and digging into Ministry hierarchy and departmental flow charts! I really, really love detailed world building and love when fics dig into things like that but I also found a new love for you staying clear and consistent about the story and not splitting attention to include things we never asked about the Ministry or which memos came from which department that allow Umbitch to be heinous. She is heinous, the Ministry is abusive, the public is cruel; we know these things without them having to be spelled out. Love it.))
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