Reviews for Buttercup
CMY187 chapter 28 . 9/16
"Rocky Training Montage"
(starts listening to Gonna Fly Now)
"could tolerate her illustrious and queenly name being shortened to 'Ana' when such plebeian brevity grew unpleasantly necessary"
Your writing is so good that it's annoying.
"Protein and supplement mix"
I'm curious about the drinks that Hamilton serves in his bar.
"lobbing daggers backwards over her shoulder to see if she could get them to stick in the target boards"
Wildcard is scarily skilled at throwing knives by now.
"the kitchen opened into the living room"
I'm curious what the Hamilton residence would look like. So far, I think only Sandro, Leonardo and Michaelangelo have been to it.
"our poor house?!"
Yep, concern for the property and not their personal safety.
"testing a new detonator"
Where did Hamilton become proficient in explosives?
"if it was tampered with in any way"
In other words, once you arm it, it is very, very difficult to disarm if you change your mind. You'd be better off just sealing it somewhere and detonating it than to take the risk.
"limited by what actions she could imagine performing"
Her victory over Akihide was well-earned.
"she had to be able to make a near-perfect guess"
She is limited by her own creativity and physical and mental capability.
"slip the corner of a playing card into the blasting cap"
How much research went into this story again?
"make it entirely unintuitive so that no one else figures it out"
"I don't think you're allowed to have dynamite"
"store that safely"
Wait, where would they store explosives?
"What he knew was patently undisciplined and based entirely on fast reflexes, good instincts, and lots of experience"
We have seen the results of Wildcard's training under Leonardo. What if Hamilton were to train Sandro or Shawn?
"ugly, old-fashioned, american street-fighting"
Where did Hamilton learn to fight like this?
"he might want to look for lessons into something more refined for her"
Ultimately, as fast as she can be and even with her ability, Wildcard is only human. She cannot move out of the path of a bullet.
"so many other things she'd rather be doing"
Leonardo has done so much for her.
"I'm not the one who thinks she's a ninja"
I'd find it hilarious if Wildcard were to be approached by the Foot.
"an unexpectedly well-muscled and sun-weathered woman of about forty-eight or fifty"
I love that Wildcard still hasn't stopped trying to set her dad up on dates.
"She's imagining the floor is littered with the bodies of her enemies"
You enjoy writing Hamilton's dialogue, don't you?
"boxing, mixed, wrestling, karate, judo, taiji, and akido"
Hmm. No Krav Maga, Silat or Muay Thai. Then again, those are extremely dangerous forms of fighting that should NOT be taught to young children.
"Pole Fitness"
Hamilton is a sarcastic jerk.
"looked up in surprise...more wry than angry"
Uh-oh. She likes him.
"Had a reputation to maintain"
That reputation is now shot to pieces after he dove into a freezing river to save a group of drowning kittens.
"he'd kept solid tabs on her for as long as he could"
I am curious of the situation between the Parker parents and their son.
"She didn't resent him"
He has been the only meaningful presence in her life for so long.
"bullet-resistant armor"
(Frank gets shot by a .44-caliber handgun) 'Kevlar can't stop that.'
"some indirect means of protecting her"
He won't be around forever. She needs to learn to protect herself as well as she can, and he intends to help her with that.
"find some method of slowly letting go"
I get the feeling that it's going to be Wildcard who has to keep an eye on HIM.
"having children continue to be honest even whilst they were making the wrong choices...not betraying their trust"
What kind of parent would Wildcard be?
"clung to it long after normal children gave up dreams of being astronauts and race car drivers"
Her ability makes being a superhero an actual option for her. But how would she make a living out of it?
"in the event she was accosted by thieves or bullies"
Here's hoping curiosity or worse won't incite her into encountering worse things than thieves or bullies. These night-time wanderings through New Jersey and New York, sooner or later she's going to see something she'd either want to witness or to stop.
"as good a time as any for him to get some creeping done as well"
Criminal father and daughter. Heh. I wonder what Wildcard would think of The Last of Us.
CMY187 chapter 27 . 9/15
"a race across a cityscape"
I really like that she is very uncomfortable with swimming, which is the exact opposite from Sandro. Poor Shawn meanwhile can't even go in the water.
"They'd only been in Jersey a week"
As of Uncharted Adventures, I feel that Wildcard has yet to truly get to know the 'main' city of New York, never mind the other boroughs. To be fair, New York is a gigantic place. You could spend a life-time in it without seeing even a third of it. (by the way, comic writer Garth Ennis who has been living in New York City for more than a decade states that to him, Brooklyn is far more interesting than Manhattan due to all the different kinds of people who live in it.
"He was faster on open ground"
He is taller and has longer legs.
"her wall run was better"
Less body mass to have to propel oneself upward.
"Time to shimmy!"
Learning how to flee and to evade is more important than fighting, in my opinion.
"What would it be like to be a superhero"
This is what Wildcard wants to be when she grows up.
"Died of old age while waiting for daughter to get here"
He cheated, didn't he?
"both reflected curiously and confirmed"
What does Hamilton think of Peter Parker? Would he compare Parker to Bruce Wayne?
"Today is not the day to find out"
In my opinion, Wildcard, Sandro and Shawn are far, far too young to get even a glimpse of the world that Frank (and Daredevil, for that matter) resides in; dark, cold, and horrific. Spider-Man mostly deals with other supervillains, mainly due to his comics restricting him to it (I wonder how you would write the Parkers in this story) Meanwhile, Matt Murdock has gone after and brutally beaten people who abduct and sell young boys into sex slavery, while Frank has shot child pornographers through the mouth to watch them choke on the remains of their teeth and tongues. (pause) New York can be the greatest city in the world, and also the worst, because it attracts both the best and worst of humanity. Thankfully, Uncharted Adventures is meant to be about Wildcard and Sandro's PEACEFUL adventures and escapades.
"she wondered what he'd been thinking"
Me too.
"I didn't promise not to look from a safe distance"
Kyn, please stop scaring me.
"Do not ever get caught"
There is more at stake now than just her and Hamilton. She gets noticed, she's putting the Parkers and Hamatos in danger as well.
"She'd always been a hard child to keep still"
Despite prefering to sit in the shade and read or draw, Shawn frequently sneaks out into the city on his own. Dammit, Kyn, you making all your characters interesting might backfire! Shawn is now even more interesting to me than both Sandro and Wildcard!
CMY187 chapter 26 . 9/9
"the Joker is not a great role model!"
"as had all the houses around it"
Neighborhoods, empires, nothing lasts forever. Also, I need to think of settings as actual people if I want to get better at writing them.
"grown up calling rust-melted and dilapidated old warehouses home"
Sandro grew up in the sewers. Shawn by contrast lived in a nice house, and is more miserable and troubled than both him and Wildcard.
"Poor, but never poor"
I'm sure if he wanted to, Hamilton could have found a way to launder the money so they could live in luxury. But neither he nor Wildcard are inclined to do that.
"invisibility through obscurity"
Hide in plain sight.
"when he had a hobby or objective other than herself to focus on"
I wonder what stories Hamilton picked up from being a bartender.
"to grab a nice pie slice of his attention away from her"
Some children demand that all attention be focused on them, while others prefer to be left alone. Wildcard wants a balance between both.
"all sewn in to make room for sleight of hand and rapidly accessible ammo"
Wildcard is scary.
"Not like Willow's mom"
Stop making me think about that! Oh my God is Willow a miserable wreck!
"bomb production"
I wonder if Hamilton has an illegal side-business to his legitimate bartender job.
"too expensive to make the city council priority list"
I wonder if April knows people in the Jersey City council.
"long before the era of anti-theft protections"
"a bold metallic copper"
Come to think of it, how long does it take for the Joker to apply his make-up?
"a coming of age"
Kyn, I have not forgotten that you said that Uncharted Adventures would be about one or two of the only peaceful years in Wildcard's life...
"that orange Nickelodeon logo"
That company's TV shows used to be entertaining.
"went to have a look at those gossip rags"
"an Enquirer beneath the sparser drivel"
Sometimes, the best news are the ones that the big networks and general public disregard. The problem is that Everybody Lies.
"so as not to 'accidentally' glimpse too far into the future and spoil the plot twists"
Wildcard's ability is a curse.
"her ability was more visual than auditory"
"she looked stricken, appalled, and disbelieving"
Ah, a sheltered life.
"That's so unchristian of you"
Urm, lady, have you ever actually read the Bible? It's the bloodiest book I have ever read. It's also my favorite book of all time. I love that rather than just say that someone kills someone, the bible goes into detail (driving a tent peg through the temple, stabbing in the stomach, disembowelment, etc)
"That's the future you should be scared of"
Uh-huh. Yeah, I disagree. History is a circle, not a line. And I doubt that comics could make the world any worse than it already is. (looks at my collection of war and crime-genre comics) Huh.
"Don't. Laugh"
I love this chapter so much.
"a look of indignant rage on her face"
Considering recent personal events in my own life the past several, I relate so much to Hamilton right now. I've gotten the 'This is the Devil's work' speech myself. I'd say the real 'Devil's work' is taking and twisting parts of religious texts to suit one's own purposes and agendas; something that is done all the time in organized religion.
"she stood up and began screaming at him"
Yeah, COMICS are the real threat to society, they are what will bring it crashing down. We should spend more time campaigning against comics and not, say, pedophilia in the movie and religious industries. Also, I'm pretty sure that what made Hamilton into what he is/was wasn't comics.
"He was still laughing"
Does Hamilton still visit that salon as of Uncharted Adventures?
"an extraordinarily offended-looking, plump, African American woman, who decked the lady clear across the face"
Kyn, I want you to write, produce and direct a slice-of-life/comedy movie. Maybe one about a group of people who mainly work in a diner or store.
"a very overworked man with dark circles beneath his eyes attempted to figure out whose side he was on amidst a field of quibbling women"
Frank: 'I wonder how it is they do the job they do. Working in the system. Rules and frustrations. Is to dot and Ts to cross. I couldn't do it in a million years.'
"without looking up from her comic"
I am very, very curious of what dynamic Hamilton could have with Shawn Parker. Shawn is a VERY troubled person who suffers from constant abuse and bullying. I fear the possibility of him being sexually assaulted. And the worst part of it all, is that he CAN make them fear him. He could make sure that they would never even LOOK at him again. And he knows it. Kyn, if the torment doesn't stop, sooner or later he WILL snap. Problem is, there will always be more thugs and bullies. If he wants it to stop, he needs to create a REPUTATION. Why won't he? Fear of being expelled? If he puts his mind to it, he could work around it and avoid it. Either way, Shawn HAS to do something. He shouldn't just let it continue, nor should he rely on other people to shield him all the time. (heavy sigh) There is no right solution here, is there? I wonder if Hamilton could come up with something. What would the Joker do to stop the current bullying and prevent future ones?
"a sticker for a 'church' on her bumper"
Yep. You don't have to actually follow the teachings of the religion, as long as you make everyone think that you regularly attend a place that espouses such teachings.
"maybe I'm just fishing here"
Wildcard IS the Devil, and not because of comics.
"my first and most saintly act of community service"
Hamilton and Michaelangelo are going to be the best buddy cop duo in the history of buddy cop duos.
"and out of the way of a car"
Using his evil and psychopathy to do GOOD. Keldorn Firecam would be proud.
I disagree with your Note, Kyn. The Joker IS a great role model. I want to be EXACTLY like him.
CMY187 chapter 25 . 9/8
"They'd never had much time to pack before"
I don't know why I paused to re-read this line. I just did.
"but still wants me to carry her rabbit"
This made me smile. I don't think it's laziness.
"anything other than a normal teenager"
Rather than try to hide it, she eventually embraced it.
"Would the Playstation fit?"
What are her favorite games? What are Sandro's?
"You can practice getting it past"
Honestly, security in general is easy to bypass if you know what you are doing. Most security guards aren't paid enough to conduct thorough checks. Also, the Hitman (2016) game has measures for smuggling weapons past body searches. 47's signature garrote is virtually undetectable.
Frank: 'I can't risk weapons on a commercial flight, so the first thing I do when I arrive at any airport is buy myself some kind of blade. A Leatherman, a Swiss Army Knife, whatever they've got. It's not much, but until I find a gun, it's something. I slip it up my sleeve, where the average f-k won't think to look. Even beyond average, if time is tight. Like I say, it isn't much - but it's something.' (stabs a man in the eye)
"A challenge!"
Wildcard scares me.
"He was still so much taller than her, and she had to take two steps to one of his"
I wonder if characters like Meredith, Shawn or Akihide would take an interest in Wildcard being adopted (if they know and/or learn of it)
"much too old and desensitized to worry about things like moving from place to place"
I'm curious of Wildcard's relationships with animals throughout this series. She was very concerned for the koi, but not so much for the kitten.
"They paused at a point to critique some nice street art"
Both Hamilton and Wildcard love cities.
"I don't think I strongly identify with other kids my age anymore"
How would Wildcard react to meeting a child who is just as strange or crazy as she is?
"Everything they talk about is stale, and the more they irritate me, the less I feel like I belong"
Even without Hamilton's influence or raising of her, Wildcard is an interesting person in her own right.
"the other half are deadbeats"
Wildcard doesn't find a single one of her teachers interesting. (looks at Leonardo) Heh.
"the teacher keeps telling me to 'take it down a notch'"
No wonder Hamilton decides to home-school her. The public education system in Gotham is crap.
"no one would ever recruit me with an attitude like that"
Ha! Leonardo recruited her BECAUSE of her attitude, and she defeated Akihide!
"as if I cared"
At first Wildcard despaired, but as time went on, she found that other people bored her, and she no longer wanted to fit in or form relationships at school.
"You'd think he'd recognize a competitive spirit"
The gym teacher doesn't like being upstaged, does he? Pathetic.
"obscenely bad for how large the student body is"
Shawn is the protagonist of his own story, inside and outside the world of high school. It just so happens that in Uncharted Adventures, he is a main character instead of a protagonist.
"girls my age are stupid boring and stupid touchy"
Hmm. Wildcard as of Uncharted Adventures has yet to befriend a girl her age. (looks at Meredith) Dunno about that.
"I'm just in such disbelief of their reactions"
Wildcard seems to be more used to the stupidity of young boys than she is of girls.
"I think that makes me mean"
I don't mind if someone is mean if they are mean to the right people. The problem is who would fall into the category of 'right people'; there's no way it wouldn't be unbiased.
"she complained"
Being conscious of her height. Yet I think Wildcard would hate girls who are even shorter than her.
"she didn't really remember any of it"
"look like a drunk toddler was in the City Planning Office with red crayon the night before the plans were proposed"
I am depressed again. I don't know how to breathe life into a setting. I just don't.
"the ability to set off explosives in the middle of the floor without alarming any neighbors"
This made me laugh.
"forced to exercise some intense powers of interpolation"
That this story isn't published is an injustice.
"transformed (sometimes quite hilariously) by the authors' and artists' imaginations"
In Uncharted Adventures, Hamilton has taken to watching and reading more stories in lieu of psychopathic behavior. I wonder which stories involving psychopaths would impress or interest him the most.
"sagged down into a pudding of herself"
I love this story.
"she's not from school"
Does Wildcard regret that she cannot attend school with Shawn? (pause) Oh no. Don't tell me she's considering...
"abandoned buildings at the Narrows"
Some people with supernatural abilities are blessed by them. Others are cursed.
"She's not allowed to leave home, ever"
I feel sad now.
"She's so lonely"
Goddammit, Kyn.
"she's scared what her mom would do if she ever learned about me"
...if anyone thinks that Hamilton is not a great parent, they should look at Ivy instead. Heck, Hamilton has been a damn good parent, all things considered.
"Do you trust Batman?"
Despite being Lawful Evil (in my opinion), Frank Castle is a manipulative liar who has gone back on his word to people numerous times, and he already was like that even before his family were brutally shot to death in Central Park. He has his humane moments, but they are few and far between. I wonder what Wildcard would think of him; a person who shuns and refuses relationships, platonic, romantic or parental, to focus on nothing else but his personal war. 'Long, Cold, Dark' is the title of one of the story arcs of the MAX series. In contrast, Hamilton has come a very long way since he adopted Wildcard, and has even become a caring and supportive person toward both Wildcard and the Hamato family. It's so fascinating to see the changes in the ADULT characters as a result of their dynamics with the children in this series. (looks at Logan and Meredith) Hmm.
"this question was bizarre and unexpected and interesting"
(looks at Daredevil and Frank) Heh. Daredevil is still the best superhero character I have ever seen. I wonder how many writers were disappointed that they weren't picked to write his Netflix series.
"the one and only 'hero' you can trust in this whole gritty world is most probably Batman"
Hamilton ADMIRES him.
"she sprung on him"
"Stop trying to set me up with people"
Wildcard is never going to stop, isn't she?
"I don't even know what that means"
Yes. Yes he does. Fanfiction is the best and worst thing ever. I love creators who read fanfictions of their own work. Sadly, there don't seem to be many of them.
CMY187 chapter 24 . 9/1
"'Jack' may have had a sister once"
Kyn, if you haven't already, I will, as an annoying, insufferable fanboy of that show, keep pestering you to watch Hannibal.
"I definitely imagine those same facial expressions and body language as I write him"
The Dark Knight (2008) has its problems, but Ledger's performance certainly wasn't one of them.
"grilled shish-kebabs, with beef, peppers, onions, and mushrooms"
I hate you, Kyn. I hate you so much.
"We've lived everywhere"
Sandro on the other hand has seen very little outside of the underground areas of New York.
"Always urban areas"
How would Wildcard react to being in a completely natural setting that isn't even rural?
Frank: 'Out here in the woods, the air is clear. Everything is the right way round. The world is true...time to go home.'
"her father explained conversationally"
Hamilton has so much to teach his daughter and her friends. He could be VERY helpful in giving them advice and tips on hunting psychopaths and murderers.
"you assume they've run far and hidden clever"
The problem with hiding next door and in plain sight is that sometimes, you get unlucky and a person spots you.
"I love Gotham"
Wildcard wouldn't know what to do in a peaceful meadow, would she?
"It feels like home"
Home is where the heart is for Wildcard.
"I always have somewhere new to explore"
Cities are more than just a giant mass of buildings. They have a life of their own.
"Morale, not money, seemed to change the face of poverty"
There will always be poor and destitution and crime in Gotham. Always. So what could change its atmosphere?
"somehow at the same time Gotham exuded this faint and dirty orange aura of hope"
I love this so much.
"if Batman had wanted to save the city"
I wonder what Wildcard and Sandro would think of New York; a place where people from all over the world gather to try their luck in carving their futures.
"Most of his enemies had pivoted on bleak views towards human nature and the forces of entropy"
I don't understand megolamanics. Why would you want the burden of ruling an entire city or even the world? I should probably take a look at the second Wolfenstein game; a at-present two-game series in which in an alternate future, Nazi Germany won the Second World War and conquered the world. In my opinion, it...honestly doesn't seem that bad. Sure, German soldiers hassle Americans for not speaking German properly, but is it any worse than being oppressed by local American leaders? Or maybe I'm just biased. And I suppose there's the killing-all-the-Jews thing, which is just insane. You're suppoed to ENSLAVE them, not slaughter them.
"One his successors would have to prolong or earn back once he grew old to fight"
Frank: 'I went to war with murderers and thieves, with racketeers and dealers, the parasites who preyed on human weakness. That weakness was a feeding ground that stretched beyond the infinite. The evil that it fed would never end. So I decided; neither would my war.'
I am very, very curious of the topic of how killing may be addressed or explored in this series. The Hamato quartet have killed people. Raphael enjoyed it, and may still enjoy it. Michaelangelo...there is a reason that nobody ever brings it up, least of all him. Also, I am ALWAYS skeptical of how there always seem to never be any on-screen civilian casualties in superhero stories, even when an entire spaceport was being sacked and vehicles are being flung around in a busy New York street. There is a reason that in the event of a major emergency, police would first attempt to establish a perimeter, then evacuate and direct civilians away from the area. In too many superhero stories to count, public areas where battles took place always seem to be conveniently deserted, or worse, any nearby civilians would always get away in time. Don't worry about that car that Superman flung at Zod in a busy street in the middle of the day, there will never, ever be people in its path. ARGH.
"I'm more curious to see whether we don't get attacked"
The word 'curious' was what got me. Hamilton still has an interest in Bruce Wayne.
"It thought it rather half-hearted there was only one"
Wayne had to have known that Hamilton would find it. It was more like a reminder than an actual attempt to track him.
"Names have power. Especially if you're curious to see how far you can push someone"
I'm suddenly worried about Hamilton possibly meeting Meredith.
"You didn't even seem to have an objective"
I don't think Wildcard herself knows why she did it. A person without any motive is dangerous.
"you didn't even know what they were up to"
Wildcard has no idea what she is doing or why. She is aimless and lost.
"I had to prove I could do it"
Hamilton's concern for her safety is the reason for their constant moving.
"you're always scared for me"
It isn't Hamilton being the Joker that bothers her. It's his over-protectiveness.
"I can foresee gunshots"
Over-reliance on her ability will get her killed...
"Everything's always a cloud of reflections"
It would be fascinating for Wildcard to get a psychiatrist or to talk about her ability with someone.
"the only white space I saw"
She could see into the future, but can still put herself into a corner. Her ability isn't infallible.
"I didn't feel anything"
This may not be because of Hamilton at all. When Wildcard allowed the ball to strike the girl, she felt bad about NOT instinctively trying to prevent her from being hit.
"she shouldn't be excused just because he was worse"
Wildcard is going to be an extraordinary person in the future. Heck, she already is.
"and then feel nothing"
In my opinion, people like this are far more deadly than those who delight in murder.
"Especially boring people"
Hamilton is a narcissist.
"Wow, what a question"
This made me smile.
"Punch a few more bullies who've tried to grope you"
Wildcard is TOO complex. No wonder Sandro says she is crazy.
"be careful not to get too wrapped up in 'proving' yourself"
The double-dose of hypocrisy in Anomen Delryn is not only his boasting and strutting, but that he actually doesn't DO any of the things he claims to have done to prove himself as a worthy knight.
"please keep out of organized crime and/or politics"
Neither are quite as exciting as they are made out to be.
"The question spooked him more than it had any right to"
I noticed throughout this story that Hamilton was constantly struggling with himself. Psychopaths rarely doubt who they are, but when they do...
"strangely flattered to be so"
Some people would have been averse to parenthood more than anything else. Hamilton welcomed it.
"I don't want to go crazy one day and become evil"
In my opinion, those two things do NOT go together. Hitler was crazy. Stalin was evil. Hm, how much knowledge of world history does Wildcard have?
"You've a little heart of gold"
She does, and at the same time she doesn't. There's the kitten and the baby. (pause) Kyn, why did you have to make this character so mystifying? She really lives up to her moniker.
"Thirteen is too young for anyone to be working out what they ought to feel while killing people"
At age 11 or 12, Gregor Clegane disfigured his brother Sandor. Reading Icura's Oregairu/Game of Thrones story and reading Gregor's Wiki of Ice and Fire page, I now strongly suspect that of Gregor's suspected kin-slayings - his father, sister and first two wives - the Clegane father may have deserved what Gregor did to him.
"mid zombie-apocalypse"
I thought of Ellie from The Last of Us. Unlike Joel, she was BORN in that kind of world, and has known nothing else. I love that so much. Joel was wrong to treat her like an innocent person; she was already acclimatized to violence and in fact is an even better shot than he is. She kept calm throughout the entire sequence in which he was severely wounded.
"let off steam on punching bags"
Murder is much more serious than robbery or assault, and draws more attention from the police and other people.
"Not now, not yet"
How old was Hamilton when he commited his first murder?
"I want to roam at night"
(looks at New York) I'm scared now.
"lay out feelers"
"up the frequency of your 'extracurricular lessons' in hand-to-hand combat, traversal, and explosives...let you move about freely at night"
He listened to, considered and agreed to help her in learning to look after and defend herself.
"you are to stay clear of gangs"
Yes to this. I agree with this completely. Stay away from the major crime syndicates. People like them don't appreciate being attacked or ripped off, and their usually have feelers of their own. And there's worst things than them out there...
"I want to be Anastasia Hamilton...You can be Andrew Hamilton"
The names they have kept to this day were chosen by her. Heh.
CMY187 chapter 23 . 8/25
"Her father pulled out a shiv"
Hamilton is never unarmed, is he?
"a newly placed tracking beacon in hand, courtesy a Batman"
Wayne seems like he wasn't even really trying.
"She was quiet through"
Wildcard enjoyed Helena's company, and understands that it is unlikely that she would see her again.
"She waited to see if he'd floor the gas"
He's too smart for that. That's what got him caught the last time.
"or play hockey"
Hamilton being a psychopathic murderer was only part of it. Living a life on the lam also took its toll on her. Finally getting a long-term/permanent residence in New York worked wonders for Wildcard. It was a smart move too. If you go into hiding, living in a rural area would only make you stand out. New York City is a melting pot filled to the brim with all kinds of strange and 'weird' people. I like the idea of people not being fazed by someone like Spider-Man swinging by.
"she didn't quite fit in anywhere"
Kyn, I think S01E04 of Hannibal would be one of your favorite episodes from the series. Its main theme is family, and has a fun scene in which several characters talk about being an oldest child, a middle child, a twin and an only child.
Here's a quote from it that made me think of Wildcard:
Will Graham: 'I followed my father from the boatyards of Biloxi and Greenville to lakeboats on Erie.'
Hannibal Lecter: 'Always the new boy at school. Always the stranger.'
Will Graham: 'Always.'
"or much like any of her teachers"
Hamilton will home-school her, and Leonardo will become her dojo master.
"Gotham was her home, and she knew all its grease stains and pot holes and people"
In a way, Gotham would always be important to Wildcard, and to Hamilton as well.
"she felt so routinely challenged and yet strangely safe in its ugly streets"
In my opinion, New York is both safer/more tranquil and at the same time more perilous and insane than Gotham. People from the 1960s and 1960s have stated that going to Vietnam was safer than staying in the Bronx or certain parts of Brooklyn.
"She didn't want a new name, or a new face"
Anastasia Hamilton would become a very important name for her.
"Odd question"
But a good one. She did choose to get involved, and is the reason that everything snowballed from there.
"you've left him confused about me"
That would never have happened if Hamilton himself had rescued Helena. I'm now starting to wonder if a part of Wildcard knew or suspected from the start that the kidnap victim was Helena Wayne.
"Whether you do 'good deeds' or 'make mischief'"
I always love it when characters do bad for good reasons and do good for bad reasons.
"She realized her father had been on to her for quite some time"
I love that in Uncharted Adventures, it is starting to look like HAMILTON is the one who may need an eye kept on him lest he engage in impulsive heroics. What's next, stopping a convenience store robbery in which the robbers are clearly going to kill someone no matter what?
"getting in a live gunfight for no good reason"
Wrong, Wildcard. Your actions ended up saving someone's life.
"wanting to be anything at all like everything you weren't"
Hamilton is a narcissist who DOESN'T want Wildcard to be exactly like him. Thing is, truth can be stranger than fiction. There are people in real life who, while they qualify as monsters or animals, are also nothing short of wonderful parents to their children.
"whose fault are you if not mine?"
Kyn, can I have Hamilton as a parent, please?
"I...just wish you'd do it a little slower"
The world doesn't care what Wildcard or her father or what anyone else wants. That Uncharted Adventures is mostly idylic and peaceful only makes it more foreboding to me, because I feel with every chapter that it is a compilation of what little true peace Wildcard would have in her life. Worse still, the chaos/hell that may descend on her may not be from her or her father, but from the Hamato family. The past always seems to come back to you when you least expect or want it. Beware of moments where you are at your happiest. In the case of my favorite comic book character, however, it doesn't count; he wasn't happiest with his family, but while he was in Vietnam pulping and breaking faces and skulls with a trenching shovel and broken rifle while napalm consumed everything around him. A song that he never wanted to end, so he brought it with him to New York.
"you'll be tall and twenty and won't need me anymore"
Has Hamilton given any thought to his own life separate from Wildcard's? What would he do in retirement?
"I'll always need you, Dad"
If Hamilton were to die, become comatose or go missing, Wildcard will be ADVERSELY affected despite the company of the Hamato family.
"I want to wander the city at night"
Wildcard...don't. It's safer during the day.
"When do you intend to sleep?"
Wildcard suffers from insomnia in Uncharted Adventures. Even with medicine, stress or other factors could bring it back or worsen it.
"I probably am Scots-Irish"
"I'd like to keep it that way"
Names are important. They tell us something about ourselves, whether we want them to or not (I picked my Christian name due to it being the most obscure and insignificant name I could find in the Bible, belonging to a character who was simply one of a long list of kings and never given any story of his own. My parents never used it when speaking to or referring of me; my mother always used my Korean name, while my father called me 'son'. My guess is they don't like that I chose the name and not them. Of course, my testimony in this regard is far from reliable)
"I personally like the name Jack"
Ah, this reminds me of just how deceptively difficult it can be to come up with names for characters in stories.
"it's a much better name than 'Bruce'"
"the surname displeased him"
Hamilton will always have a strong reaction to anyone who shares his last name.
"where 'Matilda' had come from"
"Nobody knew the Joker had been human, or that he'd once had a name"
Nothing ever truly stays secret for long, if anybody on the planet except you knows it. Which means anyone who knew Napier is now dead. (pause) Or maybe not.
"a mythological force of Chaos, an Idea, with dozens of would-be copycats and spiritual successors spread out over the whole city"
I find the idea of psychopath copy-cats to be intriguing, given that all psychopaths are narcissists. Would the psychopath be flattered or offended, or both?
"a ghost of mayhem to anyone but her"
Sandro's relationship with Hamilton has a scary amount of potential.
"I want a really illustrious and queenly name next time to hide my gutter-stalking nature. Something with at least three syllables"
CMY187 chapter 22 . 8/18
"old and crumbled, but not necessarily run down"
The Hamatos live in a damn sewer. Sorry, Bruce Wayne, but I just cannot sympathize with rich people at all, dead parents and whatnot.
"It had a single street light at the turn off"
Where were the kidnappers intending to take Helena? Also, kidnapping? Not a good idea. Major robbery would have been safer. 9 out of 10 kidnapping cases, whether or not they get away, the kidnappers don't get the money. There are just far too many complications and ways for it to go wrong. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce himself was subjected to scrutiny. Unfortunately, many kidnapping cases have had friends or family members being involved.
"craved a thorough repaving"
Kyn, stop making the setting feel like a character of its own. God DAMN it do I wish I could write like this. I'd be uploading a new chapter every week.
"no trash about on the ground, and the building's windows were free of grime"
Kyn...stop. You are making me wonder if one or more of the people who work at that McDonald's are the stars of their own slice-of-life story. ARGH. KYN, I HAVE TOLD YOU THERE IS SUCH A THING AS BEING TOO GOOD. YOU ARE OVERLOADING MY BRAIN.
"which suggested the people who lived and worked here took some pride in themselves, their lives, and their possessions"
I thought of A Bronx Tale (1993)
"the Ferrari of Bruce Wayne looked incredibly out of place"
As usual, my mind went to my favorite comic character; he often eats at diners or taverns, usually facing the bar.
"The environment was extremely mundane"
Kyn, you and Winding Warpath have so much skill in making settings and places feel...I don't how to describe it...'real' I think is the word.
"pretended unconvincingly at being made of wood"
*sigh* I intended to work on my next chapter after these Buttercup reviews. I feel discouraged now.
"looked wholly absorbed in their conversation"
I feel like there is another movie, perhaps a light-hearted comedy, taking place in the background during this scene. And now I imagined Wildcard, Sandro and Shawn casually chatting in front of Shawn's high school while a major commotion such as a fight between two groups of students happens in the background. There is an absolutely hilarious scene in The Man From UNCLE (2015), by the way. Love that movie. A standard plot that is immensely entertaining due to the focus on the characters and dialogue.
"This had every chance of going poorly"
Wildcard, you owe your dad a lot for this.
"sprung in a fury"
Helena is the apple of Bruce's eye and his little princess, isn't she?
"by planting them inside pawns"
The word that stopped me was 'pawns'. (looks at Wildcard) Caring for the people you work with may make you better, and could also make you worse. It could bring out the scary/ugly aspects of you depending on what happens to them.
"normal, boring, and unremarkable"
An appearance like that in the bar where he currently works will attract attention from the smart ones such as the cops who actually know how to investigate crimes rather than just arrest and convict the most convenient suspect so they can have enough time left in the day to collect bribes from criminals and gangsters.
"the Man who was Batman"
"realized she was the best neutral party available"
(looks at Sandro and Shawn) She isn't anymore. And she would have made Robyn's situation so much worse. I love your writing that there are things that Wildcard is downright terrible at doing, and also that she is ultimately NOT a generally compassionate or caring person. Most superhero-characters are never written like this. (pause) *sigh* And of course my favorite comic characters are the ones that go to the extreme end of the other spectrum. By the way, forget about photographer-Peter Parker or news-Clark Kent. Spider Jerusalem, aka a science fiction/cyber punk expy of Hunter S. Thompson, is a real journalist.
"Helena alone seemed oblivious"
Smart kid you're raising there, Wayne. Ah, I should go easy on him in this regard. It's just because she's standing next to Wildcard, after all.
"more ready to take on the world than to observe it"
Wildcard does both.
"she never saw in anyone else, never anyone but her own father"
"they were much more dark and yet somehow also more earnest"
Kyn, you've got to try to get this story published somehow. Also, update Uncharted Adventures on this website and promote your Patreon! I'd love to know what the FF readers would think of your writing of the Hamatos and especially of the Parkers! Also, I think you'd like the structuring of Spacebattles as a website to share stories.
CMY187 chapter 21 . 8/18
"is Batman there with you?"
Jim Gordon and Wayne's relationship in the Nolan movies (can't say about the comics since I don't read those) is completely friendly. Needless to say, I'd find it more interesting if it was more ambiguous, tense or even antagonistic. In my opinion, Percy 'Foggy' Nelson is a great foil to Matt Murdock in the Daredevil Netflix series, and Frank's dynamic with David Lieberman is the best aspect of the Punisher Netflix series. Alfred is my favorite Batman character, by the way.
"Barbara Gordon's eyes narrowed"
Is it really that secure of a secret that you work with Batman, Barbara?
"her utter loathing for such unabashedly patronizing tones of voice"
Hamilton knows it, too. Also, Kyn, stop making every character interesting. I don't know how you do it. I am STILL shocked at the work and writing you have done with Shawn Parker. He's even eclipsed WILDCARD and SANDRO in terms of being an interesting character. I actually want to follow HIS everyday life, misadventures, mishaps and exploits now. Wildcard and Sandro spend most of their free time together, while Shawn has his own life that he has not shared with anyone else, partly of his own will and partly because neither Wildcard nor Sandro attend the same school as him. Now that I think of it, I wonder what it would be like to grow up in a society where all these superpowered/mutated people are real. Is there a 'class' system where people like Superman and Captain America are highly respected while others are very low on the totem pole/pyramid? I love that Daredevil's life gets progressively worse in his Netflix series, by the way. Season 2 just undoes everything he accomplishes in Season 1, and he is left in an even worse position than he was in at the start of the series. (looks at this series) Oh no...
" make aany attempt at reassuring her"
I get the feeling that Barbara Gordon is an unhappy person.
"would you believe I wasn't actually there"
What an insane coincidence that Wildcard would just happen to stumble across the organized crime members BEFORE they abducted Helena. Stranger things have happened, after all; she encounters Tony Stark, Shawn and Sandro by accident as well. I just hope she doesn't run into anyone unfriendly or hostile. Thank God for the turtles.
"you seem really unsurprised to hear I'm back in Gotham"
He can read you even over the phone. Jesus Christ.
"she's up and shouting at me for daddy already"
Helena is spoiled rotten, isn't she? Wait, why am I thinking of Cersei Lannister? Why did my mind go there? I doubt Helena would end up anywhere near as petty and (hilariously) moronic as that character.
"or expose me"
Urm, I am pretty sure there are quite a number of people who know that Wayne is Batman. Sorry, Kyn, but I'm just really skeptical of the secret identity thing that so many superhero characters are written to have (and which so many 'dramatic' comic storylines focus on) By the way, Kyn, if Superman is brought into the series, I want it written that EVERYBODY knows that he is Clark Kent. Also, I'm sorry, but I don't think that even YOU can make Superman interesting. Yeah. That's how low I think of the character. Wait, it's an insult to the word 'character' to apply it to Superman.
"I'm sure you can bribe off any judge"
Sadly, if you want to get philantropic or heck, ANY major projects done, you'll HAVE to bribe people. I love American Hustle (2013), by the way. Imagine that, a politician who actually does his job and WANTS to help his city's people...and is targeted and victimized for it.
"Pick your poison"
...he means it literally, doesn't he?
CMY187 chapter 20 . 8/18
"got this completely different thematic sense to it"
I'd love to follow a crime story with Robin as a main character or protagonist.
"philanthropy and economic success had a means of 'galvanizing' a city into saving itself"
Kyn, I again pester you to read Icura's Oregairu/Game of Thrones fanfic. It is that amazing. I love that it isn't even set during the 'current' timeline of the TV series, but way before.
"that stuff is big in popular culture though"
Knowing what I know now about, the stories he could have told...
"Alfred's on the other line"
Alfred and Robin. Goddammit, Bruce, why can't you at least be as half as interesting as them?! *sigh* I'm too hard on this character, am I? Sorry Kyn, I'm just not the right person to review superhero-characters.
"compliments tended to make the boy stupid"
I don't know what to think of Batman being a member of the Justice League (you can guess what I think of that name, by the way). Then again, I don't think much of it at all. Kyn, how do you manage so many characters in Uncharted Adventures vying for screen-time without making it feel cluttered? Hmm. Maybe because you make all of them interesting. By the way, I love that Sandro has so many issues and problems with his parents while Wildcard only has very few with her father that rarely if ever rear their heads, but when they do, EVERYTHING becomes threatened.
"They must have known she was a Wayne"
Kyn, you are cruel. You knew how I was going to react to this development.
CMY187 chapter 19 . 8/18
"Mr Smith took his popcorn with him as he moseyed down the theater"
You laughed while writing this, didn't you?
"disabled the emergency exit"
What an ass.
"black-painted, mafia Lincolns"
Smart criminals try not to draw attention. The problem is that many criminals like 'respect' just as much if not more than the money.
"the sides and barrels of guns"
Wildcard is taking a serious risk here. One stray shot could end her life or cripple her.
"One weapon misfired"
Is Wildcard concerned with possible civilian casualties?
"Nom nom nom nom nom"
This chapter is too funny. I love that its events are told from Hamilton's perspective.
"He was glad to have paid extra for the large popcorn"
This is the actual movie that he had gone out and bought a ticket and popcorn to watch, isn't it?
"straight out of an action movie"
This made me worried.
"I didn't help...You do?"
I love this so much.
"Knock out gas"
Urm, is there anyone in the vicinity with breathing/respitory problems?
"the throwing dagger in the chest"
...yeah. Best to lay low for a time after this.
"You'd have held it over me for ages"
Considering that it's about her life, I wouldn't have blamed Hamilton if he had.
"incapacitated, sedated, or otherwised"
Kyn, stop being such a great writer.
CMY187 chapter 18 . 8/12
"Comic Book Warehouse Burns"
I'm laughing already.
"including the newest issue of the highly popular 'Justice League' comics"
And nothing of value was lost.
I approve of this.
I'm ambivalent about this. Said it before, will say it again; the superpowers themselves are almost always interesting. The problem is the goddamn formula of making them crime-fighters or world-savers. I really hope Telltale makes a Wolf Among Us 2, by the way.
"serve as social and cultural propaganda"
Hmm. (looks at the in-universe comic series about the turtles) Heh. Definitely for kids. I doubt the real, full story would ever be written or published by Mike or Donnie. They are haunted by it enough as it is.
"especially 'troubled men'"
That actually IS a point. What if some people read or hear of the exploits of super-powered people and want to become one themselves?
"and young children"
Oh God, not this again. Using the 'innocence' of children to fuel their own agendas. I like that this follows shortly after Wildcard was forced to deal with a group of bullies.
"She didn't particularly care about the Justice League"
"stacks of comic books"
Personal question, Kyn: Did you read comic books, and if so, what were they?
"afflicted publishers, Marvel and DC"
I love this; that those publishers do exist in this universe and make comic books of super-powered people who actually exist in said universe.
"also destroyed thousands of copies of bestselling graphic novel Attack on-"
Never read or watched that one.
I can relate to this so much. Also, Wildcard is still very much a child at this point of the story. She is adorable.
"Issue 22 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
How the turtles ended up working on their own comic series must be a story in of itself. I wonder how Raphael is depicted in them.
"crazy anti-super-power-and-mutant arsonists!"
Burning comic books? Really? If these people are serious about it, they should go all the way and target the super-powered people themselves. Oh, wait, they can't because they'd be pulverized in a few seconds.
"collection of thugs...Been following these guys all week. She'd seen them take a job, and she was waiting to see what came of it"
(looks at Uncharted Adventures being set in New York City) ...Kyn. I'll just say now that I am very, very, very glad that Leonardo has taken Wildcard as his disciple. Please tell me that Wildcard and/or Sandro won't go off spying on organized crime-people or major narcotics, arms or human traffickers. I really am that scared for them. They are too young to be exposed to that kind of world. And I am not talking about the criminals. As skilled and talented as they are, at the end of the day they are still only children.
"she was surprised they'd picked to do this in the morning hours"
The Batman works at night.
"Gatorade, or Coca Cola?"
I hate you, Kyn.
"The decision was a struggle"
Her dealing with child bullies is one thing. This is another. This is the first time in the series that Wildcard does something this crazy.
"through what sounded like a mouthful of snacks"
What are the odds that Hamilton is going to be out-of-shape in the next several years?
"The gas station attenant looked amused with her"
A witness.
"He was definitely eating something"
He's doing it on purpose.
"fourth unexcused absence this month...been falling asleep in class"
Yeah, this is a problem. And Leo and Sandro can't be there for Wildcard ALL the time. (looks at Shawn) ...he has it even worse, doesn't he? Why do I fear that he may be EVEN MORE crazy than Wildcard? (pause) Oh no. What if he runs into...Kyn, stop making me worry about your characters!
"who was definitely not calm or collected at the moment"
He's nearby, isn't he?
"Something serious, or something fun?"
"Did you bring a mask?"
To me, masks aren't as reliable as they used to be. Also, Wildcard has already been seen and made an impression on the station attendant.
"Watching a nice chick flick"
Now that he's (semi) retired, Hamilton will have a lot more free time.
"her stupid hormonal teenage temper"
She still has it in Uncharted Adventures, and there's no telling if it will get better or worse into adulthood. Kyn, stop making so many awesome characters. (looks at Shawn) Goddammit. I'm afraid to ponder who or what would be next.
"what would otherwise be stifling helicopter parenting"
Urm, Wildcard, you are shadowing armed criminals. I don't think this counts.
"apparently playing hero"
Since she was little, she has always wanted to be a superhero.
CMY187 chapter 17 . 8/10
"all blooming with possibilities"
Concrete jungle!
"fresh and cool"
(watches Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging and parkouring) Whatever happened to using a friggin' car? You're making yourself a target by going airbourne.
"its prescene always accompanied a dramatic increase in the pitch and color of his voice"
Hmm. Wildcard could easily discern between her father and the Joker.
"just can't handle the pressure"
Leonardo's mentorship of her will have both positive and negative effects on Wildcard.
"I insist on making excessive amounts of mischief!"
Rather than oppose the law-bending-and-breaking, she embraces it.
"a not-so-legal cargo ship"
Ripping off criminals is generally not a good idea. Thefts that cannot be dealt with within the law are usually dealt with outside of it.
"a bunch of cats walking all over the control panels?"
Of course there'd be cats controlling the Joker's brain. It makes sense. Cats are evil.
CMY187 chapter 16 . 8/10
"her fat and elderly rabbit"
I felt happy and then sad. Why do so many animals have shorter life-spans than humans? The world is such a cruel place.
"her hockey gear"
Why does Wildcard play hockey?
"her sugar glider"
Wildcard keeps quite a number of pets. (looks at Sandro and Shawn) Oh.
"curled up to sleep on her sleep on top of Nibbles"
Kyn, I hate you. I really, truly hate you. Stop making me want a glider and rabbit!
"she felt safe in this space of her own"
Playing a hockey game, not slashing people with a knife.
"It's been five years"
This made me smile.
"I never want to move again"
And yet, Terra Smith will soon be eclipsed by Anastasia Hamilton.
"even after years of improvements and reforms"
Wayne never destroyed crime and poverty in Gotham. The criminals just got smarter at hiding their crimes, and the ones-in-power better at keeping the poorer areas of Gotham invisible to the general public eye.
"her father liked to listen to the news"
"Just to have a look around"
It seems like Hamilton has to do something like this, even if it is not his...usual activities. If he doesn't, he might go crazy.
"your cooking skills are anything other than legendary"
Hannibal has really ruined home-cooked meals for me.
"their standard family acrobatics"
Being a clown really is in Hamilton's blood. He just likes tossing, balancing and catching things.
"a glorification of supervillains and insensitive to the true damage"
Eh. The whole world is a stage anyway. (pause) What the hell is wrong with me?
"escaped Arkham Asylum inmates"
They might as well use curtains in place of doors, that place is so easy to break out of.
"to profit from the suffering of Gotham's citizens"
If there's money to be made, you can bet somebody will be doing it.
"and to some extent still happening today"
You know me, Kyn; I am always more interested in the 'mundane' villains and heroes than the 'super' ones. Funny how super-powered good guys always seem to be the only ones who go after super-powered bad guys. Surely a determined SWAT force could bring down a supervillain with the right planning and equipment?
"Do they want to rile these crazies up?"
Maybe! Make them come out of hiding, perhaps?
"Maybe if it was directed by Guillermo Del Toro"
Dammit, Kyn, stop making me want a Del Toro superhero movie!
"what makes people do these kinds of things"
(shrugs) Sometimes people don't need a reason. The question isn't 'Why would they?', it's 'Why wouldn't they?' If you can do something without suffering any consequences, like kill that guy over there and take all his stuff, or invade an entire country and take all their stuff, then why not do it?
"I've never felt unloved"
Has she ever been hated?
"I'll always be able to figure out how to handle it"
I love that Wildcard has no idea what to do when around a baby.
CMY187 chapter 15 . 8/10
"Daily Bugle Announces Merger with Channel Six News"
I love this writing that there are other stories going on in the world that are unrelated to any/most of the main and major characters. Despite all the trials and situations you go through, the world will always keep on spinning. There have been many other stories before your own, and there will be many more after.
"Critics of masked vigilantism"
"favorable spin on alleged 'superheros'"
Let's face it, April is biased. Are the turtles really the only thing keeping the Foot Clan at bay? If anything, it was Karai's actions that quelled the chaos and bloodshed caused by Saki's elite-lieutenants following his second defeat in the Mirage comics. All she did was enlist the turtles' aid.
"contributing to increased lawlessness across North America"
I love the idea of April's policies and actions having negative consequences for other people as well as herself.
"The dirt gave it character"
Frank: 'They call Hell's Kitchen 'Clinton' these days.' (picks up a knife and approaches a chained-up prisoner) 'They are wrong.'
"you ain't got a dad to run home too"
Psychological projection is a really annoying thing, isn't it, Kyn?
"that was the honest-to-god truth"
I really, really don't want some terrible misfortune to befall Wildcard. Not just out of concern for her, but also because of how her father would react.
"Terra warned preemptively"
There is no point in trying to talk to idiots like these boys. Only one thing that they understand.
"She had her pocket knife out"
Wildcard does not fight fair. I noted that she does not show them the knife, instead attacking with it immediately.
"So Terra drew out four"
She wounded one of them first and THEN showed them her weapons.
"she's cornered and scared and could seriously hurt you"
That's the smart one.
"She's not worth it!"
Risk getting yourself maim or killed...for what?
"she heard one of them shout 'freak' over his shoulder"
I'll never understand why people would see that word as an insult.
"his gaze sharpened on where the boys had disappeared to"
He will make sure that there will be no retaliation.
"He nearly leaped out of his skin"
Huh. Why does romance scare him so much?
"You can put out a classified ad"
Wait, isn't that how Deadpool put together his own team? (looks at what happens to them immediately afterwards) Deadpool really isn't good at his job. Honestly, EVERYONE ELSE in his movies do all the real work.
"No! Never! Not interested!"
Just thinking about it terrifies him. Hmm. Love, huh? Looks like the Joker does have a phobia.
"Her father didn't make it any farther down the street"
I love that Wildcard can surprise and shock him. This is not a case of him knowing her better than she knows herself.
CMY187 chapter 14 . 8/9
"From Latin, it most directly meant 'over' or 'above'"
Kyn, stop putting more thought and research into writing superhero characters than a hundred comic writers put together.
"of plastered smiles over teetering catastrophe"
If my history is correct, the 1960s was part of the Golden Age of superheroes. There was a certain war that the USA had in South-East Asia during that time. The 1990s was where the anti-hero began its rise, following movies from the 1970s and 80s like Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter and Dirty Harry.
"It was an absurd word, as impressive as a roll of cellophane, and so was 'super villain'"
...Kyn, why do I suspect that I may partially factored into the writing of this paragraph?
"After all a 'hero' was merely"
I'm sneering already.
"that certain class of people who went far beyond mundane heroism"
The general opinion of many superheroes toward the Punisher is that while they (publicly) do not condone his actions, what he deals with - street-level organized crime - is 'beneath' their involvement. Matt Murdock has been at odds with superheroes who have this opinion.
Here's a Youtube video. Also, there's a comment by K_Man that I love.

Daredevil: Matt Explains Why He Started Crime Fighting (uploaded by 3haterz)

"people who could not live normal human lives"
I'll just say here that the Justice League living in a fancy technological building does not appeal to me.
"banker, assassin, teacher, or step mother"
The last one made me laugh.
"another throwing knife"
Guns make a lot of noise and are difficult to conceal on one's person. People who use knives are either psychos or professionals. In the first episode of the Daredevil Netflix series, there is an enemy hitman who carries a knife instead of a gun.
"You do it long enough and you get a feel for it"
I like that Wildcard had no natural talent in knife-wielding and throwing and needed to train and practice instead.
"Just guide it through the first few paces of the journey"
I thought of the scene in the first Telltale Walking Dead game in which Lee teaches Clementine to shoot.
"None of that"
I love this. Learning to throw a weapon is okay, but no bad language!
"Learned the same way you did, kid"
I am starting to become convinced that Hamilton really did work or live in a circus.
"I have ice-cream ready"
I suddenly hate him. Dammit, now I want ice-cream.
"turn them into cosmetics and gastrointestinal medications"
I thought of Fight Club (1999).
"feeling like he was forgetting something"
Kyn, you could have left off this paragraph with little to no detriment to the chapter. Adding it made it so much better than it already was.
"lacked the omnipresence necessary to protect the people they cared for"
A lot of super-powered people work outside of the law rather than in co-operation with it. Yes, there are downsides to tying oneself to law enforcement or a government, but wouldn't one of the benefits be being provided with a security detail and/or system for your loved ones?
"the Joker had never shared his craft with much of anyone"
"he had left as unaware and incapable as possible"
Is it fear that a protege would turn on him?
"She's going to see it eventually"
This made me shudder.
"There could only be one"
"making a paper airplane out of the bill for his new Lamborghini"
I want this Bruce Wayne to be canon.
"He attended many functions"
Has Wayne ever been to a zoo containing bats?
"that reminded him of a certain roof-jumping tank"
Seriously, Wayne? Geez. I get the feeling that more than a few people suspect that he is the Batman.
"The younger man scowled"
...this is sibling rivalry, isn't it?
"Where I can keep an eye on her"
I wonder if Wayne's surveillance on the Hamiltons is still running as of Uncharted Adventures.
"his own personal form of hell"
Dammit, Kyn, stop making Robin so interesting!
"Plenty of good lessons on heroism in there"
Helena's going to be rooting for Smaug, isn't she?
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