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Guest chapter 3 . 3/8
Just getting into this story but ahhhh this was so cute!
Shayde Revelle chapter 31 . 7/9/2017
Oh I see what you've done :p
noodledoodledandy chapter 71 . 7/8/2017
Thanks again for the update. I can't wait for the big reveal to Sandro's family.
noodledoodledandy chapter 70 . 7/7/2017
Man I just love this story. Thanks for all the updates, it is the highlight of my day when I get to read a new chapter.
septimaluna chapter 70 . 7/7/2017
Auch! I've never thought about sandro's delibery
I'm feeling Leonado is suspicious and so is Rafael so maybe this introducción should be soon before they get their own weird and not necesarly right conclutions.
septimaluna chapter 69 . 7/6/2017
Sorry for not reviewig in a while it's one of my favorites chapter :D
I kinda liked the threat scene, totally necesary! Even if it's weird how fast they go from knife in the neck back to makeup, it suits the characters I guess
I loved all dress/makeup adjusting dinamics, the dress was wonderful and the shell had to be an impediment, I wanted to read about it to know how mickey and joker where gonna act, because I don't think neighter of them has much practice talking to strangers in a familiar seting even if both of them are good talking in general, it came out joker was kind of dry and not very talkative and mickey was shy maybe, as much as you can be draging in a salsa dress XD
And I laughted a lot with the final part, poor Rafael got the worst XD, such a good joke
Shayde Revelle chapter 69 . 7/6/2017
This is the best story I've ever read! For a moment I didn't even remember where I'd found the story, there are so many crossovers!
mayfire21 chapter 69 . 7/4/2017
I-I can't- I can't breathe!
septimaluna chapter 68 . 6/30/2017
Ahh such a good chapter! I loved it I had missed daughter-father time, and mickey prank is so good! They are gonna have a mindblow XD
Also I would like to read a little more about the process of dressing orange turtle :D
noodledoodledandy chapter 67 . 6/26/2017
This was a good chapter that went over some interesting but necessary stuff. I love Wild's randomness its exactly what a child of the Joker would be like.
noodledoodledandy chapter 66 . 6/24/2017
I love this story thanks for the update.
kaispan chapter 65 . 6/19/2017
"a charming mix of enormous and sweet-tempered" that is an amusing sounding combination for Mikey heh

"Makes you look more like family and less like my drug dealer" xDD

Aw there's something really sad and sweet and messed-up about them "planning out a new orientation for furniture and decoration once they've cleaned everything" arggg that really hits the screwy codependency vibe T_T

'by a few more pillars than just one' aww

'she tried very hard not to let her sudden cringe of panicked heartbeat show' D:

"Was Donnie your favorite comic book turtle?!" gahh he knows; he knoooows-! Sandro teasing her about that waas really cute

"miniature roughhousing idiots" "was nostalgia-inducing" heheh

"Can you... say it... differently than that, please?" xD
So that I can agree without sounding like a fool plz

"Of /course/ not. We are playing SFX-artists!" xD

'so Mikey said, "Holy /chalupa/," for everyone' tehehe

'a little disarmed by her curiosity now that she'd apparently had the extroversion drained out of her for the afternoon' she's a tired puppy :3

'She looked strangely haunted, as if the lucky chance of the duo's meeting occurred to her more often that it ought to have' aww that is super sweet

and that is a sweet way to end the chapter, too. "You... can use 'Donnie,' Ana." Score some points for Wild, woo! :D
kaispan chapter 64 . 6/19/2017
Haha I love Wild complaining about her feet. "they're positively /dainty/" xD "which the internet tells me is a sure sign I won't get much taller" oh no, her and her height issues x3

Mikey "replaced compromising details with his own brand of nonsense" lol I like that the least erm factually inclined would be the one to spin up that tall tale, tehe.

referring to Shakespeare as "medieval SNL skits" xD

"you kept looking at my uncles like your brain had dropped out of your head" hehe I'm surprised she didn't ask for an autograph

heh comparing the food mice to free-ranged chicken... poor little guys xD

I like the Yin/Yang comparison and how they balance each other out, it's a lovely metaphor.

ooh I wonder how Leo's gonna feel about them going behind his back? and then ofc Raphael, eek!
kaispan chapter 63 . 6/16/2017
'how many things had they done in life that had never made it into comics or newspapers?' an intriguing question!

hehe Sandro leading her by the elbow 'which was entirely fair' as she's distracted by everything xD

"Inhibited," he repeated the word, and then shook his head. "I don't know." aww that's really hard for him to admit to himself, isn't it?

"we're better off together than we'll ever be apart" indeed :D! I sense a lot of self-reflection - externally motivated - coming up!

"How many of Uncle Leo's bonsais are you going to destroy if I let you throw stars at me?" hehe uhoh

"since we hatched" xD


"girlspacefriend" tehehe

"he doesn't shell up around her" cute :3

"Orange Sprinkles" omg Mikey lol

'to have some more adult influences in her life' the most hilarious assortment of individuals who are *technically* adults hehe

Well, looks like they were able to rationally work out supervised visit time after all! I'm sure the kiddies will be thrilled :D Perfect chance for Ana to insinuate herself into the family, bahaha...
kaispan chapter 62 . 6/14/2017
"Wow, what do you think my /worst/ behavior looks like?" that is a chilling thought xD

'sharing quiet words in Japanese' I suppose this is a good spot to mention I really like what you've been doing playing up the associations with Japanese (I don't remember it being as significant in the TV series at any rate!); it really is some great grounding in realism there (realism in a story about bipedal talking turtles teheh). Anyway, it's definitely nice atmosphere!

'as if he would have liked her regardless of Sandro's existence' hehe yeah they are two of a kind! It makes sense that Donatello would be more cautious; he'll really make Wild work for it!

"After knowing you for a handful of months I can safely say the realm of things I am willing to believe in has been extensively broadened" the realm of EVERYthings :D

Oy, you bring the missile along with you? *facepalm* and tell the most reckless death-defying story possible? *cringe* She really needs a stern reality slap there because apparently being grounded didn't teach her the lesson... xP At least Sandro isn't going along with it; I hope she actually learned something this time!

'Donatello could scarcely believe/ Sandro easily believed' haha

'A little panic writhed through his belly at the thought of having another conversation with an adult who had already made up their mind' aww. I like that phrasing

Hawaiian actually sounds normal in the context of the other ones, hehe! (The guy who invented Hawaiian pizza just died the other day, by the random way :O)

lol "you need me to eat half of it if you're going to have enough room to try all the other pies" eee! I wouldn't stand between any of them and the pizza

aww Mikey picking up on the 'lonely' sounding 'just me and my dad' and realizing she probably doesn't have any relatives or friends *sniffle*

"If Mikey doesn't curse, and Donnie's looking at you like /that/" xD

'he'd let this slide if she said nothing more provocative' hehe poor Sandro imagining what she's imagining...

"I'm only allowed to tease him if he's allowed to punch me" it's totally fair in their world xD poor Donatello getting stuck with the sexist comment, haha oops

Well, I don't know how much progress they made against Donatello but an amusing read nonetheless! ;)
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