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EndlessBlue chapter 8 . 3/30
Petulant Jim might be my favorite Jim, brooding and whining and jealous about losing his playmate Sherlock. Meanwhile, the small mentions of the house fire family illustrate how little impact the deaths of 'the little people' have on Jim.

That line about Sherlock loving the game but hating the players is so, so accurate. And maybe not from any real moral outrage, just...disgust and disappointment when they eventually prove their inferiority compared to his intellect? (So much like Jim in that regard.)

I can't copy and paste on this crap computer anymore so I'll forgo the line quoting and hope you can pinpoint what I'm talking about: Jim saying 'terrible' like it's synonym is 'wonderful' - ha! What a great way to describe his mannerisms. And the 'light of hellfire' lighting his face - that is scarily perfect.

I love that we now have the parallel dynamic duo set up: Molly and Jim versus John and Sherlock, fairly identical relationship dynamics. Molly/John get to feel alive again and appreciated, Jim/Sherlock get to impress somebody with their genius and get cornered into turning *slightly* more human by their morally upright, compassionate partners. And now the icing on the cake - they're solving mysteries together! I still can't get over what a brilliant idea this all was on your part.
NokNok JJ chapter 32 . 3/5
This review goes to dhh.
I don't know what's wrong with you...
If you noticed, the author published this story at Feb 2, 2012, and I've followed that story ever since, being the first person commenting on this fic, now three years and one month later while I'm already out of the Sherlock fandom, I thought about this story suddenly and came back to recall the old times, 'cos this fic has always been my favorite among all the fanfics I've read, literally. I love the way she portrayed Molly, the way things happened behind the canon scenes from a new perspective, it's amazing.
You don't appreciate it, it's OK, no one forced you, but you can't insult it and the author.
I don't know why I bother doing this, oh probably because I hate it when people insulting others especially ones I love.
Anyway, no one forced you to reading anything.
dhh chapter 32 . 3/4
What kind of FUCKED UP reason is it to NOT *rollseyes* forgive your own 100% sister for looking/reassembly your own mother? That's stupid and WHAT'S WRONG with YOU!
dhh chapter 16 . 3/4
Molly is pathetic!
dhh chapter 7 . 3/4
I don't get what you're doing with Molly's characters..It's freaking Canon and STILL she KNOWS that Sherlock is NOT interested in her and thinks she's freaking stupid and SHE IS, particularly in this story and she even HEARD it and yet, she LETS herself be so pathetic and WEAK and just disgusting to read..

What is wrong with you? This story is just bashing of Molly's character!
EndlessBlue chapter 7 . 2/16
Yeah, so I disappeared for a while there. Sorry. Life and finicky computers and distractions, you know the drill, but I promised reviews and this story deserves them, so here I am! Prepare to be buried in compliments!

I like doing this line-by-line so I don't miss anything (another reason why it's taken me so long to get back to this, because copying and pasting and typing is so incredibly tedious on a phone, and my computer's been on the fritz).

So Jim has well-moisturized and manicured hands. Of course he does. Yes, absolutely.

I think it's kind of hilarious that he has the same holiday blues that a lot of normal people do, especially around Christmas. An ennui, a loneliness (though Jim doesn't call it that, although is loneliness and boredom kind of the same thing to him and Sherlock? Since people are simply, to them, a cure for boredom in a lot of ways.)

Jim in a Santa hat, strolling into Scotland Yard. Amazing.
Jim calling Anderson a frog, *more*amazing.
Jim having checked up on Lestrade's kids (thinking they're "adorable") - so, so creepy. You always know when to shock the reader back into the utter insanity and evil in Jim's head after getting us lost in his quirky humor and style and classiness. Always yanking the rug out from under me just when I've gotten comfortable ("Oh, this isn't so bad, look, Jim's being *nice* - just kidding, he's murdered somebody and contemplating wearing their skin." -not that he would. Wear somebody's skin, I mean, that's not his style, but just to illustrate the depths of his depravity and how deceptive your characterization of him is, how it lulls one into a false sense of security - like Jim does to Molly, actually.)

I really like the line about Molly being meanest to the people who are the nicest to her, not only because the inverse of that sums up her crush on Sherlock but makes for some nice foreshadowing of her relationship with Jim.

And how sweet, that Jim shows his affection for Molly (Jim would say it's pure curiosity at this point, but the seed is there and is just starting to crack open) by making sure nobody has the privilege of killing her (of giving her what she *wants*, when translated into Moriarity-ese) but him.
EndlessBlue chapter 6 . 1/5
The part about Irene and Kate having a naturally double-entendres-filled language was...I don't know if you meant that to poke fun at how the show portrayed the two of them, but that's how I took it and I found it hilarious. (Breaking a bit of the fourth wall, there?)

But brilliant the way you set up the opening scene with the twist at the end. Caught me by surprise on both readings lol.

Moriarty is happy when he's messing with people; he's even happier when the people he's messing with show a little backbone and cleverness of their own (illustrated of course by Sherlock) and it's awesome writing on your part to keep him so consistent in this regard, with Sherlock, with Molly, and now here with Irene.

And I was cackling *again* at Moriarty's dialogue - it's just always so perfectly bizarre and creepy and funny.

Congrats on the explanation of Irene's perfectly timed phone call. I think it was at this point in the story that I went from being thoroughly entertained by your writing to being hopelessly in love with it - great characterizations, a weird pairing, *and* a brilliant plot?! Wow. Not too often you get all that in one go.

The scene with Sherlock and Lestrade was fabulous. Just pitch perfect, I could picture every word of it like it was happening on tv. A nice humorous diversion before the bomb is dropped on Sherlock about Molly. And MORE brilliance with the inclusion of the Christmas party invite - fabuLOUS.

The last line was AWESOME. It managed to be foreboding and exciting, because the reader still isn't sure how exactly Molly and Jim fit together at this point, but Sherlock is putting the clues together that the reader might not have fully picked up on - he's solving the puzzle for the audience, like he always does.

Dang, you're good.
EndlessBlue chapter 5 . 12/29/2014
I love all the little touches of realism and practicality that you add - Molly thinks there's an intruder in her apartment, but first she dries off her hand and pets Toby on her way out the bathroom. That's absolutely something a normal (which Molly is) person would do, and it seems so insignificant, but it really helps to make these characters come to life.

(I've mentioned that I dabbled in Sherlock writing, and it's kind of funny that you have a scene where Molly examines a suicide and thinks about how the family will blame themselves - I wrote something similar (-ish) except Molly was comparing her experience with suicide victims to Sherlock's fake death, and wondering about who earns the blame for it. Not all that interesting, I guess, but. I'm mentioning it anyway.)

I like the way you keep setting up Molly's motivation for her eventual involvement with Jim - the constant helplessness, her absence of utility to the world in general or to the *interesting* people (Sherlock, the police) in particular, the fact that all these things just keep *happening* and she is forced to realize again and again that there's nothing she can do about it (until there is, of course.) Everyone can sympathize with that feeling, too, so it's easier for the reader to accept how Molly acts throughout the story.

I love how Jim's shenanigans get more and more bizarre - he's so obviously goading Molly into just *doing something* for goodness' sake. Stop being boring! Play with me! (Oh, Jim, you unstable, psychotic four year-old.)

I also appreciated that Lestrade immediately guesses that it's Moriarty behind all the pranks, because that's very in-character for him, especially at that point in the show. He's seen by then how crazy things involving Sherlock (and by extension, Molly and Moriarty) can be, to the point where he just accepts it and doesn't try to reason his way to a more "likely" conclusion. (Gavin is smart! We love Graham!) Breaking and entering... but at *Molly's*? Let's get Sherlock in on this, right away, I bet it's that criminal mastermind fellow! Hee. Lestrade's no genius, but he's got great instincts and is a quick learner.

I find it hilarious that Jim immediately starts in on his negging (ugh, he really is that awful pickup artist type, in a bizarre way), but Molly is oblivious and just confused at first. He's just so excited to get to the psychological terrorism!

Of course, he then proceeds to nail it. Poor Molly. :( But she's smart, too. That was an excellent choice for her character, to give her that level of self-awareness, to be able to feel ashamed and picked-on and afraid like a normal person but to also be able to see what Jim is trying to do, and be smart enough (stubborn enough?) to try to neutralize the situation.

This review is turning into a short story, but I can't say enough how perfectly you write Jim. His little monologue about Sherlock being a dog is not only a very insightful look at Sherlock (accurate!), it's paced and spoken *exactly* how Moriarty should sound. And it lays down a firm ground for the characters to grow from for the rest of the story - summarizes the antagonist and the protagonist so precisely, sets the tone for the rest of Jim's interactions with Sherlock... it's just a brilliant scene. It would not at all be out of place within the show itself.

Ugh, Jim is just so perfect in this whole chapter, clever and creepy and hilarious and really, viscerally frightening. (I'm going to be repeating different versions of that for the rest of my reviews.) Plus, you set up how skillfully he uses sexuality against Molly (and many of his victims). That definitely plays a major role in this story, and it's exciting (in a creepy kind of way) to see the beginnings of that in this chapter.
EndlessBlue chapter 4 . 12/27/2014
I loved that Molly noticed Jim's ease around dead bodies (after the fact, but still). It made me wonder - was that a mistake on his part? Had he become so accustomed to death that he forgot it's a thing normal people - Jim from IT kind of people - would be squeamish around? Or did he want Molly to notice, did he enjoy planting the seeds of doubt - or scattering them, as the case may be, just to see what she picked up on? Either he's miscalculated, or he's underestimating how perceptive she is, or he's slyly messing with her. After finishing the story, its neat to come back to moments like this and wonder...

I like how Sherlock intentionally subverted the police's attempts to track Jim down, and how Jim knew that's what had happened. Those two...get a room, yeesh.

You did such a good job giving us an insight into Molly's personality with your description of her entry into Scotland Yard, and her inner dialogue. And I really loved the line showing John and Sherlock's blossoming comfort with each other, when John makes the "changeable" joke. That's right where the two of them were in their relationship on the show, so it was a wonderful little touch here.

Molly's reasoning for seeking Jim out was well done. As we eventually see on the show, she really isn't mousy, not when it counts. She's smart and she knows how and when to stand up for herself. And here she is, doing something outrageously dangerous because, well, the ball is already rolling so she might as well start playing the game. (And Sherlock, goodness. His little rambling about her was spot-on. Always has to lay out the whole ugly truth, that one.)

The last few paragraphs are especially great - not only is it very *Molly*, but it's like Jim is...trying to go by a script, of what to say when talking about death, and Molly herself, and Jim's script doesn't quite fit.

Onward to the next chapter...
EndlessBlue chapter 3 . 12/23/2014
You even get Donovan right.

Of course she just immediately starts to throw her weight around in the conversation, and of course Lestrade puts her in her place and tries to be more considerate. Even so small a scene with relatively minor characters, but you get it all *right*.

And it gets touched on a bit more throughout the story, but I find it interesting that Molly sees the bombing on the news, and instead of being horrified by it, she just gets down to business, ready to greet her "customers" (not victims, not people. Customers.) Not that she's lacking in compassion by any means, but she does have a calloused view of death. She is perfectly able to separate Dead Body from Human Being. Definitely a necessary quality when you're dating a mass murderer and trying to rationalize it. (How Molly *does* eventually justify - in what is actually a pretty morally sound way - her relationship is pretty brilliant, but I'll leave that for later chapters.)

"He looked up at her at that point.

It caused her to take a sip from her cup, although it was already empty."

Oh, socially awkward Molly, being all nervous and adorable. Haven't we all done this? (Hoping it's not just me).

Funny how Jim's line about being bored with life and deciding to waste time checking Molly's browser history so perfectly matches up with his driving character motive, of being so bored with "stayin' alive" and needing distraction. On the show, Jim finds distraction in Sherlock. In your story, he gets distracted with Sherlock and *Molly*, and the way she manages to keep him occupied with her utter ordinariness makes for a fascinating character study for Moriarty. You manage to give real psychological depth to their relationship and thus sidestep so many of the tropes this kind of pairing gets saddled with in fandoms. But, again, as that gets developed I'll have more to say (practically a dissertation at this point).

Toby sleeps in the bathroom sink? You must have a cat. Cats, man. They're so weird.

I hate Donovan.
EndlessBlue chapter 2 . 12/23/2014
"Jim from IT couldn't wait to finally meet the great Sherlock Holmes, he was such a big fan.

Jim Moriarty couldn't wait to finally meet the great Sherlock Holmes, he was such a big fan."

On my first reading, this part was just so perfect and amazing. On my second reading, I was all nodding my head, going "awww yeaaahhh, I remember this line..." I once had another writer, in a review of a drabble I'd done, quote one of the lines and say, "this is one of those lines I wish I had written." That was such a huge compliment to me, especially because this was from a really amazing writer. So now Imma pay it forward and say that I totally felt that same awe/envy throughout reading your series. The above quoted line is one instance. There are several more that iust blew me away - I'm excited to find them again as I re-read.

You set up just who Molly Hooper is very nicely here. She grows a lot throughout the story, but in many ways she stays true to her essentials. She's *okay*. She gets disappointed and let down and ignored and it's *okay*. She's used to it. She's capable of lying to herself. She's capable of hiding from things even as she knows she shouldn't. And she's capable of making the best out of a situation... which all comes into play with Jim (and Sherlock).

And you've got Jim's speech patterns *down*. He's perfect. Ugggh.
EndlessBlue chapter 1 . 12/23/2014
Welp, because I'm now a dedicated fan, I thought I'd pull a Molly and leave embarrassingly rapturous reviews to your fics as I re-read them.

I rarely re-read (isn't there a better word for that? There has to be.) books or fics, but I hoovered up your TMTS stories so quickly that I feel it's really worth going back over them, slowly this time. And on this second go-around, I'm already picking up clues about how these characters will come together. For example, on my first reading, I missed your beautiful little sentence about how Molly feels about Sherlock, how everyone else dislikes him but Molly adores him despite how *unfeeling* he is. Of course, later on you draw very definite parallels between Molly and John, but I hadn't quite picked up on the deeper (or maybe perfectly obvious and I'm just a doofus) parallel, that both Sherlock and Jim are unfeeling (except in the ways they're not), and Molly insists on still loving them anyway.

So anyway, I'm looking forward to roaming back over this story and taking my time to enjoy the scenery. I might not leave a review for every chapter. Or maybe I will.

I suspect I will, because this fic deserves it.
Book Pond chapter 35 . 12/9/2014
This was hilarious! I have never laughed so hard because of a fanfiction. Thank you.
leah chapter 38 . 9/23/2014
This is such a good fic and you seem like a great person, but for the love of god, please re read your chapters again, there are so many mistakes, so many! Did you not have a beta? Was it laziness? Please correct the mistakes, it's against ff site rules, I dont want to see this story removed but it's unfair to other authors who've had their stories removed or who don't break the rules,
Please correct each chapter
Thank you
Guest chapter 14 . 9/11/2014
It's actually "I owe you nought for I ate nought"
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