Reviews for Hunger Tourney
MasyMenos chapter 1 . 12/26/2014
Assist trophy
Don't know
Fire Emblem
To disappear and then slashes a random opponent
PatrickSG chapter 1 . 8/17/2014
Main Character Form 1

Name: Thomas "Tommy" Hawk
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'5, muscular, blonde, curvy slicked back hair, piercing blue eyes, long legs, bony fingers. Midnight blue button-up shirt that is loose on the first two buttons. Black pants with a black and silver belt. Combat boots and fingerless gloves.
Theme: Monster by Skillet
Weapon: Heavy metal sword that can turn into a high-speed hover board, which he is a master at riding.
Final Smash: Unleashes a demon from inside him that can use his sorcery to kill.
Team Smash: Spins around rapidly with his partner. Partner jumps high into air and continually stomps on enemies. Meanwhile, Tommy flies around on his hover board smashing opponents. They end by kicking the last opponent in the skull, one kicking the back of his head, the other the front.
Personality: Switches from one personality to another. Sometimes he is cheerful, outgoing and likes to joke around a lot. Other times, he is mysterious, secretive and keeps to himself.
Crush: His partner.

Main Character Form 2

Name: Jessica Clockwork
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black wavy hair that drops down to the middle of her back, sea green eyes, thin, 6'3, black long-sleeved shirt, leather fingerless gloves and black pants with a silver line down the sides, a leather jacket and combat boots.
Theme: Monster by Skillet
Weapon: A large array of knives she keeps in her jacket and a axe attached to her left leg.
Final Smash: Spins around, doing low damage to enemies that touch her. Whilst spinning, knives shoot out of her jacket and home in on enemies, doing moderate damage. After around five seconds of this, she grabs her axe, jumps extremely high in the air and slams the axe down, doing high damage to close enemies and instantly killing anyone who comes in contact with the axe.
Team Smash: See Tommy
Personality: Very optimistic and hopeful. She is brave and determined to win. She's naturally happy and always looks at the bright side of things.
Crush: Her partner.

Assist Character Form

Name: Taylor Crackle
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, black hair that is combed to the left, dark brown eyes, very muscular, 6'7, wears a white short-sleeved t-shirt, ripped jeans, combat boots and fingerless gloves.
Ability: Jumps on enemies and punches them repeatedly. Sometimes shoots out a ball of electricity.
Ninian123 chapter 1 . 5/25/2013
Main Character Form

Name Ninian

Age 15

Gender female

Appearance jet black hair in braid to slightly past hips, golden eyes, dark green clothing similar to lyn's, chain mail under clothing, black leggings, dark brown boots, white wings

Theme...golden sun?

Weapon 2 pickaxes, bow, psynergy/magic (from golden sun)

Final Smash flies up to middle top and sends vines spiraling up, and drops the people causing damage

Team Smash(Must Require Other OC to preform) other person does horizontal smash, she sends boulders rolling along the ground

Personailty lone wolf, only opens to a few people, ruthless, loves climbing trees

Crush(Optional) whoever from fire emblem though

Anything Else very agile
L0STRequiem chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
Main Character Form (If any is left)

Name: Ice K. Branthese

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ice has Light Blue hair and White/Ice Colored ice with a chilling gaze. He also suffers from mental insanity, so his eyes normally reflect that. He wears a Black Silk Tunic with a Symbol of a Skull etched ino the heart area, and then black pants that match his Tunic. He also wears a Belt with a Book in it's Hilt. This book the fabled "Revalation of the Gods" has lots of knowledge, HE also wears Fake Devil Wings on his Back

Weapon: His weapon is a Diviner, a Divine weapon mad for him from Asgard, the world he originates from before going to the Pokemon World. It is Calledthe "Seraph's Wing" and is an ebony wood handle with Orihlalcum Blade, with Blades Protruding from the blade to make a Wing-Like Appearance

Final Smash: Chronos Breaker: Basically Like Trofrce Slash, but Erase the Target, or quickly stopps the target, from time (Broken as heck, that's why I suggested the other option)

Team Smash (Pair him up with whoever): Lost Seraph, Basicall his Scythe Turns into a Flaming Bird Like thing, and his partner jumps onto it and they start attacking the target while the Scythe itself deals damage

PErsonality: Cold and Malicious, he prefers to be alone. He can calculate certain things, and prefers not to have help, but will accept it in dire situations.

Crush: (You decide)

Anything Else: He Drabbles in Necromancy, and Like I said, Insanity

Mr.FTW chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Name: Mr. WTF

Age:Unknown. Looks in his 50s

Gender: Male, duh.

Appearance: Is a tall skinny man with dark purple skin. He has bunny ears sprouting out of his forhead. He wears a forest green tuxedo along with camo pants and combat boots. He constantly wears a tall, Tall, TALL top hat that is the color of his pants. The letters W,T, and F are embroidered onto his top hat. His hair is red and his eyes are orange. He totes around a fancy Jade cane thatcan be used as a weapon.

Theme: (Band) Ok go (song) WTF

Weapon: His multipurpose cane. It can serve as a sword, a golf club, a crowbar, and a magical staff. He also uses his Top hat to throw random firebals and mini-blizzards, and can be jammed onto an enemies head, blinding him/her until the hat is pulled off.


(description) With his Final smash, Screams at the top of his lungs the words 'what the fuwhahahaha'(NEVER finishes that last word) while pushing a big red button on his cane, causing an atomic bomb to explode on the arena, hitting all smashers except . then laughs insanely as the atomic bomb KOs the majority of the other smashers.

Personality: Sadistic and insane. Likes to be the center of attention. Likes to crack jokes constantly. VERY diverse language. Fairly intelligent. Completely unpredictable! D:

Crush: He likes Samus

Anything else: Not much is known about him except that he was born with several mental disorders including OCD, ADD, ADHD, and schizophrenia.
Unknown reveiwer chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
Main character

Name: Magma Flames (nickname Flameo)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has spiky flame colored hair and pointy ears. He is thin and slightly muscular. His eyes are a Gold color. He wears a black leather jacket over a sleeveless red shirt. He wears black hiking boots and finger-less black gloves. On his left ear is a small gold hoop earring. A flame tattoo is tattooed onto his back

Theme: I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

Weapon: A blood red flaming sword. And he can firebend

Final Smash: Scorching Slash

With Scorching slash, Flameo uses his sword and firebending at the same time. This causes a huge firestorm to rain down on the arena. Anyone within 20 feet will get 15x damage. If an opponent is too close, Flameo focuses the majority of his sword swings on that opponent and that opponent is KOed.

Personality: Easily angered. Never trusts anyone. Likes to show off. HATES cold weather. Can't talk (he's mute). Always very serious. Prefers to work alone. Likes to sculpt. Sorta smart. Slow to get things. Likes to kill. Never lets go of grudges.

Crush: ummm... doesn't have a crush yet all the girls want to be his girlfriend. Pick whoever you want

Anything else: Not much is known about his past. His parents were killed in a rebellion against an evil dictator. All the people he loved were killed in the rebellion. He vows to protect the rights of all people who are deemed deserving. When searching for someone who could help him, a brutal criminal beat him to a pulp and severed his vocal cords. This is why he is mute. From all of his trauma, he doesn't care very much about who he kills unless that person helped him once.

Done! Hope you like him. Peace off!
emmagination chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
I forgot 1 thing... My theme for Kate is 'How you Remind me' by Nickleback. Too lazy to log in, so i'm telling you now. You know who Kate Karat is, right? She's my character and when I wrote that review I forgot to wright her theme. So here's her theme.

Peace off!
Emmagination chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Main character 1

Hope you like these 3 characters (2 main characters and an assist character)

Name: Kristine Karat (Nickname is K.K)

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: She stands at 5'3 and weighs around 120 lbs. Her hair is a honey blond and her skin is light blue. Her eyes are sapphire blue. Her ears are pointed. She always wears a Royal Blue scarf and sunglasses. Kristine wears dark blue jeans and a black Legend of Zelda T-shirt. Over her T-shirt she wears a gray jacket made of wolf fur. On her hands she wears thick brown leather gloves. She wears simple moccasins on her feet. A small leather pouch is hooked onto a belt that hangs at her waist. She has a blue spiral tattoo on her cheek.


Weapon: A diamond dagger and she can freeze people with her icy breath. Oh, and she can make mini blizzards with her arms.

Final Smash: 'Frosty Time'is the name of her final smash. She stops time temporarily. If you are within 20 feet of her during the time stop, you trapped inside a block of ice. The people caught in the ice-blocks get 10x damage. Once time restarts after 20 seconds, she finishes the smash with a slash of her dagger that KOs any opponents within her sights (this means she has to be facing towards the opponents she wants to slash)

Team Smash: 'Dragon's Fury' is the name of the team smash. Jake and Kate fuse together and transform into a mighty Frost dragon. When in this form, a hailstorm of ice and fire rain down on their opponents and cause 20x more damage than regularly. As a grand finale, the frost dragon version of the 2 roars, making any opponents within 20 feet KO. (Jake will be in my next form)

Personality: K.K is a fun loving person. She is usually not very talkative. She has a hard time trusting anyone, but if you gain her trust, she'll die for you. She LOVES art and video games and books. It's hard for people to understand her. She doesn't open up very much. She likes to make jokes, even if they aren't funny. She doesn't like to hurt people and tries to help anyone in need. Has a fiery temper, so it's easy to make her angry. Night owl.

Crush: She loves her friend Jake with all her heart. She also likes Link some. 3

Anything else: She comes from the 7th dimension. Banished from her galaxy, she crash-landed into Hyrule with Jake. She bumped into Link while trying to fix her ship. When her ship was fixed, she flew through the galaxies until she found a small moon near Jupiter that was habitable. For several years she lived on that moon with Jake, her best friend. A great war started on the moon they landed on, but they stopped the war and brought peace to the inhabitants. She was kidnapped shortly after the end of the war by an evil Demonic creature that tortured her because she killed the creature's brother. She escaped, but came within an inch of her life. Afterwards, she trains nonstop so she'll be prepared for anything.

End of Main character 1


Main character 2

Name: Jake Jade (Nickname is J.J)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: He stands at 5'8 and weighs 145 lbs. His hair is an auburn orange and his skin is light orange. His eyes are flame red. A scar runs across his chin. He has sunken cheeks and pointed ears. He has a flame tattoo on his cheek. He always wears a crimson red scarf. His jeans are a faded red and his T-shirt is black. Over his shirt he wears a black jacket made of bear fur. Over his hands he wears metal gloves for protection. He wears gray hiker's boots on his feet. Everyone he meets think he has the cutest face in existence.

Theme: Music? Dark Days by Punch Brothers

Weapon: A flaming sword made of bronze! 8D Oh, and he can throw fireballs out of his hands and feet.

Final Smash: 'Fire Tornado Torrent' is the name of the final smash. Jake summons a fire-tornado that engulfs anything within 20 feet. During the final smash, time slows down quite drastically. It causes 10x damage to any opponent within range and sends them flying into the sky. The finale is him stepping out of the fire-tornado and slashing any opponent to his left, instantly KOing them. After 20 seconds, the smash ends.

Team Smash: Same as Kate Karat's

Personality: Overly cautious. Man of few words. If he's with Kate, he usually talks more. Very protective. LOVES video games and books and sleeping. Usually not very outgoing. Seems to be shy. Doesn't like attention. Doesn't anger very easily. Easily annoyed. He absolutely HATES to stay still very long. It takes a while to gain his trust. He is suspicious of almost everyone. Doesn't like to be alone yet doesn't like crowds.

Crush: Kate. (Who do you think? Of course Kate!)

Anything else: Also born in the 7th dimension. Banished from his galaxy along with Kate, they traveled the universe together. When Jake and Kate crash-landed into Hyrule, he got separated from Kate. After reuniting with her after several weeks, they fixed their ship and flew to one of Jupiter's moons. For several years they lived together on that moon. When the war started, he became a general for one of the armies. When they wone the war, they celebrated for weeks. When Kate was kidnapped, Jake went berserk and searched everywhere for her. When he finally found her, he promised to always be there for her. After Kate came back, he traveled nonstop to forge his flaming sword that always stays with him.

End main character 2


Assist character

Name: Drakelach

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: A rare dragon that is as big as a house. His scales are a vibrant gold. His eyes are emerald green. 4 horns jut out of his skull. Has a pair of green wings and 4 legs. Has a robotic tail and leg.

Ability: Drakelach can cause an earthquake by stomping around. Opponents are KOed if they are caught in the earthquake too long. As a grand finale, Drakelach slaps any opponents near him into next week with his tail.

Anything else: Can speak over 11 languages fluently. Met Kate and Jake in Hyrule. Jake saved him from being drowned in a lake. Since Drakelach likes anyone who helps him, he followed Jake and Kate around the galaxies to protect them.

End of assist character


Hope you like them. Please pick these, I worked so hard on making them. :D
TheFlameBlade chapter 1 . 4/28/2012
Sweet here are my OCs




Appearance:He has Blue hair in a foaxhawk,green eyes,he wears a denim jacket,black shirt under,cargo pants,and red shoes.

Theme:If you mean theme song then Fast Lane by Bad meets 3vil.

Weapon:A Beam Katana.

Final Smash:Beam Rush

He kicks them into the air and jumps up and does an epic combo and then stabs at them and blows them away.

Personality:He works better alone and he never shows his emotions unless someone dies,he jokes about the fact that he could die at anytime.

Crush(Optional):Any girl that will fit him.

Anything Else:His little bro died from cancer.

Assist Trophy




Appearance:A giant red dragon.

Ability:He flies upward and blast fire at everyone.

Anything Else:He starts out looking like a human then transforms.

Deuces Up! Update.
Leixym chapter 1 . 4/16/2012



Here are mine!

Name: Emily 'Ly' Mari Knight

Age: 15

Gender: F

Appearance: 5'3", with lightly tanned skin, ashy gray/navy blue eyes, with tiny amounts of yellow around her pupils. Dark, dirty blonde hair that reaches her mid-back. Wears it in a ponytail. Messy chin length bangs that she sweeps to the right. Wears a blue 3/4 length sleeve shit with the Kingdom Hearts II symbol on it under an unbuttoned silver vest, blue jeans, black ankle boots, black fingerless gloves, a black choker, and black, rounded-rectangular glasses with blue legs

Theme: Real Gone by Honor Society

Weapon: The Keyblade Brightcrest (from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)

Final Smash: She looks up at a star-filled sky as a tear rolls down her face, and whispers, "Guys, lend me your strength." After that, she glows for a second and all her attacks' powers are increased by 85-100%, and after a certain amount of attacks, she lets out a huge, extremely powerful shock wave of mixed light and darkness, thus ending her FS

Team Smash: Ly shouts, "Let's do this!" and jumps backwards, ending up back-to-back with Nathaniel, who answers with "Of course!" They then join hands and combined their magic energy, resulting in one of them to change into the black-and-white outfit of Final Form (which allows levitation, majorly increased stats (125-150%), and slight telepathy and telekinesis) the other simply going into their normal FS

Personality: Fun-loving and mischievous, Ly's a bit of a trouble maker, and an extreme prankster. This tomboy loves music and water, almost always near one or the other. She's clever, kind, extremely loyal, foul-mouthed and has a bit of a smart mouth to compliment her hard head. She doesn't trust easily and hates social interaction with people she doesn't know, sometimes coming off as cold and/or uncaring, but get to know her, and befriend her, and you'll never be rid of her...or shut her up. '

Crush: Demyx

Anything Else: Has a younger twin named Melodia Irene, and a younger brother named James. Was originally from our world, but was sucked into KH with her siblings and some friends by a wish gone wrong. They currently live with Kairi on Destiny Islands. Is very agile and quick. Is better at long-distance fighting by magic, Lockshot (BbS), and Strike Raid (KH II), but is decent at close-up battle.

Name: Nathaniel Robert Carter

Age: 16

Gender: M

Appearance: 5'10" Thin, but muscular, with peach-colored skin, bright, plum-colored eyes speckled with lavender, and short, messy black hair, with a small, thin ponytail. He wears a mostly unbuttoned navy blue shirt, with rolled up to above his elbows long sleeves and a blue diamond over his heart, jeans, and black sandals.

Weapon: A black katana, a knife, and (Kingdom Hearts) magic. Prefers magic and his katana.

Theme: Alice of Human Sacrifice (more specifically, the second verse (Nibanme Arisu: The Second Alice))

FS: He summons a stage up and walks up onto it, and begins casting entertainment magic that draws in and harms his opposition, ending with fireworks

Personality: Like Ly, he doesn't trust easily, but is kind and friendly. He has an odd habit of twisting the truth, saying the opposite of what he means, or just plain-out lying, but he doesn't mean anything by it. A sure-fire way to tell if he's being truthful is to listen and see HOW he says it: if he says it cheerfully, he's being truthful. Saying it seriously means he's lying. 9 times out of 10, though, he's a bit daydreamy and thoughtful. He doesn't pay to much attention to anything but what he's saying and what others are saying (unless fighting, running, competing, etc), causing him to have quite a few mishaps with doors, floors, people, and stairs. Has an odd taste for the more morbid things

Crush: Ly's twin, Dia (Melodia)

Anything Else: Is Pence's (Kingdom Hearts II) older brother, and is from Twilight Town, but found out about our world and the games via the twin's younger brother, James

Assist Oc

Name: Caesey (spelled that way on purpose) Arianna Rose

Age: 13, near 14

Gender: F

Appearance: 5'5" Cropped, chin-length strawberry-gold blonde, warm, pinkish brown, chocolate-colored eyes, with flecks of green. Wears a silky pink shirt with two silver buttons at the top (buttoned) over a white tank-top, white capris with many pockets, pink flatts, brown fingerless gloves, and a plaid pink, brown, and white cloth headband that holds her hair back, the excess hanging to her knees

Ability: She ensnares the opposition in vines, then poisoning them and attacking them with fast, fluid slashes from her pink, sakura-blossom decorated fans
potterlover123999 chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Main Character Form- Human

Name- Max

Age- 9

Gender- Male

Appearance- white, bangs, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Theme- District 12

Weapon- bow and knives.

Final Smash- rapid-fire explosive arrow

Team Smash(Must Require Other OC to preform)- double knife bombs

Personailty- funny, brave, loyal.


Anything Else

Assist Character Form- Human

Name- Liam

Age- 9

Gender- Male

Appearance- Brown hair and green eyes.

Ability- laser

Anything Else
Grave chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
Heheheh sounds interesting

Name-Ghost Reph



Appearance-elf like, as in pointy ears, sharp eyes, good hearing. Comes in with a forest green jacket, pants, and sneakers. Pure red eyes. His ears are only 3 black hair that is skin.

Theme- gluttony fang- hazama's theme

Weapon- katana

Final Smash- Artemis tear. First he punches his opponent to a open field. He then literally slashes the words "Cry moon goddess" into the moon and cuts it in half. This is all observed by the smashy after which he/she falls down unconscious causing damage.

Team Smash- Double Nightmare Cross. Michelle and Ghost run at their opponent at different angles cutting and slashing them to pieces. Before the final hit connects they disappear and reappear above the with meteors to drop on them.

Crush- Michelle Bomber

Personality- same as hazama's a troll and a douche.

Anything else- has magnate powers. And tends to be dead silent and sneak up on people.

Name- Michelle Bomber



Appearance- human. Normal brown ears, eyes, and hair. When she comes in she has a blue long sleeved shirt and black collared jacket. Blue jeans and sneakers. Tan skinned.

Theme- philistine- Margrate Moonlights theme

Weapon- brass knuckles and a great sword

Final Smash- Magnate Overdrive. She charges up electricity in her arm causing anyone with metal on them to be pulled towards her. When their close enough she will punch them sending a beam through them and into anything in its way.

Team Smash- Magnetic Crush. Both she and Ghost grab an opponent gripping them strongly zapping them making them magnetic. Then letting go of them letting them crash into each other and then squashing both of the with a pair of boulders.

Personality- care free, a bit of an air head, but when she gets serious she also gets angry. She will do anything and harm any on that hurts her little student (Ghost)

Anything else- taught Ghost how to use her magnate powers. Prefers to punch first talk later.

Assist Character

Name- Danny

Age- 30

Gender- male

Appearance- goggles that cover his eyes. Short brown hair. A poncho that covers his entire torso. And a pair of paig pants and cowboy boots.

Ability- throws fire works everywhere. Not just normal fire works either. He throws cherry bombs, spinners, standing fireworks, even roman candles.

Anything else - other then he knows Michelle and Ghost, no.
HawkRider chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
Could I enter Hawk? His profile is in your other SYOC fic.

As for crush, I don't mind.
Veralidaine chapter 1 . 2/25/2012
I've got an for ya. She's 14 and her name is Takinom-Taki for short, and she has black hair, green , a lean build and spiritual-power-symbolising magenta Inuyasha/Atlantis the Lost Empire style tattoos on her face and arms. I dunno what you mean by theme so we'll skip that, unless you mean like a musical theme in which case we'll use the ending theme from PMD3. Or angle in the interviews. She used a "superior" angle and acted very above it all and empresslike, but not cocky. Her weapon is spirit energy that can be reshaped into a glaive which is a polearm with a blade rather than a sharp point, or a bow. Her Final Smash is called Decisive Strike, in which she hits the enemy's weak spot and often kills them instantly, but it requires her to hone a very strong emotion to trigger it. Her and Raoul's (That's her ally) Team Smash is called Thousand Spirits' Melody. I'll leave you some creativity space there. The attack is supposed to be able to summon spirits from the ethereal world to attack the enemy and use the health sapped from the foe to heal Taki and Raoul on one condition: that they play a specific melody to appease it on any instrument, they could even use wine glasses.

Taki's not usually as superior as she was in her interview, but she does have a cocky side. She often snaps at people and is quite short-tempered but is kind to her closest friend, who also happens to be her ally in the..tourney, games, whatever you'll call it. She is however bound by a fierce sense of duty to all who manage to earn a place in her list of people she trusts or is loyal to, including Raoul, who she has a noticeable crush on, and her family. Her favourite food, color and animal are strawberries, desert cats and magenta.

Raoul is 14 and a half and is obviously male. He has spiky platinum blond (Yay Howl's moving castle!) hair and brown eyes. He's not as quick tempered as Taki but make sure you're in California when he does snap. Both Takinom and he have extremely sharp tongues. Seriously, you could be dueling one of them to the death within five minutes if they insulted you. His Final Smash is Dragon Blade, where he enhances his epic sword with dragon magic and slams into the enemy full-force. His favorite animal is the mammoth wolf, his favorite color is blue and his favorite food is also strawberries.

There, that's finally done. bye!
Chi-Chiwawa chapter 1 . 2/20/2012

Name: Bree (short for Breeze, which was her last name. Her first name is Crystal, but she hates being called it because it reminds her of her past. She's a Girl

Appearance: Milk chocolate skin with electric blue eyes. Long silver curly hair; in combat, she wears it in a high ponytail. She wears a silver sleeveless that stops above her bellybutton, yet it isn't revealing. White shorts. White flat shoes with white roses at the toe. Pointed ears like an elf.

Personality: She's a kind-spirited girl who has fun even while fighting. She's playfully competitive, but never rude to friends or allies. Since she's still getting used to English, she often slips up, shouting in her native language (it sounds like Latin) or you may find her muttering to herself in the language. She always thinks of others before herself. She's very observative and it's helpful during battle. She's quick to find weakness because of it.

From planet Jovilone

Powers: Her powers are ice and wind, but she's also a martial artist. She's skilled with a whip.

History, likes, dislikes: She likes the beauty of ice, seeing people happy, and when everyone is smiling. She's afraid of fire. In her background, on her planet she was a slave. When she didn't obey orders, she got a burn, explaining her fear of fire. She loved ice, so they teased her by calling her crystal before she got burned saying it in an evil voice. One day, she pricked her finger on ice. An hour later, she could control ice. You could come up with a reason why the ice did that (it was magical or something), but you don't have to. She was born with the power to control wind.

You make her have a romantic relationship with another brawler if you want, but she's straight, she doesn't curse (well maybe in her language but you can never tell), and she's not vulgar.

Weapon: her powers

Final Smash: She'll turn into an ice torpedo that'll attack all oponents, leaving a trail of ice behind her that can also hit you.

You can make up a team smash for her.

Friends: she likes most people, but her best friends are Sheik, Pikachu, Red, Pit and Zelda (if you're including the brawlers). Her enemies are anyone who doesn't like her.

Hope you accept her!
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