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Curry Spice chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
Great Chapter! Great story! I love how you ended it and I can't wait for more! You say the epilogue will only be 3 chapters? I have no idea what I'll do when there's no more whole-again's to read over and over and over and wait for updates for! All in all, this was a great story and I'm in agony until Nov. 3rd! Oh god, that's 10 days? Ay, someone call a doctor, I don't think I'll survive until then!

-Devoted Reader,

haruechan chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
For a great audience is needed first a great artist... and your work, those three WA proved only one thing... English may not be your language, but you sure knew how to use it in a magestic way... you sure is an artist...

Congratulations for your work... And you can be sure I'll be waiting for WA- Epilogue... like a good WA fan should...

Beijos (kisses in portuguese)

sanguinans chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
You have done it again!

You are one amazing author.

I have been with you since the begining even though I may not have reviewd I love your story(stories).

Your plot,charachters,the way you describe there feelings everything it's amazing.

I think honestly you should consider writing profesionally you have an amzing talent it would crime to not use your talent.

I can't wait for the epilogue.

I know it's your story but I really hope there will be a happy ending.
chahoppy chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
Ah . . . . a great ending! Hehehehe . . . . Its very hard to type with gloves on _ . . . . I remembered when I first saw this story . . . .I saw Remus, meant "must read" . . . then I read first author note telling that I should read the first 2 stories first . . I added this story to my favorites and went and read those (after a couple days because my sister wanted to do something on this computer) . . . I read the other two and I learned something . .


Yep you are! I don't think I reviewed for any of the chapters on WA- Severus and WA - Sirius . . . But all three stories are great! I always had check back to see if there was a new chapter . . . Now I got to wait for Nov 3rd for a new story ma-gig . . . Hmm but knowing your writing it will probably be worth it . . . Hope you don't mind that I've been coping and pasting this Saga in to Microsoft Word . . . Thats how good this is . . I have had experiance that after some time an author removes a story . . Don't want to lose this so after you finish the Epilogue (and I have it all in Microsoft) I'm gunna save it onto a re-writable disc! For Personal use only, of course! Thats how good this Sage is! *grins*

Looking forward to the Epilogue Nov. 3rd

Channy Hoppy
AgiVega chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
"Let's just say I lived long enough to make some mistakes not only twice but

trice. And as the Muggle saying goes - three is the charm."

This was really wise and beautiful :)

I love the name Zephyr!

Hehe, I smiled very much when Serene said that Remus was lovely. I imagined her saying: 'good little wolfie' :)

always my face men fell in love with. Never my ...Heart.

Oh, this is so true! And so sad that it's like that in the real world as well!

I am the one who will deliver Harry Potter into Voldemort's hands."

Huh, really? That will be interesting!

because all your visions became reality so far."

I bet this one won't. Or at least not the way she had foreseen it.

"Small lights we mortals are, compared to the planets," he grumbled to himself.

"But, alas, sometimes we shine brighter than the stars."

This was beautiful, but why ALAS? Huh?

I'm sorry that the story ended, but I'll be keeping a lookout for the next one. Until then :)
Lady Aryun chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
I just wanted to say I've read this since you first posted your Severus story, and I have to say I've been throughly enamored with your writing style. I really enjoy the whole of the stories thus far and I cannot wait for your epilogue to start. I'll still be reading faithfully, not matter what you write!

With admiration,

Lady Aryun AKA Cat
Rugi chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
Just had to add that I hope Ben Olsen gets stepped on in the next fic!
Rugi chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
WOW! That's all I can say.

Well, not really. :)

I am so impressed by this story. (I'll save what I have to say about the whole sereies for the epilogue section). I love how you managed to enrich Lupin's canon persona as well as expand on the personality as we already saw it in the previous two stories. He has the wildness that must be there and the gentelness that we saw in the first book. Lovely!

Your Dumbledore is also amazing. Very canon but with a humanity that JKR hints at.

And now Serene. I remember talking to Gwena when Whole Again - Sirius was over (my favorite of the three) and she wailed, "Oh no, the next fic is all about Serene." But then we both agreed that if anyone could make it work, you could. And you did! You kept Serene's personality, you kept the prickelyness that makes her so difficult when you aren't in her head, but you managed to make us love her anyway. And want her to be happy. I cannot say how impressive that is.

I hope you aren't finished with writing after this series is over? You have a real talent.

And what can I say about the fact that you are writing in a second language? Nothing. I am overcome with the impressiveness of it!
mione1 chapter 18 . 10/24/2002
I don't know how to say what is currently in my head. Perhaps WOW! could sum it up. Your stories have completely blown me away! The plot, the characters, the way everything ties in so well, the ideas, they're all amazing. I must congratulate you a million times over on sucessfully writing a story/series that has the ability to combine original and existing (in a literary sense) characters and worlds, reach and addict it's readers and seem like the whole thing is your own. I have to say I am envious of the way you have managed to create such complex, complete and beleivable charcters and insert them into a existing fictional world as detailed as JKR's. The entire series doesn't seem like fanfiction, but more like an original and stand alone trilogy. I'm at a loss for words (that make sense anyway). Laurel is a wonderful character, really someone the other characters seem to be able to aspire to, Claire such a detirmined and gentle person and Serene a grat acheivement. You did succeed in turning her from an unlikeable (please, don't take that as an insult. What I'm trying to say is that she wasn't particularly favoured, at first, with some of the other characters and die-hard RL fans for the way she was with him) to loveable character. You, Leila B, are definately a bloody brilliant writer. I'm still in awe of the way you've made the whole idea seem your own and the greatness of your creations. And I must congratulate you for helping (along with one other writer) to turn me from a Severus hater to a Severus lover, introducing me to Sirius fanfiction and making Remus Lupin one of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series. To finish off, I need to apologise for my err, hardly regular reveiws. Although the reveiw record may not show it, I have been following the series since near the start of WA-Severus. I think my words are making less sense than ever so I'll shut up in a minute. I'll just say this: I love your stories and characters! WOW! Well done for doing what I never seem to be able to do with stories (eg. beleivable plot) and good luck with the rest of your writing. (I'll look out for the Epilogue) Still in awe, Beth :)m
Kittylace chapter 17 . 10/21/2002
Bravo! lol, life-threatening situations to tend to bring people closer together dont they. keep it up, I'll be sad when its over.
haruechan chapter 17 . 10/18/2002

I just read the last 3 chapter right now... And there is nothing better to say...

I laughed, I almost cried... and there is not many fic that can do that to me...

Oh... great chapter! The best so far...

Cant wait for the next one...

(But still, I dont want this story to end so far!)
bmiller669 chapter 1 . 10/18/2002
Dear Leila,

I want to tell you what a wonderful story this is. You have turned my

opinion of Serene completely around. I hated her and now I love her.

You have also made Remus a much stronger character - not the always

self-efacing, passive, nice guy. He is now a very compelling

character. I love the way you say he felt some pride in what he is.

Also, I live in Rockville, Maryland where the sniper has been

very active. Looking forward to your new chapters is one of my few

escapes from the constant tension. I appreciate how regular you are

with your updates.

Thank you for all three of these stories. They are the best!

Sincerely, Barbara Miller
The Marauder's Map chapter 17 . 10/18/2002
OH WOW! This is such a brilliant story! I love it, I love everything about it! More soon, please :)
AgiVega chapter 17 . 10/18/2002
Actually I was just about to write you a mail and ask you why you hadn't updated so long. I'm happy that you did at last!

'The frightful five' - LOL, that was funny!

"Your father tried to stop the train!" she continued, never allowing him to drop his gaze. "When I told him you were on the Express, he moved heaven and earth to stop the assault. I doubt he cared a second for all those other students who rode the train as well. But you, Draco, you were his son

Hehe, it's hard to imagine that even Lucius Malfoy had feelings :))

Ooooh, Remy the self-sacrificing! *sigh*

Huh, Peter actually HAD a girlfriend? That woman must have had rather low-standards!

Uuuugh, this Laeticia must have been a pervert!

Keep it up!
silverwolf chapter 17 . 10/17/2002
wow, that was GREAT! im sooo happy that she finally said it! remus and serene are my favorite couple, and its great that they are together now. but it had better not be over soon, not when they are finally going to be happy! keep up the good work!
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