Reviews for Rosen Blades
Sykonee chapter 6 . 6/24/2012
Was surprised, and intrigued, to see this continued. While there does seem to be a fair bit of Cristo/Kiryl 'love angst' fanfic out there, it's not often it goes beyond a 1-3 chapter shortie. It definitely benefits, giving him more time for an actual character arc within the frame of the game's events itself. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

One quibble tho': carrying on Ragnar's 'Scot' accent isn't such a good idea. Scottish slang itself is almost unintelligible in the real world, and unfortunately, so is Ragnar's dialog here - I have no idea what he's saying. Even "Trainspotting"'s accents weren't that thick to read. ;)
E chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
I meant I hope that this IS NOT your final chapter! Sorry about that!
E chapter 5 . 6/17/2012
I loved it! I just hope that this is your final chapterI really enjoyed reading it.
Fantasia Mist chapter 5 . 6/15/2012
Hello there. I have been reading your story, it's spectacular. Will you be making more soon? I hope so, really. I'll be disappointed if you decide not to make any more. I say you are doing a fine job. And by the way; you reposted the same chapter.
Fan of Fantasy chapter 2 . 4/6/2012
This is sooo good. Really. Please please PLEASE update more soon!
Koji chapter 1 . 2/8/2012
No reviews yet? Allow me to remedy that. ;)

First off, I would like to express my thanks for writing s DQ IV story since I seem to see a lot of fanfics based on DQ IX, and as a bonus you're writing about KxA! XD I'm more familiar with the localized names, then again that's not saying much. Anyway, I digress.

Time to review the story! Great to see that Kiryl is shaping up! I do have to express my concern though that he might want to be extremely weary and cautious about his growing confidence, mainly because Kiryl could be drawn over the line as he starts to believe he is better than everybody else (namely Solo) in the party. Maybe I'm getting this impression from the lack of appreciation he is suddenly showing, since he belittles Solo's reliance on Maya and Meena. The strong may handle themselves and save others, but even they need help. It's just something I figure Kiryl would definitely understand because he is a priest and believes in human nature. Of course I could be wrong, haha. XD;;

Granted it is nice to see how Kiryl grew confident and is reassured of his skills, abilities and his worth. It truly would be a real shame though to see it spiral down and turn him into, dare I say- an overconfident jerk who won't even slightly rely on his party members. I understand that he tries to grow strong, physically, but his morality seems to be taking a hit in return. And yet, I don't blame him either for thinking this way since his mind has been swept up in his own thoughts and worries because he feels threatened. Kiryl does love Alena very much and as he said, he WILL follow her loyally as he stated bold, in front of Tonerko. ;)

There is definitely character development taking place here, and seeing how Kiryl was able to successfully cast his instant-death spell on a fiend, followed by his his new mission to prove Solo his strength as he ventures into town to acquire new EQ, I really do feel there is foreshadowing of something morbid to happen. D: After all, Kiryl now seems to be drawing his powers from not only insecurity, but mainly jealously and rage, as opposed to how he originally draws his strength from love and the desire to save and protect. I'm not saying this because he casts Whack, haha, but it seems interesting how his holy skills are somewhat balanced out with a little power of death. This skill is like a tempting lure to becomes sinned, which is why overconfidence is probably talking to him.

Maybe I am reading too hard into this, or rather I'm taking this from the wrong angle, so excuse my character analysis rant, lol!

All in all, this chapter has been revolving heavily around Kiryl, hence it probably would be a good idea to add more flavor and broaden the perspective by including interaction or conversation from other characters, such as Alena. Of course, I still enjoyed reading about our aspiring priest. ;D Grammar-wise, I don't think I spotted much, but more than one instances you connected/broke parts of two words like, "_t he" instead of "the."

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text! I hope my words aren't discouraging you in any way, as I mean to ENcourage you and see what you intend to do with the story. That is, IF I and to assume there is a chapter 2~ ;P