Reviews for More Than No Good
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 35 . 7/1
So, I got confused when I mentioned how Tamaki was acting. I was reading the wrong story and got this one mixed up with that one. Sorry. I really need to get my head back in the game. I was so confused when I started reading this again, because I was looking for certain characters that weren't there, and certain things that never was terrible when I realized I was reading an entirely different story. I just accepted it because I can be a ditz sometimes. I haven't finished this chapter yet, but I wanted to clarify.
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 31 . 7/1
So, I was completely and utterly wrong. Tamaki hated Tsuna for a totally different reason. Though, what I totally got from that was that it was all Iemitsu's fault. Everything in that family comes back to him as the intentional, or unintentional, instigator. So yeah.
Carine chapter 59 . 6/30
Every time Tsuna talks about his promise with I-Pin, I want to smack him, because he promised to bring himself back, and he keeps on saying he promised to bring Tama back. He is very frustrating, but I'm glad Hana and the others are trying so hard to get through his thick head that his life is worth something. I've also noticed your writing improvements throughout this story - there has been a massive decrease in the amount of times you say 'small brunette' in each chapter. I hope you come back to this some time :)
YungMoolah chapter 22 . 6/28
Bromance to the max
YungMoolah chapter 18 . 6/27
"This one had a cuteness that reminded Ryohei of Kyoko", bruuuuuuuuuuuh this was Ryohei describing Tsuna for the first time HAHAHAH i swear all this bromance is inching closer and closer to homo.
YungMoolah chapter 14 . 6/27
Gokudera has finally knows the truth hahahah
YungMoolah chapter 13 . 6/27
Yup, tsuna's mother is a pretty bad mum hahaha
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 14 . 6/26
TSUNA IS TOO FREAKING NICE! AHHHH! I AM glad he forgave Gokudera, but I feel like something should happen for them to truly be friends. Not, not this immediate forgiveness. I would rather it have been later. Grahhhh! It's just so weird! But, I'll accept it as your decision. Let me go scream at a wall real quick.
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 13 . 6/26
Aww!~ I'm sorry you have such a horrid younger son Nana. I'm sorry you never get to spend much time with Tsuna. I'm sorry you have to feel these things. But. But at the same time, I'm not. I'm not sorry. Because now, now you know. And once you realize a problem that you, yourself, have, you have the power to fix it.
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 11 . 6/26
You know, I never really cared when Gokudera said it, because he's, like, a jerk and everything, but when Dino said, well THOUGHT it, it made me think, wouldn't Tamonkey be the replica, since he's younger and not as amazing as Tsuna? Likez seriously? Wouldn't that be how it works?
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 10 . 6/26
You're making it REAL easy for me to hate Tamonkey. You really, REALLY are.
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 9 . 6/26
Fluff! Yay! And now they know. I am quite pleased with this. I hate when credit isn't given to the correct person. I mean, I think that if you made something, and other people enjoy it, you should get praise. That's why...never mind. No need for useless rambling.
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 3 . 6/26
I'm really enjoying this. Though I wish there were more Tsuna is friendly with younger twin fics, at least this one is a real portrayal of human behaviour and how sheep like people are. And so many other things that I don't feel like typing out. This story is quite good. I'm not sure if I'm gonna like the rest, so I'll be withholding judgement for a few more chapters before deciding if I'll favorite and follow this story. But, I'm probably gonna do it anyway since I've enjoyed these last three chapters. Favorite and follow I mean.
LincolnJohnson chapter 59 . 6/10
Wonderful story. It was a pleasure to read. Keep up the good work.
LincolnJohnson chapter 58 . 6/10
It's refreshing to see Takeshi taking a more active part in these stories.
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