Reviews for More Than No Good
mairunette chapter 14 . 10/17
Finally, Gokudera you tsundere octopus! ω

Anyway, I like that you kept with Gokudera's character here because he does have some serious fantasies about his acclaimed boss even in canon. Those would be difficult to break and tear apart from and you wrote the transition really well :)

On another note, I find it so adorable how Leon is so attached to Tsuna. I'd love to see him and Lichi compete for his attention haha

Speaking of, where are Lambo and Fuuta?
mairunette chapter 5 . 10/17
No no no my baby Tsuna dear you aren't a waste of space. You aren't worthless. God I'm tearing up just reading this. I've always known Tsuna had so little to no self-esteem at the beginning of the series but to be hit in the face by your own thoughts of how undeserving you are to even live is so painful and hits close to home for me. And Tsuna bless him he suffered the humiliation of being called no good all his life. Times like this I realize how strong Tsuna is even before the fights began. He could've gone and did the same thing Yamamoto did but he held on to his life stronger than most people in his position had.
mairunette chapter 3 . 10/17
Let's all just agree that Gokudera wouldn't have been friends with Tsuna if not for Reborn. In fact, all of his guardians except for Yamamoto would not be his guardians. I think it says a lot about how Tsuna finds Yamamoto's presence reassuring and how Gokudera had been the first guardian and future right hand man. It shows the subtle difference between the 10th and 1st gen wherein Giotto and G were childhood friends in comparison to Tsuna saving Gokudera's life.
bLuewErewOlf25 chapter 47 . 10/2
Woah...that's, uh...Heroic Death. You were never my favorite character Iemeitsu...but RIP
bLuewErewOlf25 chapter 31 . 9/29
I actually did not expect this Heel-Face Turn...but hey, I dig it.

I still think he's an annoying little shit, but we'll see...
AkaneShiro chapter 18 . 9/4
Tsuna has mist flames?
AkaneShiro chapter 8 . 9/4
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 59 . 8/13
I love this so much. I've reread the entire thing 4 times!
tyranasaurus chapter 1 . 8/10
please tell me you will pick this one back up.
Warrior of Aces chapter 47 . 7/17
Honestly, I'm not even sad.
weljan12350 chapter 8 . 7/4
As a fellow twin myself what happened with Dino was halarious. My sister and I always face the same problem.
Kirino Cielo chapter 33 . 6/3
My heart... its melting... this chapter is too much for me...
Killing Reality chapter 1 . 5/24
This was amazing, one of the best khr firs I've read. I really hope you continue this, it's brilliant!
NotAnnie chapter 2 . 5/17
Seriously, I love fanfics where Hana is more appreciated and appears more than usual. Just love 'em. Her sarcasm is gold.
Lyn29 chapter 59 . 3/15
I love the story a lot! It keeps me on the edge of my seat and the parts on Kawahira, it chan d my perspective of the one in cannon. What happened to Fran and Byakuran though? And will Fran end up being with Varia or is he going to be Tsuna's Mist Guardian? Or is Nagi still the Mist Guardian? So many questions! Haha. Thank you for making this!
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