Reviews for With You by My Side
Kali-blue chapter 46 . 2/11
Wait. I thought you had Barth kissed with witnesses right after he was found at his dad's place and seen by all the peers at Wizengotts. Winky joined with the Potter elfs after the Crouch home was sold. How is he here now? Was his escape covered up again some how.
Kali-blue chapter 42 . 2/10
May be Canopus is a great star, but can of pus is a horrible name for a kid. Solid story, very enjoyable. Kali
taxzombie chapter 56 . 2/9
Overall a very good read. Good flow and kept my interest throughout. Enjoyed your rendition of Harry and Hermione.

The only thing I was disappointed by was the injury to Harry. It didn't seem to really be required for the story line to move forward as it stuck me as having a very minor impact overall. It came across to me as more of a "I've buffed Harry so much, I've got to do something to make him less perfect' then anything else. But, as it is your tale to write you obviously felt it was needed. Said my piece on that and I'm done. It did not detract from the overall pleasure of the read.

I thank you for sharing it.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/30
I have loved your story so far, but being from Loveland made this chapter particularly special!
taxzombie chapter 4 . 1/30
A fresh (for me) and both interesting and entertaining tale. I appreciate the way the characters are being developed and especially their inner thoughts as they are helping to flesh out the characters.

I enjoyed both Hermione's and Harry's reactions to the their visitors and I agree with both. McGonnagal is not the best person to send to a new magical's home due to her bearing, I would think that people would have a much better reaction to Flitwick. Has for sending Hagrid to Harry, that smells strongly of ol' Dumbledore trying to keep Harry in the dark. A very foolish thing to do, especially as this is a 'smart' Harry.

This looks to be one of the most pleasing reads I've found in some time. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your tale.
Pointer3109 chapter 16 . 1/28
So...Moldieshorts passed through Harry to gain 'magic to sustain him'. The same person who's mere touch burned the host body, Quirrell. Gutsy of him.
The Septic Gryff chapter 56 . 1/27
This was fantastic. I have no words! Took me 2 days to read but it was more than worth it :D
The Septic Gryff chapter 50 . 1/27
That right there proves how formidable Harry is, he's able to do that even with one arm, that of which he hasn't been used to for long. It's more than impressive.
The Septic Gryff chapter 48 . 1/27
Oh no :( I hope they can heal his arm because damn it's breaking my heart too!
The Septic Gryff chapter 38 . 1/27
I adore this story, I really do, even if all the science and advanced things fly completely over my head :)
The Septic Gryff chapter 8 . 1/26
Really emphasises the beauty of friendship :) I'm sincerely enjoying this
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 1/10
Awesome chapter and plot and amazing idea
tumshie chapter 38 . 1/1
Re: BSE, it was around in the UK from the late 1980s, but was hushed up until undercover reporters did a TV documentary exposing how widespread it was, had a friend who had family in farming at that time and who spoke about it.
Ghost Dragon Master chapter 37 . 12/30/2016
Well I am happy young miss Jones can marry the man she loves and not whoever her now dead father wanted her to marry lol.
Guest chapter 48 . 12/21/2016
Great story. Whenever I re-read it chapter 48 always makes me mad. I mean bones, black, tonks and lupin should all know better than to stop and try to capture riddle and barty because Harry got bit. Hermione already rushed to his side. Idk but I always feel like if I was Harry I'd be so pissed at them lol
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