Reviews for Falling From A Cloud
Sun Dragon Ra chapter 1 . 2/24/2012
Oh my! This fanfic is so cute, yet sexy~

Oh, Barnaby and Kotesu...

Anyways, good job! I like how a lot of people interpret the sash somewhere into Barnaby's life SOMEWHERE or SOMEHOW. I like how you portrayed it in a way that was not only "aww" but "ohhohoho~ " at the same time.

The emotional mess Barnaby is in too, perfect. A lot fanfIcs don't portray that to a T.

Now...I've only seen fan versions of Barnaby with his hair "wet" or a tossled mess, and I'm sure he does look cute. Especially for Kotetsu~

This ff's ending is cute, but with shirt fics it leaves the audience on a good edge of our seats. This leaves our (fangirly) imagination to run wild for what continues after.