Reviews for Who Needs Friends
Happy chapter 47 . 10/10
Really great!
Happy chapter 42 . 10/10
This is Very Sophisticated. I appreciate the mature take on this. I learn from this chapter every time I read it.
Happy chapter 21 . 10/9
So clever! “Bad with a hint of horrific.” You’re so fun!
Happy chapter 18 . 10/9
Happy chapter 9 . 10/9
Such a jackass
Happy chapter 4 . 10/9
Oh, boy…..!
Happy chapter 3 . 10/9
Very well written!
Happy chapter 2 . 10/9
Oh, no…..! The happy bubble is at risk!
Happy chapter 1 . 10/9
I LOVE this story. Just rereading… again….
natalia.moya.14 chapter 47 . 9/14
Guest chapter 13 . 9/12
This is...gross.
MotekElm chapter 47 . 8/29
overall I liked it. in fact I read it in 1 evening
but the amount Hermione had to change for Draco, and the little he had to compromise, even in the end, was just disturbing
MotekElm chapter 28 . 8/28
so good
amk41196 chapter 47 . 8/16
I liked the fic... But I can't help but feel that the blue potion Cormac slipped into hermoine's drink was a subtle love potion of some sort, courtesy of draco... That just makes this fic so damn dark and a bit disturbing. I'm still not sure if the author meant for it to come out that way, but I prefer to think of it like that... Thanks for the intriguing read anyway... Barely could stop reading, wondering if my love potion theory was right. Still not sure if I'm wrong.. Binge read all 47 chapters. Stay safe
Shay1026 chapter 47 . 8/10
love it
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