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Leonita Yap chapter 21 . 10/5
Feel hot here...
scarlettcat chapter 47 . 9/1
I was wondering how we were going to get to dramione when Blaise was so perfect, but I guess I should have known it was too good to be true. I was very satisfied that Blaise ended up falling in love with her in the end. Served him right! I did enjoy the little competition between Blaise and Draco though. Draco was very sneaking in swooping in to get Hermione like that. Draco ended up being rather stupid in the end running off like that, but luckily Hermione is smart enough for the both of them. Another great story!
Hmmmmm chapter 47 . 8/26
Didnt like how she complied. I know it’s fanfic but I just know she wouldn’t have given up everything like that.
sahira2 chapter 47 . 8/16
Just wanted to say I've now re-read this for the upteenth time. I cannot get enough of your stories and this one's the best. Your characterizations and the plot was perfect. One of my top 3 favourite dramiones of all time. Your Draco and his certainty, commitment to what he wants, steadfastness and just overall masculine vibe is just...*chef's kiss* delicious. He patiently waited and probably schemed, and waited for the perfect time to act - very Slytherin. This story is the most relatable and engaging dramione I've ever read.

I found the slytherin's group dynamics, lifestyle, and values even more dread-inducing and suffocating than Hermione. I'm glad you wrote them that way - it's realistic. I balk when the slytherins are shown as more gushy, gryffindor-y, 'normal'; it's just not what would happen for a group who's always distinguished themselves as 'special' and seen themselves as 'better'. Lifelong privilege changes people's psyche and you showed their superficiality and some of the girls' pettiness really, really well! Lovely contrast to her and her wholesome gryff friends, and that contrast of people from totally different lifestyles/mentalities/subcultures getting together is one of the reasons I'm into Dramione.

I couldn't get behind Hermione's attachment to her biases around needing to work a 9-5 and was glad she reevaluated her priorities at the end. I mean, she's being given the freedom that comes with a man wanting to take care of you. What's the issue, lol? Like, oh nooo, now I don't *have* to work, now I can just do what I want and won't slave away at a desk forever, how awful!...The way I see it, she would be free to live *more* independently in a way, to do what she wants more on her own terms and in her own time. I've always been one of those 'strong, independent' sorts but even so, I can't understand Hermione's/some reviewers feelings on her compromising on the work issue. I wanted to slap her over that aspect, and her confusion over something that seems so obvious to me.

I do wish you added a bit more of an emotional tone to the story, or to their relationship. Not sure how to describe what I mean - more descriptors, non-verbal cues, and pauses between dialogue. Like 'she looked up, thought this, moved her hand, smiled, and said:"..."' instead of just stating the dialogue alone. But on the other hand maybe it made this story what it is to me. I filled in that tone/vibe by picturing all those non-verbal communications myself, so it was just how I wanted to imagine it to be. Still, to me, the characterization and plot make this story infinitely better than all the most popular dramiones.

It's just so *real* to me, I can't get over it!
Rubywurst chapter 1 . 7/20
Great fic
Bree chapter 47 . 6/22
Dear author,

I freaking loved every minute of this story! I ended staying up all night freaking reading it and there's very little regret. lol

It's sad, because I literally read all of your Dramione fics. You got me hooked like a fein and now there's nothing else. The loathing is incredible right now...

What I will say concerning this that it kept me entertained and laughing for hours w/ the dramatic episodes, Hermione's naiveness and Draco's Magnificent Bastard quality. I see some of the reviewers absolutely hate Draco's depiction and loathe that Hermione ended up marrying him.

So, before I dive into that well...the character depitions were marvelous! They all felt like real fucking people and the way you described everything was epic! I've come to enjoy pansy's brand of bitchy and petty talk. lol
In a way she's far more honest in her cruelty than the light glib from those surrounding her. Pansy and Hermione in another life could've become the best of friends or frienemies. At least Pansy is trustworthy in the fact...she can't be trusted and makes no effort to hide her genuine sarcasm or being mean to be kind demeanor.

Blaise is a whole nother ballpark. I think he royally fucked up and didn't take it seriously...until it dawned on him what he lost. Than he made the effort in about as passive way as possible to get Hermione back. She's not a slytherine girl nor the tart on his shoulders. He ruined that and has to live w/ the consequences. But I do think...he might've been better for her and met her half way concerning her fears and compromises. He seems way more laid back and less dominating than Draco. And if he just fessed up during the beginning and stopped playing honest...she might've considered. At least they had something...until Draco snatched his bunny away. lol

IT's okay. I find Blaise hawt, as well, but I prefer Draco.

Now Draco, Draco, Draco...he's a mastermind behind all this shit. I think he's had his sights on Granger longer than he can fathom. So, he does what did best...manipulate, seduce and be an fascinating asshole. lol

I enjoyed his more honest portrayal yet it existed side by side w/ his callous, vain and dominant nature. It was nice to see Draco not be the one to ultimately compromise, because he was playing Hermione like a fiddle. Seriously...after all that sex...I was was she not pregnant? If anything...Draco could've used that as a ace in the hole.

He really did fuck her brains out and led her like a marrionette on a string. Our logical Hermione was being challenged and tamed all at the same time. The entire premise over Hermione's inability to completely mesh within the Slytherine's world and heirarchy was presented well here. It brought into question the Wizarding world in general, status, sexual relations, and proper protocols. Independent woman and marriage were neccessarily compatible and it showed in various examples.

Hermione's hypocritical nature is present in her willing blindness towards certain sectors of the Wizarding community. She takes what she deems acceptable and leaves the rest. Draco, rightfully, called her out on her b.s. and he's scarily perceptive and patient here. Cause he was obviously playing this game for the long haul. Hermione wanted her cake and to eat it to. Nope, not here. No one lied to her or sugar coated the reality of their situation to assuage her consciousness. She needed to make a hard life changing decision. Play ball w/ Draco or bow out. lol

So, ultimately, the image of Draco sitting over Hermione in the woods after fucking her brains out, and zipping up his pants sums up this entire relationship! My fangirl ass was estatic!

He runs a tight but smooth ship and Hermione is expected to get in line. His entire demeanor depicts someone who knew the ultimate outcomes, knew how to train the lady he wanted and dominated her w/ lovely words, eyes and hands. Hermione's submissiveness was kinda...hmm..nice to see, but she would fire back when prickled, but w/ Draco...she folded more than not. She really tries not to make him mad later on and does show a co-dependence. Draco is rightfully comfortable overlooking her fears, but also twisting them to suit the situation and his needs. He agreed w/ certain conditions than told her to shut up and she did. lmao

I see them married and in 10 yrs. Hermione is gonna be knocked up w/ 6-7 kids. Draco meant children when he said children. At first Hermione is gonna tell herself she's a strong, independent woman w/ a voice, and etc...but you could see after the wedding Draco's comment caused her to pause and she decided not to dwell on it. She wiped it away, because she didn't want to know what he meant and past Hermione would've snatched that like a dog on a bone. Hermione's whole world is Draco and he's perfectly fine w/ that. She'd disassociate w/ issues that plagued her, she'd compartamentalize certain experiences, and she'll continually dance like a ballerina for Draco, because he shaped her into his perfect bride.

Draco...for a while will compromise, but very little; until he talks her into being closer to his parents, into never returning to work, because she's constantly knocked up and ambivalent concerning the approval/disapproval that'll soaked into her day to day routine concerning slytherine woman. Hermione's p.o.v will eventually concern the wellbeing and image of the Malfoy's whether she means it to or not, and Draco is watching all of this smug as fuck. They get new blood, a boat load of children, and one indoctrinated naive, too smitten to care, thoroughly fucked young woman. Hermione and Pansy may even turn into lifelong friends causing trouble here and there. Besides, if their's anyone to help Hermione keep some sort of rebellious's Pansy. Draco is probably gonna be amused until they piss him off. lol

The smut was godly and seriously...a part of me is sad for Hermione, but a greater portion is grateful to see Hermione be the one to essentially...give up everything. She's Draco's entirely for better or worst. I really wish you'd write more fics or continue this...PLEASE!? I enjoy your darkfics or one's like this where Hermione is taken by Draco. This is a serious fetish...let a fangirl indulge. lol
tneha chapter 47 . 5/18
Just finished reading this for the 3rd or maybe the 4th time. Love it!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 47 . 5/15
Def a fave of mine! Just enough tension/love triangle/mystery to make this a very interesting romance! I liked the almost-resolution of Hermione and Blaise’s relationship...I would have liked him to have been more mature, admitting he was happy for her though not over her, but I see why you went the route you did with him.
I loved the inner dialogue of Hermione analyzing the working woman/mom vs traditional housewife roles—the differences in the values between her two opposing worlds and the reasons behind those differences, and the fact that she realized she was being hypocritical in some of her beliefs.
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 46 . 5/15
Extra great ch!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 36 . 5/15
Ooooh, noooooo, if she breaks it off, she’ll regret it!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 15 . 5/15
Oooh, I hate to say it, but I think Draco lied when he said Blaise was using her!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 10 . 5/15
Funny end!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 9 . 5/15
Oh, Pansy or orchestrated it, I bet! And Blaise is a wanker for just believing it!
Lucy G.E chapter 47 . 5/13
I read this story over and over.. and i like how they begun their relation ship
rosava chapter 47 . 4/22
Good writing, but I ended depressed by the story. I really pity Hermione.
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