Reviews for The Sackman's Sister
Numbervania chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
*Loves a new story from ZootyCutie.

Of corpse I got the reference to Mad Monster Party, I happen to have it in my DVD library. Just don't invite Kong.

Boo-Berry, the forgotten member of the cereal monsters gang, although it could be argued Fruity Yummy Mummy has been forgotten as well. Never eaten that stuff, don't like marshmallows.

Film Studies class, yeah, I sat in on an entire semester of that rather than take it as an actual student. Then again, I'm awful when it comes to watching movies in public groups (at least when it's English movies that I can follow) because I lapse into MST3K mode. Can I help it that they were so influencial when growing up? Speaking of which, you might want to check out Overdrawn at the Memory Bank starring Raul Julia where they bisect into Casablanca at times.

*Wants to know more/read more about Buggy Boogie. The only other fictional sister of the sacman I know of is Boogie Oogie from MangaRanga's three Nightmare sagas, look her up here on . As far as my own project, I've got a female version of the Halloween villain, though I named her Queen Boo (you'll probably get the reference).

Thanks for this one-shot, hope for more when you can post it.