Reviews for Une Journee dans la Vie Sociale de Tim Drake
modern ares chapter 1 . 4/8/2012
Well done, for just a student! Speaking as someone who lives in France, I can tell you that you made practically no mistakes.

One of them was pointed out in a past review, so that's fine. The only goof I really noticed wasn't one of language. It's just that in the translations of DC comic books, it's 'Robin, le jeune prodige' instead of 'Robin the Boy Wonder'. :3

Awesome job!
KTrevo chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
You know when you say in the fourth paragraph,

"Une autre chose est que ma famille est assez riche, donc j'obtenir automatiquement un tas de choses que les autres jeunes n'en ont pas."

Instead of "J'obtenir" it should be "J'obtiens". That's the only major thing I noticed. And it's not really all that major... Anyway. There are a few tiny little grammatical mistakes, but as I'm not spectacular in French grammar myself, I'm not gonna correct you. It'd make a hypocrite.

Je l'adore! C'est une bonne idée de traduir tes histoires... Je devrais l'essayer. Si je n'etais pas si paresseuse.

C'est drôle, le conversation avec lui-même. Est-ce que c'etait difficile a écrire?