Reviews for Kataho
Arella1 chapter 1 . 10/17/2014
I can't believe you haven't gotten more reviews! This first chapter really peaked my interest and I hope that your muse eventually comes back to it. Loved the lightning and Kagome being an artist. But, are the siblings youkai? If they are, can they sense Kagome's reiki and she their jaki? So exciting!
Beautiful Phantom chapter 1 . 2/4/2012

Details are simply the most captivating-it was what stood out the most to me, to be honest. Then again you are the author of the details so it's not so surprising to me.

It's definitely unique to see Kagome being an artist and having InuYasha and Sango interacting with each other in a story. Most of the stories I have, be it in non-crossover or crossover, AU or CU, they barely speak with one other if you think about it. I can count on one hand on how many times they even had a serious talk together. So it's a nice change of pace for once.

Ooo...Disability? That's interesting! I wonder what though (totally so not knowing what it is-I'M A BAD LIAR, DERP.).

And those original characters...I wonder what roles will they play? Hmmm...Curious. No pairing?

lol, damn, I'm a bad liar.

Anyway, keep up good work! And you better update soon or your dog, Harley, will get it! (*is holding a water against the head*) :)