Reviews for The Lives Worth Saving
Guest chapter 8 . 5/19
Hurry the first up and get the next ch. Out
Guest chapter 8 . 5/18
This is realy well written! I like the progression of everything. Pretty sad it hasn't updated in 3 years, any plans of finishing this?
Williamgbirkin chapter 3 . 5/18
I love this story, and it's like the tenth time I've read it; but Naruto was actually right when he said "...and me", instead of "...and I".
Guest chapter 8 . 5/17
Has this been a abandoned. It was well written. I liked the depth of the characters.
fan chapter 8 . 5/17
I love all your stories but I am sad that you never seem to finish them... But I will not. Loose hope!
Avior Schedar chapter 8 . 5/15
This is a damn interesting story.
animeaddict411 chapter 1 . 5/11
This story never disappoints. It's my 3rd read through an I am stI'll facinated by the plot and character development of Naruto (the grown up version) into someone with PTSD who is managing to cope with seeing the faces of fallen comrades. I love the emotions that Naruto must overcome when he thinks of his past, and although he is slightly OP, it doesn't bother me because he is humble about it. If there was ever a hope for this story to continue (because it has certainly been a while, and I don't expect that author-san is still look on to finish this) I would so very much appreciate, enjoy, and read any updates. This is a golden one, it's in my top 10, and it's sad to see it may be dropped, but my sincere thanks and gratitude to author-san for all of the hard work put into it.
Hawk Raven chapter 8 . 5/10
fuzzyidioms chapter 8 . 5/9
A joy to read. I'm sorry there's not anything more. Thank you for a great read
Rae chapter 8 . 5/8
I know you've probably abandoned this fic but I just stumbled across it and would love to see it finished!
Airka Yumeko chapter 8 . 5/7
I don't know if you plan on continuing this since its already been 3 years, but I certainly hope you do. really enjoyed reading everything you wrote, it flowed nicely and was paced expertly. I'm honestly not too big of a Naruto fan, but I adored this Fanfic. So thanks for writing it. I wish there were more as wonderfully written as this.
Wanda chapter 1 . 5/6
Hey I just found this story recently and I love it. The character development and relationships you are building are amazing; I haven't read anything this good in a while! I see that its currently on hiatus right now and wanted to know if there is any chance you'll be continuing this story?
Anariel Phoenix Blade chapter 8 . 5/5
Great story. I can't wait to read more so please update soon. I don't know if you have a poll or anything but if it makes a difference. I vote for Haruki to live. Maybe there is a force of people who monitor time travel and they have a way of altering a person's soul enough that paradoxes don't happen and that will also distance his memories of the future to the point where he knows what happened in his past but it's not so raw. Or something like that. Maybe there is a kingdom of people who can control the raw elements of earth, air, fire, water, time, space, gravity, mind, lightning, metal, ice, magma, steam, lava, heart, woul, etc,. And they are ruled by a man or woman who is the child of the twin of Minato/kushina and she/he learns that his/her cousin Naruto went back in time and comes to find out why and adjusts his chakra, soul, and mind to prevent paradox. You could even make it where they come up with and age a copy of a treaty that Minato "signed" allying konoha and whatever the kingdom is called and say that Kazama Haruki is the brother of the queen/king who was sent as an ambassador and a joint Shinobi that works only for the hokage. That would explain his resemblance to both kushina and Minato, why Noone has any memory of him, his ability to control wind and any number of things. Especially if you make the rulers mom the twin of kushina and the dad the twin of Minato one or both who were kidnapped as a baby/child who were then rescued by the people of the kingdom. You could make the excuse that sarutobi asked Haruki to spy since he had gotten to know him, trusted him, and he could not be traced back to konoha. Of course, for the protection of both any memories of him could be 'erased' by someone with the element of mind. Or something, sorry imagination ran off. Anyway, please update soon.
TheMasked-Trickster chapter 8 . 5/4
I know it's been a while, but could you please update? I really like where this story is going and I can't wait to see more!
kaitokidfan1 chapter 8 . 5/4
Please update already
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