Reviews for Not one to break a promise
Carla1989 chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
*picks herself up off the floor* think i just died and went to Ryder heaven! That was freaking HOT! Loved it, thanks so much for this hun, your the best.

I have already read this twice haha. I think my reaction to Ryder is totally true cos the things he says just makes me melt.

Think I'll go for a cold shower now
hoppnhorn chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
WELL. I know this was a TREAT for me to read, so I can only image that Carla is loving it! Holy crapola. holy double crapola. I have to say, you make some of the best OCs EVERRR. and Ryder is no exception. Yum.

First, I love the detail of this story. You were very attentive to motivation and it made this a DELIGHTFUL short. Perfectly structured, honest, and just plain HOT AS FUCK. oops.

OHHH and I noticed you named the scum bag Rick...which I must say made me laugh heartily. We both must not like Ricks...bahahah. oh boy that's hilarious. anywho, I think you nailed that bastard's gross as he was, it was important that he was realistic and pffff you did an amazing job. Ace ace ace.

THEN THERE'S RYDER. holy canoli. I'm a Gunner girl, but dAH-YUM. The way you described this gorgeous mothertrucker made my mouth water. ;) LOL. Especially with the leather...god bless leather. I love your writing so fucking muchhhhhh. See? you've got me swearing. heh.

I went absolutely ape shit over this little bit, especially when you repeated it at the end. This made me scream, bounce and just all out freak because it was so GODDAMN perfect! -"I'm not one ta break a fucking promise..."- *melts into puddle and dies* I can't explain how amazing that is in my opinion. It just wraps this whole short up in a perfect fucking bow and says HI IM AWESOME.

calming down.

-"Ya keep moaning like that darlin, imma have ta take ya right here and now..." He growled out.- ...and here I go again, getting all worked up. You're dialogue is downright stunning. and this...this turned me into a giggling, dorky mess. Thank you thank you thank you. ughhh amazing.

-"I want to be inside of ya …over and fucking over again…"- *DED*

-"I know, me too..." Growling Ryder's arm shot forward, impacting loudly just next to her on the door; supporting himself and her he drove deeper, harder- that visual...all i see is flexing ass. and that...*ded again*

...heh. Well darling, you've absolutely made my day. I loved this, I will probably read it again tonight...while I work on...*hem* a scene for a certain couple...*coughStevenandHarleycough* ;) AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR MY ONESHOT FROM YOU! I mean, holy shit. I'll probably pass the fuck out from happiness. LOL. OHHH and can I change my request...I think you probably know who I want...heh.

Gunner pwease? *hides face*