Reviews for Turnabout is Fair Play
arya304 chapter 26 . 11/3
please please please let them get together before I reach the end of this fic
arya304 chapter 23 . 11/3
just tell her you love her and get it over with!
original1 chapter 63 . 10/18
I have come back and read this fic now several times. I am not sure if you are getting these reviews, but this might be my favorite Inuyasha fic.

Thank you

This was such a fun read. I hope you and your family are doing well and remain healthy.
original1 chapter 63 . 9/24
Just read the story. And it is quite a story. I enjoyed it from top to bottom. Love the more mature version of Inuyasha you presented. I also really like how you had Kouga provide for them in the last chapter. I also liked how you balanced Kagome's running away and her fighting spirit. Most authors tend to lean one way or the other.

Thank you for the fic! I greatly enjoyed it and hope that your health is in good standing in 2020.
nathalyperez77 chapter 63 . 7/16
one of the best story that I've read in a long while. It had my full attention the whole time and in just 2 days I've finish reading everything.
RoseInuYasha chapter 61 . 6/23
Just finished rereading this amazing story by you and then looked at your bio and saw the update. It is good to hear you are doing better then you were, but heart rending knowing how you feel since I "recently," if you can call 6 and a half years ago recenlty, became disabled myself, though lucky not as badly and din't have to fight for my medical. Still, it is deffinitely something people can not understand unless they have been there, and even then it is never exactly the same and past experiences change how you react to it. I hope one day you will be able to enjoy writing stories again, though I'm one to talk with all my unfinished stories...Finding old time lines and plans and bits you wrote previously is very motivating. Just found some of mine a week ago so debating starting again myself. Sorry if I seem self centered. I'm terrible at trying to make people feel better and that makes me want to talk about myself so I don't put my foot in my mouth as often. Anyways...even if you do not continue any of your stories I just wanted to let you know how much this one in paticular ment to me, back when it first came out and every time since that I've read it...It really made me so very happy and made me want to be a better writer so I could give others that feeling too. It brought smiles, laughter, tears, sorrow, pain, and inlightenment every time, along with the agonizing mystery of how it would end. Please take care and thank you for your works.

PS: It wouldn't let me post on last chapter. Appently it doesn't alow more than one comment per chapter.
GusGus2084 chapter 1 . 6/23
No idea how many times ive read this story! It doesnt get old.
AnimePrincess07 chapter 62 . 5/13
Okay so start from /r to the end and google search it that will get you the Reddit post
AnimePrincess07 chapter 63 . 5/13
Okay so the system is taking out the standard r/fanfiction/comments/6pwufk/old_old_lost_site_please_help/
I'm trying one last attempt
AnimePrincess07 chapter 63 . 5/13
Trying again as it didn't post the full link I am putting spaces in the middle hopefully that fixes it /r/fanfiction/comments/6pwufk/old_old_lost_site_please_help/
AnimePrincess07 chapter 1 . 5/13
AnimePrincess07 chapter 1 . 5/13
I have found the hero that none of us deserve! Kenzimone used the powers of Google and somehow found a link to the old GuiltyPleasures fanfi c site that works! I attempted copying the link but it didn't work here is the link to the Reddit response. It is the second link Kenzimone posted in their reply.
Mirage chapter 61 . 5/12
And i just did think a chap ago how much trouble it will be when inuyasha does not tell her soon that she is pregnant bevor kouga again shows up...and tells her...or his brother...and now kouga really told her...
Mirage chapter 55 . 5/8
That finally was a clever track and idea of inuyasha :) what a bright and thoughtful guy he can be when he wants too...and sesshomaru more or less did give him the first idea to this... he frankly out a leash on her and her thoughtless way of running around and doing what she wants and when the mood hits her...bow she can't go out of the reach of his aura even when she gets hit by some strange mood or someone try to make her go walk to an enemy again or run somew
Mirage chapter 38 . 5/8 don't know who is more stupid ...inuyasha for running of and talking to kikyo and letting her come close and even kiss him ...and not ending it with claws inside her . and Kahane for again trusting strangers and following kagura and Natalie offer ..

..where is the freaking voice when you need it...and why not attack kikyo and showing this mean dead bitch who is boss and who the male is owned by ...
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