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Carolanne O'Rourke chapter 36 . 11/5
Well... I'm upset. I'm upset and I'm aware I don't have a right to be, considering I have done the exact same thing as you have (Ookami-Chan). I'm an author who has also completely abandoned her fics and pissed off her readers.

Life happens. I got married (twice) and had a kid. I started a big girl job at age 23 and haven't looked back. Because of those reasons... I abandoned my fics too. I would show up every five years (like now) and dawdle down memory lane and toy with the idea of finishing my stories. That is definitely what I'm doing right now. I won't are inspiring that because I am insanely pissed off that the lemon chapter is missing! I know I've read this chapter before... like... 10 years ago. I also know this website purged a bunch of NC-17 fics so I KNOW I shouldn't be surprised. But I swear 10 years ago you had a link to the lemon chapter... and now it's gone. I've scoured the internet for your story intact and there is NOTHING. Not even your website on livejournal (now owned by the Russians...yay...) is active anymore (last post 2012) and back then this story had been pulled from it anyway.

So what happens? You have a bunch of frustrated readers who can never be satisfied. I don't even think there is a way to contact you. I'm sure you are living a normal life too, where writing fanfic is an old pipe dream now... something you did when you were 12 (like me).

I guess I'm going to cross my fingers that you come poking around this old site again someday... and put your story back in it's entirety somewhere. I hope I will still be around for that myself... I might be on another 10 year hiatus (just like every other old fanfic writer).

Just know... that I still think your story rocks. It's made me very happy the last week rereading it... I will say I feel VERY MUCH like Inuyasha right now though when Shippo interrupted him and Kagome! Serious case of sexual frustration with no gratification. I'm a female with blue balls now. Thanks.

I'm mad. But I truly get it. I'm just as bad. And again... you've inspired me to attempt to get it together and finish some of my stories. So there's that.
tanithlipsky chapter 63 . 10/21
Rinkashi Namiki chapter 13 . 9/5
I've tried and tried to get into this story, but all i can see are terrifying indicators of control and abuse. Inuyasha controlling her to this extent, making her fear about his perceptions of inconsequential topics. ... it's disgusting. You write rather beautifully, but the level of detail the abuse is written is truly mortifying.
amythestblade chapter 63 . 2/2
That one voice is Sesshomaru isn't it?

Any chance of finishing this?
Guest chapter 63 . 2/1
Such a great story! Please write more! I know it's been quite a long time since your last update, but this story still has so much to tell! And you write so well! Thanks.
kayla H chapter 12 . 1/25
Great chapter, but I still don't get why exactly Kagome thought Inuyasha would hate her
chiyokira chapter 60 . 1/1
60 chapters in and i can't believe you didn't give us a graphically authored scene of kagome and inuyasha having sex :(( but it's been amazing :)
chiyokira chapter 55 . 1/1
chiyokira chapter 52 . 1/1
ugh Kagome is so annoying as a youkai. I liked her a lot better in the early stages of the spell. Now she's just a power hungry bitch.
chiyokira chapter 12 . 1/1
Guest chapter 46 . 9/13/2016
is there an unedited version of this story i love the story itself but i'm curious if it had a lemon
miki natsuko chapter 63 . 9/6/2016
I love inuyasha, but kagome gets on my nerves I want to scream grow the fing up, I am glad shippo is getting somewhat along with inuyasha, I feel bad for miroku, then there is Sango I want to scream mind your own damn business so badly to me she shouldn't be in others relationship. Anyway this last chapter I guess rubbed me the wrong way. This should have been private but since it wasn't kagome should feel bad for making inuyasha speak of his insecurity in front of everyone, also when she yelled sit when he had her in his arms she risked her babies life. Both can be pissed off but kagome did the worse in my opinion and not only in this chapter it seems to me it started when she got the tattoo only worse as time goes by.
DreamxDonuts57 chapter 63 . 8/1/2016
Noooo! You absolutely cannot end the story here! Take all the time you want, just don't leave it discontinued! By 'take all the time you want', I meant within 100 years. I have to read the next chapter, PLEASE say you'll update! I really, really, REALLY want Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship to turn out well! I don't think I can live without their resolve. Other than that, your writing is indeed flawless. I simply adore your writing styleThe way you characterized everyone is perfect and the romance is sweeter than honey. Thank you for sharing this breathtaking piece of art. A true masterpiece, I have to say!
NarukoSon chapter 63 . 7/27/2016
I was looking through stories I haven't read and came across yours from a person who I follow and they had made your story, this story a follow and I am so glad I tried it out. this story is amazing and I hope you finish this. I couldn't stop reading it. thank you for a great story so far. I will be following in hopes that there will be more to come.
Mirage chapter 6 . 6/2/2016
i loved the end of ch6
poor kagome...
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