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Beloved-the-Fool chapter 43 . 4/14
I felt SO bad for Em. :( I'd have felt the same reluctance to leave, in her place. It was adorable for Cal to give Gill that ticket to give her.

Bonus points to you, writer, for giving Em a cranberry muffin and tea. I approve of both. Check and check. Subliminal advertising at work; it made me want them.

RADER? NOOOOOO! Fer feck's sake, Cal! Don't be daft! Do. Not. Even.

Alex...just when I think I can't like him more, I do. He cracks my sh*t up.

But I swear, if he and Gill work their asses of to save the Group and Cal fluffs it up right out from under them, I will just implode. *

And that entire last section of Callian goodness? With the sexual tension (OMG! that was hot and you're a meanie! denied!) and then the seriousness and the sweetness and the feels! We usually think of Cal as the one having trouble letting anyone in, but then here's Foster having that trouble and Cal pleading with her. It's heartbreaking, and it makes real sense. Very valid.

I want one of those hugs; they sound AWESOME.
silviaa29 chapter 43 . 4/5
love this story!
jenron12 chapter 43 . 4/4
Finally caught a few minutes to read, and I wanted to let you know that I continue to be impressed / inspired / envious / etc. of and by your writing. You have a quite a talent, my friend. Looking forward to the next installment!
NElaineR chapter 43 . 4/3
Poor Emily. After craving that kind of family for years, it's hard to leave, even if it isn't forever. I could feel how torn she was - heck, I'd feel the same way.

At least Gill's realizing that Cal is as strong as ever, even if not physically yet. The two of them can handle anything if they stick together.

Enjoyable chapter, as always. :)
Vickysg1 chapter 43 . 4/1
That was again an amazing chapter! I really loved that Emily didn't want to leave because she wanted to stay with her father. And that was a nice touch, given her a return ticket that she can use whenever she wanted. I also really loved Gillian and Cal's talk and her admitting that she didn't know how to feel better. I'm quite curious as to what exactly Cal is going to ask Rador.
bloodwrites chapter 43 . 3/30
Okay, so I saw this come in earlier today and have been working my butt off all day so I could finally reward myself with a chapter from your stellar story. It was well worth the wait. Where to begin? Love that Emily feels at home now with Gillian and Moritz there - so much that she didn't even want to leave; love the bond you're continuing to develop between Emily and Gill; love Cal snooping (because you KNOW he would)... I also so love the character you've created in Alex, and the friendship that has developed there. It makes so much sense given Gillian's history, that the one man she would trust and let in completely is a gay man in a committed relationship. You've done such a wonderful job of delving into the complexities of Gill's character with this. Yes, she is strong, and a nurturer, and an intelligent, independent woman... But she's always taken some serious knocks in her life, and they're bound to leave scars. I think you're spot on as to exactly how those scars would impact her relationships.

Of course, the scene that I loved most of all was the one between Gillian and Cal at the end. Sexy and sweet and perfectly, absolutely them - from the way Cal keeps pushing to the way Gill keeps putting him off (which breaks my heart, but I think is very much in character considering what she's been through). I absolutely, completely loved this:

"Thanks to the men in her life, Gillian had learned to fix herself, and for the most part she was convinced she'd done a good job. Enough so that she'd built a career around doing it for others too. Who was Cal to suggest otherwise?"

You're just too, too good. ANYWAY... All of that is to say, thanks so much for taking the time to write another amazing chapter. I know from experience (having written more than my share of epic fics in the past) how hard it can be to stay motivated to continue sometimes, but I'm grateful that you are. Fabulous work!
solveariddle chapter 43 . 3/30
An update just before my weekend ends. Perfect! So, let's see - what do we have...

You describe the "new Lightman home" Cal and Gillian created by moving in together (not forgetting Moritz) with so much love that I also want to move in with all of them (especially with Moritz, of course ;)). I understand why Emily doesn't want to leave. And this: "Gillian came in next, cheeks flushed red from the cold outside, eyeing them suspiciously. "Are you talking about me?" Cal looked her up and down. "'Course we are. What else would we talk about? What else do we ever talk about?"" That was a sweet little reminder of the dialogue they had on screen when Cal asked the same thing.

But then... Whoa! Cal is about to make Jack an offer? My guess is that Gillian will be furious about it - after all, it was her who worked her a** off to save the company and even if they still have a long way to go, I can't imagine that she will agree to sell it. (Or will she? New beginnings and all that...)

That was a very sexy little detour when Cal and Gillian got a bit *distracted* after she changed his bandage. Too bad that they had to stop, but I was glad that they didn't go for it like lovestruck teenagers, losing sight of the fact that it would be too early given Cal's injuries. There will be time to enjoy this later (perhaps in a few chapters, aye?). ;)

It is totally in character that Gillian needs time to open up to Cal. "...Gillian had learned to fix herself..." So sad and so true. However, I hope that she will be able to talk to Cal soon. I think it's ok that she plans to go back to her house with Alex and not with him (he couldn't have helped her, anyway, given his condition). But she should tell him because your Cal is so understanding and tender; he definitely deserves it.
Vickysg1 chapter 42 . 3/19
That was a great chapter. I really love that Gillian and Ria finally talked honestly. I also loved Wallowski telling things she shouldn't have to Cal. But he needed to know that.
JM chapter 42 . 3/19
I love it and I hope You will update soonish 'cause this story is so damn good! I'm worried about Gill, she has soo many things hanging over ger head: Cal, Emilly, Lightman Group, the things about Kline... I just hope she will get better and try to stay away from big break down. Cal hopefully will get better, to help her with that.
And Ria was awful to Gil but at least she wasn't doing that intentionally so they will be fine. And Eli can really be messy sometimes, hope he'll talk with Ria soon.
I'm waiting for an update. Love U. 3
jenron12 chapter 42 . 3/17
Each chapter just keeps getting better and better! I envy the way you write Sharon and make her a really likeable character. Enjoyed the interaction between her & Cal very much - they're quite similar, and I enjoy the fact that you can write them in a lighthearted way, without making it flirty. Spot on. Cal's lines are always so true to character, too, and I very much enjoyed the development of Torres' storyline. Excellent, my friend!
NElaineR chapter 42 . 3/17
What a long and emotional road for everyone. Looks like Cal and Gill are heading for a big discussion in the near future - hopefully there won't be any yelling. Good chapter. Always looking forward to more.
Beloved-the-Fool chapter 42 . 3/16
So since I'm such a slacker, you actually managed to get another chapter up before I reviewed the previous one.

What I was going to say regarding the prior one was that rather than go upstairs after she scratched him, she should've just shoved the sofa back over there against his twin bed and slept on that. Then they could've still slept close without danger! She was clearly too distraught to think of it, but Cal should've been properly motivated. Darn him!

I'm not sure I approve of Shazza turning up again for a visit. I get she's a plot device to reveal to Cal that there's more going on with Gillian than meets the eye (sheesh Cal, I know "blind spot" and all, but could you be a little more blind?!) but still. I shan't warm up to her. Ever. You cannot make me. I shall not be moved. That said, I suppose I can give you props for at least writing her as tolerable as humanly possible. ;)

Now, the Ria/Gillian dynamic...that one's being very cleverly done. I like it greatly. I mean, I don't like how Ria is treating Gillian, obviously, since Gillian doesn't deserve to be anyone's target; but I totally get Ria's emotional stew over all the role changes and hormonal tilt-a-whirl due to the pregnancy and the tiff with Loker (though I do think she read more into it than he actually meant, poor doltish man.) You've done a marvelous and masterful job of writing both Ria and Gillian as very realistic in this strange, new situation.

And, not for nothin', but I kinda hope Ria throws up on Leslie Rotblatt at some point. Maybe after Alex lands the CIA account and they have no further need of Leslie and her indentured servitude.
Kathleen O'Neil chapter 42 . 3/16
So good chapter - seriously. It's good that Lightman KNOW at least what was happend or at least he's trying to figure it out - strange that he didn't do it before - he assumed that Foster is fine, couse she act she's fine - Lightman, Lightman... This woman is better than you think, always.
And Gillian - how I love this strong, kind and smart person. All things with Ria Gillian did it right - love, love her. And I love you for portrait Gillian that way 3
solveariddle chapter 42 . 3/16
First of all, I like that Moritz still has a supporting role in your story and gets mentioned from time to time. Always makes me smile. Love him and Alex a lot.

Reading this chapter made me realize I love most about your story (aside from Cal's and Gillian's storyline, of course) that you take the characters we know from the show and have them interact with each other in a different way than the one we saw on screen. You do this with Cal/Shazza here as well as with Gillian/Ria and it works great.

Thank you for not forgetting about Gillian's injuries and kind of giving Cal a wake-up call. Looking very forward to him getting to hear the truth from Gillian and her finally letting Cal take care of her.
bloodwrites chapter 42 . 3/15
So, so, so glad to see this update - I absolutely adore this story, and every new chapter brings a smile to my face. This is no exception. You have so many things in the air right now, and I really love the way you've remained true to each character and made their reactions so authentic following the traumatic events that have been unfolding. I especially love the fact that you haven't made Foster and Lightman just sail off into the sunset now that they're together; both characters have some serious baggage, and that will obviously challenge the relationship now and again. Foster being the one who's holding out and having problems really rings true for me, as well - she's such a caretaker, and it makes sense that she would just take all of these things on while Cal recuperates, especially after her history with Alec. ANYWAY... All of that is to say, you're writing a wonderful fic, and I for one am grateful that these characters live on in your able hands!
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