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eva-david chapter 54 . 2/16/2015
I very rarely do this anymore, read fanfiction and review both. I can't even remember the last time I was logged in here. But I thought it wouldn't really be fair to read all of these 54 chapters in a single day, and not say a word about it.

Your writing is wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for uploading this story. I miss ltm* terribly and loved the. 'continuation' of theor story here. I'm not that big on angst and your story suited that perfectly without ever getting boring. You invented wonderful characters and have incredible grammar and spelling compared to some other stories one can find here. All in all, great job! I look forward to reading more of your ltm* stuff :)
gda chapter 54 . 1/6/2015
Oh, GR. I can't apologize enough for taking so long to get to this. To you and to myself. But this was the perfect end to my day today!

I still love you for creating Alex. He's just... awesome. And I loved "seeing" all the other characters I've come to enjoy in this fic. Love this glimpse into the future for them all, too. That Emily is off being an adult. That Loker and Torres have kids! And that Tyrone has entered Cal&Gillian's life and wants to stay there! And how you can bring tears to my eyes with the simplest conversation between Cal and Tyrone.

You've wrapped this up so well but I have to say, I'm sorry to see it end. And yet, I'm so hoping that you have more fics in store for us - okay, ME. For ME. Because as I keep telling you (and will continue to tell you until it sinks into that stubborn head of yours), it's about ME. And I never want you to stop writing! For me. ;)
Beloved-the-Fool chapter 54 . 11/30/2014
That was a fitting epilogue to a mammoth fic. It didn't feel forced or weird. It wasn't that they got married, had their own baby and lived happily ever after. It was a circuitous route to an eventual wedding, an unlikely adoption from a rocky fostering situation that wasn't always a bed of roses, an offbeat celebration of an anniversary involving a bit of subterfuge, and - for them - that's just about right.
girlintheyankeeshat chapter 54 . 11/29/2014
I just sat down and read this from start to finish. I really wish I had been able to follow it from the start as this is one of the best long-form LtM stories I have read. Everything is so perfectly plotted and portrayed.

The start is devastating and dramatic. It's so clever that it marks Gill, too, that Cal can't escape the consequences of his actions because he'll always be able to see them.

I really enjoyed their slow reconnection, with Emily's gentle nudging from afar as the backdrop and the misunderstanding with Wallowski answering the phone.

I liked that Gillian's job at the prison was such a contrast to her previous work and you really have a great juxtaposition of the stark, protected office with her banter with Alex. I loved him, such a vibrant character and so alive. I loved the touch of him calling Doug 'Dog' and his offering to sit on people who hurt Gill, always made me laugh.

Hunter Kline was truly menacing and the part of the story where he launches his attack is haunting, vivid and real. I really liked Wallowski's support of Gillian in the aftermath. Moreover, I found Emily's anger at the hospital so raw and brilliant. We hardly saw any conflict between Gill and Emily in the series at all and it fitted so well here, that she thought Cal and Gill were fighting, that she thought her father might die and she took it out on Gill. I felt bad for both of them and I understood the reasons behind her anger.

I loved that Cal knew something wasn't right from the text message - such attention to detail.

I found the way that things came full circle, especially with Cal's office, wonderful. I love how he acknowledges that it's his space but that he's entirely comfortable with Gillian being there and that the significant moments occurred there - her injury, their first time and the proposal. I loved the proposal because it rang really true for me that Cal wouldn't choose something overtly romantic and that he didn't have a ring and that the absence of said ring didn't really matter.

The reclamation of Vegas as a better place for Cal and Gillian is really good, too, I really like the idea that it was somewhere where they made new memories in getting married and having their wonderful trips into the desert - the image of them atop the trailer with little else but the stars is tremendous and I can see it so clearly.

The epilogue is a perfect ending, really. I love their togetherness as a family and the acknowledgement of Gillian's strength in being able to care for foster children and let them go when she had to. Tyrone is great, too, I really enjoyed Cal's protectiveness of him, and his recognition that he and Gillian had been the first people to make him feel wanted.

All in all, thank you for such a well-plotted and well-written rollercoaster with pain, love, humour and family - I enjoyed it so very, very much.
solveariddle chapter 54 . 11/11/2014
First of all let me say that I'm SO SORRY that I didn't review until now. I read the update as soon as I got the alert and was totally convinced that I already had reviewed. :(

This epilogue feels like a story on its own - a daycare at The Lightman Group, Cal and Gillian as foster parents. Forgive me, though, when I say that this chapter is not so much about the details for me (albeit you need all the details, of course, to create the big picture) but more about the emotions (well, mine basically, but let's stay focused...). You show us a glimpse at a happy Callian future that is just the right amount of happy. It's not unrealistic; they don't have own children, but adopting Tyrone makes them the perfect imperfect family I can totally imagine for them. Again, you created a character - Tyrone - who comes to life easily and I admire you for that.

Your story often made me laugh with lines likes these:
"Cal zipped up his carry-on suitcase and yanked it out in the corridor where Moritz stood staring at him with big droopy eyes. "That's right," Cal mumbled to the dog. "Vacation time with the Almeida poodles." He chuckled. "I'll bring the anti-anxiety meds for you."" - Wait for me Moritz! I'm coming to save you!

But even more your story made me feel for Cal and Gillian in good times as in bad. Therefore this line somehow sums the story up for me.
""Happy anniversary," she whispered. "I love you. Still. Always."" - Letting it end with their anniversary was the best possible way. Part of me will always love Callian and I love you for creating an entire universe for them, plus giving them a happy ending.

And thank you for the lovely shout-out. You're welcome. Ab-so-bloody-lutely. It was an honor to be part of the creation process and to share this journey with you as a reader. I really, really hope that the muse will strike you from time to time so that you will continue to share your talent with us. I think, I better stop now before I wax sentimental. *sniffs*
EvilDimwit chapter 54 . 10/30/2014
Well, damn. That brought me to tears, both of joy and sadness. What a jolly good way to end that incredible story, a page turner (well, more of a webpage scroller) from start to finish. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write such an amazing fanfiction, that gave us years of entertainment. One of the best I have read so far, and am delighted to have been apart of it to the end. Thank you.
ChloeTK chapter 54 . 10/29/2014
I'm so sad it's already the end... :( I've absolutely loved your story and I'm gonna miss it A LOT!
I love how you ended this story: perfect! I would love to read the future of Cal and Gillian with Tyrone so, if one day, envy and imagination come back you know you'll have a reader who's waiting. Thank you for this beautiful story that you wrote.
Kathleen O'Neil chapter 54 . 10/28/2014
I was as much curious as much full of misgiving - I knew it would last chapter. Sometimes people are influenced by desire of happy sweet cute ending - which is maybe nice but not much believable. This place is all for imagination (after all - Callian never happened in real TV show) - but to be fair - I don;t like too sweet story. I like to read story when Cal is still Cal and Gillian is still Gillian. And sometimes that good stories ends even better, because author wants to put some gold words in the end - and I was a bit afraid you would do the same (although you wrote me that cheesy in not much of your taste ;) And I should have more faith in you - not in your talent - which is obvious and beyond discuss - but in your personality which won't be lead by some girly desire to end in too much pinky way ;)

This epilogue is PERFECT. Just perfect. Like you told us - you did gave Gillian opportunity to be a mother - and personality I think that she is made for that kind of motherhood. I guess I always see in her a women a human who is capable to unconditional love - not every person can do that. Not every person could love some "stranger" kid, adopted him/her. Gillian is the best to that role - she would never - I mean really never - thought about Tyrone "not-really-my-kid". He is her son, no matter she didn't delivered him. Maybe that's why she could have baby in a first place - that was her path. And yet - it's not too sweet, course we could imagine that living with that kid isn't bed of roses. Cal realize that "he was never to be happy (...) like Emily" - Tyrone could never forget what did happen to him - and that's why he needs and deserves more care and love that some other average teenager - and Gillian is really that one person who could provide it. And so as Cal - who is a good man after all. When Torres was drunk and standing under Cal's shower she said that too - Cal is a good father and a goog man - he tries to hide it (and we know why) - be he truly is gentle man (not a gentleman). Another truthful moment is when Cal is sitting with a beautiful woman in some bar, she asks him what does he doing for living and he says that he tries to help people (and right after that he goes to Gillian house - we love "Honey" episode). So - I love the way you handle it - they had a kid without some cheesy solution - hats off!

I like that Loker was about to leaving Lightman Group - that's part of growing up - hard but necessary. He needs to move on. I like that Gillian is the one who could talk to Cal, talk into him actually, and they won't argue a lot - she always knows that the core of their relationship is love, caring for another person. And Cal loves that part of her very much - but let face it - who doesn't? :)

I'll be missing this story so, so, so much. It was like coming home form time to time. I'm sure I'll read it again with some time. Thank you so much for your time you spent writing it. You gave us a lot of happiness, some melting mood and always (ALWAYS) a curiosity about next chapter.

And last - but not least: for the first time some author mentioned me in his/her A/N. WOW. Thank you. I feel like I'm part of this big fanfiction family. Thank you so much.
Vickysg1 chapter 54 . 10/28/2014
What a great epilogue! I loved seeing where they all were five years later. Tyrone seems like a nice addition to their family, and I love that they decided to became a foster family.

Congrats on this fic! I love it from the beginning to the end.
CocoGuest chapter 54 . 10/27/2014
With this story you have given me hours of my favorite world and people. I particularly loved this epilogue which depicted. a future so different - and to me, much more believable - than most other fan fictions. Unfortunately my LTM obsession continues unabated and so I will keep fingers crossed that you'll soon start another. In other words - thank you, thank you, thank you.
solveariddle chapter 53 . 10/26/2014
Now that was a party where I would have loved to be because I wouldn't have wanted to miss this (let alone that I love non-formal, summer parties):
1. "Best part," Gillian giggled. "Was when Loker gave his speech and Moritz started sniffing between his legs."
2. "I kinda liked the part where Alex's boyfriend cursed one of the caterers in French, put on an apron and started grilling the meat himself."
3. "Or how about when Dmitry started teaching Javi Ukrainian drinking songs?"

Aside from that it's "overdose of happiness" alert time again. ;P But your writing can sell me anything, I just love how you put the words together and create alternate worlds that totally work for me.

Plus you know how to pick names - "Javier", "Ella Luz". So lovely... But please make the poodles stop tormenting poor Moritz.

The idea to let Cal and Gillian be godparents for the Loker/Torres baby is a good replacement (?) for them having own children. Thank you for some continuity here when Gillian gets sad due to her own loss. It's the mixture of sadness and happiness that makes this scene not only work but moreover beautiful.

Count me among those who are very sad that this story is about to end. *sniffs sadly*
Vickysg1 chapter 53 . 10/22/2014
That was a really cute chapter with the wedding reception and the baby! Awwwwww!

I do wonder what Gillian was going to tell Cal before Eli interrupted them...
NElaineR chapter 53 . 10/20/2014
Beautiful and sweet. :) Sorry for my drop off in the FF world. :(
Kathleen O'Neil chapter 53 . 10/20/2014
OMG, I know that was not your goal (or maybe it was) but I feel so touched and sad in the same time. I know it is a good thing that we finally get to the end - especially when it's a happy end - but - yeah, there's always a "but" - I always feel shame when I'm thinking about Gillian's future - in any fanfiction story or even in TV show. All Callian fans know that in our imagination Cal and Gill end up together - that's obvious like (I don't the real saying, so I rephrase some Polish saying) the Sun is shining. But if I look at this character with the quite strong dose of realism I get a picture like this: Gillian is happy with Cal - obviously he loves her very much even if he sometimes annoys her - that's Cal after all. They both are mature - Gill is about middle 40 and Cal more like 50, so even if it sounds harsh - they had half of life behind them - it doesn't mean that they are old and will die soon - but a big part of their lifes gone - all with was happened and all with wasn't happened. What is the saddest - some thing will never happen at all - like motherhood for Gillian. And even with all Cal's love (which is a great fortune by the way), with all friends (like Alex), with all family she build (like Eli and Ria), with all good-healed-past (like relationship with Zoe) and with all good terms with Emily - she'll never be fully happy. I mean she IS happy - she survived so awful times and she's strong, loved, succeed and so on - she IS happy - but she'll always feel a whole inside of her. I'm not telling that EVERY woman need to be a mother to feel full happy - but Gillian is one of that kind of women. And this chapter remind me this sad side of my very fav character. And all fanfictions with adoption (Gillian and Cal adopt a baby or two) are sweet and cute - but let's face it: Cal is around 50 - will he decide to adopt a baby? Small baby? There are an exception of course - like a huge pjstillnoon's Saga - where that plot is believable - but in general it is not ;) In your story everybody wins: Ria and Eli wins: they found each other and now they become parents of this little miracle (Ella Luz - applause please!); Zoe wins - she's not holding grouch - she let go past away, she's happy and she has even a step-son; Alex wins - he left work he hated, he has a new friend, new job and great partner; Emily wins - her father and her mother are not alone and she can live her life, they parents are happy, she is happy; Wallowski wins - looking in the future, not blaming herself, she's happy and Cal wins also - the most I guess: his ex-wife accept the present, shares his happiness and still is the most wonderful mother for their child, his employes become his friends (or family) - he can count on them - even if he jokes around about them from time to time, his daughter are growing up - but she's turning to a beautiful young lady with all the charms she needs, she's also smart and kind, after his divorce he's not alone - he has Gillian - he's soul-mate and his partner-in-crime (Lightman Group) - so he was (and is) a father, a scientist, a business-owner, establish man (which is kind of funny when you realize how he always antagonizes all establishment), a happy husband - so I think he has all average man could dream (although Cal is nothing close to an average). And now look at Gillian: scientist, a business-owner, establish woman, a happy wife and... exactly - no mother at all: she get all she ever wanted and more except a child. We can say that Emily could be her child - but: Em is an adult right now, Ella could be the little one who brings Gill happy - but she can only be an aunt - great aunt, favorite aunt - but an aunt - Cal could be a great uncle as well, and he probably do anything to make Gill happy - he will spend time with Gill and Ella - they will play, sing and so on - but still: it won't be the same. Just before falling asleep Cal could hug his wife (feels happy) and thinks about his child - his happy and wonderful daughter - Gill could hug her husband and thinks about her daughter who is so far away and not even knowing about Gillian.
So - because I did write to much already - I'm looking forward to read another chapter of your work - which I still adore despite my sad thoughts. I love the way you finished this: there is a happiness for all characters - and that's real life -not always we get what we wish for but it doesn't mean we didn't get what was good (or even best) for us. Thank your for Shattered and I hope you'll write some other Callian multi-chapter story. And THAT"S MY happy ending :)
AKJ4 chapter 52 . 10/2/2014
That was beautiful! I'm impressed at how true to character they are, even with a scene vastly different than any we've seen on the show.
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