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Gry18 chapter 5 . 5/9/2015
What's taking so long? I want to read more:)
I've gotten curious as to how the Fairy Tail's meeting with Chaos and his warriors will go.
Ultima Z chapter 5 . 12/27/2013
Man as if having Fairy Tail and the Final Fantasy protagonists team up wasn't OP enough, you go and throw Dante in the mix. Any hope the villains had of winning just went out the door. (Unless you use some plot devise to balance things out.)
Heretical Loyalist chapter 5 . 7/13/2013
For Sabine
First Name: Sabine

Nickname: Saber

Middle Name: Rose

Last Name: Uindoran

Appearance: She is 5'7 who has brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes, with a black shirt, and blue jeans.

Basic Info

Gender: Female

Age: 19


Interests: She loves to cook any food.

Hobbies: Cooking, and Sparring

Attitude: More like Erza, but a little less strict.

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Favorite Drink: Tea

Least favorite food: N/A

Least Favorite drink: N/A

Dislikes: She is easily annoyed at Jay T's antics, and Her father

Likes: To hang out with friends

Fears: She is scared of bugs

Secrets: (Any of your choice)

Best friend(s): (Any of your choice)

Girlfriend/boyfriend: (Any of Your choice)

Insecurities against: (Any of your choice)

Family and home

Mother: Deceased

Father: David Ray Uindoran

Brothers: Jayden Troy Uindoran

Sisters: N/A

Where he/she lives (Present): Cornelia

Where he/she lived (Past): Oak Town

Where he/she is going to live (future): Cornelia

Any powers he/she/it might have: She has Fire Magic

Brief History: She was born in Oak town as well, and she was also moved to Cornelia at the age of 11. She is also currently trying to join a guild with her little brother.

Choice of Teams:(Any guild for Jay and Saber, but it is named Team Elemental Strength for both)

(I hope they make it in also it is at CH5 because I needed room for Sabine . Also again I hope you continue as I am a big fan of the story :) )
Heretical Loyalist chapter 6 . 7/13/2013
1. I adore your story! 2. I hope it gets a next chapter!
Character name

First Name: Jayden

Nickname: Jay T.

Middle Name: Troy

Last Name: Uindoran

Appearance: He is 6'0 with a small beard, green eyes, brown hair, Brown shirt, and Grey jeans.

Basic Info

Gender: Male

Age: 18


Interests: To run

Hobbies: Racing other people

Attitude: Like Natsu and Tidus, but more intent on Races and Fights.

Favorite Food: Meat related foods

Favorite Drink: Soda

Least favorite food: Any type of Cheese

Least Favorite drink: Beer

Dislikes: Sitting around

Likes: Running, and Meat

Fears: Heights, and To drown in water

Secrets: He has not much to hide except that he

Best friend(s): (Anyone of Your Choice)

Girlfriend/boyfriend: (Anyone of Your Choice)

Insecurities against: That he may be an idiot to the guild.

Family and home

Mother: Deceased

Father: David Ray Uindoran

Brothers: N/A

Sisters: Sabine Rose Uindoran

Where he/she lives (Present): Cornelia

Where he/she lived (Past): Oak Town

Where he/she is going to live (future): Cornelia

Any powers he/she/it might have: Wind based magic

Brief History: He was born at Oak town, then moved to Cornelia at the age of 10. Eight years later, He is trying out for a guild that will accept him.
ceadeus-slayer chapter 6 . 6/8/2013
what will the BlazBlue pairings be?
The Unknowing Herald chapter 5 . 5/27/2013
Well, crap, you actually DID update it!

Always good to see how FT started again.

Dante's scenes were awesome. Both of them. Mostly because he's fucking Dante, but whatever. He's Dante fucking Sparda.

Shin and Terra scene... you spoil me so. You know how to make me grinn like a retarded seal, don't you?

Now, don't think it being shorter than 9K is bad. Quantity isn't always quantity and I loved the chapter as it is. I'm sure the others do too!
Raging Akuma D chapter 5 . 5/27/2013
Nice chapter, glad you updated
Miran Adivarius chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
this is a great idea and if its not too late let me give you my charicters. mind my spelling.
first myself
first: Mira
Last: Adivarius
Nickname: Akira the Angel or just Akira (and only Akira till the heavan tower arc)(if akira is used up then Miran)
Gender: Female (but she is seen as male by everybody till the heavan tower arc)
Age: unknown (appears 16)
attitude: cold and holstle till after the heavan arc then she appears shy and kind
Appearance: soulder lingth black hair, left eye gold and right eye azure, a marron dress shirt whit a black vest, and black pants and back gloves, a marron scarf, a white overcoat and hooded, black shooes (his apperance is like akito in fruits basket manga her clothers help her cover her femanine side, she has a bust size like lucy but constricted by magic and bands) 5.5 feet tall good looking
basic info: a recluce young girl who joined Harmony Wing, she tends to help out the teams but mostly helps out team Esper and Avalanche, all people see her as a man known as Akira (or Miran if the name is used up), little do they know that she was a slave in the tower of heavan whith erza but erza does not reconize her and like erza teands to be afraid of the tower. when she was taken the coult killed her mother.
Interest: Dancing and singing (after the heavan tower arc)
hobbies: drawing and singin alone till later after the heavan tower arc
favoret Food and Drink: orange juce and pizza
least favoret food and drink: crambarry juce and cactous
she dislikes and like no one later she falls in love with Eztli-Meztli
Fears: the tower of heavan, her secret of beeing a girl and a slave getting out till later, Dark guilds leaders, Jellal, Zerref, and anything that includes or is related to the dark mage zerref, slavery
Secrets: she is a Girl, has part of Zerrefs power in her, being a slave
best friends: (none but after the tower arc)falls
Famaly: only her mother but she died from the coult attack
used to be a slave
were she lives for a moment: unknown
After the tower arc: whith Eztli Meztli
Powers: (due to certain effects she has part of zerrefs power) darkness magic, 6 black wings, Black angel, and feather magic team: tends to help out team lionheart and esper till after the heavan arc she forms a team with Eztli-Meztli known as team Adivarius she rarely leaves Eztlil-Meztli's side

next one
Name: Eztli-Meztli
nickname title: the vampire
Apperance: Wild black hair, left eye Crimson and right eye Azure, marron dress shirt. black bag pants, marron shoos, and a grey cape 6 feet tall, beutful
Gender: male
age: 17
Hobbies: entertaining
interest: everything not as much, Akira (mira adivarius) the night and the moon
favoret food and drink: tacos and soda
least favoret food and drink: none
likes: the night the moon
dislikes: intence heat
fears: to him no such thing
secrets: not that he knows of
beast friends: the exciting ones
beast friends: all still but after the tower arc more with Akira(Mira Adivarius)
Family: not known to him just raised by Sanguis the blood dragon
Lives: in a hidden house ouside of the city Cornilia
Powers: Blood dragon slayer(he can drink artifical blood and meat for his power), and moon magic (draws his power from the moon and transforms him to a Wolf and ice
history: A boy Raised by a ledgendary Dragon known as Sanguis, like all other dragon slayers he is determaned to find him for jobs he joined a guild called Harmony Wing to earn for a living and help out the community which he so loves.

hope my oc gets added.
XenotheWise135 chapter 4 . 9/15/2012
This is actually a really cool idea. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of FF characters, but you handle everything well. If you're still accepting OC's, I'd like to place a suggestion for Discord Deviants.

His name is Tobias, and he has Edward style blonde hair (FMA). He wears a suit quite often, but sheds into a black outfit with a skin tight, short sleeved black shirt that showed his considerable muscles, and black cargo pants and combat boots. He casts tons of FF spells of the higher levels, and when it comes to fire spells, he knows the "Ja" and "Za" versions of some of them! His main CQC weapon though, is two black lightsaber-esque blades he materializes in a reverse grip (like Starkiller from The Force Unleashed).

His attitude is not THAT unlikable. He's unforgivingly blunt, which causes some bad first impressions, but he's open to peoples opinions and likes to get into philosophical conversations with others (he would most likely have lengthy conversations with Mateus). He jokes around a bit, and keeps to a certain low-brow personality while his suit is one. When the suit is off, he doesn't talk very much outside of casting spells. He's quick, brutal, and efficient.
Raging Akuma D chapter 4 . 6/9/2012
nice chapter
The Unknowing Herald chapter 4 . 6/9/2012
After teasing me for so long with this chapter... I should be killig you right now but pft, whatever, a quick update and maybe I'll forgive you.

Well, since I forgot to paste Shin's past story on the review and had to PM it to you, here it is so other people can read it:

Short Story: No matter how much he tried, how much he sparred and trained to get his mind out of the matter, he couldn't escape that feeling. He was useless where he lived. He wouldn't be head of the family, Stefan would, which basically equated his utility for society to close to zero. Not that he would have liked being a politician, he was way too hot-blooded and critical for that, he would end up insulting 90% of the merchants and nobles for their self-centered nature. The day he turned eighteen, his father, Ike, gave him one of their families heirlooms, the sword Ragnell, and told him in a very uncharacteristic serious tone: "Don't waste your life tied up to where and how you were born, you wouldn't even BE here if I had." His dad was basically giving him "get out of jail" card, by that time he regarded it as such. He then began planning. Once, a person from an organization called a "guild" had stopped by. He explained that there were certain missions that required years to complete, he was lucky he got off with one year. This man, older by several years introduced himself as Zack Fair of Harmony Wing. The tales he gave of living as a guild, the quests, the companionship, the fights, the adventure… not only did they almost rekindle his father's suppressed spark but it changed Shin's view on life completely. He never trained on his eight years of life, neither did he show any interest, until then he knew only the easy life of a noble. During the year that changed oh so much, he learned with Zack and his father how to use a sword and watched religiously as the two sparred. Stefan, who should be the most interested one having trained all his life palled against his attention to detail and observation. He felt that that life style and the ideals behind it were exactly as Zack described them, freaking awesome! A year passed. Based on how much he grew on one year alone, and only being nine by the time Zack's mission ended, the guild member handed him, and only him, a letter of recommendation for Harmony Wing. "Whenever you feel like it, drop by, having two families is a hell of a ride!"

Now determined to follow that man's path, one day he packed his belongings, left a letter to explain how he wanted to live his life like that man and made his way to the outside. To his surprise, he found that a very large sum of money had been left on his jacket and the gate was strangely open. With a smile he left on his way to Fiore.

Now, the trip could have gone better, he got lost. Very lost. When he arrived at Magnolia he even thought it to be Cornelia and asked for directions for the guild… from a red haired stoic woman that was none other than "Titania" Erza Scarlet. After a good laugh from his misunderstanding, she pointed out that Cornelia was pretty far away. Luckily for him, she had a mission that would obligate her to "pass nearby", even he didn't know if that was true or she was just being a nice person. Anyway, the next week or so was spent on the road. After the first day, where he told Erza about his past, she became curious of how he fought and decided to spar every night until they reached Cornelia. He learned almost too much in so little time, things that training just can't teach you, fighting his father and brothers over and over wouldn't teach you to adapt and such. Not that he didn't know that from reading his book, but feeling it was an entirely different experience, even more so was how he felt when he managed to actually make her try... what? It's not like it's EASY to make Erza try,an S-class mage? A few hours from Cornelia, Erza turned her back and sent him on his own, ordering him not to speak of her help… was she… embarrassed? He chuckled but he accepted it due to the impending death threats. And he walked and walked, until he finally reached the gates of Cornelia. He summoned his book and trusted it to indicate just where the guild he had yearned to find so much was. "Let's see how this gamble pays off!"

What happens now is not for me to write, but whatever happens, he knows that it was his and only his decision.

To be continued...

And to answer your question, I'll give your other stories a look, can't say I actually remembered to check them out until now, still, now that we're on THAT note, check out mine you lazy... person to be nice.
The Unknowing Herald chapter 3 . 5/25/2012
Well now, found this yesterday and saw a chance in it, if you haven't droped this story, here is my OC.

First Name: Shin

Nickname: First name’s short enough, I’ll leave any joke nickname up to you.

Middle Name: Glaciem (Mostly uses this one to cover his last name for reasons I’ll explain.)

Last Name: Verus

Team Esper’s newest recruit.

Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes too. He wears a black overjacket with an unclosed zipper, revealing an equally black shirt bellow. The jacket has dragon-like patterns inscribed in gold trim and had a golden dragon's wing on the back. The pants and the shoes are pretty conventional compared to the jacket. The pants follow the form of the jacket and had a golden line trim stamped on the sides. He stands at about 6 feet.

Basic Info

Gender: Male

Age: 19


Interests: Telling a good story or hearing about one, this makes him like to write his own sometimes. Any competition. Animals.

Hobbies: A good swim, sword and magic training, going on and writing/telling/hearing about stories and observing, playing or helping animals.

Attitude: To people he knows he is confident, cracker of jokes, highly competitive and pretty selfless when it comes to helping them. To strangers he is the polar opposite, extremely timid and always talks as safe as he can, never pushing any personal matter, still, in any danger, he’ll jump head on to defend them if needed. He isn’t exactly trusting to a naïve level and may inquire too much of a situation or quest before accepting it as he doesn’t want to be on the wrong side. This nature changes completely when talking to people he deems un-honorable or too consumed in themselves, when he becomes extremely critical and brutal, whoever the person might be. This timid nature is “strangely” activated when he is near Terra and just Terra without any company, albeit without the part of never pushing any personal mater.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Lasanha, Bolonhese.

Favorite Drink: Is there coke here? Doubt it, but if there isn’t, any juice.

Least favorite food: Fish, any fish.

Least Favorite drink: Anything with alcohol, gets drunk way too easily.

Dislikes: Alcohol, routines, staying still, people who turn down challenges. Obvious dislike of not-so-honorable people, more so if they are nobles or rich merchants. Edgar’s approaches on Terra, even if he approaches everything with legs. Kefka, A LOT.

Likes: Animals, any kind of competition, kind people, competitive people, Terra.

Fears: Failure, talking to Terra alone, the beginning of a conversation with any stranger, afraid of how psychotic Rydia can go after Edge tries one of his “approaches”, which he most of the time has to help out at.

Secrets: Completely-not-obvious crush on Terra which totally doesn’t make everyone he knows poke fun of him for it. /sarcasm off. He also dislikes his noble birth and for it never tells anyone of it except his most trusted friends. Also thinks Terra’s esper form is strangely cute.

Best friends: Erza after she taught him better use of the sword, Natsu because of his competiveness, Terra for welcoming him to the team, childhood friend of Cloud’s former teacher Zack Fair and Edge’s “wingman-bro” as the ninja puts it. Developing a rare “rival of my rival is my rival” syndrome with Gray, mostly due to his fights with Natsu.

Girlfriend: At the beginning none, but it’s obvious who he aspires to.

Insecurities against: Terra, his family after he disappeared.

Family and home

Mother: Elincia Verus, 40, descendant of the Verus bloodline who met Ike god knows how, proficient swordfighter, rider of pegasi and healer.

Father: Ike Verus, 41, noble by marriage only, former mercenary and hailed as the best swordfighter in his country.

(Note: Rarely sees any due to not exactly liking being noble of birth, he has no feuds against them though)

Brothers: One year younger twins Ryu Verus that may try to find him later on. Fake-twin of his sister; Stefan Verus, who helps her keep track of him.

Sisters: Celice Verus, older by two years, has been tracking him from afar ever since he left.

Where he lives (Present): Bought a house in Cornelia (coincidently dab in-between Edgar’s and Terra’s), but prefers to be with the team whenever he can.

Where he lived (Past): Noble, unspecified mansion on a neighboring country.

Where he is going to live (future): “Where the wind takes him” as Bartz would say.

Any powers he might have:

1)Proficient swordfighting he learned from his father, crude albeit efficient. Learned a trick or two from Erza who he met before arriving in Cornelia. Prefers the usage of greatswords, especially his but any sword does it. He wields the family heirloom; the black crossed hilt, golden bladed two-handed sword Ragnell which has three perks: One, it is theorized to be unbreakable, two it can literally shoot an energy wave if he wills at as he swings it and three, extremely heavy which leads him to have to train to use her with one hand and while he’s tired has to resort to both hands. He has a signature move which involves throwing the sword upwards in a spinning arch, jumping as he grabs it, spinning towards the target as he cuts it once, landing on his hands and propelling himself upwards for a second rising slash. Tenku as Terra names it.

2)Spellblade. The power to infuse spells into the sword for varied effects. His entire training regimen centers around the ability to master this as it is, in his opinion, the superior way of fighting. For now he can use any “-ras” spells like Fira and a couple of helpful spells like Protect and Shell on the blade. His affinity with elements lies directly on Ice, but he can use Fire to a degree and Holly to a greater degree.

3)Magic. Needed to learn Spellblade. His proficiency in actually casting however, leaves much to be desired though and maybe Terra gives him a hand? Your choice. His proficiency in healing is at a medium range, only to alleviate pain or cure small bruises and muscle-strains, still no broken bones.

4)Not exactly a power but an object that he relies on sometimes. The “Book of the Thunder God” by Cidolfus Orlandeu, claimed to be the best swordsman in the world period, which coincidently hailed from Cornelia, his whereabouts are unknown. This one-thousand paged, one-of-a-kind book contains every secret said person amassed during his long life about combat. This comes with every Sword Saint technique, which Shin can only execute the Judgment Blade for now, Spellblade basics and advanced techniques along with battle strategies, he reads it often when on a tight spot, this book can also appear at will. How he got it is a mystery.

Well then, I like the plot so far and I'll be waiting to see just how do you fit him in!
Raging Akuma D chapter 3 . 3/22/2012
Nice chapter, you did my oc personality good. That Chaos guy sound very dangerous to be fear like that and the Void thing sound dangerous. Can't wait to see what happen next
Tony B chapter 2 . 3/21/2012
I like it, can't wait to see more.
cooking samurai chapter 2 . 2/25/2012
Cool story and are you going to use all the Final Fantasy playable characters. Also are Gilgamesh and Gabranth going to be in this story as will.
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