Reviews for Part 8: Hope and Miracle
Aerest chapter 136 . 11/24/2016
I love that all your M rated chapters often tell me more about where Gillian and Cal are in their relationship than their conversations (though those are very important too. But more controlled, more directed, more serving a certain point one of them wants to express). It's not porn, some weird kind of fanservice, but a real and important part of their relationship. And each of these chapters shows their connection in a different way, tells us about them, about where they are in life and with each other.
I'm usually no fan of sex scenes as they appear to be random and I often enough wonder why a love story has to be shown this way and couldn't have worked out in different ways that told me more about emotions for each other and less about simply lust that could have found a relief in pretty much any other willing person as well. Sex scenes very often are about superlatives, too. I mostly feel like a voyeur in them. Skipping them to get back to where the actual plot happens.
With you they feel natural, a part of their lives, something that deepens and grounds their connection, just another facet really. Their emotions are always deeply in it, they try to be with each other, communicate, and all those snippets of joy, doubt, playfulness, love, even lust you put in there make me enjoy reading those sweet moments. Not on a sexual, but on a emotional level.
Aerest chapter 135 . 11/24/2016
"As always, he had a choice, let the sadness take him over, or fight it back and be happy. Happiness was a choice, always a choice. And Cal chose, in this moment, to be happy."
You know, I did this choice many many times in my life but it wasn't until I read about it in your saga that I became fully aware of what I was doing. I led complicated discussions with friends about this topic, had myself questioned many times (and even if it was only the very basic: "How can you deal with being a freelance artist, not knowing whether you'll have enough money every month. Why doesn't it eat you?"), but never backtracked everything to this very basic statement: "Happiness is a choice."
I can already see at least one person I'm friends with getting incredibly angry about that statement (who deals with anxiety and depression). But for me this sentence is very true. I can either let myself drop into sadness / worry, or I can chose happiness and do everything necessary for myself to stay true to that choice.
Aerest chapter 133 . 11/23/2016
Cal and I share the philosophy that questions of children should be answered seriously and honestly. I've been enjoying all their conversations throughout the saga quite a lot and it's lovely to see them acknowledging and valuing their father's approach.
(Oh my. They grow so quickly... I could read some 100 and more chapters more of this. Precious everyday Lightman family moments.)
Aerest chapter 132 . 11/21/2016
I'm madly in love with your work. I (luckily?) was ill when I stumbled upon this story, and as I was coughing through the nights anyway I could as well keep reading... I'm not always happy with what is happening but the basis feels just so damn right that I suffer through everything. Part 8 is the fulfillment of all my dreams: Slices of life. Situations, flashbacks, all of them allowing me to catch glimpses of their lives, feel their bond, see them grow closer and closer together.
Thank you. I never really got into fanfiction in all these years that I've dreamt myself into other worlds because I always preferred canon, because no one could ever hit it as well as the original authors. But your story makes me understand what It's for, how it can be and why people keep writing and reading fanfiction.

Part 8 seemed to be deliciously endless in the beginning. Now, in Chapter 132, I get scared it might end though. Hence I decided to start rereading from the beginning of Part 1. I probably won't be able to suffer though everything, all the Parts, again, at least now, but the sweet beginning will hopefully prolong the inevitable ending of Part 8. (Yes, scared of Part 10. They'll be old then... I don't like endings or the thought that they might HAVE to part, eventually.)

Say, Part 9... I'm too late to ask for that, ain't I?
Never a clever idea to get sucked into a fandom years after everyone else already finished feeling it.
berfin.desch447 chapter 60 . 1/10/2016
Hey I'm re-reading the series again and saw the AN from you. Nothing to thank to me, thank you for writing such good stories. You're a blessing!
- Berfin
Berfin chapter 43 . 7/28/2015
"You look like a brave young man. Lots of people tell me so, all the time when they see you. I wish I was brave as you." I almost cried there

" I wanna have babies with you" good one hahaha
Kathleen O'Neil chapter 157 . 9/22/2014
It took me some time, but I read all your stories (I mean all of "parts" - with this one as the last one) and I must say that NOW I really understand what FanFiction is for. You're a miracle. How come I found your account just now. Where were my eyes? Where was my instinct? It feels like a whole new world I found. And this world is quite amazing - new but in the same time feels like home - it cannot be other way if I'm a HUGE Callian fan (mostly Gillian fan - but as well Callian fan). So many chapters, so many feelings - do ever sleep? Where do you keep all those ideas, all those emotions? Are you giant or something? Are you even real? Maybe you're some computer program invented to write an excellent stories? Some artificial intelligence? Or maybe you're plural in fact? There are some people who share one nick pjstillnoon and that's why it can be so (so so so) many chapters. Either way - I'm your fan. Huge fan. Astonishment Fan with a big F. You created a completed story with deep characters and emotional plot. Other authors who put a word "COMPLETE" above one-shot-story or story with some chapters (like 10 maybe) - they don't know the real meaning of "COMPLETE". And since there is no reward or salary in FanFiction world let me thank you for this amazing story. No, really - THANK YOU! How and why you did it - is still beyond me but I want to tell you (if it means something) that you made my day, week and month and my Callian-life. There are no word to express my feelings and my gratitude (especially English is not my mother tongue), but I hope you'll be able to read between the lines and see my deep bow to you. Thank you again. Your forEVER fan.
sash queen of the jungle chapter 157 . 5/21/2013
Oh what a love wedding scene of soulmates. Thanks for writing and sharing.
Night Owl 33 chapter 157 . 5/15/2013
What happened with Zoe? I forgot and can't find the chapter to reread it.
Nonnie88 chapter 157 . 5/13/2013
*melts into a wee puddle*
This was just lovely.. I am picturing it all!
SassyCop chapter 157 . 5/12/2013
So sweet! I love how happy I get when I see you post another chapter of this story! Feel free to post on it forever!
Clarebear chapter 157 . 5/12/2013
Hey PJ,

Long time no hear till now. Oh i have missed you and this story, i love how you write Cal & Gillian please keep writing this story.
I have read all your other new stories and i loved them to just never told you sorry please keep writing new stories too. I love the way you write :)

Your Aussie friend
Clarebear :)
CommonFlower chapter 157 . 5/12/2013
How could I forget the date, but rather never notice what day that date actually has been.
Oh dear, just yesterday I thought "WHY CAN'T I FEEL A CONNECTION - THERE MUST BE SOMETHING."
Well, thank you for posting this then. I wasn't sure how I would have felt if you did not post anything at all. So happy to read this Chapter. Love, love, love. To you, them, me our hearts. Expacially to you. XxxXXxxx
Clarebear chapter 156 . 3/1/2013
Hey PJ,

I love how you keep writing this story I also loved your M rated story of Cal & Gillian. Please keep writing them as you capture them so well, looking forward to some new stories and maybe (fingers crossed) more updates for this story too.

Your Aussie neighbour :)
Nonnie88 chapter 156 . 2/28/2013
Well... Hello there...
Nice surprise in my inbox after my horrid 13 hour shift! :)

Nice to see Cal and Emily have a proper wee chat together no matter how awkward...
And I chuckled a little at Cal telling Gillian he may have uninvited her moving in LOL! Whoopsy!
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