Reviews for A Rose Among Thorns
Guest chapter 91 . 56m ago
Can't wait until july then! Can't wait to read how klaus will react to iris and cedric even if i have a fairly good idea! Please UPDATE SOON! Bye!
MsAngelOfDarkness96 chapter 91 . 21h ago
please update it is really good and love it. OHHHHHHHHHHH there is going to be cedric in the next chapter wonder what will happen
BabeMikaelson chapter 1 . 4/12
Will you continue with this story? It would be a shame not to. It is amazing. One of the best HP/TVD crossovers I read.
RebeliousOne chapter 91 . 4/8
Love this fic! I can't wait to see Klaus get all jealous of Cedric. Please update soon.
Guest chapter 8 . 4/6
um istead of a scar wouldn't their be words you know considering it would have scabbed that way then when the scabs are gone scarred that way except it would say I must not tell lies at least that's what ended up happening in the books
Lizzy B chapter 91 . 4/3
Oh, please tell me she has a love affair thing with Cedric! I've been waiting for when Klaus has a real reason to be jealous- can't wait to see that! Great story! Update soon please!
Adolphus chapter 91 . 4/3
This story is a very good female Harry and Klaus pairing and I was wondering if will be updating this magnificent story any time soon. This is a brilliant read and I have just recently figured out that I am a huge female Harry/Klaus fan; so long as the story is written good.
Guest chapter 91 . 4/3
This story is beyond amazing! The waiting is torture! Please UPDATE SOON! Bye!
Guest chapter 65 . 3/31
at least Katherine can openly admit she stringed both brothers along and was a lying manipulative bitch where as elena can not
Guest chapter 91 . 3/30
Pls update. PLEASE.
Guest chapter 91 . 3/29
Everyday i look to see if chapter 92 is posted but everyday i'm disapointed. This story is amazing and i can't wait for more! Please UPDATE SOON!
Guest chapter 59 . 3/28
damon actually put her in a trunk called her up and everthing I wouldn't talk to him again no offense but know one in history is that forgiving
Guest chapter 72 . 3/28
damon and Stefan should know sum of whats happening though wall watching the pensive unlike the others she did gibe them a summary of her life however I wonder if they have a moment when they find out just how umbridge made her cut into her hand
Guest chapter 91 . 3/27
Please UPDATE SOON! I want chapter 92! Bye!
Guest chapter 13 . 3/26
The correct spellings are Niklaus, Rebekah and Stefan
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