Reviews for Animal
sadL chapter 9 . 7/28
Well I got my RPG now targeted on a certain council.
SUPADUPAsadL chapter 8 . 7/28
-cri cri- well -sniffle- time to fuck up a certain bitch, -Loads Ak47-
SUPERsadL chapter 6 . 7/28
Oh mah gosh.. Did.. Was..? -Stutters with heated glare that threatened to burn demons- Sodom eh?... -slowly grabs RPG,and ak47- I'm gonna bring this shit down with a bang.
SUPERsadL chapter 4 . 7/28
Omg u make me cri, no actually cry. First time -sniffle- a fanfic has done it for me. *Cri cri%
sadL chapter 3 . 7/28
-shivers- um compared to the other ones semi happy chapter..? Nah still just as. Fucked. Up. Put my name back to SUPERsadL cause this shit really gettin bitter
SUPERsadL chapter 2 . 7/28
-cri cri-
SUPERsadL chapter 1 . 7/28
%_# well I'm going to fuck up some dark mages tonight
diamondbirdy01 chapter 11 . 7/19
NatsuDragneelFireLord chapter 11 . 7/9
Can you please update soon? I reeeeaaaalllyyy hate suspense. :(
PearlTurtle chapter 11 . 6/28
Please, Please, PLEASE carry on with this! ( and quickly too)!
PearlTurtle chapter 11 . 6/19
This story reminds me of one on ao3, I think it's called Lost and Found by Akiko_Natsuko. It's basically the same storyline, though in this version Natsu is way more damaged.
Bones McCoy chapter 11 . 6/13
Please continue this! Natsu! I love this story, please please please keep writing!
Musicloader chapter 11 . 6/10
Hey there! :)
I really want to know what will happen next!
Will Natsu be able to recover?
What is the council going to do to him?
There are so many questions!
There has been a hold to the story for so long by now... :/
Hope it will continue soon :)
It is the best I have ever read :D
So I am totally looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 11 . 6/5
The plot is so good it might as well be used in the series! Please update as soon as you can!
Mahquenziles chapter 11 . 5/31
Please update soon. I just found this storie and spent the last couple of hours reading it. And I'm dying to know what happens next. Keep up the hood work and thanks for the chapter.
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