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chongchonghk chapter 4 . 4/4
(Chapter 4)
Wow! The feeling of Nagisa-san is well-written that it really shows the characteristic of low self-esteem she possessed. This story is the first fiction that I have a large incentive to carry on reading! Really love this story, thank you!
Destria Cosplay chapter 5 . 4/4
personally hoping for a tomoyo x tomoya ending... why else do you think that they made their names so damn similar?
chongchonghk chapter 3 . 3/30
For Chapter 3, I started to see the modification of the original story. I love this modification and the description of inside of heart is very good! Again, the vocabulary is difficult and I love it, though I think some words are using wrong? I am not sure about it since my English is only at P.3 level if in standard of native English.
Dramiel chapter 9 . 3/28
* As for chapter 9...

I like your attempts at trying new things w/ narration and point of view, but I feel like you need to limit yourself to a certain number of characters. You are working w/ a large number of characters that are all well-developed and have a lot in them to keep in mind, to make them useful and affect the story. I also don't think that it adds to the story if you simply attempt to narrate occurring events, from every character possible. Sunohara felt like an over-the-line case, since imo he is an extreme case of "supporting" character, that really can not flavour the scene without the main character present that he is supposed to be working with.

I think the story gets over-saturated adding Sunohara in what i suspect in future, will be an "important" or heavily-affecting role. And i personally, still can't see him much beyond awesome comic-relief.

Another problem that I had w/ him here, is that you kinda made him look like a shallow bastard. I thought you intended to represent him as a good, loyal friend that is trying to help, but also stop his loneliness (did i get that right?), but what I got from it, is that he rather acts like a desperate or "horny" kid that is just trying to hook up with someone from his friends; and it does not really matter for him whether it is Nagisa or Kyou as long as someone budges and says "Yes" ( same happened w/ Kotomi/Tomoyo in the anime series). Though in the end, he did behave like that and held such kind of intents in the anime series... perhaps he is done just right :D.

I really don't know how I feel about his relationship development w/ the current crowd (except for maybe less developed characters like Fuko or Yukine Miyazawa). The intriguing part about Tomoya and the main cast, is how his act of giving up on himself, disappointment, and self-hatred, brings him to the point where he rather puts all his hopes, interest, and effort into helping people in need that are around him instead of his own progress. Without even intending so, this lazy, emo, slacker, manages to charm people in the most solid of ways, each of which had unique, convincing circumstances; and this now evolved into toughest problem. Sunohara on the other hand, is just... Sunohara :P Sunohara the Punching Bag (well, except maybe that soccer-team-fight episode).

And really... I was kinda skeptical about what is the main problem/goal/premise/objective of this story up until now. Though after just a little time and contemplation over plot, now I see! You put Tomoya into HELL! It is a horrific, terrifying condition. I would have a total of ZERO ideas in Tomoya's shoes. Clannad can not be sold as harem w/ only simple premises and a couple of dumb teens falling in love... for reasons unknown... In Clannad, every relationship Tomoya develops, has such a plausible, touching, concrete circumstances and turn of events IMHO, that in the end the characters seem inseparable to me. I see no singular choice that he can make that won't bring a lot of drama, pain to another character. It really feels like they are life-bound now, as they go through hardships of achieving each other's goals, working together, and coming closer. This is how well written the relationships and characters are, and this is perhaps why Visual Novel is done in separate routes only.

You imitations of these characters are pretty much 100% in their likeness, except for maybe Tomoya a little. He does not feel right, but I can't yet describe why. Despite that, you made me very invested.

Great work!
Dramiel chapter 1 . 3/28
Holy #$/, those update intervals... (i am sure there is a case where someone already died and wont be able to finish reading this story) But your quality and effort you put into it, is just unbelievable ( it is a fanfic after all). It is shining w/ polish, and i hope i wont get hit by the bus before the next update ;D

I will man up tomorrow and review some chapters properly. There is so much great stuff you did, though i do have criticism on some things.

If only i was not 10 years late on Clannad party... It is saddening what i was doing with my life all this time. It is hard comparing formats and mediums, but it feels like the best work of fiction, and not just as anime. Yeah, it is yet again in highschool as 90% of all other manga/anime, but it was done so right and was so unique that i still have my jaw on the floor even after weeks of wit essing it.

As for chapter 9...

I like seeing your attempts at new things in narratio
TranLePhu chapter 8 . 3/24
First and foremost, I apologize for this being a long review. I just think that such a good story as such deserves a detailed review of my opinions and thoughts (hopefully, I'm right :x).

The simplest way I can describe the entirety of "Clannad: Different Days" is that it is by far the best Clannad fanfic that I have read to date. Yup, that's probably the most concise compliment I can give this story without being so hyperbolic.

Before you have any thoughts of disbelief, it should be known that I don't go throwing around compliments as so without concrete evidence. First and foremost, your interpretation and creative spin-off of the characteristics and personalities of each character in Clannad is absolutely superb. Although it's incredibly difficult to successfully write in the 1st person POV OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE while also maintaining the originality and integrity of characters based off of another work (in this case, Clannad's characters), from reading the thoughts of Tomoya, Tomoyo, Kyou, and all the others in your 9 chapters so far, it's clear to see that most of the characters themselves haven't morphed and diverged into complete strangers. In other words, your use of the 1st person still succeeds in displaying their traits and quirks that we all know and love from watching Clannad and/or playing the visual novel. :) Now, the reason why I say MOST instead of all characters is because of your take on the personal thoughts of characters such as Sagae (this includes all the other characters I mentioned; I just want to highlight these two in particular). Being concise, the paths of how you developed the personalities of Sagae really captured my interests because while you kept the whimsical attitude she has (i.e. her complaints of her bread not testing good - running away in tears), you creatively took to your own measure to twist that around so that the reader can view these whimsical episodes, as seen in the anime, to reveal Sagae's deeper thoughts and ideas (i.e. You creatively talking of how Tomoya's first criticism of Sagae's bread gave her a reason to pay attention to Tomoya due to his honesty - I REALLY like this spin-off. Good descriptive words and flow in terms of your sentence structure in this instance). My only two cents worth of caution is to not "hit the gas" too hard in this route of creativeness, because while you certainly have done a wonderful job in putting your own idea of how these characters really are, you should also try to maintain some traits these characters had in the original Clannad. This is simply for the purpose of allowing the reader to have something to quickly bring the character into mind via remembering the anime/visual novel or what not. Other than that, keep up the good work! :)

NOW, there's a specific reason why I'm choosing to review chapter 8 (although I have read all 9 so far). Just like my praise of the entirety of Clannad: Different Day, a similar praise goes out to you for the brilliance of how you tackled chapter 8. Specifically, I absolutely loved your take on Tomoyo's thoughts, character, and story development around her. While you stuck to a lot of the concrete information about Tomoyo from the original Clannad series, what I enjoyed the most out of this chapter was how your 1st person POV of Tomoyo was unique enough, grammatically correct and complex enough, and stylistically complex enough that I, one of many readers, was able to understand Tomoyo at a deeper level that Key failed to give via Clannad and Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life. In other words, your successful attempt to write Tomoyo's story via describing HER OWN thoughts, feelings, and ideas allowed readers like me to understand her existing story through a different light; your consistency and take of Clannad in the 1st person POV essentially gave Tomoyo more of an emotional face for readers to understand her more.

As you may have guessed by my review of Chapter 8 and what I aforementioned, I am amongst the many of Tomoyo Sakagami fans. While I am actually not that big on anime and manga (the Clannad series is the 2nd I've paid attention to and by far my favourite), I'll admit that after watching Clannad and Clannad: After, and playing the visual novel and that of Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life, I like Tomoyo After more than Clannad (don't kill me, people). Such reasoning for why my preference is because of how the character development of Tomoyo in Tomoyo After, and the depth of relationship development between her and Tomoya was just more emotional and... complexly deep in my opinion. Furthermore, the ending of Tomoyo After was just more impactful, realistic, and memorable for me (not going to say what in fear of spoilers). You might be asking, "Why are you telling me this information anyways?" My answer first starts off why how initially before reaching chapter 8, I did NOT vote for a Tomoya x Tomoyo pairing. The reason behind such an act was simply because before I had read chapter 8, I had simply thought that no fanfiction (that I have read so far) simply had the ability to beat the power and beauty of Tomoyo After's story and its realistic morals. For that reason, I had voted for another Tomoya pairing. HOWEVER, your chapter 8 not only made me deeply regret my early decision .", but also urged me to bring your attention to the main purpose of this review.

While the direction of Clannad: Different Days is clearly and obviously at the author's discretion, and I, as the reader, enjoy reading your work regardless (from the 9 chapters I've read so far), I still wish to state that I highly, highly hope that you take into consideration the idea of taking (or creating an alternative) Clannad: Different Days towards a Tomoya x Tomoyo pairing. In other words, I REALLY hope that you consider the option of making this story head towards the direction of Tomoya and Tomoyo being together. From seeing how you tackled Tomoyo's family story VIA HER OWN THOUGHTS in a very emotionally detailed but readable (grammatically and stylistically) manner, how well you portrayed Tomoyo's own emotions through her voice, and how you tackled Tomoya and Tomoyo's interactions with one another at this secret spot through each other's perspectives, I can honestly say that a Tomoya x Tomoyo story from you will be on the same (or easily a higher) level as that of Tomoyo After in terms of relationship and character development. :D

I am in no doubt that Clannad: Different Days will be a wonderful story (that I will certainly continue to read until its end :D) regardless of what route/pairing you decide on. However, as a Tomoyo fan and a person who appreciates good writing and reading, I again just wish to say that I HIGHLY HOPE you consider the idea of going down the Tomoya x Tomoyo path. With the story's current qualities, I certainly believe that such an ending with these two as a couple would certainly finish off what Key's Tomoyo After couldn't achieve.

Thanks for taking the time for reading my review! Again, I apologize for my long blabber. ._."
chongchonghk chapter 1 . 3/22
Detail description! I love this passage! It motivates me to learn English.
Qwertymann chapter 9 . 3/20
I'll be leaving a review for you this time around. I'm just going to dive right into it.

First of all, you need to put which character is talking in a long dialogue sequence. I got confused when Youhei was speaking with Kyou as to whom was speaking when the dialogue goes on long. A simple "replied x" is so easy to put in! Same with Misae.

I see you are developing Youhei's inner-self here, providing reasons and ambitions he has within himself. That said, I believe the language portrayed was a bit advanced for him. It's minor, though. What I want to comment on is the underlying issues in him.

Maybe the portrayal was confusing. Youhei seems to like Nagisa, yet seems to like Kyou as well. Or perhaps he's just very lonely? He is confused as to what he wants. He carries much pain in his heart and deserves someone to mend it. Thus, with this conclusion, he will accept anything he is given. That's how I believe you are portraying him. But ultimately, he probably doesn't know what he wants yet. The next chapter will be an interesting development between him and Nagisa, I would say. Perhaps once that finishes, his mind will clear up. And his heart. I sympathize with you, Youhei. We were all like that at one point.

This chapter has a filler feeling to me, though - unless something is made out of Youhei's realizations. It didn't seem much happened... but I suppose it's necessary to create future situations for the characters. And how it will all play out. That's what I'll be waiting to see.
ArvisJaggamar chapter 9 . 3/14
I didn't think a Sunohara chapter could be this interesting, but you pulled it off quite well. :)

The way you delved into the depths of the character was impressive, since he really is the most shallow character in the show. He repeatedly shows, throughout the anime, that he is motivated by base desires: sex, violence, etc. But we also see his fierce loyalty, his inferiority complex, and some capability for deep thinking. But his character just isn't explored very deeply at all. I thought you did a great job with taking very little from the source material and doing a lot with it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

One minor criticism: MORE KYOU! LOTS MORE KYOU!
Enhanced Nero chapter 8 . 3/4
please don't tell me that you're going to put Tomoyo with Sunohara. I'll strangle you and wring out what little life there is especially when you start bringing out "Another World: Tomoyo Chapter" scenes which in my opinion was one of the best parts in Clannad.

I'm fully supporting Tomoya and Tomoyo because I think that's what love is all about: sacrifice, and I also think the best couple is Tomoya and Tomoyo. keep it up
Dominus Tenebrosus chapter 9 . 3/4
Rolling Commentary:

Well well! Long time no see, man. :P

"I slowly walked towards" -Heh. Sounds like a pisser.

"All of us have" -When? Roughly the same time you become as nuts as I am. :D

"A part of me" -Well, between this and the A/N, that pretty well answers the PoV. Though I suspected it in the last paragraph, oddly.

"one form or another." -And if the last one didn't confirm it, this one definitely confirms it.

"search for. And then," -Something I suspect most people face sooner or later, in some form or another.

"to do. It was" -I sense an injection of fuel for your poll. :P

"deal with. I had" -No points for guessing what's unbelievable about this paragraph. XD

"at times. He was" -Heh. See my last comment. Highly unusual and suspect indeed. :P Though, more for the narrator of this particular section... XD

"letting on. With a" -Well, this won't end well. XD

"that right?" Turning my" -Heh, more perceptive than most give credit for, but, well. Not really surprising, either.

"of his. Knowing that" -Heh. Awkward indeed.

"hastily making my way" -I feel like 'made' may be a better choice here than 'making'. Anyway, heh, sounds about right.

"or later. I was" -Knowing who to try to stuff in locker? j/k

"the school. The place" -Ooh. :P

"one else. I figured" -A raisinable choice. *nods sagely*

"already was. With that" -lulz.

"For a moment, I" -Man. Dude needs a hug or sommat.

"I anyway" I remember" -There seems to be a punctuation mark missing here. Also, is this flashback?

"huh?" I turned my" -Hmm... Fuel for another pairing, perhaps? Just a thought from earlier really, sorta reinforced here.

"again. "Take this one" -Dun dun dunnnnn...

"in a sense. My" -Heh. It's been a while since I've seen the scene in question (homophones!), but this is a flashback to it, right? I like it, either way. :P

"be a part of." -A little cliche now and then is good. *nods*

"at once. When I" -You know, thinking back on it, it really was a doofy rule.

"was to begin with." -lulz. Got you there, she did. Looks like it's time for a return volley. XD

"a few weeks ago."" -Admittedly, not the most effective return volley, but still.

"the table. She resumed" -Bad news, I'm sure.

""How much do you" -Boy. Right to the heart of the matter. lulz.

"can happen, you know?"" -lulz, ouch at that phrasing. XD

"And then, my mind" -Dun dun dunnnnnn...

"up. I was about" -Well. This'll be interesting, anyway.

"to care. Realizing that" -Everyone involved could probably stand to have a hug, tbh.

"you're right." The silence" -Well. Surprising, but believable. The convo, that is.

"instead? I wanted to" -Definitely needs hug.

"room. I took a" -I find myself a bit confused by this paragraph. So she couldn't help him?

"me pause. To be" -As it turns out... Pretty far indeed, actually.

"only for a moment." -Behold, the power of unintentional cheese.

""Say one word to" -XDDDDD

"chemistry. I honestly don't" -Plus, it doesn't tend to end well in such cases. Well, if Cracked is to be believed, anyway.

"temporarily. Maybe that was" -Heh. Sometimes it is.

"once. I should be" -Well, this ought be interesting...

"out to begin with." -I think maybe removing that second 'run out' might be a good idea; avoids repetition. Either way, yeah, sounds about right, really. XD

""I swear, I'm not" -Accurate, for once! *shot*

"up to. Of course," -And when you do, you may well make her die of shock on the spot. XD

"a chance. With my" -Well, have to give him points for being dogged, anyway.

""But where would the" -*awesomeface .jpg*

"down at the ground." -...Well. Unexpected. This ought be interesting.

"it hit me. Seeing" -Yeeeghs. Definitely interesting.

"all over." The two" -lulz. I can see it now. "...Ladies first?"

"to me. I had" -Ironically, he's even working in the same direction. Definitely going to be interesting to see the inevitable gambit pileup...

"to here right now." -To be here? Either way... Hm.

At the A/N: CIVILITY?! NEVAAAAAAAR! *gets out destructive explosives*

General Thoughts:

Well. Hm. I'm not actually too sure where to start with this one really; particularly without giving anything away. That said, that's a cliffhanger, ayup. I really have to wonder how it'll go; that said, I do find myself sharing his opinion of that, because... yeah.

Anyway, that said, there is some interesting potential pairing fodder here, which may or may not influence the poll you have. I know I already said that, but I think it bears repeating. What I find really interesting is a potential pairing that one party's too blind to see as a possibility? Hm. Heh. Well, either way...

Good stuff. :)
Yoku chapter 1 . 3/3
Wow. I must say, I'm not much of a reader.. I mostly lay pretty much all my time on anime's and such. But this was the most incredible thing I've read so far C: I'm really looking forward to see what happens in the next chapter
Ataximander chapter 9 . 3/3
Well, other than a few episodes nobody really follows Youhei's side of things. Good thing it gets more exposure :)
Theminimanx chapter 9 . 3/3
Well, I can safely say I didn't see this chapter coming. I don't think I've ever seen a Clannad story focus on Sunohara before, which, in hindsight, is kind of a shame. He is a genuinely nice person, but it's just hidden by his role as comic relief. And I love how you show how this whole mess affects others, not just Tomoya and the girls. I honestly didn't consider how the Sunohara or Nagisa's parents would react, but now that I've read it, it does make sense.

Also, I am so glad this isn't just a: 'And then Tomoya got all the girls! Orgies Forever!' story. Then again, anyone interested enough in actual character developement to watch Clannad probably has enough maturity to not write such stories.

It's interesting to me how harem stories are never used for drama (nonsensical School Days story aside), because the potential is there. In fact, I've only read two stories so far where it isn't used for pure fanservice, and even then the potential for drama is never used.

Hmm, I am curious about what Ryou is doing here. I guess I'll see next chapter. Looking forward to it!
Wirtzilla chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
Another heart wrenching chapter from my favorite fanfic. I like how ch 8 was based around Tomoyo, it really showed what she is going through in this whole ordeal. It was a really well done chapter with a good setting and mood, but the pacing was a tiny bit slow. Not a bad thing since you filled it up with interesting info and feelings, but I could kinda feel it slow down.

Other than that, amazing. I always reread through the story with every new chapter. I love it!
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