Reviews for Summer of the Dragon
Whit96 chapter 42 . 7/22
Loved it!
pixelbun1 chapter 1 . 7/20
I did not make it past chapter 10, unfortunately. The writing style was ok, but the previous reviewer kind of hit it on the head. Hermione comes across as a really arrogant, self righteous little twit, wanting to take a "break" while always declaring how much she love Ron, and then turns around and considers getting some sneaky totty on the side. Constantly trying to parse Sophie's Ze French Accent is a pain in the arse too, and muscleman Philip didn't really add much to the story.
CygneRouge chapter 29 . 7/20
Hy ! Your story has a good plot and a lot of potential. But why did you make Hermione like this ? She's really a b*tch, she doesn't care about Draco, nor about Ron. She spends her time chastizing Draco for his behaviour but you made her a haughty and unsufferable know-it-all. Sure she's a bit like that, but not to this extent. She makes me scringe. I really do hope you will have her realize later how bad she is behaving and how low her moral really is. Either way you got me to read 29 chapters so it's quite good in fact
ciloun chapter 42 . 6/27
À so good story. Thank you so much for this one.
skyeryder01 chapter 42 . 5/13
I absolutely LOVED this story! I'm so glad you decided to change the ending.
Dulce Muerte chapter 41 . 4/22
great story
nap2606 chapter 42 . 4/9
Thank you. I spent the past few nights invested in this story and enjoyed every word
GeorgeMcC chapter 41 . 4/4
THIS IS MY NEW FAV DRAMIONE FANFIC! I love the characterization of all the character's giving an interesting insight into their actions and motivations. Also love the detail of the wandmaking and all the intricacies! I love everything about this storywell done (sorry for being late to the party!) x
Kushka chapter 42 . 4/4
Good story
sherriithewriter chapter 42 . 2/22
Fabulous story! So well-written and so well thought out. I adored Sophie’s character and it was interesting to consider how wands were made. Your creativity was boundless. I felt kind of sorry for the House elf. What a cruel end for him.
Dreamweaver88 chapter 1 . 2/22
this chapter cracked me up. especially Ollivander telling hermoine that brown-nosing will get her nowhere lol
DutchScorRosefan chapter 42 . 2/11
Loved this!
scabiorgirl chapter 5 . 1/6
this chapter was funny lol at draco
reallyseaweed chapter 41 . 12/19/2017
The End! I'm glad Ron ended up with Astoria. Pip and Sap hahahhaha
I enjoyed this very much! the chapter that stood out the most was the one that they had to say goodbye to one another. i cried to hard on that chapter! I like Lucius in this chapter, he is not a heartless person, he wants Draco to be happy even with muggle born, Granger.
i can't wait to read the sequel.
reallyseaweed chapter 40 . 12/19/2017
hhahah relieved! i'm glad he blurted out Hermione's name while he almost shagged Astoria.
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