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SeannysMom chapter 6 . 12/23/2015
I would certainly have had to start reading Dash it all before this one but in the end it does not matter because it gives me a good overview of their new family life. Thank you
CileSuns92 chapter 6 . 10/3/2013
Aw, I'm glad we got to see a little bit of baby Ellery here. I loved their swimming session in the pool, with the splashing and the way it all lit up as they spent time together. It was a pretty rough chapter of their story, finally realizing that one day Kate might not come home, but I think it consolidated their relationship even more, a sort of unspoken need to make every moment count. You unraveled it slowly, keeping the mystery and adding little bright spots to all this, like Ellery's first 'Ma-ma' and Dash's successful trip to the public restroom.

You have a gift to make little moments become monumental, and monumental moments blend into the everyday, much like it happens in real life. This little story is proof of that.

I'm loving these companion stories just as much as I loved the longer ones. Thank you for them!
conservativegirl chapter 6 . 6/10/2013
Great story! I love the semi-fluff/ brutally honest confessions at the Hamptons:)
Mark C chapter 6 . 5/28/2013
This was good especially with the main subject of the story.

Not at all surprised that Kate wanted time with her family after what happened/witnessed while she was out in the field.

Rick was awesome here. You had him be patient with Kate so that she could tell him what happened when she was ready.

The family moments were wonderful and I enjoyed seeing Ellery just a few months old.

When you had Kate reveal to Rick what happened during their game of Truth or Dare, he was there for her. I liked how Kate is always amazed at what Rick does for her, like she doesn't deserve it. But Kate does the same for Rick but in a different way.

Loved the ending.
ER-Freaky chapter 6 . 8/19/2012
okay I know I'm boring with giving my feedback because I think I almost always just say something short like i love it or great update. But I don't have much to say. Your writing is amazing and I really love the updates and your stories. I'm not big in analyzing any chapter because I just like to read and enjoy and that's exactly what's happening with (almost) all of your stories.
Elle018 chapter 6 . 7/21/2012
I adore their underwear discussion.

"I got it," he says softly, and his eyes drift over her shoulder. "I know you think I hate to wake up in the morning. But I love when I get to lie in bed and watch you get dressed for work. I love that I know all day what color panties you're wearing."

This is so sexy in its intimacy. I love who you make them together in this world.
Elle018 chapter 4 . 7/18/2012
Something about this chapter, especially them calling her Cricket here, made me suddenly and sharply long to see this family on Ellery's wedding day. Kate with Ellery getting ready, what Rick would say to her before walking her down the aisle, Dash as a man, in a tux, brother of the bride. I know you said you don't know if you want to see them as teenagers, but maybe someday down the road you'd write us one shots of glimpses into significant days in this family's future. I'd love that.

(Also, I noticed Rick brought formula with!)
Elle018 chapter 3 . 7/18/2012
So, it's kind of eerie that you just DMed me about their wedding and then THIS was the next chapter I had pulled up to read. Are you spying on my phone! Lol. I loved hearing about their wedding, even in Dash-story form. It sounds beautiful and full of love. That's what I remember most from my wedding day, an incomparable feeling of overwhelming love - from God, my husband, our families, and friends.

I also have to say that my already deep appreciation for your skill for writing kids has only magnified now that I see some of Dash's quirks in my 10-month-old nephew. The humming to himself and bouncing excitedly, oh, I know just what that looks and sounds like. Spot on.
SparkleMouse chapter 6 . 7/8/2012
Nooooo last chapter of this one!

She looks tired without eyeliner or mascara, tired and older than he remembered. It makes his chest hurt. - That's sad.

When they're both settled and facing each other, he can't help reaching out and stroking the hair off her forehead - I love how intimate a gesture that is.

Rick smooths his hand down her hair, over and over, puts his mouth at her forehead, her temple. - I love how SOOTHING he is here. She's telling this horrible story and everything he's doing is so lovely and calming and silent.

"He was close to retirement - he was nearly there. Wife, two grown kids, son and daughter. And I wonder. . .will that be me in twenty years, thirty? Will I be serving my last warrant before getting out of the 12th for good and then-" - Kaaaaaaaaate!

She opens her eyes, dark and desperate. "Promise me, Castle. You'll survive, and you'll make sure - make absolutely certain - that our kids survive it. Better than I did. With my mom." - Aaaand now I'm crying. God that's ... Yeah.

Her body presses into his, urgent and intense, and he knows tonight he will memorize every response, every touch, for the dark day she's made him promise against.

And pray he never needs it. - It's not even 10am. Stop making me sad!

Truth," she murmurs - I love that they play this.

"I got it," he says softly, and his eyes drift over her shoulder. "I know you think I hate to wake up in the morning. But I love when I get to lie in bed and watch you get dressed for work. I love that I know all day what color panties you're wearing." - I love him. So much.

Know why? Because you don't care about the bra. You always want your panties to match your shirt - I love that he KNOWS. That he knows her so damn well.

Girly in it. Not sexy, not hot, just . . . girly. - Love.

Absolutely perfect. And now I'm on Dash It All. Uh oh. Am I ready for my life to be taken over? ...
SparkleMouse chapter 5 . 7/8/2012
"Oh, it's my baby sister," Dash says, tunneling his arms through the water. Castle lets him go and Dash manages to swim sloppily towards them. "Hey, baby. Hey Ellie." - This partially sounds creepy and mostly so adorable hahaha. (I used to watch a lot of SVU. Sometimes a lot is creepy.)

But Castle is already tugging the baby forward, her body horizontal, belly in the water, Castle's thumbs pointing towards the sky as he keeps her balanced with just his fingers under her arms. He goes backward, and Ellery comes after, her arms and legs moving, kicking, her head bobbing up and down. - So cute! I'm so upset I'm almost done with this story. Because I love them in the Hamptons like this.

Her eyes. They are still so very blue, and by now they'll stay that way. She has Rick's eyes, but against her dark, Beckett hair, they are so startling, so avid and full of expression. - She'll be gorgeous when she grows up. Why is this not real so I can see her in 20 years? Dash too.

Oh, God, Kate is so jealous. And she's not sure of which one of them - her husband or her daughter. - I like that she still feels that way, that she cares enough to feel that way.

Ellery laughs at him, then glances up to Kate and gives her a big grin, babbling - Hahaha this girl is awesome.

Uh. South Fork - Southfork!
SparkleMouse chapter 4 . 7/8/2012
Ok. Must sleep.

I didn't mention it before but I love the name Ella. I've also never listened to the Black Keys but I'll have to give them a shot since I am pretty much addicted to this like crazy.

The image of Dash bouncing on Castle's legs... I need this. Just go steal Nathan and Stana and two cute kids and make everyone this out. That doesn't sound crazy at all!
SparkleMouse chapter 3 . 7/8/2012
THIS. I apparently just want to snuggle all of your work. The entire scene with Dash in the bathroom, the retelling of the story and how he knows all of it. It reminds me of my childhood and it's so comforting and nice to go back there. (And the story was written beautifully, so easy to imagine and so nice to be able to know all the moments we missed as readers. You make it such a complete story and world.)

I just love how you're writing Dash. I hear his little voice in my head and I want to eat him. I'm gonna snuggle the crap out of my nephew on Saturday haha. Torn between more and sleeping. Decisions, decisions.
SparkleMouse chapter 2 . 7/8/2012
Dash, my love! And he speaks!

I love them as parents. Two kids, house in the Hamptons. I love this little world you've created that seems so real and so right and so hopeful. Even with Dash's issues they seem calmer, so different than the people they were before. I know I mentioned that in my last review but it really is so nice to see the growth there. I appreciate you giving me bedtime stories :)
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 7/8/2012

There is something I absolutely love about Castle sitting down in his old chair but it's different, he has their daughter to show off. I love that there's so much history in that moment, where they fell in love, their story, their life all in that dumb, ugly, (what I assume is a) highly uncomfortable chair. And Castle demanding Kate take off and her listening because she's trusts him and knows he's right is so different than the Kate in the first series that it's refreshing.
Jenny.Simone.Kate chapter 6 . 5/14/2012
Thank you so much for this one. It's like another piece of the puzzle. It completes. And although your stories make me thoughtful most time, they DO make me happy.
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