Reviews for Otani's Cousin, Azami Otani
shez.ur.destiny chapter 1 . 2/7/2012

Dude, that is so freakin' sad! I mean the poor girl is sick and has no parents. You now after reading this I almost 'wanna go spend time with my folks. I said Almost!

Omigod, At-chan you are so sweet! So concerned for his cousin and all. Damn it. Well I feel like a pile of walrus poo right now. I don't even know half my cousins. Mainly because they all live in Florida and we live in (boring) Alabama. So if this happened to one of them, I wouldn't know them god damn it! dies

Heh heh, At-chan! Trololol! XD I'm sorry but it just sounds so funny to me! And it's not even funny! But I just bust out for no reason when I hear that. I don't know why! XDD Seriously, I am killing myself right now.

Now my mom is giving me that look that says "where did I go wrong?" Lololol! My dog is just tilting his head to the side like "WFT?" XD What is wrong with me?

Pft, Risa your so awesome. "I'm not a doctor!" XD See my problem. I laugh at not funny things at serious moments!

Like at my great aunt's funeral (may she rest in peace) the pastor said, "I remember how she loved those sweet

pickles." Dude, I was laughing hard. Everyone was staring at me like "STFU" but I could not stop. My mom dragged me away and made stay in the car until the funeral was over.

Ehem, *clears throat like a college proffesor with broncitis* now that I am done laughing like a retard on drugs, HOLY RED EYED TREE FROGS THIS IS SO SAD! But good! It's Gad or Sood. Heh heh…Sood. It's a funneh word. I loved every bit of it! It's so dramatic! I mean dropping phones and throwing up blood. More dramatic than Degrassi, teen mom, and jersery w*hore cough I mean shore.

Anyways, you better update this! Or I will get my good friend Pedo Bear to come to your house and rape you.

I have your adress right here. I have to do is give it to him. Better hurry. Pedo Bear is in the heat XDDD.