Reviews for Hellboy: The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Mel chapter 2 . 10/28/2017
Oh man. This fic is the level of goodness I have been looking for in Hellboy fanfiction for a while. The way you write your characters is in such a way that they are uncertain and determined and wonderful in the way that the living can be. You have written something that I find flows with the characters, rather than shoehorning them into a situation. It feels natural.
As for the characterisation, I think you've done very well. I'm only on my first read through of the comics (IT IS GLORIOUS) but I can envision the characters saying what they say, and acting as they do in this fic. And I agree wholeheartedly with your interpretation of Hellboy as you've put it out in this note, especially the whole lonely loner bit.
The erotic parts were great to read. I really enjoyed how you've written in the trust and /active communication/ involved in it.
Anyhow, very great read and thanks for writing it.
Flint and Feather chapter 2 . 6/27/2017
I so appreciate that you explain here, your motivations and thorough research into the canon, in order to put such heart into this affecting vignette of true love between Hellboy and Alice. Yes, and to fill in the developments we'd never see, any other way. Thanks so much for this!
FruitsofHarvest chapter 1 . 1/18/2013
I love your story a lot, you kept the beginning mild and mentioned the obvious with out really saying the words (Like how you never mentioned beer but used other words instead) and then it slowly progressed into more than that. How ever some words you did use seemed a bit blunt (I'm no good writer but I love to read) like when you said balls, I'm honestly not sure how you could edit that it It could honestly be just me. In all the story was amazing and I'm glad you kept to the comic rather than the movie.

When I read the comics I fell in love with Alice, a sweet woman that you just can't stop liking. I think I heard of Anastasia before, just can't put my finger on it where does she appear in the comics by chance? Also if you wish to reply to me I'm sorry but I don't have a FF account but if you have a Deviantart account I'd be glad you answer me there.
Flint and Feather chapter 3 . 8/4/2012
Oh, don't we know that our hero deserves to be loved this way! You've delved deep into his lonely psyche, expressed perfectly who he is. How lovingly and painstakingly you have crafted your story!
I bow to your intellectually entrancing powers of narration and description.
IrishInkWitch92 chapter 1 . 2/14/2012
freaking loved it i loved it!
jelibeanne chapter 2 . 2/11/2012
As I read your story, I kept thinking that your words made me want to be a better writer. The sparseness in which you write only heightens the tension and emotions in the room. There is a rawness that is nearly palpable of which I am completely envious, because your words are perfectly strung together.

I love writing Hellboy, but I love reading really good Hellboy fanfics even more. And this is a step above. Thank you for writing this and thank you even more for sharing it.

I, too, find Tom Waits music to be inspirational when writing Hellboy. I actually try to incorporate song lyrics and the like into my stories, so your playlist at the end made me smile.

Great writing!
randomlittleperson chapter 1 . 2/8/2012

I... don't even know what to say.

Your writing is so perfect, that I've always been a little bit embarassed to review. Because my English is limited and also I feel I'm going to say something silly.

Your Joker x Harley fics are amazing and always so incredibly in character, that I had no doubt this was going to be good. But it was so much more than good...

I like fiction that makes me feel something... that can make me happy, sad, or even aroused x3... And your writing in general, but this piece specially, is the kind of fiction that can make me feel all of that. Sometimes, like in this case, all of those things in one story ... My poor feelings! But, as I said, this is what I like in fiction: feeling. A lot. 3

Hellboy was so in character, so simple and so endearing and - I feel silly for using this word, but I can't think of another- so cute, in alll his awkwardness and fear at the begining. I didn't know much about Alice, because I'm only starting to read the comics; I read The Wild Hunt in advance so I could read this fic. But after reading your story, I can't help but love Alice. She's so sincere, fearless and beautiful. I loved when she said: “It’s alright. I stare at you too”. So sweet. 3

This story was romantic and definitely hot. I loved that, during their lovemaking, Hellboy could forget for a while about his worries. It was perfect.

Sorry for not reviewing any of what I read before, I just felt my words would be too clumsy. All I can honestly say is: thank you for writing. 3

- Mary ( "randomlittleperson" from Tumblr.)
DnDGeekGirl chapter 2 . 2/7/2012
*clears the steam from her monitor*


Ya. That's a good word for the entire fic. It's well written, and, while it reminds me of your Harley/Joker works, has it's own unique twist on it.

I'm not up to date on Hellboy, but I've got a grasp on his and Alice's characters, and I found this to be believable, which to me is a big part of sex scenes in fanfiction.

This felt like it could really happen, given the context of the already existing storyline.
vivianemae chapter 1 . 2/7/2012
I love how sensitively the character of Hellboy is portrayed in the fic, without making him any less tough.

I am only familiar with Hellboy through the movies, which I did enjoy (Del Toro's was perfect), this fan fic makes me want to delve deeper into his Story and read the comics.

I know what comics I will next be buying next time I am at my local!

The details in setting the scene, the ambience, tone of awkwardness... it is recognisable to me personally. I am the kind of person who does see the world in this kind of way, with my thoughts and inner life so much richer than seems to be reality. It was refreshing and connecting to read a fic that is written this way.

I am totally unfamiliar with Alice, but after reading this, I find her adorable and strong and sweet and just lovely, and a much better match for HB than Liz (like in the movies...)

I can see how much attention and dedication went into this fic. It makes me want to write and read and create.
MlleMary chapter 1 . 2/7/2012
Amazingness! 3
BlitheFool chapter 1 . 2/7/2012
It’s times like this that I wish I was a wee bit more articulate. I always feel a bit inadequate when leaving reviews for stories as I’m not a writer myself. But I’ll give it a go! I thought your characterization of Hellboy and Alice was spot on. Hellboy is gruff and caring (sort of a blue-collar demon I guess!), and I think you captured that very nicely. I thought the pacing of the story was good and I don’t think you’d have to be terribly familiar with the canon stories to follow your fan fiction. I found it both sweet and incredibly sexy. And that’s all I got! Wonderful work, as always.
Hysteric1234 chapter 2 . 2/7/2012

Always had a thing for Hellboy. Not read many of the comics though lately, and this has sort of told me that I really need to get. On. That.

Holy buggery bumwaggle. (idk) That was AMAZING, a gorgeously delicate portrayal of a relationship and help there are slight tears in my eyes. Only small ones, it's no biggy, I'm fine, really. Really. Mmhmm.

But anyway, this was... spectacular. Really beautifully written and paced, and just a joy to read. Loved. It.
MorticiaMunroe chapter 1 . 2/6/2012
Absolutely beautiful! I'm not familiar with Alice, but can I just say based on your writing that I adore her. The way you depict Hellboy is both endearing and perfect with his physicality and sensuality. Bookmarking this. Forever rereading to tickle my hellboy fancy.

All the awards, ma'am. All the awards.